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Image 7 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 22, 1971

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE WHITESBURG. LETCHER COUNTY, THURSDAY. APRIL 22, 1971 KENTUCKY . MILLSTONE: Kathy Abies wins award for essay; Mrs. Boyd visits By MABEL KISER The time of wakening Is here, the days when the red buds, the service berry are in full bloom, and the dogwood trees are budding. Everything is coming to life. I don't think I ever have seen the forsythia more profuse than this spring. Just a burst of sunshine yellow everywhere one look. Makes us think of the words of the Psalmist David, " The Heavens declare the Glory of God the firmament showeth his handiwork. " The Roosevelt Nobles and their daughters, Tammy and Robin, have returned to their home in Cleveland after a week end visiting her parents, the Buster Bentleys. I enjoyed a good telephone conversation with Mrs. Winnie Sumpter, postmistress of the Oven Fork postoffice, last evening. Mrs. Sumpter is a worker. She tells me that since she has had the post office, between it and her home she has walked enough to reach California. Walden Cuddy is building a larger store building across the road from the old one. It is almost finished and looks nice. He also has drilled a well, and has plenty of good water. His father, Dudley Cuddy, is in his late 70's and is doing fine and enjoying fairly good health. Our son-in-la- w, Bobby Bent-le- y of Cleveland, has purchased a new pickup truck. We extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Charlie Maggard, of Eolia, who died last week. Mr. Maggard, 91, was the last remaining child of Elder Dave Maggard, a well known Old Regular Baptist preacher in these parts. His brother, Elijah Maggard, died in February at the age of 93. This was a grand old family and they have many descendants in Kentucky and Virginia, and the seed of the Gospel truth has been lodged deep in the heart of many a relative and friend in this area. We also extend sympathy to the family of Mrs . Julia Ser-ge- nt Smith Maggard, who died at Eolia last week. Mrs. Maggard was the step -- mother of Mrs. Winnie Sumpter. Emmitt Kiser of Colson celebrated a birthday last Sunday at his home with many of his children and their children him. Present were Mi. and Mrs. Rex Kiser and daughters, Sandy and Karen, Minneapolis, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Kiser and sons, David and Da 11 is, Indiana; Mr. and Mr. Paul Kiser and son, of eflersonville; Mr. and Mrs. Owen Kiser and child, Leslie, of Clyde, O. ; Mr. Services held for Ed Taylor of Eolia Funeral services for James Edgar Taylor, 66, of Eolia, formerly of Kona, were held Monday, April 19, in the Little Rock Regular Baptist Church at Kona. Taylor died April 15. Survivors included his widow, Mrs. J a ley Rote Taylor, and four sonsEugene Taylor of Kona; Lowell Taylor of Eolia; Troy F. Taylor of Eolia, and Isaac Williams Taylor of Eolia. Four brothers, Troy, Steve, Henry and Roy Taylor, and two sisters. Pearl Breedlove and Ida Elswick. also survived. Ministers were Elders Patron Taylor, J.D. Maggard and Mel -vin Wright. Burial was in the family cemetery at Kona. The Ray Collins Funeral Home was in charge. Patty and Charles, were Mr. and Mrs. Ellhu Sizemore and children, Carolyn Ruth, Billy, Joe and Terry of Colson; Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Profitt and children, Janet, Debbie and Conrad Wayne, of Cleveland; Mr. and Mrs. Junior Sizemore and children, Jerry and Tony; Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Fields and children, Eugenia, Pat and Mallssla, all of Colson; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bentley and children, G egory, Deborah, Rhonda and Sharon of Millstone; Mrs. Aggie Bentley and Douglas of Millstone; Miss Betty Loralne Ehrwick, of Rock-hous- e; gether. the parents , Mr. a nd Friends of James Tackett of Mrs. Will Sizemore, of Rock-hous- e; Jenkins w 111 be happy to learn he has just