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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), February 17, 1910

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

The Jeffersonian 3 Daily Courier-Journ- al months and The Jeffer- sonian one year, only $1.75 -- Louisville Times and The Jeffersonian one year, by mail to any address . . $4.50 COUNTY ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON Vol. 3. No. 35. 0. ADVERTISING. CLASSIFIED G. WHIZZ One Advertisements under this head 10c. Cent word. No ad taken for less than Writes Bright and Breezy Letter For Sale. From K.b Sale Black locust posts: call early as will End-of-Lin- e. they will sell fast; worth 30c each, but sell them at 2.V. MpU to J. W. HOKE. Box :s jeffersontown. Sleigh Ride, The jack; brood mares Tells of How to Take a Fob tuberculin tested fresh and colts. Will take Many Bothersome Agents and Many hay in part trade, c ows. hogs, mules, baled Other Things. or time with bankable note. T.C. BKINLEY. Anchorage. Ky. SALK-Stalli- Kentucky Seed Drill with discs: fertilizer attachment.17. Call Anon or address JOHN T. JONES. Koute 34"4 chorage. Ky. Fob Sale-- A two-hors- e Ground Hoy Month. Valentine Day Who said Ground Hot? nd don't you wish you hadn't? brood sows, two shoats. one The"Beautiful" still abounds bounFob Sale-T- . : i ..... ...... . . - t, iv mi .f inaf- - tifully and may be more to follow. cow. iresn api " phone. ket wagon. E. V. SPROWL. Cumb. School tax talk in some districts is Jeffersontown tfettintf loud and becoming quite A. B. warm. Fob Sale Aocd work mule. Jeffersontown. Thirty-fiv- e days in Frankfort for Cumb. Phone. "Solons" and not a bill passed April 1st. the Fob Sale. -- Good cow; fresh and sent to the Governor for his 3Mf. End-of-Lin- e, wo (1 34-- tf DRA-V- 34-t- f. 34-- 4 K V. Every Thursday at $1.00 Per vear Jeffersontown, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, February 17, 1910. Spbowl. Cumb. phone. signature! a. 1 long will it take to pass the bills that have been offered at the rate they are working? Every thing seems to even up in this vale of sorrow. Those who went short on onions have gone long on the jury. Our popular patrolemn, in trying to round up the truants for school, find manv excuses both from scholars and Darents. One mother said her boy tore his pants. On being asked wrhv rnnldn't she patch em 9 she said she had no thread. Now, we think the "court" ought to furnish the patrolmen with thread and an assortment of patches for such oc- assessor. O. G. WrHizz. casions and the patrolmen can do the work. When Congress was asked to loan KILLED BY LOG. tents for the Confederate reunion, Hepburn, of Idaho, waved the bloody shirt and showed toHhe country his Mr Lewis Ritchie, Prominent Young size and shape. We have often of Fisherville, The Victim. ct.H tat) Scholarship in Creager's school at a bargain. Apply at this offlce Now, how ard bred Single Comb Fob write Brown Leghorns Eggs. If interested Louis- C ChhistmaN. 1104 Bardstown Road. SALE.-Stand- Tille. For Rent. cottage, with cellar, Fob rest Four-rooutbuildings. all necessary garden and STANDIFORD. Route 11. Buechel. MRS. IDA 35-- tf MISS Fob Rbwt House and truck ground. Jeffersontown. KM MA SNYDER. 34-- 8 cottage. Fob Rest Four-rooWanted a gardener to garden on shares; can furnish all ground that is needed. J.C. BKCCE. Jeffersontown. Ky. Wanted. Waited-- A farm hand; must be good er; single man preferred, For Sale -- Homestead fertilizer. ice lee fl.w. Jersey nishes its own straw, thus saving in that respect in fact, it is the "poor man's plant." The fertilizer man then began his little "spiel." My goods are the best yes, the "very best." It will grow anything, and everything when used properly, except the mortgage on the place. Used early you will have June peas in March: applied properly three crops of potatoes can be grown: drop your fertilizer in the hill with the seed, put in a card stating size wanted and desired time of using, and the fertilizer does the rest. A man dropped his radish seed where he desired to build a fence; he put the seed where he wanted a post, put a pinch of ."Our Goods" on . J the seed. His radishes grew 10 uie size desired; he pulled them up and his post holes were already dug. Can be used with gooil results on hens, causing them to lay eggs of any size. When ordering mention this paper. The insurance man sat listening to the strawberry plant agent and