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Image 8 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 22, 1971

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN McROBERTS: EAGLE (From Page their families. He visited with the Coda Mull ins family on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Fulton of Hamphill were glad to have two of their daughters and their families home last week. Mr. and Mrs. Billy Joe Hall and children were home from Covington and Mr. and Mrs. Phil Norman and children were home from Lexington. Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Norman also visited their sister Mrs. Nath LETCHER COUNTY, WHITESBURG. 4)... Ronald Scott returns from a year in Vietnam; Park, Mich, from her mother Zula Sword and family, and to her son Bobby of Venton, Ohio. A speedy recovery is wished for Bob Anderson who spent last week in the hospital at Jenkins. Bill Ha lion is now employed and living in Manassas, Va. Get well wishes are sent to Charity Grey who was admitted to Whlteburg hospital last week Wilder and family. Mrs. C. C. Bays was very happy a few days ago when her brother Bennie Stamper who is eight-si- x years old came from Morehead to visit with her and Mr. Bays. Mr. Stamper's son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Mose Stamper and son, came with him. This was the first time Mrs. Bays had seen her brother in nearly eight years. Happy birthday wishes are sent to Wllann Boyd of Lincoln RE-ELE- KENTUCKY CT Raymond Collins "S SSsKfc' t WHfijK THURSDAY, APRIL 22. 1&71 Howells observe 43rd Essie Hollyfield and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brown were in Plkeville on business last Friday and while there they did some shopping. More birthday wishes are sent to Diane and Donna Banks and to Marcella Rati iff, also Lewis Hall. Mr. and Mrs. James Zideroff and Tim spent a week in Dayton during Spring vacation. They visited Ruby's parenti Mr. and Mr". V. H. Holbrook and James' mother Myrtle Zideroff ind other relatives. Their daughter and grandaughter Sheila and Lori Hill came home with them for a few days visit. Get well wishes are sent to Cecil Bentley who has been sick several days. He is at the Wise hospital. Mrs. Bent-ley- 's father Ernest Hall visited with them last week. Paul and Alberta Riddle were two happy people last Friday when they met their daughter Cherry Ann Broome at Trl-CiAirport. Cherry Ann spent eight months in Germany where her husband Kenneth is in the service. They are all looking forward to June when Kenneth will be home. Carl and Ann Steely and children of Cincinnati visited recently with Ann's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Orlin Rose. Friends of Johnny and Etta Jane Hall will be glad to hear that they like living in Oklahoma City, Okla. , where Johnny is employed. Congratulationd to Mr. and Mrs. Everett Howell who celebrated their forty- - third wedding anniversary on April 16. Freddy and Duana Issac and three girls from Bellevue, Ohio spent last weekend wltn their parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Kiser and Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Issac at Haymond. Libby, Greg and Brad Rat-- 1 iff spent the weekend with their sister and husband, Chuck and Irvalene Gilliam in Pikevill. They all came home early on Sunday to celebrate Mrs. Ratliff's birthday. Everyone will be glad to hear that work has resumed on our new Post Office. It should be completed in a few weeks. Glad to hear that Eleanor Vanover is doing well after major surgery at Wise hospital last week. Last Sunday, sure was a smoky day in McRoberts. The mountains were on fire and the wind blew just enough to make it hard to get the fire under control. Mr. Bob Naramore is very ill in Whitesburg hospital. iRev. and Mrs. Grover Craft Iwere here from Rogers, Ky. 