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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 22, 1971

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

FINE OF 20 TO SIOO FOR CUTTING TEARING OR MUTILATING BOOKS NEWSPAPERS OR PERIODICALS BELONGING TO PUBLIC LIBRARIESiCr0pm u t(ieZ, ..u.aa nnnv.L uj.asg UN VIDIIV LEX IN6T0N, 15 cents ROOM ur lio-- i KCNTOCKT ICY . Lilt, 40506 ' MOUNTAIN EAGLE IT SCREAMS! Whltesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, Thursday, April 22, I97I Vol. 63 No. 50 Annexing talked again The Whitesburg City Council has decided to take another look at the possibility of annexing territory at both ends of town. Members agree to hold two special meetings to explore the question with residents of the areas which would be af- fected. THIS IS THE OLDEST KNOWN PHOTOGRAPH OF WHITESBURG, THE GRAND JURY SAYS dump is "deplorable" City Council voted Tuesday night to chain and padlock the city garbage The Whltesburg dump on Pine Mountain, and to permit its use only by official Whitesburg sanitation trucks. The council acted after the city v as the target of sharp criticism from the April Letcher Grand Jury. Stating the dump was in " deplorable condition" the grand jury said the city should be given 30 days to clean up the men. Councilman J. Don Collins, member of the city sanitation committee, said recent efforts to clean up the dump had TAKEN, BELIEVES IT'S OWNER, VICTOR BANKS. SECO, failed because of a lack of service from the county bull- dozer. Normally, the county bulldozer goes to the dump every few weeks to push the garbage into something of an organized pattern and to keep the road way serviceable. But the county has not been providing this service for the past year or two, Collins said. Traditionally, Whltesburg has swapped free garbage service for county offices in the courthouse for use of the bulldozer. Councilmen aid that if the county does not start living up to its end of the bargain, the free ser Ace will be discontinued. Collins said, however, that County Judge Robert Collins had promised to get the bulldozer back up to the dump to straighten up the mess. In other actions, the grand " jury said it had made an in- spection of various parts of the county, looking at garbage dumps, strip mines and conditions in general. It said the City of Whitesburg should be given 30 days to correct the dump situation, and Mid it had found no evidence of violations of a criminal nature by strip mine operators. The jury Mid it had made a thorough inspection of the courthouse, and that the building was in an excellent, clean condition. ce 1842. City to padlock garbage dump Tunnel plans dropped The Kentucky Highway Department announced this week that It had abandoned plant to tunnel U.S. 119 through Pine Mountain between Harlan and Letcher Counties. Instead the new plans call for the road to go up and over the slide -- prone ridge which has plagued Kentucky road builders for years. Highway Commissioner B. E. King said the state engineers decided to drop the tunnel idea after drilling revealed a new fault which would increase estimated costs by at least 20 per cent, from $40 million to $50 million . He said engineers also estimated it would take $250, 000 to maintain the tunnel each year after it was built. The new distance will be 11 miles compared to the pres sent 15 miles. Using a tunnel the road would have covered 10. 4 miles. BEFORE Engineers estimate the new route will cost an average of $3 million per mile, but one mile at the top will cost $5 million the most expensive mile of rural road ever built The top mile in Kentucky. cut and will have a 350-fofill--tdeepest a 200-fo- ot cut and highest fill on any Kentucky highway. The route now planned will follow the present route about half way over the mountain but new cuts will shrink the distance by four miles. Officials said construction remains at least three years In the future since the new plan will have to go through the steps of public hearings, design, and construction conot he tract bidding. Officials called the attempt to cross Pine Mountain with a major highway the biggest engineering problem in Kentucky road building history. It added: " The Grand Jury wishes to further report that we have made an inspection of parts of Letcher County- looking at garbage dumps, strip mines and conditions in general and find that the Whltesburg City garbage dump is in deplorable condition with garbage on Highway U.S. 119 and recommend that the City of Whltesburg should have thirty days to rectify these conditions and further recommend that the July Grand Jury check to see if these conditions were rectified. "The Grand Jury fusther states that the garbage dump - Variety Show Tonight The Whitesburg Lions C lub will hold Its annual variety program tonight at 7 p.m., at the grade school auditorium. show and kingergarten at Blackey, Kentucky needs to be covered and find that ceople are illegally dumping garbage, etc., on the old Kona Camp Road and in the Kentucky River below Kona. The highway between Whitesburg and Neon is full of cans, paper and miscellaneous garbage. " The Grand Jury further finds that the junk car law is not being complied with as many cars are abandoned beside the road and in peoples' yards presenting an unsightly condition. The July Grand Jury should make sure that this condition has been rectified. "We have Inspected strip mine operations and while the state regulations may not have been strictly enforced, we find no violation of a criminal nature on the part of the operators. "it was reported to the Grand Jury that the bridge at the mouth of Defeated Creek on Line Fork is in an unsafe condition and should be condemned. "The Grand Jury further recommends that all jurors in the future be personally summonsed ' (continued on Page 2) JULIAN CARROLL TO CAMPAIGN HERE Julian M. Carroll, candidate lieutenant governor In the for Democratic primary, will be In Letcher County campaign- ing on Wednesday, April 28. Carroll, 39, a native of has served 10 years in the Kentucky House of Repres-- e natives and has served as speaker of the house for the past four years. He is a running mate to former Gov. Bert T. Combs, who is seeking and Under consideration is an extension of city limits to take in the Pine Mountain Junction area and also the Solomon Road area. The other extension would take in territory at the west end of Whitesburg along the new Highway 15 to the cut at the top of the hill and down to but not including Whltco. This would include Long Branch. Council members will meet informally with interested residents to consider the Pine Mountain -- Solomon additions at city hall on Tuesday, April 27, at 7 p.m. The west end additions will be discussed at a council meeting Tuesday, May 4, at 7 p.m. The council agreed to explore the possibilities of expanding Whitesburg at the suggestion of councilman Gene Moore, who said he was afraid the town was in danger of drying up and blowing away. He pointed to recent census figures which showed that Whitesburg fell from 1,800 residents in 1980 to only 1, 143 in 1970. Moore and other council members recalled that Whitesburg at one time annexed the Pine Mountain Junction area, and then dropped it from the city at the request of tssidents of the area. Many of these same residents, however, have changed their minds and now want back in the city so they can benefit from city garbage, fire, and police services, and also, city water. Residents too late discovered that their savings in fire insurance offset city tax payments, so that annexation actually would have cost mem nothing, Moore said. Whitesburg now has a 3 -- inch city water line running to the Letcher County Vocational School in the Junction area, and now can offer both water and fire service, in addition to police and garbage services. Water line extensions Into the west end of town now will permit the city to extend services in that area, member s Mid. The general feeling of the council was that it would make sense to talk annexation now, partly because of the improved ability of the city to offer services, and partly because of changes In state laws re- gulating annexation. (Continued on Page 2)

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