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Image 22 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 22, 1971

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

I THE MOUNTAIN Fleminq-Neo- EAGLE . . LOR EN BENTELYS ENTERTAIN By: . WHITESBURG. Wanda Richardson The Neon Home ma ken met at the hone of Jo Splcer at Seco. Betty Wise was the co- - hostess. The May meeting will be on the 2nd for April GUESTS; REAL ESTATE The attractive two-stohome located on the Jeff Ison two rolling acres old home site in Blackey, Ky. and now owned by Alma Bolen is for sale. ry 4 The home consists of three large bedrooms and full bath on second story, one bedroom, living room, dining room, beautiful new built- - in kitchen with stainless steel sink on main story. All rooms are panelled, and there is new brown aluminum siding and pretty hard white oak floors throughout. The downstairs also has a half-batbig porches In front and back, and there Is forced air heat from a new fuel oil furnace and good water from a deep well. Full basement and new shingle roof. Ayoung apple orchard Is just beginning to bear, and there are plenty of There seems to be nothing you'll need to do when you move Into this home. It is located just below where Rockhouse Creek flows into the Kentucky River and can easily be seen from the highway. Now you can see this home by appointment. Just 2. call me at The price is $20, 000. It Is worth the money. two-bas- KENTUCKY THURSDAY. APRIL 22. 1971 24 NEON HOMEMAKERS MEET; WATCH OUT FOR THE WEIGHT WATCHERS! Tuesday in May at the home of Ethel Kincer. Enjoying this month's meeting and delicious refreshments were Mrs. Essie Quillen, Mrs. Flossie Blevlns, Mrs. Duward Banks, Mrs. Loren Bentely. LEE ADAMS r LETCHER COUNTY. n: in h, out-hous- 633-230- Also -- - The Michael Cometh two-stonative stone and block home on top of Pine Mountain right beside the highway Is for sale. Price is $3, 000. Now you can see this home anytime by calling me at 2. ry 633-230- Also -- - One tract on Smoot Creek in sight of New Highway 15 and facing on Old Smoot Road. Beautiful building sites -- - nice bottom land. Price is $12,000. Call 6 40-ac- re 33-23- Mrs. Ben Wise, Mrs. Edd Kin- cer, Mrs. Jack Craft, Mrs. Hooker Hall, Mrs. Joe Goode, and Mrs. Bennle Wright. A sister of Mrs. Loren Bentely, Mrs. James Haymen of Dayton, Ohio, was a guest. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Bentely had many guests visiting during the Easter holiday. Mrs. James Haymen and her son James Parker came from Dayton. Also visiting were Mr. and Mrs. Herman Sergent and son Rodney, and the Bentely's nephew. Brent Hale. Mrs. Bentely's mother, Mrs. Adeline Collins, remained for an extended visit. The Bentelys are also enjoying a visit from their grandaughter Tammy Lynn Bentely of Lexington and from Mr. and Mrs. Burchell Napier of Seco. Mrs. Helen Youts welcomed many members of her family for the Easter holiday. Home were Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ger-lic- h and family (Sue Roberts) from Chicago, Billy Ritchie's family from Dayton, and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Holt with their children Idella, Alma and Devin. The W. S. C. Neon Methodist Church had their monthly meeting at the church with Mrs. Jimmy Long leading the program. The ladies were treated with refreshments at the Garden Cafe by Mrs. Nettle James. The Youth of First Church of God in Neon challenged the "old people" to a basketball game on Monday night, April 19th. Donations will go towards buying new church song books. Several of our Weight Club members came to help the "women" play the BREAK LOOSE FROM DEBT Chained to a burden of bills, bills and more bills? Worried about your credit "girls" . Of course the girls won are all about 28 years out of condition. A good time was had by all. In the game between the "men" and the "boys", the boys won 40 to 20. I want to thank Pearl Goode, Bobby Whitaker and Sandy Neate for helping our women. Sue Kincer, Coach Klncer's wife, was also a big help. Sandy Nease had trouble starting her new Super Bee sports car so I didn't get to watch the men's game. Thanks for the help of Stanley Osborne, Debby Hogg, Bro. Ralph Jones, and finally old faithful, Charlie Wright, in getting it started. Sandy only came to a Weight Club meeting, but she ended up playing basketball and almost had to walk home. You never know when you come to a Weight Club meeting on Monday night what may happen! Residents in Fleming have been startled several times to see a group of women jogging from the daycare center to Baptist Church and back to the center. Our ladles are looking trim. Mary Wright walked to the meeting feeling quite spry. She said