'last week because of his illness. They visited several friends while here. On April 6th Mrs. Bessie Huffman was pleasantly surprised by a group of ladies from the Church of Christ in Mansfield, Ohio where she resides during the Winter. The occasion was a birthday celebration five months early. Lots of food, singing, and fun was enjoyed by all. Those in attendance were Mrs. Ruby Gray and Roberta Blankenship. former Neon area residents. Other special auests were Charlotte Harkins, Opal Grif-utn, Mary Snavely, Sandy Markham. Esther Hickerson. Oma Britt, Molly BachtaL lohnson, and Mrs. Hufft man': duer Betty Browning. Id of Whitesburg speu c weekend with Mrs. Huffman and Mrs. Bob Naramore. Clyde and Gail (Young) Hun-sakand two children from Ashland visited recently with Bug and Wllma Huffman. Glad to hear that Cicero Lewis is home from Jenkins Hospital and is better. Here law weekend to visit Mr. and Mrs. Lewis were their daughter ty j Your State Representative It is very important that Letcher County have a State Representative in the House of Representatives in Frankfort. It is more important that you have a friend. Raymond Collins has been tried, and no one, yes I mean no one, can say that he hasn't been a friend to Letcher County. He worked for the betterment of the schools. He sponsored the "Black Lung" bill for disabled miners. He sponsored a bill to allow exemption of up to $6, 500 on our older people an their property taxes. Remember that Raymond Collins is your neighbor, and he will help you regardless of how poor you are or how rich, black or white, high or low, bond or free, Jew or Greek; it makes no difference to Brother Ray. in the Primary on May 25, 1971, on the Republican Ballot for Raymond Collins is a vote for your A vote own interest (Paid for by Raymond Collins) er anniversary and family, BUI and Jeanette Harlow and children from Irvine. Get well withes are sent to James Vinson who had major surgery in Detroit last week. Sympathy is extended to Elizabeth Dunn In the death of her brother- - In- - law Jesse Mcintosh in Jackson last wee. Mrs. Dunn and Harold went to Jackson and attended the funeral and spent the weekend with Mrs. Dunn's sister Melda. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Anderson and their baby from Ohio spent Wednesday night with Bill's brother and wife Mr. and Mrs. Carl Anderson. Margaret Mulllns and children Joey, Andy and Marianna from Detroit visited Easter weekend with Mary Mullins. I had a pleasant surprise last Saturday evening when one of my first cousins and a friend, Cam Blankenship and Larry Hatfield came from my home town of Gilbert, W. Va. to visit me. This was the first time I had seem my cousin in about twenty years and we relived our childhood days. It was a thrill to hear about so many people I knew back then, but some sad news too because so many friends and relatives have passed away. Sympathetic wishes are sent to the family and friends of Mason Payne who died In Jenkins hospital on April 9th. The body laid in state at Banks and Craft Funeral Home. Funeral services were held at Pleasant Run Baptist Church in McRoberts on Thursday where he was a member. Rev. Webb Green and Rev. Bryce Hall were in charge of services. Friends and neighbors were pall bearers. Mr. Payne is survived by his wife and four children, 25 grandchildren and 6 and three sisters. Here to attend the Payne funeral were all the children and his sisters. They were Mason Payne Jr. , Jesse Lee Payne, and Shelly Jean Payne, all from Buffalo, N. Y. , and Leonard Payne from Cleveland, Viola Enis of Tuscaloosa, Ala. , Laurie Johnson from Buffalo, N. Y. and Mattie Carter from Holt. Ala. Another one of our neighbors was taken by death last Friday. Sympathy is sent to Roy Grey and his family in the deathof his wife, Charity. Funeral arrangements are not completed at this writing. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Scott were were thrilled when they got a phone call from their son sgt. Ronald D. Scon in Calif, last Sunday night. He is back from a years service in Vietnam and was on his way to see his wife and children at Shaw Air Force Base In So. Carolina. After a fifty day leave Ronald will be stationed at Travis Air Force Base In San Francisoo. Mr. and Mrs. Scott spent Sunday visiting in Leatherwood with Mrs. Scon's sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mlniard. ar Happy birthday Elaine of Salt Lake City, Utah and Kelly Calhoun of Middle boro. Another one of our boys, Sgt. E7 Elmer Breshear Is back from his second tour in Vietnam. He is the son of Ed and Mae Breshear and is now with his wife Helga and children In Fort Knox. johnny and Debbie Fields were shopping In Knoxville last weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Owens from Oakwood, Va. , visited last weekend with Joe's sister Carrie Hall. Home with Mr. and Mrs. Willie Soward last weekend were two of their children. Jack and family and Cuba and husband Don Gibson, all from Cincinnati . en Bre-she-

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