the "spiel" of the fertilizer salesman, when he drew a long deep breath, reached in his "grip," took out his agent's commission from the company, read it over, tore it up, and then and there took a solemn oath never again to try to protect anyone, or fight against fire any more, for if there was ever a need for fire those two needed it and he was determined to see they got it; besides he belonged to the AnaniasClub a prominent member at that, holding his own against the "Lightning Rodder," but had to take a back seat now along with junior members who only know how to lie enough to fool the milk- STATEMENTS SUNNY SOUTH Mrs. P. W.Blevens Writes Letter From Coronado, Fla. An Interesting Account tucky to Land of Trip From of Mocking Ken- Birds and Jasmines. Coronado, Fla., Feb. 12. This is the home of the mocking bird and where the yellow jasmine grows. I will write a few lines regarding Coronado, where we are now located. My husband and I left Louisville on the 27 of January at 7:40 a. m. over the Louisville Southern via Danville, On the way Macon and Jessup. through Kentucky and Tennessee we saw ice on the margin of the streams and snow on the mountain side, until within sixty miles of Chattanooga. Then we bade farewell to ice and snow. We had a very pleasant trip and metseveral persons bound for the Among them were sunny South. Kentuckians. We arrived several at Jacksonville on the morning of the 25th of January at 8:30 just one day and night on the road. We stayed in Jacksonville all day and night and left over the Florida East Coast Railway on January, 29, at .9:30, passing throughOrmond, St. Aug jstine, Hast ings, Daytona and Port Orange and arrived at New Smyrna at 2:30 p. m. on the same day. After greeting a number of our old friends we entered an automobile and were drivento the Atlantic Hotel at Coronado, owned and managed by Mr. T. B. Demaree, a prominent prohibitionist, of Will-mar- Ky. served at a late hour, after which the fortune cake was cut. Mr. Cleveland Harris cut the ring which DrcDhesied he would be the first to enter the ranks of the benedicts: Isabel Jackman secured Of H. W. Moremen Corrected By the pen point, which meant that Our Correspondent. she will be a great writer; Miss Mamie Wheeler cut the thimble which suggests she will remain single; Mr. Elmer Carlin found a The Herald Does Orville Stivers an Indarning needle in his slice which justice Four Have Scarlet Fever doomed him to a state of single blessedness: while the Rev. J. A. Harrod's Creek News. Beal was lucky enough to find a dime in his slice, which foretells great wealth for him some day. EveryBy W. S. Kemp body was unanimous in expressions Harrod's Creek, Feb. 14. Several of having spent a most delightful of the children of the Harrod's evening. Creek public school (white) have scarlet fever. Those who have it at ELECT OFFICERS present are Robert Lee Waters, Martha and Burton Hall and Elizabeth Letterle. By direction of the Fern Creek Home Telephone Company Meet County Health Officer, the school and Elect Officers for the Year Everyroom was throughly disinfected on e, body Pleased With the Work. The Fern Creek Home Telephone elected their officers for the year recently. The election should have been held on the second Saturday in January, but owing to the fact that the secretary, Mr. S. Edw. Vogt, being sick with grip and tonsilitis, the election was postponed. Mr. Vogt's physican would not allow his patient to venture out and Mr. Ben. J. Williams was selected tem porary secretary. The following officers were elected: President, F. J. Reisinger; Vice President, J. B. Finley; Secretary, S. Edw. Vogt; Treasurer, F. C. Frederick. The other members of the board are as follows: Alois Frederick, Chas. Garr and Ben J. Williams. It was said that the stockholders were well pleased with the report of the secretary and also with the new home the board bought, and in the way the many lines are conducted to the switch board. The operator, Miss Florence Pierson, is the centre of attraction and is giving splendid service to all. Company Monday and school was opened as usual on Tuesday. Mr. Thomas Trigg, a resident of LaGrange, but well known in this vicinity where he formerly lived, died on Friday morning after a brief illness. His death resulted from an attack of puenmonia. Mr. Trigg was twice elected assessor of Oldham county and was much esteemed by all who knew him. The interment took place in the