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Image 747 of Annual report. 1916

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Egg-Layiizy (.' 35 5. The owner of the individual hen making the highest record for the year will receive a bronze medal of honor, and a cash prize of $25 and a ribbon properly printed. " 6. The second best individual record for the year will win ~ a prize of $10, and a silk ribbon. Q ‘ 7. The third best individual for the year will win a hand- . 3 some silk ribbon properly printed. Q S. The owner of each hen making a record of 200 eggs or 1"l]OI'€ during the year will receive a nicely printed silk ribbon as a reward of merit. r Monthly Premiums. g. 1. The contestant owning the pen which has made the V highest record by the first of each month will be awarded a l . handsome silk ribbon. In awarding this premium on December A TSI, records will only be available for the month of November, A but on the first of February the records attained during Novem- ber, December and january will be added together to determine which pen stands highest on February IST, and which should " receive this premium. 2.. A silk ribbon will also be awarded to the owner of the . best pullet on the first of each month. Her record will be deter- · A mined according to the plan outlined in paragraph (i1) above. 3. The second pen will be awarded a handsome silk ribbon _ the first of each month as outlined in paragraph 1. 4. A handsome ribbon will be awarded to the pullet making __ the second highest record on the First of each month as outlined I in paragraph 2. ,` 5. A ribbon will be awarded to the pen standing third ' highest each month according to the rule outlined in paragraph 1. · 6. A ribbon will be given to the pullet standing third D highest in egg production on the first of each month as outlined _ j in paragraph 2. ii Conclusion. ` ;_ Every poultryman can spare a pen of six of his best pullets g Q for this contest. The reports of the competition will be printed 2 in the newspapers and poultry journals all over America. and in foreign countries. T is \

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