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Image 13 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 29, 1971

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE WHITESBURG, LETCHER COUNTY. FRESH PLUMP KENTUCKY . THURSDAY . PRICES F000TOWN I SUPER MARKET WHOLE . QUAtfhrr wHn reserved , APRIL t9. THRU TUES., EFFECTIVE FLORIDA CELERY Large Crisp Stalks .. 1971 MAY 13 4 EK BANANAS 191 r UK CHUCK RADISHES GREEN b89c ONIONS GROUND tray SMOKED PICNICS I WHOLE a lb. t T 43d LIVER A Oc km STRAWBERRY STEW.zVy BEEF 24 W Instant JFG Coffee 169 bers ) TOMATO JUICE PRESERVES A lb. Bag FOR hunts BROWN S IK, U59 Ma 3 Del-Mon- JL. E 2 Bag 46q 303 39 ti J I CORN Rj tifip" R Ha Cuts For ff $1.49 NABISCO COOKIES 0 Rf i LsPJks MORTON'S ISSpot piesV CHICKEN Moneiy s or DIMr POTATO JF 46 ox. Cans I cnp CREAM GOLDEN te 1 Match CHIPS 'BEEF M TURKEY ftBHp TWIN PAK Mix For PORK SCHICK Double Edge KRONA Razor Bides BREEZE 4's 79' Detergent giant size 0mssi RHr4225 l-VjRl beansiSeJ HAPPINESS is btvimg fflSR AND Stokely TOMATO CATSUP 479 ST- - FOR FOODTOWN

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