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Image 1 of The Adair County news., September 4, 1907

Part of The Adair County news.

1- 1 S r f A t b1f4Guntu t 4J > t IVOLUME MR G COLUMBIA 10 WHIT ADAIR COUNTY faithful to the church and has gone to DEATH FLOWERS KENTUCKY SEPTEMBER WEDNESDAY l ¬ evitable f HIS DEATH A SHOCK TO THE COUNTY The citizens of Columbia were pain fully shocked last Friday about the noon hour when a telephone message announced the death of Mr G Whit Flowers one of the best and most use ful citizens of Adair county The end came at his country home near Bliss about jfive miles from this place It had been known for a week that Mr Flowers was dangerously ill but his wife children and physicians had hopes of his recovery up to last Friday forenoon at which time alarming symptoms set up and in a few hours he calmly met his God Ifre deceased was about seventy years of age and he had a large acquaint- ¬ ance throughout Adair county In fact it has often occurred to us that every body knew Whit Flowers He was jo vial honest in the strictest sense of the word at all times for the right a God loving and God fearing man a neighbor who will be greatly missed for the good he had done for his loving devotion to the companion of his bosom and for the affectionate devotion to five dutiful Ernest Wood- ¬ sons W H John W ruff and Ray When the Civil War broke out the deceased espoused the cause of the Union and in the 13th Kentucky Infantry and was made Adjutant of the regiment with the rank of Lieutenant He served gallantly from the beginning until the ending of that bloody Many years ago he made a profession of his faith in Christ united with the Presbyterian church ana was a devoted member of the congregation at this place when his life ended In the passing of Mr Flowers Adair county has ¬ ¬ f I enlisted strifeI rt ¬ sustained a great lossII Mr Flowers member of stated to1 Gov Hindman some time before his demise that he did not want c 1YParade made over hIs body whenhis lifes work ended and that he want ¬ ed hima lifelong friend to officiate ¬ r I The Lindsay WilsonTraining School opened yesterday and from now until Christmas pupils will arrive Prof Neilson informed us that there will be more pupils from a distance than learningI that they may be classified and receive the full benefit of the terms We do heartily extend our thanks toand attentive to iis during the sickness and death of our darling baby Olie Russell who was called to a better land August 27th And also to Dr Miller for his close and skillful attention AQUILLA AND ANNIE DARNELL Sirs Sytha Alice Ballou wife of Dr T V Ballou of Rowena Ky departed this life August 7th 1907 She was the daughter of Mr and Mrs J M Lester of Kendall Ky She was born March 13 1878 Married September 1 > 1904 To this union two children were born Mary Frances and Sytha Ellen Mrs Ballou accepted Christ in a meeting at Beech Grove and was baptized by the writer in June 1897 and she lived a devoted Christian life to her death She 1r as faithful and obedient as a daughter iHcl kind Co her brothers and sisters of whom she leaves six brothers and She was a devoted wife itwo sisters And tenler and affectionate mother the Vas a benediction to the home and Community where she lived and was I l tional Bank PREACHING NEXT SUNDAY g 4 4 JF NEAT Clerk Eld LOSTnear White Qak church an ex ¬ presI todone the the district V light but they rapidly grow and by the have the use of her hand in a short first of the year there is generally a time full attendance Taken up as a stray by M 0 Ste ¬ The Juvenile Pea Ridge Fair which was pulled off last Saturday afternoon venson living northeast of Columbia was quite a success financially it being about 2 miles 1 white male hog No well attended The promoters are mark except 2 black spots on each side Given under highly elated and are thinking of securing the Fair Grounds for their next exhibitor j h i > 4i f4 f434t 1 4f E ftrYrz ¬ press package addressed to Wm G D Flanagan M D Jamestown Ky The of the manner in which Misses Jones person finding same will please notify and Myers entertained Refreshments me and receive a liberal reward were served Wi G D Flanagan M D Since writing the above we have been informed that Misses Kate and Alice Root Hudson who took an over dose Walker were with Misses Jones and of morphine last Wednesday afternoon Myers in giving the entertainment has not entirely recovered from the effects of the drug but will be all right Several weeks ago Mrs Belle Patter ¬ in a few days It required the skill of on nearly all the doctors about town to son Jamestown recieved a scratch one of her fingers blood poisoning set ¬ save his life ting up She was advised to have the The M and F High School under finger amputated and the operation the management of Prof J P Darnall performed at Somerset several opened last Monday On account of was ago The operation was nicely colleges opened days schools 4 y 4i Misses Fannie Jones and Myrtle Myers entertained a number of their young friends last Monday evening at the home of the former There would have been an unusually large assembly had it not been for the rain which Uncle Solomon Turpen requests us to state that he feels very grateful to all those who rendered him assistance during the illness of his aged companion whoee demise is published elsewhere in > 3 The above styled action is referred to H T Baker Master Commissioner and the creditors of Ben J C Pollard and Martha Pollard are directed to present to said Commissioner and prove their claims against said estates