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Image 749 of Annual report. 1916

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

`·{ @1 Egg—Laying Contest. 37 Twelve varieties of fine chickens and a flock of turkeys are kept for experimental purposes, Fifteen different types of colony houses of simple and approved construction, have been built, together with certain larger structures, including a feed room, if an incubator cellar, brooder house, etc. The flocks now contain ’ goo hens and 1,ooo chicks. t Experiments relative to the feeding of chicks and hens are i i being carried out at the poultry yards. The contest will be located in a field adjacent to the poultry yards. »_ L { , . 1 _ . ., l T . i . * i 1 $. ~: —. ~v· - . - ’ T. " e ?* ” ??~ — T il Poultry Yards at the Experiment Station. Q The contest pens and houses will be located on the land Q shown in the immediate foreground in the above picture. The »—, i_ land slopes gently to the east, and it has splendid natural drainage, and tile drains have also been provided under the entire ] Poultry Department. It has been found best to face the poultry houses in this climate slightly south of east. \\’hen faced due south the cold south—west winds of winter gain access to the Q, houses, which is avoided by facing them toward the south—east. ~ T Consequently, the lay of the land at the poultry yards is perfect. \Ye wish to state that blue grass pasture has been maintained in _: the poultry yards since the houses were erected in 1913. The _ 5 luxuriant grass supplies grazing during the entire year, although § it is supplemented with green oats in winter. 3 \

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