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Image 1 of Breathitt County news, January 1, 1909

Part of Breathitt County news

ii vjO U NTY BRPATWSTT Medium I I Bost Advertising ANDADJOININO COUNTIES BREATHITT A IN i t I J Ii I OF ANY PAPER IN THIS SECTION A XEWBiAijJit DBVOTKH TO THE JjfTKuEaTs OF EAsreLu F 1CENTUuX ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR i Jackson Kentucky Friday January Volume V1TT 1 i VW I t wl JII 1909 1 tx Number VIEWS OF THE PEOPLE 1 ADVANCE t 9 The strong gusts of ilia world wil The Smith Mystery Trouble THINGS fORTHf HOUSfI carry you in 11 fractions if you The theory that the body of Mr Roosevelt k goinjrtQ be an Expressed in Communi have not a lixetrpuriwsc I hue VillisE Smith tho lonlr lI1issinJ editor after March 9sows itcni never heard a more pitiblo 01 student of the Kentucky State Old Fashioned Dinner Bell Re ¬ The News No doubt youve hind your troub ¬ touching confession of utter weak University it Lexington was vivodA Dish Raok ness or misery from h young man hidden in the big sewer ditch on Jackson Ky Dec 30 08 NEWS endowedwith common reason than Winslow street then under con EDITOR And a lot of office seekers with life is aimless struction when ho tens reported USEFUL WHEN SERVING CHOPS Your humble servant had tho these unreasonable demands Tim e pleasure of spending thin holidays God pity the young man standing missing Ims been revived on tho thrcshoJdoT life endowed brothers of young Smith will ash A New Gridiron Promises to Revolu No doubt youyb had moments in Jackson which has been noted resentment and of gloom e in tho past for its lawlessness and with the knowledge of good and that tho next grand jury hike u fr When some one started in to t feudalism but nt this time the evil who can utter iucli words or the investigation left incomplete 4 Taken Apart if Desired an unofficial boom who has not set Irtfc ideals What c by the lust grand jury which gave sunshine of happiness emblazoned That nil softening Youve felt tho threat of panic and brown blue Also up tho search nIter reaching the of Mens Civcrpoworlna knell A big the hilltops of tho surrounding the lower class of creation c youve felt tho feverish haste Sj country and Jackson as it is lo take heed of n low nnd useless conclusion that the dead bodof and black Our Mens Brown That comes when currencys re going 18 the mUsinir student was probably Of mlMloti oak and brass Is the din cuffs f catch on this beautiful banks of the aim fur 9 Whatever n malls talents and lying in the bottom of the big net boll seen In the Illustration Fast 12 for advantages may be with n low sewer ditch through the University ioned like tlio old towu bolls use rt But ho is useless grounds but were unable to do lu till villages during colonlnl days and a scene of quietness and reposo and and sordidaim by Ungllih and French peasants to every home folt tho security of Without some definite object be- tcrmino tho theory felt the lack of call town meetings It In odd and at When tho office boy yells Copy I v pence and tho protection of the fore us sonic poirif which we arc funds to reopen the great trencli tractive its time to go to press Tho tone of f law and if the uood citionsof the earnestly striving to r nch tv C That portion of the ditch which and rich The tho brass bell is tee If slightest pull on the eJeO county will aid the OmeNS of tho can not expect to attain tiny grc and Ohtldrt J1I r Stook of Ladles leather thong euapeudml from It will CS h law I1M short time we will have height either mentally or mti make It ring long enough to call anI All Ollf Jackets Drown Blue and Block 4 To fl one of the loading towns and ally Everyone should have a marl- is about twenty yards east of the ordinary hungry mortal to dinner In a ralmlon furnished hull thU jWo hnvo a nice Hm of atii to date in view jjufQ parsuoit steadily To entrance of tho University Wo are counties ill Kentucky The would add a quaint and artistic touch uudil luck JJro surrounded by all that heart could reach fife great aim which one cut nt this place was eighteen feet Another new household Invention I t You can calm thin politician with dies wi ly fqr our hillcontain tho should set in life we hoes to cm drop and fourfelet wide The Use chop rack How often has the 1tnozof l lun9 lYu also have t rw i rI i ploy labor and perjevoranco La course of the ditch