cemetery at Brownsboro. R. W. Reynolds, of Goshen, took 60 fat steers to Louisville on Satur day and sold them to the Boruwasser Packing Company. After a successful term of six moBths, the colored school at Harrod's Creek will close on Friday, the 18th of February. I wish to corrent a statement In the communication of Horace W. Moremen published in last week s issue of The Jeffersonian. In several instances not only have the school terms been lengthened but the teachers are receiving more money than was ever paid in their respec- and Mrs. Hiram Woods, Sunday. Miss Mamie Clore entertained after services Sunday Rev. J. W. Conkling and Mr. Fred Riebel, of Louisville. Mr. Wm. Hord, whose foot was crushed in the L. & E. Railroad accident, and who was taken to the Jewish Hospital, is reported getting along nicely and will be brought home the last of the week. The Epworth League society gave a valentine party Monday evening. All had an enjoyable time. The Ladies' Aid Society of the Christian church met with Mrs. Wm. Woods Wednesday. The Ladies' Aid Society of Pleas- sant Grove Baptist church had an sewing and missionary meeting at the home of Mrs. J. W. Clore all-da- y Thursday. The Ladies' Aid Society of the Mount Zion Lutheran church met with Mrs. Lon Durr Thursday. Those who attended were Mrs. Will Slaughter and little daughtei, Tibatha, Mrs. Joe Durr. Mrs. Wm. Reel, Mrs. Cliff Durr. Mrs. Forest Durr, Mrs. Elizah Yeager, Misses Mary and Martha Reel and Emma Yeager. The dairies of J. W. Clore and Chas. Gheens were examined last week by Dr. Frank Eisenman, of Louisville. Out of Mr. Clore's 17 milch cows, all passed a successful examination. Mr. Gheens had 10 cows, all of which passed successfully. These men are receiving many congratulations. - VALLEY STATION. Feb. 14. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Napier, of Parkland, spent Sunday with Mrs. John Napier. Miss Dixie Burnett is visiting her aunt, Mrs. L. M. Camp. Mrs. G. M. Fenley and daughters have returned from a three weeks. visit at Mrs. Crieghead's, of Uuion-tow- n, Ala. Miss Alice Waller, who has been very sick at her home, is convalescent. Miss Dollie Barnett, of Kosmosdale, is spending several ddys with her aunt, Mrs. John Napier. Miss Jett Kerrick entertained Wednesday in honor of Miss Bessie Smith, of Owensboro. Miss Tessie Chamberlain, of Orleans, Ind., is visiting Mrs. W. C. Kennedy. Miss Rachel Moremen spent the week-en- d with Mrs. Sid Dodge. Mrs. Robert Miller, of Shively. was the guest of her sister. Mrs. Ed. Craig, last week. Mrs. H. W. Moremen's guests Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Neil, Miss Rena Neil, Mr. Will Neil and Mrs. Coronado is situated on the peninMan sula opposite New Smyrna and is connected by a good shell road and wondered how so many H. L. GOOSE. i bridge over the deep current of Inmen got egotistical, narrow-minde- d dian river. Here you can enjoy yourMr. Lewis Ritchie, a prominent office. But, as the saying goes, Wanted All the young men of the town to into self to your heart's content with rod leisure hours playing billiards at- "Birds of feather flock together," young man of Fisherville, cet death spend their tive districts. swearing or gambling is tol- therefore Idaho must be full of in a startling manner Friday morn and reel in row or sail boat or in the my tables. No r rcu by. The great va- On its editorial page of Friday's erated. Harber shop in connection, men. Men of ing of last week when a large log he ocean surf near tf "yellow dog" party SMYRNA. Prell. Jeffersontown. edition of the paper known as the principal, have been a was heh)inc to load on a freight car rietiesof fish inhabitingthe riverznd party, not of "Louisville Herald" the name of will get broke a rope and rolled down upon lagoon pass through the channel from to remember that R. B curse to this country, and wiBTrn-V- nn ot Superintendent beneath the bridge. Coronado Feb. 7. Miss Pansy Seibert, of our County worse and more of it, the longer him. His skull was crushed and his thesea Evans, the tinner, is still in business in Louisville, is visiting Mrs. Joe Rush. Schools was dragged in and he was has improved wonderfully. plenty of berry- people can only see party and are neck broken. and will have with Years ago it was nothing but a Miss Florence Fisher has returned invidiously compared with an Eastern buckets on hand this spring. Also tin your blind to every thing that is for the