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Image 29 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 33 (1971-1972)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

riculum before attempting college work, and so per- be concerned about both his eligibility for admission mission for University enrollment before graduation and the possible acceptance by the University of course from high school is granted only in exceptional eases work taken elsewhere. and only after a careful review of the studentls record, , . . . . . . ACT {spar, personal and ram of E’ss1’ssss fsf Asmssssss- All sss‘·ss.sss wss ssrss mcrrdrrrrrrrr from his high School. enrolled at another college must submit two oflicial transcripts from each college attended, and must be APPri€‘t$ of such work in Order to be wnsidcrcd the waiving of work at other colleges or the admission for admission, and must in general meet the conditions gf sneh students as beginning treshrrrerr An transfer for admission as a transfer student as described below. gpplicgnts rnnst nieet the teiieiving tvvo Conditions: In addition, he must also submit all of the documents required of beginning freshmen. In this way he can l· All e"er‘rlll grrldeperrrr assrsss Or 2-0 Orr rr +0 receive the full benefits of the Advising Conference qurlllry Pemr Serlle rrr all eeurse Work rrrremPrerl» programs which are Cmirrcrerr rm isegrmang rrcsimm ss sssmisutsd br thc U¤is‘¤rsi¤* A¤s OHi<¤¤· in order to make their entry into University life as The gssds frrlrl ererlrr rer errell eerrrse rrrrerrrprerl pleasant and helpful an experience as possible. Upon rs lllelurled lll rlrls eerrrprrrrlrrerh regardless Or rlre admission, a student in this category may be granted llrllerlee Or the Orrerrrlg lrlsrlrrrrrerr in Wrrrrrng rr transfer credit for his previous college work, subject lew glade rer rr reperlrerl eOurSe· to the general University regulations governing the 2. Cood standing in all respects at the college the r transfer of credit, which are given in the section dealing applicant last attended as a full-time degree can- with transfer students. didate, or part-time student if his enrollment has Summer Work after Graduation from High School. lleell ellly Pflll'llllle‘ Cellellllllls ll Srurlerrr llllrlel Some students, after acceptance by the University for lleeelelllle sllsrlellslell “lSr’ eflllllel llleel rlre glade the Fall freshman class, may wish to take a class for rlellllllllelllge leqllllelllelllsi llewellels ll Slllelelll college credit at another school near their home in the llllllel Sllsrlellslell ellllllel rss flflllllllefls leglllflless summer following high school graduation. This can st _lllS glllelerllellll llllelllge llllllllelllleles lllls le' usurrrlr, be dom, upon rrdvarrcc rrrrprrrvrrr by rhe Urrr qurrement cannot be satishcd subsequent en- versity, without adversely affecting thc eligibility of lelllllelle Wlllle ll Sllspellslell ls lll elleels rrr ll the Student ror Curry in rhc Farr Semester. non-baccalaureate degree type of I program or school, an unaccredited school, or in a category NO’l’grr’rlr’“re·e Ol rrrrgll Selmer- Kerrrrrelrll resrrlerrrs which another college may make available to r ovcrr2l years of age who are not high school graduates Srrsrscrrdcd Srrrdcrrrs {Or rrrrrrrcdr rrorrdcgrcc r)rrr_ and have not attended college may be granted ad- POSCS; rrOr Crm rr bc Snrrsrrcd bv Srrbscrrrrcrrr Crr_ mission as freshmen on the basis of a personal inter- ronrrrcrrr rrr H r“,O_r.€rrr Coucgcl rr the Srrrdcrrrr view and tests administered by the University. rrccordrrrg rrr his rsrrgrrrrrl mrrrrrcrrlrrrrorr year, _ should have progressed beyond this point in his s High School Iunior Summer Program ¤€¤f<>gY¤m· The High S€h00l IUIUOT PTOQYHIU is €O¤€lU€l€5' Deadlines for Aclvuncecl Standing Transfers. The H10 U¤i\`€TSit$' of K€¤Ui€l<}‘ fhifilig thc €igl\t·W€€l< following deadlines apply to all new undergraduate Sl11i11h€f TCFH1 Hf ’fhC UHi\’€fSif§' of K€¤tl1€l<}‘- IU 0Y

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