pisstill marked polish on n dining table been ruined Put tirtf ill vdJ nil +Itliau s Shobs by fiu utiHlRhtly marl Jc V bar and porsevcrckccp everlast by n line of red clay on tho surface contact at a hot tllhl made by th t Also n niculinfl orrOIJ8 Goods your task sct your eyes Some rervnnta are so cnrcloss they Its easier by far to face a lion in f in her ma niticcnt bosom purest Hov Is Your DItffHtlon never soom to lenrn tlmt hot dishes UndCrwe rforfndiC8and Mon oil and mineral waters flowing onwll rdnnd mar li with stead 5will mark n table unless a thick mat Than a stonyhearted foreman who trots her generous breast and tho stop und at last your efforts w i Is placed under thorn Now thin shops Dig Stock of Trunkc Suit Casesy Carpets is holding forms up there stars of heaven clustored in a be crowned with victory mends a remedy for stomach trou- show n dish rack made cspeclnlly lot Please come and oxnmna our gOOdS We aro soiling How many of thosehom the hl She says crown of glory around her proud Gratitude for t6 t3n chop dish but which can be used tilt Your memory of past trials will Yours thorn Bt low prices mid queenly head and thin sun world calls geniuses can exclaim wonderful effect of Electric Bitters kissed waters of our beautiful with Nowton ihajg they owe nil in n ease of acute indigestion < t streams kissing inturn her daunt their greatness to perseverance i prompts this testimonial They were the song of unremitting OUlyJoonvinced that for stomach f less feet Instead of applauding throngs that p I1U1 aud liver troubles Electric Bitters t T si it rw iY wr The natural resources of our toil and industry were once as1 is lie daily used to wait 3 best remedy on tho market county is ono of tho greatest in destitute of power as an infant Youllmeet with experts whore This prtat tonic nodal today ducemcntA to cnpiialists to invest Even the very nlphahet itself we sent tho way you punctuate their money mill I sincerely to unknown to thcmM But they so Move that the timo has come that their aim in life high and by dili especially helpful in all forms of every man can fcol secure in the gent labor and peiscvernnco won fomalq weakness 50e at Jackson Of men who lookupon our t r protection of the law if the citizens for themselves unpqrishablc re- Drug Store will aid in this cause Judge Taul nown that will lust for ages 11 e boo and J W lupins arc as gqod cnn not it is true all bo preciativo folks about Christmas day in the little min olllccrs as there arc today in this Shakespenros Grcelys or Bryans Who think that lifes ono object is wide domain but tiny arc power ¬ bat we can sot our aims hi hand lair town of Stearns Ky was a to get time paper out p day of fire and bloodshed marked less without tho cooperation of th So just wait I Youll sure regret I by a terrific battle between coal our talents to ncqoirc people your old job more or less r miners and Donj jlnjtcd Statcs Ltro dbor intiireirioirt nrtfl use j8ofl I know that tlifric When the oflico boy yells CopyPi Ono has to be tho Marshals in which John i Iullinscitizens in Uroalhilt county today fill lives and its time to go to press t us arc under tho sun of heaven architect of his own fortune Yo u deputy marshal of Richmond and 1IIWIION DIXHKU liSLI and if they will ns true patri will receive all sorts of novice Jut Richard Hosn minor were killed a business Do you realize and several miners wounded and any other purpose desired which otc American citizens use their you have jour own row to weedI house is judged largely by holds the hot dluli ono lucU from the power in stamping out the solo Bo careful of speech kind to your possibly some of them cremated table thus pre ludlug nay possible and of whisky and the carrying followman dicer the downheart in the ruins of the MoFarran Ilo harm to tile table from hunt sends fie rack In of nickel wiilch ntol The trouble teas the ont way Is n goal substitute for by the of pistols andall other viola ¬ od and raise tho fallen and sUrer growth of a strike in the mines It never becomes tarnished and If ru > tions of tho law wo as a free and you have departed this life the Lumber bed with u hot damp cloth and drlct independent people will soon riso ones who come after you will call of the Stearns Coal I sJiinea Company you blessed llespcctfully It is asserted that quickly Itfashionedlike now sliver The to tho standard