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Image 1 of Kentucky mountaineer, July 17, 1913

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

Kentucky Mountaineer For Ihe RlihU of the Mountain "eopleof VOLUME NUMBER 2. 1213,280 for a THURSDAY, JULY SALYERSVILLE, MAGOFFIN COUNTY, KENTUCKY, 27. Hat's Means as Much in Magoffin County, T:o Our Rut Their Wrongi. Kentucky-N- ot Mini ths 3t4e Wind, Colonel jthnsen's Week Letter. I WHOLE NUMBER 17, 1913. EpitOTTie ot 79. given m an adKetltUCky NeWS in Kentucky was dress before the National Educa Intoxicated unto loolhnrdinessj Emin Elam has never posed as tional Association, prepared by intelligent psrron now in- -, jamen K. Edwards, nged artist-lcastand insanity by Dryden-lik- e e T. J. Coates, supervisor of rural recognizes the truth of the germ a conglomerated im- - enty.f0ur years, of Russellville, State, and read . . Matin,, in schools for the .1 thcoiy oC disease. Where there not on the billboards, uut ine -- .! KtA ..rlilfn.l .1. i 1.1. .1 mot a nornuie uuiuu muisuiv effected in one week in aginaiion uuu by Prof. J. G. Crabbo. Prof. no germs there is no disease. change he arc Kentucky tr itn ntr that was distilled upon arunaway. He was thrown trom Coates attributed tins' aw'akenihg People may grow old and die of the appearance of The published at 'Sal- - our own beautiful vineclad and a wagon and literally torn up. in large part to the improvement old age, but if there be no germs Mountaineer, ne is dewy mountains at this dead and al term of the Lstchcr of the teaching force due to the: ill be no sickness. The yersvillc, demonstrates mat in the past- - solemn.cpoch of midnight, when Circuit court convened at Whites- - establishment of normal schoolp. recognition of this truth has en a typographical artist uiacu-nc3- S ne con the gruesome, nigger-hk- e burg Monday, Judge John h. Tlio Louisville & Nashville pas abled the medical protession to master's degree, snouiu piercing and knifing asun- Hiifior. of Pikeville. presiding. h that pap crin tho o. k. senger station at Bowling Green reduce the ratio of deaths great- - tinuc to improve ocean t anmfftimest wish I had bsen It nml he did the first der tli5 silvery waves of an It is expected that the congested was badly damaged by fire last snmfl diseases have prac coming weeks as moonshine, my profundity of yeans ago, be-i- n condition" of the docket will be week. For nearly two hours the Smallpox is week he had charge it will soon pf born Bcventy-fuitically disappeared. in the State, shallow intellectuality totes me, cleared absolutely. Rtntn aid and lots of fool of history, except among rnnk with nnv iiancr. . . . . i d Pegasus-likfireman battled with the flames. around and across pot started a disease tnatsianu-artax schemes ltad Snvrrnl months aiTO J. Matt The white Hiosn who refuse to be treated, and to help him attain nnM t'hrn nnd nhout and amid the What do vousav. Uncle Bill?" of excellence the people pf and kitchen and express of Webb, of Mnyking, in Letcher or among those who have no opaerial, celestial and ethereal The old gentleman addressed po:tunity for treatment, lypnoia Magoffin county should give him o'f visio.vary and moaning realms county, sued his wife, una odd, fice wcro so badly damaged as to -m the Hazel rmnA humoredlv. scratch was! useless which is far worse than small support. Editorial nf nnthtnerncss. and skimmitiR for divorce. The divorce Inst temporarily make them hia bald spot, and narrowed pox or any other disease known Gretn Herald. The latter part of ed for service. The fire originated over which with liendisn wings granted. his paic By eyM- - DeIore ne ost mucn Ol Its wnok the went to Whitesuurg from a defective Hew in the kitniin.