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Page xi of Battles and leaders of the Civil War (vol. 2)... : being for the most part contributions by Union and Confederate officers : based upon "The Century War series" / edited by R.U. Johnson and C.C. Clough Buel.

CONTENTS OF VOLUME TWO. xi PAGE! BALL'S BLUFF AND THE ARREST OF GENERAL COLONEL RICHARD . IRWIN. .123 STONE ...... ............. .......... ... .... J ILLUSTRATIONS: Map of the Upper Potomac (Jacob Wela) - Map of Ball's Bluff (Jacob Welia) -The Cliff at Ball', Bluff, from photo. (E. J. Meeker) -Colonel Edward D. Baker, from Brady photo.- Governor John A. Andrew, front Brady photo. CAPTAIN WILKES'S SEIZURE OF MASON AND REAR-ADMIRAL D. M-N. FAIRFAX.. 135 SLIDELL .............. . ............... ILLIsTRAT1i)NS: Jam-e M. Mason, from daguerreotype-John Slidell, from photo.-Captaln Charles Wilke., from Anthony photo.- William H. Seward, fron daguerreotype. EARLY OPERATIONS ON THE POTOMAC RIVER ..PROFESSOR J. RUSSELL SOLEY ... . 14:3 OPERATIONS OF 1861 ABOUT FORT MONROE.... GENERAL JOSEPH B. CARR ....... 144 ILLUSTRATIONS: Fort Monroe In 1560, fromo lithograph lent by General John C. Tidball (W. Taube) - Light-house, Fort M5onroe-Chesapeake Hospital, Hampton, Va., and S8-lyport, Fort Mo-roe, from (;ardner photos. (H. C. Edward.) - Arrival of the Original - Contraband" (Theo. R. D.,U) - Camp of Duryea's Zonaves, near Fort Monroe (Fank H. chell) - Uniform of Dnryea's Zouaves [(H. A. (gden) - The 4th Massachlnsetts Regitinut FortifyingCamp Butler, Newport News (lFenk H. eleU) -Confederate Earthwork, at Big Bethel, from sketch by R. K. Stteden (E. J. Meeker) -Major Theodore Winthrop, from a portrait by RBwse- Rulit of Batnpton, Va., from sketch by R. K. Snedent (E. J. Meket'). CAMPAIGNING TO NO PURPOSE (Recolleetions WARREN LEE GOSS ........ I - I of a Private -II.) .............. ...... ILLIT5TRATIONS: Inspeetoit, (Wi nslow Homer) - A Sutler's Tent, from photo. (W. H. S Helton)- Harper'e Ferry In 1862, fron the North, from Gardner photo. (E. J. Meeker) -Confederate Prisoners, from Gard- ner lhfto. (W. H. Shfoa)- A Camp Oven, from sketeh by F. H. 1chell (Ttr Hgan) - Transports ou th' Potomac, front photo. (W. H. She.ton) MCCLELLAN BEFORE RICHMOND. THE PENINSULAR CAMI'AIGN .................... (ENERAL GEORGE B. MCCLELLAN 1 60 ILL8TRAsTrToqs: Fort Monroe-Parade of the 3d Peunsylvania Artillery, from Gardner photo. (Wc. Tobet') - Major-Genleral John. E. Wool, from Brady photo.- View of Alexandria from the Camp of the 40th New York Volunteere, fron sketch by B. K. Sneden (E. J. Meeker) - Headquarters of Brigadier- General John Sedgwick, ol the Leesburg Turnpike near Washington, from sketch by R. K. Snedeit (F.J. Meeker) -Map tuf the Virginlia Campaigns (Jaeob Well.) - Quarternmater's Dock, Fort Monroe (The.. R. Doria) -Map ,f the Petlusnuta Campaign (Jaob Wells) - Helntzelntan's Headquartere at Howe's saw- utilII before Yorktown, from sketch by t. K. Sneden (E. J. Meeker)-VIew from Mortar-hattery Nt. 4, fro-t sketeh by B. K. Snemlen (E. J. eek-er) -Clark's House, near Howe's Saw-mll, front sketch by R. K. Sneden (E. J. Meek-e) -View of Main Street, Yorktown, the Union Troope Marching In, fromtt sketch by R. K. Sneden (E. J. Meeker) - Utmion Water-battery in Front of Yorktowrn, Exploded Gun, Con- federate Fortifications at Yorktown, Confederate Water-battery, and an Angle of the Confederate Forti- filctions at Yorktown, from Gardner photos. ( I. Taber) - St. Peter's Church near New Kent Court-house, and New Kent Court-houe, froni skethes. by It. K. Snedeui (r. A. rVderhoof -Secttion of the Encamp- tet of the Army of the Potomac near White House, Va., process reproduetiou of Gardner photo.- White House, the Home of General W. H. F. Lee, and Ruins of the White House (A. R. Wdnd) - The Orlean, Princes and Suite at Dinner, from Gardner photot.-Confederate Battery at Mathias PoInt, ttr Bodd's Ferry, from sketch by R. K. Sneulet (Ef. J. Mfeek-r). YORKTOWN AND WILLIAMSBURG (Recolletiou.s WARREN LEE GOSS .... ............ 189 of a Private-Ill.) .......... .......... ILLUsTRATIONs: Map of the fight at Big Bethel. Siege of Yorktown, and of the Battle of Williamsburg (.acot WTrll) - On to Richmond (W. Taber) -Mrs. T-'s Exodus (W. H. ShetJon)- Confederate Bat- tery on the Terraed Magazine, Gooport Navy-Yard (P. H. Schell) - Get that Team out of the Mu.d! " (W. H. Shelto.) -Skirmish at Lee's Mils (Wfinsow Homer) -Union Mortar-battery before Yorktown. from Gardner photo. (W. Taber) - The 61st New York Regiment In Camp at Ship Point (Winaje H.n-r) -AA Tempting Breastwork ( W fl. 8helon)-Camp of the Union Army near WMte Housee, from Gardner photo. (IW. Tuber) - Union Camp at Cumberland Landing, from Gardner photo. (W. Taber). THE OPPOSING FORCES AT WILLIAMSBURG, VA. Composition, Strentgth, and Iosses 2t) CONFEDERATE USE OF SUBTERRANEAN SHELLS 2... ON THE PENINSULA . . . .

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