that was intended so aJ to mate It rack following the original strike some easy Is place D L ALLMN to tho dish or to remove It jy Him who bath said lam of the men returned to work and The handle nt the top Is to use when is a class work the Way the Truth and the hot dish to the table The Lexington Herald with theso and imported mon the carrying tbo should always bo served Thou mans mind can en a firm Life and an As mines were operated The com- pipingchops this Is Indeed a solution of rI j oy every blessing that God in hot For 1909 knowledge of time requires an pany then appealed to the United the question of how to obtain the best His infinite wisdom intended him The Lexington Herald n n class mechanic a and results to have A rogvedgrldlron that Is among the flounces its annual bargain offer o order Send your Henry Clay saidon one occasion 500 per year to mail subscribers new Whigs of the season promises to e tlie striking minors from interfer revolutionize tho art of broiling steaks tf tint ho would rather be right than who pay for a year in advance n with rho men at work As no or chop President of the United States fore January 15 This applies The new gridiron Is provided with a Always fear to do wrong but to mail subscribers who are not i rott that tilt 11t fu such a way that the moved Iron on which the chop or never fear to do what is right arrears All subscribers who arc No more guos3 work sfuak rests Inclines toward the back of of seven men for one regardless of what the ir arrears may secure this reduced tho stove pUll terminates in a little election r for When tho marshals arrived to trough luto violators of the law may say or do rate by paying up to January 1st widen tho gravy finds its who weto way ns It courses down the grooves years gone by arrest the minors am against the violations that have 1900 and Paying 000 in advance In this nmnuvr not n drop of the juice No more hunting through libra brought our grand old county for the next year Now subscribers k uf the merit la lost rer y sirs to what it has been and disgraced may receive the paper by mail on The cleverest part of the device our forefathers that never stopped payment of 500 in advance tho mines they were gathered in tho way In which thc fjro Is allowed dents senators governors tho I tP or faltered until our standards These rates do not apply either to the hotel hind resisted arrest The nlationc of cities states countries J iChlfJntN marshals hired on the hotel and the ci were pltcodon the shores of every carrier delivery in Lexington > wash volloy from the min son and our banners floated in carrier delivery in any of triumph over the people of every towns of Central Kentucky bu R 1r land and I expect to use every only to subscribers who receive battle1 and tho burning of the wars sporting 1 means in my power that is honora ¬ their paper through the events Weights hotel by the marshal tho miners and measures s ble to aid tho oiliccrs pf the law in- Tho Herald for 1909 Universities and Colleges reliputting down crime ofnil kinds jotter newspaper titan ever be escaped sumo of whom here since gious orders in tho United States re and 1 appeal to the good people iu fore It will continue to cover tho tho navies armies and debts Brcntliiit county tofc put their now fields with the thoroughness been captured jjnd taken to Cov nations weather forecasts fatality shoulder to the wheel and aid in that has already made it Central lu ton for trial A company of A visit rata this grind cause Wo have n- ventuckvs favorite newspnocr soldiers from Lexington ore now tables commerce taxes monies M cr guarding the mines to pet nt the most while at tho same banking insurance nirl1In in the Hrcnthitt County nut the Sunday Herald will retain secret socie tlmo being deprived of Its drippings of League who is fearless and cour all of tho high class features that in short 10000 facts A great many people into gravy A series of slits in tho sides ties and ageous andwill not stand bock in have made it superior to any other nay und bladder trouble mainly of the grooved channels nt u height about 1000 subjects he prosecution of tho violators of Sunday paper published in n city duo to neglect of tho occasional which while permitting tho cooking q to proceed preclude the possibility of Tho World Almanac and the law if the people will aid him of Lexingtons size pains