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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MIN UES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES2 June 4, 1912 The extension corps should be selected with a great deal of care and should be under direct supervision of the different departments of the Agricultural College and Experiment Station to which they belong, so that the coordination would be complete and harmony result in our experimental, teaching and extension force. I would like to be authorized, under the direction of the Board of Control, to select the necessary staff for the extension work. 3. In order to carry out the provisions of the act, appropriating fifty thousand dollars, of the last legislature, it will be necessary to conduct field exper- iments in various parts of the State. This will be under the direction of Professor Roberts, and we will need three or four experts in this line. Professor Good will need one or two assistants in the beef cattle feeding experiments. Professor Hooper will need at least one man for carrying on experiments in the dairy line, and one or two men for carrying on the poultry work. Professor Matthews will need one or two men for carrying on the horticultural experiments here and over the State. This work can not be organized economically just at the present time. Is there- fore, recommend that the matter of the employment of such men be referred to the Board of Control for final action. 4. Assistant Professor Shedd, who was with Dr. Peter, was assigned to Dr. Kastlets Division last summer. Dr. Peter will need another assistant professor in his place. Dr. Kastle's work is growing so rapidly that he will need another assistant. The assistant for Dr. Peter will be working mainly on soils and can be paid from State appropriations in part and in part from the fertilizer income. Dr. Kastle's assistant can either be paid from the state appropriation or from the Adams Fund. 5. I recommend that the salaries of the heads of division, the professors and assistant professors, be fixed according to the general rule for the increase in sal- aries. According to this rule, those who have heretofore received the maximum salary

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