finished opening Mrs. Pricy Addington Day of Craft's Colly. All the his own new barber shop in family of the Will Sizemores East Jenkins. James, a gradwere there except one sister, uate of Lexington Barber ColMrs. Pricy Elswick, and her lege, Is the son of Mrs. Lethia daughter, Betty, came in her Tackett and Frank Tackett, place. Everyone enjoyed the both of Burdine. His wife Is the former Jean Webb, daughter day so much and I was glad of Mrs. Hester Webb and the to see Mrs. Pricy Addington late Kenneth Webb. They Day. She told me she was the only sister of Mrs. Size-mo- re have two children. Harvev and (mother of Mrs. Betty Kimberly. He is also the brother-in-la- w to the Millstone Bentley). She remembered that she was up here when Sewing Center's secretary, we began to build our house Nancy Carol Adams. Good in 1940. She is a jolly lady Luck, Mr. Tackett. I am glad to report the making good and I wish she had had time to ulk more with me. of a local boy. We hope all Howard Collier, Fleming, our friends help you make good is very seriously 111 in the by supporting you. Whltesburg Hospital. Mrs. Nan Bentley was happy Sunday dinner guests of the this week to have more of her Ballard Meades were Elder children visit her. Here were and Mrs. Ballard Slone of Knott Mr. and Mrs. Karo Bentley County and Blaine and I. We and sons, from Cleveland; a enjoyed the good food that daughter, Mrs. Wllma Cole, Mrs. Meade cooks. Mr. of Indiana; Mr. and Mrs. Can and Mrs. Ralph Kiser and sons, Bentley and family, Cleveland Reno, Mike and Anthony, of and Mr. and Mrs. John Vent McRoberts, came in for a Bentley and family, also of visit. Cleveland. Mrs. Bentley is We extend our deepest sympa-hnot doing at all well. to the family of Ed Taylor, Kathy Abies, daughter of the of Eolia, formerly of Kona, Vernon Ableses, 8th grade who died last week in the student at the Martha Jane PotWhitesburg hospital. His funerter School, was one of the al was conducted Monday at members of the graduating the Little Rock Church, Kona, class to go to Washington and with burial in the family plot. New York. Mis Abies also All of us are happy to know won an award for the best little Kitty Gish is home from essay on, "What I can do for the hospital in Lexington after America. " she was injured in a fall from Mr. and Mrs. William L. a playground slide at the Blair (Mora Carrol) celebrated Whltesburg elementary school. their Silver Anniversary April Muy, 6, fell and landed on 3. Home to help celebrate her face and injured her the occasion were their son, mouth, but is doing fine now. Sgt. Jack K. Blah, Ft. Dix, Mrs. Jim Boyd (Martha Ann) N.J., and their daughter, Beof Lawrenceburg, visited her linda (Windy) Carrol and her parents the J. S. Holbrooks Finance, Bill Bray, and their last week. Mrs. Boyd and her married daughter, Jill, and mother had lunch with her moher husband, Rodney Jones. ther- i Mrs. Nora Boyd Dropping during the day were of Whltesburg. Mr. and Mrs. Elbert RichardLast Wednesday Mrs. Martha son and daughters, Debbie and Jane Potter answered a knock Lisa; Mrs. Barbara Montgomon the door and found one of ery, Howard Cramer, Mrs. her former pupils and his wife Sandy Brown and daughter, looking for his teacher of long Jennifer, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry ago. Mr. and Mrs. Barzeila Lochwltz and daughters, Linda Bates, formerly of Letcher, and Shelly, and Mrs. Blah's now of West Palm Beach, Fla. . niece, Lori Beavers and Gregg were the callers. Miss Potter Denlol. The Blahs celeb rated by dinning at Topeka Restaurant must have been quite a teacher for so many, many of her in Detroit and seeing a movie; former students from all parts Airport, in Livonia, llch. of the country look her up. William Blah, Jr., formerly of Letcher County, received a certificate April 7 from Gov. Louie B. Nunn designating him Harvey E. a Kentucky Colonel. Airman First Class Jack R. Neon Blah was promoted to serge nt r. McGuhe Ah Force Base in at New Jersey. He and his wife, Louise, live off the base In Washington, N.J. Funeral services for Harvey Edward Isaacs, 48, pharmacist Saturday after church the for Clarke Pharmacy, were Ballard Meades came home held April. 