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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, August 30, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

V 4, f tN"MB. J.) THE 'T ' UC S T A K U p R VOL. II. E A "My GUST '30. Yj Printed by 1788. "7 0VVXVVvvvvlvvvvvvvlvvmvvi.v.l. LEXINGTON: JOHN BRADFORD at JiisOyncz in Main Street, ghere Subscriptions, received, and, EXTRACTS from the Journals of a CONVEN-TIOheld at Danville the Twenty-eightday of July, 1788. , m '' '; ' RESOLVED, . r y.THF.REAS it appears to the members of this Convention, that the United States in Con, grcft Ju thpiefercjitie to entered 'into between the Le- ratifv inia and thc pepl of thi D.ft it e or v g ;" 'the e eion of the D ft'ift into ;m in e- re r.rsi: n coweq enceoi wncn tre powers pen e vee n 'hi convention a e dillblved, and what-(' odc- or ref'dution they paK cannot be havng any e.'.al foite obligation: b: e mx!oi for the safety and piofperity of i telve-i md Conftitucnts, do eai nelrly lecom-men- J eraT o the good eaple inhabiting the co'intic! wittv'n the Di'lnft eachtoeleft five tative on 'he "iines (ifhodng thei Courts in the month of Ot'o-e- r next, 10 meet at Danville on 'he 'i 1 mon 'a "i November following, to of lanuaiy Co- -' n e n Office unt' the first day .'nd that ihey delegare t their faiu Repre-fe" it"'cs, full owe, to al.e ,'uch meafjies for obram itg idmiffion of ;1 e D'ftricl as a feparatc anA 'ndependent membei of the United Stales of nd the navigation of the Rivei Mil" Atne'ici, , uni'y In eir raoft :o '.hose fiffi and also to form a Conftitu-tim,'oi i' t uirpo n c' Government tnr the Diftr ft, and oigan.2C the f me nhen they thill" ludse it necellaty, or hi accomp ti Ion- S:ate of t'ie fliDiltrictever onin aconfideiation their- opinion may of the i pnn o'e 115 mte'efts RE 'O' Vi'D ihat thc elections directed by the pr.ue 'd n ic o'ution be held at she Court bnb "f'"oreirh County, anding continued from day to day Se days indu lOLy Jn.itte ;Tie iFs within the i effecbe icquetted to hold tive - p 'C- - "f ihis D il hn leietim theieot u the tVe f'i e t oi I the lupiemc Co nt immediatcy aiter .'Cieik t e fa e 're riiiifre . n.l a so de'ivei to e.ich f ins 'e a (.'eitiriicate Rep'elen at.e u e.e be no she. iff lei-on, and iij lh'c tne e fho-ilc ties 01 he should ,ei'..l'c in euhei of the to act, ' any two u n Vagiftiates then pic-fetnay fupennte d a:, J, n.niuct the lan electid ma,e suuuu- - an Certificates in t ons jhe I'inie m.nne t ie ihe ff s a e iei,.iellcd todo. Rr,O .Vh.D tnat,e e y nee male inhabitant ,ouiity with n t c laid Dist ict has a pf rifth' 'o vo e at the i".nd e ect.ons within ihfiir yefpcctive conm es.hat a ma ority of the members RF.SOi.VK. Printing Nelson county. .creek, Long-lic- k Atigitjl 9, 178S. The fubferiber has for sale, his " SALT-1- 5 . -- Affembjee V .vWthwohflnaredlMhjf-fecohrate 5" ircrey weu "moe-relana ; iweiveacres cleared, jabbin and a g' . Si BENJAMIN x FR-YE- ., ron-fi.lei- i 1 o ' e-- : - i is hercb , liiat on the gi tirft irionday in cpuri bei n xt, v il De drawn the balance tlu lotts, of tht and that aecds iovn o! B .TU.Otice . , 1 .uns'-iorougn- , will be muue at t. at t me for the lame ; alio for tlic "ilts alrt ad ..ravvn. Ail t ofe owning lotts in tow.i arc hrrtby r qm-lied t a tciio, as lhr: mat ex ba.lduig thejeon ie inn.- 'or h.r d ' iJ.v order of ihe Board, WILLIAM OREAR C. It will be necsary fw thoje who intend to take out deeds to cmue , rovi' ed, as there will be a Ijiiall evpence on eacli aeedfor purveying &c. May ip 1788. i alioct ' , . 1 ia-- 1 DOLLARS WO E Q VV A R D. to business. thai it the fan Convention RESOLVED fliould not make a house on the said fnft mon-daany ih ee or moie members in Novembci, then affemb'ed may adjouin from day 10 day for five day- - next enfmng, and is a Convention should not then be formed at .lie end of the fifth day, that they may then adjourn o any day they think pioper not exceed ng one month. RESOLV D, that the lhenfTsof each county, ,or the said magillT&es, a the caie may be, lead, jOr cause to be lead the atoiciaid rciolutionb 011 each day inmiediately pieceeding the open'ng the said elecnons ORDERED that the President do rcqucft the Printer of the Uentucke Caze te'to publiiTi the proceeding'- - anl lefblvesot Congieia by him laid before this Convention, alio Inch of the proceedings of this Cum ention as ihte President shall thins propei, ;ind in particular thai the Pi inter continue tcjpubjifhjveeisiy until the first of October next the lecommcndation foi electing anothei Convention and the fevei al leiblutions relative theieto. A true copy. '1HOAAS TODD C..C. y Trayed from end luiber living near a bbek ho:l"e, nbout five LtxiagH) i, yeais old last fpnng auout four'.ec-- hands .ugh, l"hc:As the oh od, trots and canieis, and has a fniali sore about tne middle up said of nis bacfi : vVnocver t h rie and coiarives, mm toithe owner fliall ieeive tlie auove rewatd. DAVID NOBLE. . U-- x is (.xp dted that a large company' will m 01, the f.t the Crab-orcliaI2tb of Sm tmber, in readiness ro moe rd ea;i. thf ikxi morning for the old fet-tlcm- tnt., 1788. - '' not take up the jubje-have the to be your most el en ent and mofi humble ervait I CHARLES THOMSON. Samuel M'Doue.l ( i). late Ptejtdei.t of the Convention of Kentucke. Feb. 25, t 788 A N address from the Representative of the people of Kentpc' e ih Convenn'oi trt' ing read, and a motion made theicon by d-le'ie? of V;gtn'.a, Ordered, that the rcitP'Rvdrefs and mot en be lefeiiet iaa comnritiet; ihe whole to; "'. 