-li- as g Oil Boom in Morgan uoumy. and angelic mots oi A "Well. I don't know. You danger since the profession nas Great chen. The loss was nliout $3,000. grandeur oi and were remarried. g TV,o v ontnekv netrolcum fields and .miitnToafpra alwavs talk about Icarncl to prevent it by mcuicai aphfimintr I doubly hope stock barn owned by anmp larcre strikes dur Moritz Mayer, for the past The large things as If they was brand new. " and bv sanitation. years buyer and de week, the best of which to turn your "wig pale as ashen Granvillf Cecil, of Danville, was. twenty-nin- o ing last "Well, Unc'e Bill, I never fni-- .T Bacon The ,t . In many plac s we still find i completion in the "hoMPrlnth nnd thwart your phys .j.-- i ..,! 1.,. hi nunfiln who live in utter disregard is a heard of State aid for roads largest and 1& gn, 0f Louisville, will leave - now district in Morgan county. iognomy wry as the mischief, with barn was one of the Kentucky before, did you?" visit for the simplest rules of sanita- The str'.ke is the best of the sum my solfiishand utterly uombasuc finest in Central Kentucky. Five Saturday for a one uncommon to find "Til.' n thousand of,andreck liuu. l :i nnt mer. It is located some distance trinniriilnr and circumstantial hundred barrels of corn, other to lli3 parcnts and early home in I 11 . I r i nnmn r n...nnnt rvf ntO. things you ain't heard wells which are so located that in advance of the proven area pyramids of my command oi tne Tliolnqqt.i lutitntv.nno on. I know one thing tor sure, they are drains for the nitn oi nnd was drilled by Kr ntucky op hhinrilons muse that only favors rhinprv wore consumed and that is that this pike that UUIOGO, ntiln nnd other lots, and erators, being cne of a group of the single genius who stands and is estimated at $10,000. years old, and has not seen his condi-n.icrruns through the county from even of hog pens. Such or uroui mous anu s.ifnhlnwers Saturday morning father, mother, sisters they good wells drilled since the hrst gallop3 and toils and not to exiit. but Maysville to Lexington was built nf tlio vnar. Late reports tell of lutiio nnd foils and coils and roy attacked the safe in the office of ers for a period m tinny-"'"-- with State aid money all right. do exist, and the family of the a satisfactory settled yield from als for ;0ib constitution, n. uinnitnnl nil Comiianv at years. He has Kept in consiunt t ' man w d family, ignorant or "Is tha,f so?'-- ' this big producer, and it will un- qh.1 ttAeA and roeulations of soci- - Covington. With the aid of o corrcsiiondencc with his there are denths so. Why in 1831 rometimes "Sure it's. doubtedly inspire much new work ogoly in Magoffin county, which equipment however, and anticipates wiui glycerin and other the gtatf voted mohy f6r build- ua .o1a nf such folly. iwm" " - to any place where in the territory outlying. In ad ..,, nhvistrnpd as a memorial they lifted the sale door irom us great delight his coming visit. v well near ing hard roads. The state emA dition to the gusher Morgan coun monument to Boss Magolim, wno secured $225 in cash While testing the well in the ' . ployed an engineer and a who'e filth is produced is dangerous. a.. iM .ntH tAiit ni . .i,m. Ant.fAnrt i wnrfliimiit'ii it'Rv" in checks. On Miircn cc nnd 823 courthouse yard at Sebree last lot o'f other men, and they built Wattr sinks into the earth and omaiw rdlihpr. rancinar from u tho ilcnizens of said county, -. " (,UIMI1. " " ' the same othec was entered ny Saturday for .the purpose of see, v "J some fine roads Course, I ain't is drained into such wells and re twenty-ny- e r r.e.. 1..."wla .. . n:..:.,t i v...j nno yeggmcn and the safe blown uuaou io uny uantio iii wincn, ubuui, Knnno nf r,ilv ing if It WOUKl supply mini.:"- this; sults are all bad. The water may r.A onnnirh to remember all .m These wells are all in the umnei nCvspapor, KENTUCKY wouwr.ri.. r.f " " ionr !ind aDarkling and yet ue rIf.. n;t.