Mr. Ritchie was employed Place . and snouting. i.h &"land. (What is a several men to load logs on a flat car jungle, where the rattle snake and to her home in Louisville, after politician. This is the same paper welfare of the order now. at the depot at Fisherville. The beasts ot the forests roamed at will, spending several weeks with Miss that for the week ending Jan 31 w as D. J. Burnett. demagogue?) offering a year's subscription for the logs were being drawn up by ropes, with just a few houses scattered Edna Moore. Mr. Palmer Fox and family, of "This is a fine world that we live in, Lost. Mrs. Lizzie Cahill and daughter sum of $2.00 in order to get more Louisville, have returned home, after about and only one shell road leadspend, or to give in; To lend, or to and when one of these broke, the But to beg, or to oorrow, or gei. unfortunate man, who was behind to ing to the beach. Now there are a spent Saturday with Mrs. David subscribers in Jefferson county. As a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stugard. Lost ob Stolen One female Collie dog: Miss Sallie Patterson has gone to one's own, and beautiful Kyser. Mr. Stivers had a sufficient number light sable in color with white around neck. Tis the hardest old world that ever block the log as it was drawn up, number of shell roads built. There are to DR. FORREST daughter, of friends to give him an overwhelm- Chicago, where she will make her Mrs. Asa Lutes and Liberal reward for return was unable to leap aside to safety, houses have been home. was known." stores and Miss Geraldine, spent Sunday with ing victory over the Herald's favored BOGGESS. Bashaw s Station. L. & E. Miss Alma Esters, the principal of is a fine old part of the beauti- and the heavy log rolled down upon two general merchandise This way. a nice Methodist church and a good Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lutes, of Lou- candidate and as many of its circu- Valley School, is seriously ill at her ful country, but yet there are per him. Albany. " lars have been sent to friends of home in New Camp and family will Dr. Sellers was called but found schoolhouse and postomce: three isville. sons who are constantly finding fault. Mr. L. M. of board- and a number Mrs. Lizzie Cahill will go to Louis- Mr. Stivers, how can the aforesaid move this week to Kennedy's Addi"Sugar too high in price and too low the man beyond medical aid. Mr. N. large hotels OUT too light in weight R. Blankenbaker then notified the intr houses. The Atlantic Hotel has ville to reside the fifteenth, haying Herald expect to gain anything by tion. GET in sweet; coffee Miss Clara Knadler has returned about forty rooms and they are all rented her farm to Mr. Henry Lutes, waving a warfare against Mr.Stivers and too weak to stand; meat high as Coroner, and Deputy Coroner occupied. There are people here of Mt. Washington. HAT he has already fought and won home from visiting friends in Louiswhen YOUR SPRING viewed the remains. a kite and as tough and tasteless as ville. Ohio, Z. T. Cummins continues quite ill; his battle? He from Indiana, Kentucky, Mr. Ritchie was unmarried. a board: meal, that when into bread mM Mrs. R. H. Stonestreet entertained one Your last vear"s Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, the attending physician gives no Friday in honor of Miss Bessie Smith, will cause a good dog to bite his was the son of Mrs. Lizzie Ritchie, have us clean and The following were of Owensboro. block it to look like a hotel at Fisherville. New Jersey, and nearly every state hope for recovery. MIDDLETOWN lard that will not grease a present: Mr. and Mrs. Sam Philips, WWW master; only in spots; flour, that's the who conducts new. Work done The following were entertained his mother, he is survived by in the union. Besides griddle Mr. and Mrs. John Conn, Mrs. promptly and by ex- - ophbM here is the and Mrs. Anna Hertzsch, of article that gets the "dirty dab" three brothers, Ben, William and The chief attraction every day can Sunday by Mr. WT. Mrs. W. S. Bates perienced men. bathing. Almost B. Reader and Wm. Hord Getting Along Nicely Successful Indiana. Mrs. Kate Thornberry. of and family: no brand that escapes. Now, the Charles; also two sisters, Mrs. Noble surf be seen a number of ladies and family, Mr. and Mrs. John MorTaylor Boulevard, Mrs. I. P. More-mewhole fact of the business is there Rodgers and Miss Corrine Ritchie. New York Test of Dairy Cows The Sick, Personal gentlemen, also children, taking a gan, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Robb, Misses Mollie Joyce, Sherman go Funeral services were conducted enough "good cooks" to and Other News. Dodge, Clara Knadler, Alice Stull, Next door to Avenue Theater and are not is Louis Robb and Dr. and Mrs. D. A. by Rev. Mr. Doke, of ChestnutGrove, dip in the briney deep. The table around. 