6n Tucfday next March 4, i7f8. According o he oidc: f the day Corgiefs was resolved into aComm :e of the who'c, Mr. Otis,wav clefted to the chair Aster feme time the Piefidert icMncd tho chaii, and Mr. Otis repotted, that the t'omm of thc whole had taker, into corfi'eia' cr the fubjeft refcredio them, but not having cor e to a! e leave to sit again, v f d was giante.l. e 'f i -- Cnn-mitt- 1. - ther indulgence. Aug. 19th 178a- - EDWARD PA3NE. THOMAS LEWIS. the fubjeft referred to them, but not having tin e to go through with the same, desire leave to lie again. 'T'HE Commillioners 'appointed for g the claims for Milit.a lervice done, and forrage, proyifions and other articles furnifhcd cr, imprefled, in the years 1786 and 1787, will meet for that piiipoie in Lexington, on the tecdnd in September next, to itcenc of Payette and Boiiibonctin t, t ti s, at Linco'n Court house the 'v,on-d.following, to receive thole of that and Madison Conn ies, and at Harrods btngh the Tl urtday following, to re-- o ive thole of Mrcerand Nellon Counad-ju- ili '. DAVID TT t inthere are a number of goods luoicriber1-- , debted to the M y o, i?88 f Id when they kept tnqr itoie in LexAccording to .in older of the av. :iz o v ington, they rxqiuit all luch to meet resolved into a Crmmiitee of the wl ie en , of iheDifJu&V tiicm at Vir. Thomas "Votings tavern titionin be' aif of he 'nhabit.-mon Tuefd..y tiie 9th of jKcn'iKke, and a m tion made theteon, in Lexingion Mi Otis in the Jia'r, S. p emoer, 1, bang court d.y, in order Aster some time the piefi'ent rcfumed te o pa up their accompts; AH those who chair, and the chahman repo.ted th." the e c oK, need not extcl: anv far- "il of the whole have taken into consider,,' mi S 1 ties. 1 -- - n' foe'ecelbea Q'JOHUM top:oceed ' .ujjiceoj SecretaryWfGthggejs July 17E Sir. X N obedience to the orders of the U it)d Elites in 1 Congress affembled I .'oi'S the honor to tramit "to you herew'th enclosed. the proceed' rgs of Co crfs relative to the Independency of the Dilir'fi of K'-fucke. From theje you will je'cehf thnt tni.vgh Coagrefsthink v expedient that the D tr'Sl bemadp a separate State and a inember of the U jet the present (late of the Gover imnt of th onfederacy renders it highly improper for them u roceed fur. ther than to express their opinion that the D'ftriQ ought to be an independent member of tht U.Jon, as soon as tire will permit meajilres to beta-ke- for that purpoje. and to recommend as they have do e to the I.'ijliturt of the Comirw Ith of Virginia, and to the ; bib' tints oe the Diftr i, ,o 4 rejotut'ois re. at ve to tlrs to. aer their aSt' matter, as to render th'-- conform bic t rh' jroY'ioiis inthsnewConflitut on tothee-i- that no im e me is way he in the way of the's eedy accoy.-fhme'.of this important bufi I have 0 ly to a'd that from the- s,th of M.rch to the 30?' of May, Co for want of a itfficftat number of State's, could United States in Congress Affembled. I '') Advertisements; &c. for this .paper, are - tjiannjulfy in its different branchesdone with.Care and Expedition. h " ETTf A f KNOX. C. Com. $55S-- -- A GRIST AND SAW MILL, Thiee miles from Danville on Harrods run to be let on fhaie toaperfon that understands that business, for terms apply to the fubferiher on 'the place. CALDWELL. JOHN 3fp3 . . " r Rfoived, (hat Congress on monday next, be into aCr mmittee of the whbie to proceed on the sold business. June 2 1788. According to order thc house was Resolved into a Committee of the whole, and aster (some time the P.efident lefumcd the chair. and' Mr. Otis reported th-i- the ConTmitteeof the whole had taken 'no cf.nfidei amn the luh'eft referied to them, and agiced thereon 'o report, "That in then opinion it is expedient thst the D ft el f Kent the creeled imo an Ii t S.'te, an the ef c the. submit the 'oU lowing Rel" ,.non. That ihe add efs and rco-lutiofrom 'he Diftrift of Kentucke with tho afts of the Lepifiature ofViigmia thc-ei- n fpeci-fiebeiefenedto a Committeo cniilfr ng pf a nienihor i.iom euh State. 10 picpaic and icpojt an Act for Ace to the Indepen.'ence of thc said Diftrift of Kentuke, and for receiving the same into the union as a member thereof, in a mode conformable to the a tides of confedci atlon..' June 3,, 1 788. Congress took into cenfideration kthe rcpo-- t made yeftcrlay from thc Committee of the whole-Tnd on the question 1 ns d, j

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