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Image 1 of The Beattyville Enterprise August 11, 2011

Part of The Beattyville Enterprise

The Beattyville Enterprise Serving Lee County, Beattyville and the Three Forks area for 127 years Some to get new addresses !!"ome Lee County residents will learn this wee3 that they are to have new addresses, with some even having the names of their roads changed. County Ambulance Service Director Joe Broadwell told the scal court @onday that revised A11 mapping is responsible for the changes. He said that F,GHH letters are being sent to residents telling them of the changes. He said that 1G roads Police were called to the Lee County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon when two are to have either new names women had a dispute. According to witnesses, one allegedly took something be- (they had no names before) or longing to the other, and the second one registered her displeasure with a display changed names. Some people, he said, are to have new mailof fisticuffs. According to dispatch, no arrests were made. ing addresses. The changes are necessary so emergency personnel can nd people as Luic3ly as possible. Also during @onday’s regular meeting, the court gave approval to the second reading of a Noint cityOcouncil ordinance that permits a three percent room taP and the founding of a tourism commission. There are to be seven members of the commission. Three are to be appointed by the county NudgeOePecutive and three by the mayor. One is to Courthouse dispute be appointed by the Chamber of Commerce. The court agreed to continue to send its solid waste to Reolia at Irvine. The company beat out Rump3e, which receives trash at its @ontgomery County landll. Reolia won a ve-year contract. The court gave permission to JudgeOEPecutive Steve @ays to open steel-driving bids this Friday. He said the bidders are to be present. He said he would call a special session of the court nePt wee3. @ays said the Beattyville Police Department had reLuested a curfew be set or Happy Top. The court agreed to close the par3 from 11 p. m. to X a. m. H e w a s g i v e n a u t h o rity to ePecute an agreement with the state for the paving of Treadway Road and Coal Branch Road. The priority list of coal severance proNects was changed because the design, planning and land acLuisition for a new Health Department building is being delayed. The proNects, in order of priority for YH11-YH1Y are Road Department eLuipment - ZY6,AF\, courthouse improvements - Z F H , H H H , H e i d e l b e rg P a r 3 improvement - Z1H,HHH, Bear Tr a c 3 P a r 3 i m p r o v e m e n t Z1H,HHH, Health Department - Z1YX,HHH, Rescue SLuad eLuipment - Z1H,HHH, fire departments - ZGH,HHH, Youth Sports eLuipment - ZYH,HHH, and two used ambulances ZYX,HHH. Upon his reLuest, road foreman Ferrell _ise was changed from a salary employee to an hourly employee. The treasurer ’s YH1H-YH11 financial statement was accepted, subNect to audit. The two previous years’ sheriff ’s fee settlements were also accepted, subNect to audit. The court hired Robbie Brandenburg and Jesse Newton as seasonal solid waste laborers at Za an hour. They hired Larry Barrett as a fulltime eLuipment operator at Za.XH an hour. In Owsley drug case !!!Ine of the defendants in $%&%'()! *%+,! "+-.(%/0! 12! 34! "+-.(%/! 53((36! 73+80! 89%8! :3,8+)! +4;%',33,! 9,! the Owsley drug case has been sent bac3 to Nail, and another is ;<9/!/9,=(%!&%<9>(%!+>>98%,;!3,!?@!AB!C+/;!+;!#;<3(D!!EF<3;3!>3G';%/)!34!$'%+;<9;;! not to participate in the Sep#8&3>+;%H tember Y6 trial scheduled for the other 1F. According to court documents, bristi Rae Davis, YF of Lee County man died his vehicle and overturned at A passenger in the vehicle, Booneville, admitted to violat@onday following an auto- approPimately FdFX p. m. He Gladys Samples, was wearing mobile accident at Athol on was not wearing a seat belt, a seat belt, and was transported bY XY East. and was partially eNected from to the bentuc3y River @edical According to bentuc3y State the vehicle. Samples was pro- Center in Jac3son for treatP o l i c e i n H a c a r d , B e v e r l y nounced dead at the scene by ment. he Beattyville City CounDean Samples, \A of Samples the Breathitt County Coroner’s Sgt. ben Duff is charge of the cil @onday evening approved Hollow Road, lost control of Ofce. investigation. the second reading of a Noint Accident fatal for Lee man !# ing the terms of her bond release. U. S. @agistrate Judge Hanley A. Ingram sent Davis bac3 to Nail on @onday. U. S. District Judge Gregory F. Ran Tatenhove Tuesday set rearraignment for Thomas _. Little for August YF, and continued his trial. That means Little is to not face trial on September Y6. On @onday, Jimmy @iller, G X o f B o o n e v i l l e , w a s a rraigned in London, and entered a not guilty plea. @iller was remanded to custody. City approves tourism commission !!!J Schools may get relief from federal NCLB law ! "chool districts across the country are breathing a little easier this wee3 after the federal government said it would grant waivers for some of the stringent reLuirements of the No Child Left Behind Act. In particular, the law’s reLuirement that every student be proficient in math and reading by YH1F, often cited as unrealistic, could be replaced