it was the first time in years that she could walk without getting out of breath. Howard Collins remains In critical condition at Whites-bur- g hospital. Mrs. Jayce Richardson spent several days last week in Jenkins hospital. Mrs. Grace Hall reported a wonderful time on the Fleming-Neon Senior Trip to Washington and New York. She said she had never seen a better group of young people. A household shower was given for Mrs. Rose Blackburn Tuttle at Tucker Cafe last Monday night. A group of about forty Rose received many f t tended. lovely gifts. Hostesses were Juanita Bentely, Patsy Taylor, Hope White and Betty Gentry. The Tattles are residing In Elyrla, Ohio. Much work and improvement is going on at the First Church of God. I saw and talked to Rev. and Mrs. Carl Proffltt at the White-bur- g Hospital on Sunday. They were visiting a patient, Mrs. Clara Adams, Mrs. Proffitt's mother. The Rev. Proffitt is the former pastor of the Main St. Church of God. Mrs. Mattie Garrett, Hay-mon- d, is making some im- provement since surgery. She Is still a patient at Whites-bur- g Hospital. Mrs. Ralph Collins of May King has been a patient in Whitesburg Hospital this past week. Wanda's brother Ralph Webb and his family of Michigan visited his mother, Mrs. Stella Webb, and Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Sexton. They visited Wanda at the hospital on Sat. evening. They returned to Michigan on Sur Jay. I am having re- - printed with my news this week a copy of my late husband, Matthew (Red) Richardson's obituary. I meet people often who have not heard of his passing. He left us one year ago tomorrow - April 21st, 1971; I have 7- rating? Break loosel pay off all your bills at once Loan here, at low bank rates. Then, Get a just one loan, not dozens of bills, to repayl Set yourself free Bill-Pay- .. er And for Auto Loans, Home Improvements Loam, Home Loans, Personal Loans . . . Consult Us. First security Bank been reminiscing so much this week -- - back to 1946 when we met, his tl me in the Army, our marriage, the silly quarrels and mistakes we all make as a part of our growing up. Even as we have our childhood growing up, we also grow up in marriage. The saddest part Is the wasted years. So many men that Matthew came out of the Army with are also gone. His close friends Carmel Collins and Burnett Holbrook preceded him in death years ago. So many of Matthew's family passed on during our marriage. His mother lost her husband John In 1951, her father, Bill Holbrook, her brothers Melvin, Can, Brasker, and Sylvan, and her sister Ruskie and Neacy. A brother, Eple Holbrook, passed away only two months after Matthew passed away. Of this big Holbrook family, only Delia Holbrook, Bummer and Sandy are left, but we all know that this is life. One generation passes on as a new one Is born. I thank God for the years we had together, the good and the bad times, and our children and grandchildren, who are a part of us left to carry on Matthew's life. I am thankful most of all for the hope he testified to daily in the last six years of his life -- - a hope in Christ of a better land to go, where he would not have to live on medicine and be in so much pain. I feel that heaven is real, because I believe that Matthew is there. Our loss Is great -- - death is so unreal for so long, but our lives have been enriched because of the years we shared together. ITEMS FROM ICE: From Page 18 dauahter. from Winston Salem. N.C. have been visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Ison. The people on Kingdom Come have had a hard time this week. The forest fires have done a lot of damage over there, and have caused a lot of disturbance. And it is still raging on the side of the mountain at Ice. It Is a pity for so much young timber to be destroyed. It is so badly needed. The hills may burn for some time. There is no sign of rain. But this is a good week to plant most everything, but a little early to set plants unless they are frost proof. Mrs. Fred McCray had a sick spell but is feeling much better now. They are doing fair at the B. B. Banks place. Hester Banks says they are busy planting their crop and getting ready for some good fresh vegetables to eat. Sarah Day on Cowan says she is not feeling too good but keeps on going, trying to hel p herself and others. There are always some good deeds to be done if we look around to see who is in need. Mr. Alvin Adams says he is doing real good now. the People of District No. 1: I wish to announce that I am a candidate for Magistrate on the Republican ticket. To If I am elected I will serve you with honesty and dignity. ED KINCAID (Paid for by Ed Kincaid)

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