7 in the Polly-Cra- ft with us for dinner and we Funeral Home in Jenkins. drove to Rockhouse and visited Isaacs died April 4 of an the Rannel Maggards for, a apparent heart attack. while. Their daughter, Mrs. He was survived by bis father, Tab (Ruth) Rolland, is very Claude Isaacs, Irvine, Ky. ; seriously ill in the hospital in his widow, Mrs. Dorothy IsLexington. aacs, Jenkins; two sisters Mrs. Bobby (Patty Sizemore) Katherine and Labordla, of Evans of Colson celebrated her Treasure island, Fla., and two 23rd birthday Sunday at the brothers. Dr. William E. home of her big sister and her Isaacs, Richmond, Ky., and husband, the Claude Bentleys, Claude, Jr., of Irvine. on Millstone. Those present Burial was in the family to enjoy the good food that Mrs. Claude cooks, besides cemetery at Vincent, Ky. To the voters and Mrs. Mervin (Betty Sue) Fields, and sons. Randy and Rodger, of Benham, Ky. ; Mrs. Bill D. (Pebble) Fields, Ashland,- Mr. and Mrs. David Lee (Judy Lane) Adams, and children, Antho.iy of Tillie, Mr. and Mrs. Don Kiser and their daughter,' Marina Yevette of Lexington, Cora Lee, Jesse Lynn and Billy Jean, at home, and Randall Kiser, of Indiana. The only one absent was Gay-ne- ll Kiser, who is in Massachusetts. We hope she makes It next year. The family really had fun and enjoyed being to- Isaacs, pharmacist, Irvine buried of Letcher County saaa I, Durward Banks, democratic candidate for sheriff of Letcher County, am the son of the late Una Long and S. M. Banks. I have been in the funeral home business in Letcher County for the past 24 years. I am a member and past post commander of both the V. F. W. and American Legion. I Quaram a member of the Neon Lions Club, Fleming-Neo- n terback Club and I am at present the Mayor of Neon. I have been a volunteer fireman for the past 24 years, six years in Whitesburg and eighteen years in Neon. I am 49 years of age, married to Loretta He v ins of Jenkins. We have four children, two teen-ager- s, one still at home. I have a real interest in our teenagers. I want to see that they will not be able to buy bootleg whiskey and beer when they are underage. As I have stated in the past, I cannot buy this office. I will be obligated to no one. I will be your sheriff. My deputies will be of the type you will be proud of. They will be paid, and not on the numbers of arrests they make. I ran in 1969 without the backing of the party chiefs. 1 am doing the same this time. I feel that there are enough good, honest solid citizens in Letcher County that want good law enforcement, not promise. I stop won't promise you that I can stop all our crimes. I can't all our bootlegging, but with the help of the people and the courts, we can put it under cover. You won't be able to buy and drink it over the county as If you were in a wet county. I am running on my own merits. I haven't gotten anyone to come out, in order to take a few votes from the opposition. I am in to win and to show the people of our county that we can, have a real police force. I would like to work with all our county officers with a radio network covering all of our county. This can be had, with the state and federal funds paying 60 per cent of the costs. Most of you have already made up your mind about what type of law enforcement you want. Ask your neighbors what they want? I was asked to wait and run at the end of the unexpired term in two years. I don't believe our county can wait two years for law enforcement. Check your court --they are open to the public, and see if you think we can wait any longer. record- TOUR INFLUENCE AND VOTE WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. DURWARD BANKS For Sheriff IN THE MAY DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY (Political ad paid for by Durward Banks)

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