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Image 9 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 29, 1971

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE . . . E R&V. WHITESBURG, LETCHER COUNTY. KENTUCKY . KELSEH. . . THURSDAY, APRIL 29, 1971 .. 9 FRIEND STATE SENATOR wlm mm Send a Democrat to Frankfort This Time A Letter to Linda Biggerstaff, W hitesburg, Ky. Dear Miss Biggerstaff: have read with interest your latest article in the newspapers, being your signature but an article else. Be that as it may, however, I will attempt to answer the questions you directed to me. I I have to assume was prepared by someone 1. I have announced NO PLAN, publicly or privately, to stop ANY STATE PROGRAMS. I did, as you say, use the word "elminate" in referring to the LOUIE NUNN - F. M. BURKE SALES TAX. I fPo tax on food, clothing, medsaid I would try to eliminate, or at least reduce, the awful Nunn-Buricines, and the other necessities of life. I RENEW MY PLEDGE TO DO THAT NOW! ke 2. I, too, am for our children, the aged and the blind, the orphans, health care, more and better roads and job training. Who isn't? Senator Burke does not have a monopoly on being for these things, everybody I know feels the same way about this. I just happen to believe that these things can be accomplished without Senator Burke's 5uo tax on the necessities of life. I am for Motherhood, too, and I would assume that the Senator is also for it. 3. Now, as to Senator Burke's billboards proclaiming he is "putting us first", I did say that he had put first in the amount of taxes that we pay, AND I WANT TO SAY IT AGAIN, HERE AND NOW! Pennsylvania, and only Pennsylvania, has a Qfo General Sales Tax, but certain items are exempt there, which leaves Kentucky with an overall tax that is greater. Among other things, Pennsylvania does not have the tax on the sale or transfer of an automobile every time it is transferred, if it's every 15 minutes! Pennsylvania is lucky, the do not have Senator Burke sitting in their General Assembly! 4. Now then, let's get to Senator Burke's 1957 campaign when he ran for Circuit Judge of County ON THE REPUBLICAN TICKET: Contrary to whay you may have been told, he ran for Pike Circuit Judge in 1957 on the Democrat ticket in the Primary Election, was defeated by Judge James B. Stephenson, and was then selected by the Pike County Republican Executive Committee to run as the Republican candidate as they did not have a candidate of their own running that year. THUS HE DID BECOME THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE AND RUN UNTIL THE COURT REMOVED HIM! Judge Stephenson instituted action to have him declared an illegal candidate and the case reached the Court of Appeals in Frankfort, where it was adjudged that indeed he was not a legally qualified candidate and they decreed that his name not appear on the November ballot. So he was involved in the 1957 campaign, Miss Biggerstaff, to the extent I have stated. Would you care to call Judge Stephenson in Pikeville to cerify this? I'm sure he remembers this only too well. His telephone 3. The tact of the matter is that Senator Burke did not run the race number In Pikeville is to its conclusion ONLY BECAUSE THE COURT OF APPEALS REMOVED HIS NAME FROM THE BALLOT, thus depriving the voters the privilege of eliminating him in November. But he did run in 1957, Miss Biggerstaff - HE RUN AS LONG AS THE COURT WOULD LET HIM! 437-725- REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR CIRCUIT JUDGE OF 5. Senator Burke also ran as a BONA-FIP- E PIKE COUNTY IN 1951, and he was soundly defeated in the Primary Election by Judge Jean L. Auxier. I did not mention this 1951 race of Senator Burke when I first told of his 1957 disaster I because frankly, Miss Biggerstaff, I did not want the people of Letcher County to know this they would think that was the style of us Democrats here in Pike County if they found out wis afraid Senator Burke had run TWICE on the Republican ticket. Now this is a matter of record in the Pike County Court Clerk's Office and can readily be verified by calling the Clerk's telephone number in Extension 40. Would you care to call, Miss Biggerstaff? Pikeville. The number to call is 432-25- ... 53 6. AND I DID NOT TRY TO STEP THE BLACK LUNG BILL, NEITHER. I have always, for everybody in Pike County knows that. of my life, been for the Miner and the working man all I am not a coal operator, and I did not make 2 million dollars in the coal business last either, And year. Now to your statement declaring Senator Burke to be "Mr. Democrat" in Pike County. Really, Miss Biggerstaff, that's just too much! 1 have lived here in Pike County my entire life and 7. have heard the Senator called many things, but never "Mr. Democrat", that has got to be a name he has applied to himself for this election. How in the world could a fellow be called "Mr . Demo-crt- " I WHO HAS RUN TWICE ON THE REPUBLICAN TICKET AND VOTED FOR LOUIE NUNN'S TAX BILL. TOO? m, (Pol. Adv. paid for byKelsey Friend) Kelsey E. Friend

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