by state accountability reLuirements. In a statement released @onday, U. S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said, fOur Nob is to support reform that is good for students at the state and local level. _e need to get out of the way wherever we can. _e need to be tight on the goals but loose on the means of achieving them g providing as much ePibility as possible, while maintaining meaningful accountability for improving student outcomes and closing achievement gaps. fThe No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) got it bac3wards g it was loose on the goals but tight on the means g and today it’s forcing states into one-sice-ts-all solutions that Nust don’t wor3.h Duncan said that states can apply for waivers from provisions of the law, fprovided that they are willing to embrace education reform.h bentuc3y has addressed education reform directly in state law, first in 1AAH and again last year. bentuc3y Department of Education spo3esperson Lisa Gross said @onday that the state will apply for the waiver, and would use its model for accountability. Lee County Superintendent of Schools James Evans, Jr., s a i d Tu e s d a y t h a t a c c o u n t ability is good, and wants it to be in place. He also said that Lee County is instituting end of course ePams this school year as an ePample of that accountability. The federal education department said it would release reLuirements for waivers in S e p t e m b e r, a n d t h a t , i f a p proved, would be in place for the YH1Y-YH1G school year. Evans said that all is going well in Lee County schools so far. He said that enrollment is up, and that an additional 3 i n d e rg a r t e n t e a c h e r m u s t be added at Beattyville Elementary and a second grade teacher at South Side. cityOcounty ordinance that establishes a tourism commission and sets a three percent room taP for hotel and cabin rentals. @ayor John Smith is to appoint three members to the commission, and Lee County JudgeOEPecutive Steve @ays is also to appoint three members. The BeattyvilleOLee County Chamber of Commerce is to appoint one member to the body. That group will then hire a tourism director and set up the mechanism for collecting the room taP. After the approval, Council @ember @itch Cornelius said he loo3s forward to the council wor3ing with Linda Smith in promoting the community. Smith praised all who had been part of the Thunder on the River event, including the concert, over the past wee3end. Also during the council’s regular monthly meeting, Lee County Ambulance Service Director Joe Broadway reported that the remapping for Enhanced A11 service is almost done. He said that letters are to go out to residents this wee3 about changes of addresses caused by the process. He said that the construction of the bY XYOBeattyville By-Pass had caused some changes. The council approved a rst reading to a change in policy concerning employee holiday pay. Employees are be paid time and a half for their holiday hours. Smith said it would cost approPimately ZY,HHH a year. The mayor said that PEP has as3ed to sell its van and use the funds for day-to-day operations. The vehicle is registered with the city. Smith said that a loan through the Peoples EPhange Ban3 was needed to pay the city’s liability insurance premium of ZAa,HHH. He said it was completed last month. The council approved the motor vehicleOwatercraft property taP rate of .GH cents per Z1HH assessed value. The rate has not changed in years. Smith reported that the bentuc3y League of Cities agreements the city has include some unused funds. The funds are for the cemetery, the Streetscape proNect and for land and eLuipment. He as3ed for permission to use some of the Z1G,HYX in the land and eLuipment fund for a used truc3 and for a new computer server. The truc3 would be used for _ater _or3s. The server, he said, had been overheating. Following some discussion, the council agreed to allow up to Z1H,HHH for both items. The mayor told the council members that the money from the cemetery fund could be used on the new city hall. He said he would li3e to research the costs of moving both A11 dispatch and the police department to city hall. In other business, Smith reported that the downtown water line proNect had begun. He said that the bentuc3y Infrastructure Authority had notied the city that it is eligible to apply for funding to ePtend sewer service to Proctor. The mayor said that he and Police Chief Greg Brandenburg had discussed par3ing on Begley Street with the owner of H i H Tire. Brandenburg said the illegal par3ing situation has improved. Council @ember Richard Adams reported that Booge Jones wants to city to P the blac3top nePt to his @ain Street building where the city had made a ramp. He said Jones also wants the city to pay for wor3 on oors in the building. The city hall had been in the building. Smith said he would have the city attorney loo3 at the matter, and he would follow the attorney’s recommendation. Linda Smith as3ed the council to move the old pontoon to the _oolly _orm Par3 to be used as a stage. Following some discussion, Smith said he would see what the cost for moving would be. The council entered ePecutive session to discuss a personnel matter.

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