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Image 8 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 29, 1971

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE . WHITESBURG, . LETCHER COUNTY, THURSDAY, KENTUCKY APRIL 29, 1 971 ROXANA; TILDEN CRASE Fathers and sons fish; Meade wins at Isom By Democrat for State Representative To The Good People of Letcher County: candidate for RepresentaThose with whom I have talked As you already know, I am a tive on the Democrat ticket. have been most encouraging in my undertaking. It is my desire to visit and talk with all the citizens of Letcher County. In the event I am unable to see you in person, remember, I wi 11 also need your vote. , am a self made man. I have been in close contact with the public for more than thirty yeas' as a teacher and administrator. I have at all times been I am a self made man. I have been in close contact with the public for more than thirty years as a teacher and administrator. I have at all times been willing to help my fellowman. With my experience in dealing with our young people, and in my association with parents in the course of duty, I feel, qualifies me to serve you well in formulating laws in Frankfort. I will not heiitate to speak out for your concerns and interests. I fust began my campaign I stated on my cards and in my talk with you exactly how I stand on issues and have listened to you and as a result have added others. Here is my program as it stands and will work for, and will vote for: When I 1. Education - K. E. r JANELL FIELDS Mrs. Edith Ratliff was very happy to hav: her son Bennier Ratliff and family from Geor gia visit her over the weekend. The following spent the weekend camping and fishing near Pineville; A. O. Fields and sons Bill, Roger, Rick and Tim; Neville Williams and sons David, Bobby and Leonard; Willis Fields and sons Andy, Randy and Doug, all of Kings Creek, and Donald Miller and Ray Roark of Gordon. Janell Fields spent the weekend visiting with Mrs. katlii-lin- e Millet and daughter Kay while the men were fishing. Also Mrs. Lorine Fields spent the weekend with her daughter- in- - law Mrs Karen Fields and baby of Gordon. Mr. A.J. Fields is some improved but u still confined to the Jenkins Hospital. Mrs. Lula Roark is a patient at the Harlan Hospital where she underwent surgery last week to have a cataract removed from one of her eyes. She is doing Just fine and will be home soon. Mrs. Stella Ison is home from the hospital bur is still not well and has to use oxygen. Also Mr. John Collins and Mr. Ira Hogg remain about the same. A speedy recovery is my wish for all my neighbors. Mrs. Laura Amburgey had as her guest over the weekend her sister Euella and husband Charlie Erick. She reports that Ted Crase is so much better now and that she is looking forward to have him for a visit soon. Congratulation" to Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Sum ter, Jr., on the arrival ot their daughter on April 21. They chose the name Mona Kay for her. Congratulations to Bill Meade who won the trophy dash and the 25 lap feature stock race at Isom on Sunday. CARD OF THANKS We the family of Ben Reed wish to thank all our friends and neighbors for the kindness shown as during our tragic loss. Alio we wish to thank the staff of Whitesburg Hospital, and especially Dr. W. D. Doshi and Dr. Carl Pigman. We also thank the Ray Collins Funeral Home and Its employees, especially Ferdinand Moore and Charles Day who made many a trip to take him to the hospital. Also we wish to thank Ray Collins, Wilson Banks, and other officiating ministers. May God Bless You All. THE FAMILY OF BERT REED NOMINATE AND ELECT LAWRENCE SUMPTER JR A.'s Program. Federal and State aid to cities and counties for pollution, sewage, and litter control. 3. Equal and justifiable laws for both the land owner and mineral owner. 4. Liberalize the workmen's compensation law, by increasing weekly benefits and adding Black Lung and Silicosis to conform with the Federal Laws. 5. Work for our old age persons to be allowed $1000. 00 each for burial funds in cash or a bank account. will not support any laws that will increase our property taxes. I prefer our people to maintain the right to vote on increased property taxes. DEMOCRAT I If I'm Right, vote Right and send me to Frankfort as your next State Representative. FOR SHERIFF Most Sincerely, TILDEN CRASE (I'oluicJl Adv. paid for by Tilden Crase) LETCHER COUNTY (Paid for by Lawrence Sumpter. Jr.)

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