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Image 750 of Annual report. 1916

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

38 C'a`1·cuZa1· K0. 1,2. , Bulletins relating to all phases of farming are printed from time to time for free distribution. Three circulars are now avail- able that are of especial interest to poultrymen. One deals with J poultry raising, another with poultry house construction, and a i third tells fully of black—head in turkeys. ENTRY BLANK. For the convenience ‘of poultrymen we are including herein an official entry blank for the Egg-Laying Contest. Remit by " postoffice order or certified check and send entry by first mail. V as we are limited to tifty pens, and we do not want you to be left A out. No reservations have been accepted up to date, and no pens will be reserved except when entered on the official blank. \\`e · have received more letters asking for reservations than we have of pens. Send your entry now and thus secure your reservation. i \\`e will wait a reasonable length of time for entries to arrive from a distance, before assigning pens. Entries close -\ug·ust lirst. Q l I I l l 1 l l l

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