2.J4 Third and Jefferson. Branches of New York. Jett Kerrick. Annie Market, and 216 on the committee Sunday morning in the chapel at well sumdied with an abundance of Bates. 20.5 Fourth, near Ot the members Mae Miller and Rachel Moremen. Miss Elizabeth Smith is visiting Third, bet. Jefferson and Market. of "Religion and Morals" of the Grove Hill cemetery, Shelbyville. fish and oysters, also fresh vegetables, Rev. Robert Johnson will conduct By Miss Mayme Clore. let- Christian church her brother, Howell Smith and wife, Solons not a single one of them The burial rites were in charge of such as squash, cauleflower, Mitldletown, Feb. 14 Mrs. A. K. the services at the 7:30 p. m. State Sunday, Feb. 20, at ce, spring onions, tomatoes, egg at Shepherdsville. andShelby-vill- e is in favor of the County Unit the Masons of Fisherville Maddox is quite ill. The farms of George Wilkerson Mason Seabold and wife, Marcus conducted by Mr. plant, celery, and peas, beans, beets, lodges, measure. That speaks well for both W. T. Clore is ill with grip. and S. Thompson, consisting of two and all kinds of fresh meats and and Ernest Smyser. of Louisville, religion and morals and plainly shows Bloomer, of Shelbyville. S. ). Wetherbee, who has oeen hundred and sixteen acres, were sold tropical fruits. Mrs. Demaree is visited Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Smvser, quite ill, is convalescing. and transfers made last week to the we have heard said, that the what Government for the Rille Range site. indeed an ideal hostess. Sunday. moral men and the Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Woods are PREST0NIA. I could write many more pages but and both ill of pneumonia. Hinzen Misses Florence your "religious men" are the worst eneI really can repair Entertainment at Swamp College. you out I will Elizabeth Spelger entertained Frimies the temperance cause has. Feb. 14. Dr. C. L. Cooper returned for fear of tiring Mi. and Mrs. William Jones, who Clock. Watch, Musi c College school, District The makers and to his home Wednesday, afterspend-in- close with kind regards to the editor day evening in honor of Miss Mamie have been very ill, are convalescing. No. Swamp arranging for an enterHow many whiskey Box, Time Recorder, etc. is now to the Jeffersonian. Robinson. About forty guests were six weeks in San Antonia, Texas. and great success dealers are there who pay more to Mr. and Mrs. Rueff are receiving tainment to be given Saturday night. I am respectfully, present; all had a good time. preacher's salary than any others Mrs. John Gilmore spent Thursday the congratulations upon the arrival of Feb. 19. beginning at 7 o'clock sharp $100 Reward Mrs. P. W. Blevens. Entertainment closes the six months' can afford, and how can the church with her sister, Mrs. H. G. Cooper. a son. if I cannot. term. All patrons of the district adafford to kill the "goose that lays Miss Mattie Ireland is visiting at Dr. Boggess and wife, of Louisville, mitted free: visitors, ten cents The Daily Herald and The JefEntertainment at Worthington. golden eggs V" So, if you don't watch Samuels, Ky., this week. fersonian, both one year, $3.25. were the guests of her parents, Mr. out the com. on R. & M. may get R. A. Zahn and son returned from There will be a school entertain you. Detroit, Michigan, Saturday. ment at Sims' Hall in Vvorthington 134 S. Fourth St. Phones 8731; J. E. Thornberry, of Louisville, next Tuesday, February 22, at 8 p. m. of the Married, at the residence Louisville, Ky. Main bride's parents, on the 'steenth inst., purchased of Mr. Otey, of Henderson, for the benefit of the school. An Mr. Ebenezer Sweet to Miss Janie twenty-fiv- e acres of land lyingon the admission fee of Id cents will be Lemon now seems Preston street pike, 34 miles from rhnn'ed for adults and 10 cenls for How happy everything Louisville. This is a fine body of children. Everybody is invited to at With ! She's Jane and Ebenezer: Sweet NOW is The no longer sour but land and is considered one of the tend and help the school. And he's a