(.nrnnnd tho SPCIK! of L. . ,vt!M.--i Knt thnt. nJds flsll! 13 William l. inompsoii, but I've heard men talk that ' (AHlUhll, vwv You see, full' of disease germs. A drop VUJ IH,l(,HUVIIvvHf killed himself plant, fish to the length of three helped build that road. near Mt. Sterling, .uu-j'm The tuioo mo suincieni, years State aid is eighty-tw- o .tntu n mil ions 01 tvpnuiu the hrst striKe from i, to quite getting to ior the most won- auturuny. cseveral days. He inches were pumped out. is wwa ranges be aint fish wcio alive, but the species reckon it's a germs and yet be as clear as The depth strangely for old anyway; and I HKe 1.700 feet. derful and most up to snull puu pistol after dinner aim unknown, as they arc not sight older than that" crystal. Such waier is noun i ZT. .lUlinn Ih S Side Of .l'OOr 1JICK s secured a saying he would kill any fish found in bpan streams. pvon for irrigation may Roads Enhance value oi rropmy. afield, money nnH nnd went "Uncle BilC how much . uaci been the belicftnerc for a wno for .., Improving country roads has AA Kentucky, the State of Ken- - be means of spreading contagiosa nitninir.rrontran- - a rabbit T.ntBrhis daughter, un It has that the courthouse was long time he was found ;n nnisoninff the earth. enhanced the value of property i form gn FrankIil)( for whom tnMtv nav on that road waneighbor, having directly over a subterranean MavBville to Lexington?" A man we know had a well bordering on such roads so thnt v mquntaikker's editor's fa- - conscious by a nnd live fish coming liimsr-i- f in the mouth, uie ter course, water is equal- ..,. nld aciiuainlance's "It was $213,200 in six years, near his horse lot. The One of the cost of improvement says the out of the well and the fact that head. . an(1 thnt bullet coming out of his ized, if not exceeded, they built sixty was clear and sparkling. and in that time innrn miinn nroncllcd bv a gas . c n ti " ;iiiHniii us children had tvnhoid and a Department ui a in -, canine'a picture is scuiptur Deputy Sheriff .1. D. Bush, of oline engine failed to lower the llta four miles of road." issnpd la9t week. Ine f .. . , ... I wan called. Tlie water Uniiatin i. Sniir. Clark county, last week summonnid that 1213.100 foot the mi in CTnil VI UU'J U tlUll Wi- - J wm"w tho tllCory, was examined and found to be department has gathered a mass whole bill for that road?' t flf Editor Einin ed a special venire of eighty men " tjcinroiiii-- Graham, of Warren . . ,iii,.li in. "- . germs ana unni of data through tne omce oi typhoid ffl,u,n t rom those in ftiauisou touiiti , " "Nope, "that' was just about full of Ae- Tim reiuseu ui public roads, which is making a , , htg hich l secure a jury to try the cases of County Strawberry Growers half of the cost. Roads l Ui ust. one . water, anu special study of ho economic anu sociation, has made public ine use of the nJ Kaz. D. P. Deaton, UocK bmitn vhUe 's came high then because all the discontinue nnnsnnrical stuff could report of the "onVi effect of road improvement. i IoofontheUle new state wo Andrew Johrson, charged with authenticated The gross sale of motal on the road was hand U!U owv. crop. Callahan, oi He knew his well According to the information, fool him. ,t un(lulatcd conspiracy to kill Ed htAVA Oil A Mm blasting out of nnt Utunv! berries thru the association was good as could be nau anj- values not only have increas- am, 1)ackwarU and Breathitt county, anu m. crop that metal had to be done with was as and he would not iosu land farm valu:s as well show charged with perjury, $110,140.7.1, and the total