in tho back slight rheumatic tho gravy oicaplug Into tho fire make clopedia for 1009 is with oxcep 4 to wit G W Flcenor of the new gridiron na perfect n coolI addition to what Herald sub big utensil na tlie old one but with the lion time handiest and most corn If we as one united band will iiJ have received heretofore DoWjtts Kidneyand Bladder advantage of preserving tho Julco of prohensivo readyreference guide our duties in a short limo law they will get on Monday morning Tho grooved part removThoy are for weak linckIthe meat purposes of cleaning isBud the to facts ono wants to essness will cease to exist anda n agricultural weekly whichwill Pill know that able for backache rheumatic pains and all gridiron can be used apart from It pence and happiness will rein su also carry tho news of the day ItJhas over been printed A kidney surd bladder trouble Sooth It Is desired i promo throughout our land fsF The regular subscribers to the No merchant farmer business Yours for law and order Good Roads Movement Progressing dally editions of the Herald will AGENCIES IN ALLTHE PRINCIPAL TJWNS- l man housewife school boyor W E Sriioxo receive the Blue Grass Farmer Kidney and Bladder Pills Axepte PostoOlce department officials are enthusiastic over the movement In girlshould he without a copy of no substitute Regular edition some of tho larger states at IN EASTERN KENTUCKY tho greatest compendium of useTrill AIM OF LIFE for the Improvement of the hlglnvoysI The Blue Grass Farmer edition Sold by Jackson Drug Store ir Is claimed that the liberal ap ful information over set in typo and it Young man and young woman will be sent for 100 a year and Us Men propriations for the rural tree delivery F Want Live Have tho Sunday Herald for 150 u what is your aim in life Wanted Order a copy direct or through service have stimulated this more jfi In Unoccupied you set your aim high A good farmer with a team Do you year ment From Information being ro your nowidealer Now on sale 2 horses or mules to rent 25 or 30 cclvcd nt the department it Is hclleret everywhere take any thought of the future The Lexington Herald Co Inc 1rich25c west of officials that highway ly thewill hit stimulated hi nil ImproroIBuffalo for corn and 15 acres Zla sot your ideals above purl Lexington the more and Pittsburgh 80c at oats House stable and lot gar t God has giwennll mankind a tal as the settled states as Com f ent and you nows stands By mall 35 coats Address All Communications Tho following is tho shortest Ire expected tQim Address Press Publishing Co j provcit and bo not like tho slothssentence containing nil tho letters Beattyville Kentucky pony Pulitzer Building Now York 11 ful servant bury it in the dllstc die alphabet Pack my box Call on L Purrotton Cope ForkU enhancing greatly the value Oity Is of frozen G It is tho aim that makes tho man with Qvo dozen liquor jugs i t J W I I ww lh I A- ISAACS Completer ¬ wordsfly Gteakp Il Yri L9- Suitswith o uptodatc cit1550 suits e suits 1250 suits NA Big Stock of Boys and Chii 1V drens A 417 f CI tMCl rtS C HOeS = tI JbfeSS Good s I M trlllyJ S6AACS EUSTER t1rto F JJQI E63 PIIO BUT = Anybody 10 1Wben 1tnnd Inm tht ie ares i v 1run if t tomutyrotdlThero I t yt P ¬ the other Printed out Stationery Matter it ¬ Towns Sounds Homely and Unlmp portant Doesn t It that xastern hillnirI k ouuamiuure > fimlt4m41f rr Iunknown o221II ¬ 1 youhorn ¬ 1 jwnslc pand ¬ iudnt I 1lIlI1ch1r ¬ Soptemwljer bedst Mooge ld ofIt ¬ ¬ ¬ ilI tAr I eoulf t ¬ hl llm iAh yourhands I Suits i cations to I Our PaUand Winter Goods stock flcad I 8tar Store I Qhe OF EUSTER Can Print that But to turn out first advertisement to credit intricate to art then first next to execute it f WS t The Lal est Circulation 11 Wise lUaiNB Editor and Publiehor av Jr C NI E ¬ Cochranf ¬ bei Vhe tftreathitt aunt injunctionn II ezLs Simpsons 1 PIIONB 63 LV J i L1tr oO tu tlttI THE TI1 L11W1LLO 1 r J4 N NEGOTIATEDfP p r I lt 1 Ij tl ¬ promptly 1 f 1 3 i ¬ ¬ j ofI 1a ¬ orr rater111ill se J r ¬ f = IItho of farm i I I Pa J s t I 4- Ifn ii J Y i l 11 y c r It = j < S = c = 1 q r Encyt Delayin iIn i WIf ofl ¬ IidI ¬ y S ¬ to the at 1 lopI WNevor ¬ to Represent q < s 1fPt Ii 8 hotelr IImilsI I Energetic ern j Mullinst i I STOCKS AND BONDS S 1 ua ItI 110nilit 4nJCEMondn EStATEdo fJlf no presLs nbQutll r yr J J I d t

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