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Image 12 of Catalogue of the Officers, Studies, and Students of the State College of Kentucky, Lexington, Volume 7 (Session ending 1913 June 6)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

l I4 THE STATE UN1vERs1TY. LIST OF STANDING COMMITTEES OF THE FACULTY l Entrance Requirement: and Accredited School:. Ru0ADs, NOE and JONES. Cour:e: of Study. Deans of the Colleges, PROFESSOR ANDERSON, Chairman. 4 Calendar and Bulletin:. BOYD, LAFFERTY, DANTZLER and G1LL1s. I Graduate School. MACKENZIE, CHALKLEY, FRANKEL, TUTHILL and _ TUTTLE. \ Examination: and Daily Schedule. MELcHER, MATHEws, FREEMAN, I _ BOYD, DANTZLER. Di:cipline. MATHEWS, GULLION, HOOPER and D. TERRELL. ·_ Student WeUare. Miss HAMILTON, PRY0R, Goon and MELCHER. J Commencement Exerci:e:. MRS. STOUT, ANDERSON, LAFFERTY and GULL10N. ( Student Publication:. FARQUHAR, ALLEN and BOHANNAN. Athletic:. G1LL1s, CURT1s and TVEAVER. V Entertainment: Non-Athletic. ZEMER0¤, LAFFERTY, Mxss HAMILTON, FREEMAN, GULL10N. V Student Organization:. PRYOR, CHALKLEY, JONES and CARREL. Library. G. EIIERRELL, PREs. BARKER, V1cE—PREs. WHTTE, NOR- J w001>, YI-`UTHILL and Miss TTAMILTON. Student Fee:. PENcE, ROBERTS and TUTTLE. A Building: and Ground:—Unii*er:ity—Pat/er:on Hall. FRANKEL, GARMAN and LAEEERTY. A Military. GU1.1.10N, PETER and FREEMAN. Univer:ity Publicity. LAFFERTY, TIOOPER, GILLIS and TURNER. Chapel Exerci:e:. Mrss ITAMILTON, l\/IATIIEWS, ZEMnR0¤, N0E A and DAv1s. Advanced Standing. NOE, MELCHER and DAv1s. The President and Vice-President arc ex-cfhcio members of all committecs.

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