journalism Smith, ed but tools and black where, It required. r.r).CG7 crates. i marked advances as a result ot any such nonsenbi-rnprton,.n00d of news from growing out of the former trims. was powder. You can figure that good well for 155 cars io carry the production ki ;Q f f doctors. " The child road improvement. The trials began fiionuay. (WW off on desert air. you'll find that road cost out and to the northern markets. The and soon two is flat did not get well, AB BUre as the universe Pollowinz tho leadership of crop as a whole sold at the averalmost $6,700 a mile to build ..u.-a Turkish PUQi 6Uff uwo sick with typnoia. -whig, we could build a UUll-- l J i Harry Heame, district organiz- - age of $2.08 per crate, while the unu is oui'i"' "fiee nccaute oi a panes" everlastingly of now aiiiu Then two of the adults became the ; $2.25. The road like that now for about $4, afflicted, and when there nau rorbiddingpoitaeo mMm; havo imii.- Lnd Apoli0i i ., be full 0f auger cr, the street car men no picutampi TurklBh shot ated with the recently organized , great part ()f 0 yicl(1 of Warrcn .a we?" 000. couldn't this owner be- - ure. but bear it..d ta crpendicular been three deaths Saturday morning refurf "Sure we could. I tell you came convinced Lthat his well was of. Jof parallel phraseology union the city cars out oi tu, to take folks is always growling ulc; fellers , iennn,l nnd filled ud the well slgnaturo U iaW to hare tad TUB MOUNTAINEER tying up the entire system lU Gandy8 'f and I reckon they always win, away from gin wuh tho suiun Mu?a autumnal in Lexington. After a slight de- - ,M7 and had one bored, especially about taxes. ... .., i rwfi pratoa ot AA grilue oi iiiu a treaty. wii ann rlfllDK am i. .1 . nmnletlniti contamination. republic or iiauia m v nr swcetneai t ...aaI in !nfi HI11CV my interunmii. w tffff- UinrTI'll- i.w" i,erries. and 1 ,C8( crates oi "i "Rut. Uncle Bill, sou forget Here was a case ot misionuue season was a lie3 countv engineers and a AWtMv the result of ignorance . iv -. office , ' I V",n tlrn.or.tion. most pn.I.WUlO one, ut w. att oncrineer and a lot ofthings on fnilv. The well too close to the parchment. and f lma&u..u.-..-b.-cau experts and ,short f Uny 25 per cent by uroutn. is holders and , a lot or other place where filth . ae ti.0 Hoard Ol , curtail your buu, mv avmohany. to pay without state aid. no-- 1 u a wavs dangerous. ' with .mail meant. by reVoking my chaot c and Better Than Spanking. content vvinrhester the exper-- i again. What'd In one case under our observation to liveelegance rather than luxurr. . . c" "There you go .T lo aeek c....,l,in will not cure cllil ,lvintnn Rnnt ou3 t:tle if you absolutely and Aucr n ho e within a lew I tell you about folks grumbling. Why, in 1837 'the chief engineer feet of his well and permitted his it is not a habit but a dangerous "' V wealthy, not rich; o "uay naru fuse l0 the slaughter houses in UiarK disease. The u. u. uowun ui got a salary of $5,000 and he had hogs to wallow in it, anu nere, QuicKiy. mi vocacy anu ukiw""" r ir rondemned those Co., Dept 2401 Chicago. III., han two ssslaUnt engineers at $3,000 bw, i....- - wnn mucn siCKnesa. , state of enlightenment j city limits, and the have discovered a strictly harm each. Besides there were nine It la mnortant to have pure uir, cheerfully, do all bray.iy. await oe-- tirely surrounded by an aby-- s oi u notified less remedy for tnis tusireasniK experts who got about and also important to have pure caslona. hurry never In a word, to : other nftrflnce . I have Iwlted tne ' seventy- .., ia LllcIIl LHUb IMvJ v f u(. mcnt merits they willmake aknown its ... .v-- .niritnai unhidden and uncon- i to kao. So vou see. send 50c pack , water and pure tood. w nen iouu up ihrough the commo- nand' wincheftlcr until the BUIjiij., six years ago this state paid in is cooked many of the dangers .clou,t.grow to my .ympnony- .