Lemon squeezer." prettiest building sites along the LESSON YOUR LABORS INCREASE YOUR PROFITS How to enjoy a sleigh ride without car line. It adjoins the land St. Valentine Party. a horse or sleigh: Open both hall of his brother, G. S. Thornberry, reOne of the most enjoyable social doors, pull off your outer wraps, seat cently purchased of the same tract. Room On Medium-size- d was given at BY USING UP TO DATE MACHINERY. your self in a chair midway of the Mr. Thornberry will erect a dwelling affairs of the winter dy Furnished home of Mrs. Sallie Blankenthe hall, put your feet in a bucket of in the near future. and Hung. Monday night of this week Fertilizer and Corn ice, blindfold your eyes, take a small Mrs Spence Minor was operated baker on put a frozen smile on at Norton Infirmary Friday and when Miss Pet Wiseheart and Misses Planting Attach-meir- ts bell in each hand, countenance, ring the bells her many friends will be glad to know Anne and Elizabeth Bryan charmon your furnished furiously and you will experience it was a successful operation in every ingly entertained the two societiesof 909 W. Market St. when desired. POTATO the Jeffersontown Methodist and Near Ninth Street Louisville. all sensations of a sleigh ride and way. The house, Baptist churches. 3030 Home Phone at a greater less expense than a Mrs. Lillie C. Snawder will be able The hand that plants the crop in dining room, was PLANTER to come to her home near here in a especially the livery costs. modern potato culture is the Iron of St. JC Strawberry salesmen and fertilizer few days. She was operated on for beautifully decorated in honor Hand on this machine. It is faithand several contests of will plant more Potatoes and drummers are plentiful just now: appendicitis two weeks since at the Valentine ful and perfect in its accomplish like nature were participated in. almost as many of above named as Norton Infirm aiy. plant them more accurately ment. Aspinwall Potato Cardwell carried off the there are of insurance agents. Each Mrs. Georte Walker visited her Miss Laura 1604 Baxter Avenue, Planter No. 3. than any other Potato Plant box of candy, praises his particular variety. A daughter, Mrs. Will Ireland, recently. prize, a LOUISVILLE, KY. er on the market. As the machine is entirely automatic no second man is required, hence says he sells a Mrs. J. W. Gilmore spent Wednes for finding the most hearts, which strawberry agent the room dust blinded eyes. It will plant a greater range of seed than Best in Bakery variety that the frost slips off the day in South Louisville, the guest of had beento concealed in the young NO injured fingers orwith less friction. For previous the arrival ot any other planter and bloom like grease off of a hot plate. Mrs. Lillian Orms. Kurtz, Confectionery Line The fruit is either early or lale, just S. P. Brewer visited at Shiloh the people. Mr. Brown writing of Louisthe most We sell Aspinwall Potato Cutters, Planters, Sprayers and Sorters. ville, succeeded in a9 the occasion requires;never rots or first of the week. word heart. words containing the ICE CREAM sunburns, remains solid until you get Mrs. D. A. Bates is visiting her Mr. Merritt Jones pinned the arrow in color they ready to pick them; and Sherbets a Specialty. grandfather, Mr. J. W. Jackson, this nearer the center of a large red Special prices to cnurr.hes. parties, picnics.&c dazzle the eye with their brightness; week, who is ill with grip. heart placed on the door and Mr. Cumb. E. 1944 so sweet that some use vinegar when Home Phone Hirhland 18. Tom Riley was the only gentleman INCORPORATED. eating: large or small in size to suit LOUISVILLE, KY. Do you know that less than two who was marksman enough to pierce Preston and Jefferson Sts. stump speaker; bill any mouth, even a cents a week pays for vour county a heart with a bow and arrow. Don't you read a restaurant's guarantees that a pint of the largest of fare before ordering? Don't you will fill a quart box; the vine fur paper a year ? Delicious ice cream and cake were read a store's ads before buying? Bull-Serv- one-ideae- d, 34-- ir - 33-- 4 1 Rail-34-- 2 Kam-mer- er hi J inj Clay-Patterso- Hatters n. 35-- 4 Failure! No g KORFHAGE 996-- 34-- 4 POTATOES a Money Making Crop Time Ok-olo- WALL PAPER - ff 3)UU R. E. McDowell, - -- The ASPINWALL 'J I mm an S5-- 4 Pfeffer's Bakery heart-shape- d the and Southern Seed Co.

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