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Image 327 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 33 (1971-1972)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

The Summey Session of undergraduate education contributes significantly to one's background for law study. A number of courses in law are offered in the summer TO reduce the hardship this might Cteiite {Ot ah- SCSSIOH Ht thc UD1\i’CfSllf}’. in thC SUITTIUCY session plicgtnts Of Cspecially gOOd record tvho are already Cn, is C9¤¤t€d iOW¤Yd 8 ‘SiS and fcpoff grade record, the LSAT score, the academic improve- for flpphcfmts to ell sf the Pfmcllial hw Schoolsr known -ment shown in the prelaw grade record and the ap- as Fhc LSDAS Scfvfco ,AH afmllcdifts dr? Tcqmrfd tf) piiemips eiiititiieie iet itiw Studi,. het the eiiteiiiie register directly with E.I`.S.tfor this service, which is class in the fall of 1971, the Committee would expect do"? at fhg time One applies to _f° fake fhg te tippieve the tiehiiissieii ei tihhiieiiiits whe have tit LSAT. l*Offl11S reason, also, the applicants transcripts V least a prelaw cumulative average of 2.9 on a 4 point (if ITIS prelaw Wert MC Smit fg Educatimial Tesfmg eeeiie mid em LSAT eeeie ei tit ietiet 575 The Ceiiiiiiih Service rather than the University Adinissions Office, tee ordinarily denies admission if the cumulative grade Cxccpt as IS Cxplamcfl bciow Thc LSAT _flpPhC"flO“ heiiit tweieiee ie ieee them 2.; and the LSAT Seete is znid the LSDAS registrationiform are available from ieee than SOO. Between these ieveie the Ceiiiiiiittee lf..T.S., the University Admissions Office and the Dean s evaluates each application carefully and fully, giving Ofllgq Coucgc Of Law #\i>i>*¤¤=m*S "°°°Pf°°l for ml Sheeitii eeiisideteitieii Wheie the iiiiiiei tiivitieii Wetit mission before the completion and awarding of their iii iiiidetettitiiiiite Studi, has Shewii ti iiiiitit e ei iiiii)iei_e_ undergraduate degree. must submit two copies of- their ment. Any applicant who believes his application HMI tmnginpt_ShOWmg_thc dsgms Confcrffh dlfccfiy pteseiits ti Speeitii ease tet eeiisitieititieii he the Ceiii_ to the University Admissions Office. Applicants still t mittee mei, tetiiiest ti Ceiiimittee tieeieieii eh it- enrolled for undergraduate study who desire to- have 1 their academic records for the semor year considered l should send an ofiicial transcript of these grades as i Degyee Applicants soon as available to the University Admissions Office _ _ for attention of the Chairman, Law School Admissions For some years a few applicants have been admitted Coimhiiiee to the College of Law from the “combined degrce" 1 program of their particular undergraduate college upon its certification that the undergraduate degree would SubtniSS,iOn Dates and Deadlines be awarded upon successful completion of the first year of law study here. Except as provided below, such The application for admission should be submitted i applicants will not be considered hereafter, since the well in advance and will he considered when all sup- l bar admission authorities of some states require the porting materials (including the LSAT score report, undergraduate degree to be earned on a four year the LSDAS transcript report and any other required basis before beginning law study and since the fullness transcripts) have been received. n 325

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