-pronounces iniId Absolulciy Free to any men to ..i.oa far construct develop, $24,- are avoided, but water isall not thi. to for Misrcpresenta-.BPCcto- r In j , lor' of The Mountaineer, llus re- -. nnitarv condition. of road?, cooked for drinking, and " !. enhiect 10 liiu uusirc years ago medy also cures lrequent control you'll agree with the germs m thirty-seve- n g GOO. Middling 6uo. Director. I reckon oome other blame Over inability to - to urinate and regarding ui iwj ' , law.ult those men built some it are carried into the body to ownership his namB) is my'RsnirC E. Brayfield. of NiChOl- urine during the night or day in IMV that of a pi.y a .tage director fool (I rood roids all right?" i no produce disease and deatn. it is ...a.-- .j in Anf o nil wn have i ust neiu asville county, caught a terrapin old or young, ihirtv.two Yeiri and Drug Co. 13 an uiu ivuuayiv. .an.ihln to take noison in any theatrical oiperlence ha had never they did; and the roads Caucus, when and cut on its shell his name "Yes :nter.commcrcC ,inn Mnv 2. 1870. The ter House write to tnemCure the a H tn exnaOate roUgut other form as to drink disease- heard of a play being Producd. wu are still fine." originally wmien. im "U md- u"6"determining U) run ai-, hna iimt been found again, the free medicine. your family. they make your land hparine water. Farm and Kancn of a atage director." be aald. ."Didn't member of an( coin, money.' manuacrlpt.. I baye even - upon our dignity, cheek this time by Herman Snapp, and then ten yum iiei"- and mine worth more Connty. ding wlta to togetner To tta Voters of Majoffin .Ug. director, and dato dis f ricnd3 about this remedy. Ad , heard of it hn tho name "Yes." on Bhake.pearo ny lawr anu sail. This is to certify that I hold a Improve woru." tinctly upon its shell. Mr. Jiray-i- ,i .Mnw listen to me. Don't get At Tim.. to retort to a poker! which dots lag hu a State Certificate utnt..a that the terrapin was you believe Ted-"- Do in the habit of grumbling about not expire until P"- My thots arc getting into buch ai" the 100 yards of That Boy Aain. .hould hold the rein.!" a tax just because K w a tax. entitled to hold the office of f an(j wi,(ri that I am becom- found within you have the girl out. preieat) (company it'll make land mere valuable, County Superintendent under it. The Boy the dea.ert hurt me to-- ing beastly SICK nnd looney. and place where he caught it tnirty all arlht when Judge. tn elelgh." - ...- r don't say a word. If you must ll,,in ho rotrarded by -the public n"ht or ll there enough logo roundr hoping this will find you all the seven years ago. -.imhiA crumble whan you're r o.t urook a review of ten yearn' -L- ondon Opinion. ame. I am as nevermore, old Take your county pHper an') e -- . ain't being spent as absolutely taise. The identical, work in educational development be happy. Education, .Yours for Ruie Johnson. right; but don't grunjbje because Take your homo paper! S. S. BUM. Adv. "Seems to me the country's exclaim-cd.ori- e gone mad about taxes," of the man at the store. "That's right, I saw an article irt The Mountaineer about a new build-intax for State aid for road It read mighty fine; but I smelled higher taxo3 behind it Kvprv wise quick-chang- ?. c ... e, lg .it uuaci-uui-i-in- soul-tearin- 400-barr- s' j f 1 u. . ht by-la- hard-heade- sui-fcr- s; ni-tr- I i " I nji - M w - a. .k;.;n ' ".. i" - sea-son- ... -- , 1 S!'fc JmMB I L --- , "" v- .,. "'r. I I K SM.StaSru aTKK V ""eelin m ,',., disease-producin- I , ov read-Cuu- I ,',. u y - - IWj . u tx self-sam-

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