on or before Sept 16 1907 Tobias Huffaker an efficient teacher of this county and a very ex¬ cellent gentleman has accepted a posi ¬ tion in an institution of learning at Woodland Mills Tenn at a salary of seventyfive dollars per month The school will open next Monday L Adkins Alexander W H C Sandidge Ebiriezer W S Dudgeon Mt Gilead J F Roach Fry A R Kasey this city J A Johnston Mt Carmel G Y Wilson Gradyville T J Campbell White Hill F J Barger Glenville Z T Williams this city J C Cook this city J F Claycomb this city 4 if i 04 vslOrder this paper J ¬ < todays tory business ¬ DEATH OF MRS BALLOU > I j Jt is a fine showing for an institution William H Pollard c Plffs that is doing a safe and very satisfac ¬ Victoria Butlerc Def ts Last Wednesday during a thunder storm lightning struck two favorite trees in Gov Hindmans yard and it is thought that the large oak that stands HORSE STOLEN in the corner of the yard cannot sur ¬ vive the sfiock Both Gov Hindman Stolen from my place 3i miles N and Mrs Hindman were considerably shaken and the colored hired woman E Liberty on Hustonville pike a red roan horse 11 years old 1 white hind was knocked down foot goes all the gaits Has been a A souvenir postal card on Which is show horse and was on the Fair Circuit written a message requires a two cents for two years and wore a number of stamp provided it is enclosed in an en blue ties Pleasant dispositionkindvelope whether sealed or unsealed If for women and children to handle If the card does not contain writing it is tapped on the front legs will get down third class matter and goes for one on his knees 50 reward for return of cent Persons who are dropping these horse and capture and conviction of thief cards in the Columbia postoffice will or will give alibera eward for informa ¬ please govern themselves accordingly tion of the horse Jt WATT BROWNF Liberty Ky Smith and Mr George H Mr Jo Nell who have conducted the Columbia FOR SALE Hotel for the past fourteen months will return to their respective homes My home in the suberbs of Columbia The former will engage in farming the and sell stock They There are 14 acres of land a good well latter will buy return their sincere thanks to the pub- and good spring anumber of fruit trees lic generally for patronage while they There is a comfortable dwelling good smokehouse and barn and woodhouse were in the hotel business GEO A CHEATHAM 39lm The Liberty Fair closed last Friday It was well attended throughout and it I have a firstclass kit of shoe ¬ is said the Ass iation made some makers tools for sale I will also rent money TheColumbia Band furnished- my shop to the man who will buy my SOLOMON TURPEN the music and was highly compliment-¬ outfit w Columbia Ky r 432t ed OF THANKS all who were so kind J DEATH OF MRS NANCY E WATKINS sympathy to the brokenCome to Columbia next Monday and Mrs Nancy E Watkins peacefully hearted husband and pray that he may passed away on the morning of August nurture Mrs Sarah Jane Turpen Peacefully hear Gov Beckham bring the little ones up in the 14 1907 at the home of her soninlaw and admonition of the Lord whom Passed Over the Dark River Fires and overcoats will be in de ¬ Mr W H Caffee of near Cane Valley their mother loved and trusted and x of Death mand in a very short time The death angel took from us our Dear that he may prepare to meet her in the old grandmother Mrs Nancy E Wat Sweet by and by Gov Beckham will speak at Colum ¬ kins born June 15 1825 and V was mar ¬ bia next Monday at 130 Mr Coy Dudgeon the new manager ried to W F Watkins 1841 to this union were born ten children three of at the Crlumbia Hotel set his first FUNERAL SERVICES BY REV J C COOK Attention is called to the professional whom are yet living the others and meal last Monday at dinner It was a card of Drs Triplett Grant husband have preceded her to the grave firstclass meal well prepared and en ¬ Last Tuesday afternoon at 5 oclock joyed by many who sat at his tables She had been a member of the Bap ¬ subject of this notice after an ill ¬ The corn crop is about made and it i 5tist Mr Dudgeon is full of energy and the church for a number of years and said to be the best for many years having been about a great deal knows ness of several years closed her eyes diedstrong in the faith and love of him 85 years old and exactly what it takes to please the in death She was Mr and Mrs Aquilla Darnell who who come into the world to save that had lived an exemplary life from ac ¬ traveling public and if he does not keep live at Fairplay lost their two year old whichwas lost We know of no one down to good old age In before his guests well laden tables it countability who bore affliction and sickness more early girlhood she confessed her Savior son last week will be because the market can not afpatiently submissively than she and united with the Separate Baptist ford the provisions Read the speaking dates in another the end came to her most peacefully Church in Russell county and was a column Several adjoining counties May we all strive to meet grandmother devoted Christian until the end came A committee from the Methodist will be visitedwhere there will be no more good byes Church is now soliciting homes for the She was a sister of Rev Wm H Ab It was hard to give one up so dear as Watermelons are getting cheap but ministers who will be here at the annu ¬ sher who was a noted Baptist minister she but its Gods will be done not al meeting of the Louisville Conference of this county and who was highly re ¬ they are not extra good this season ours r too much rain which convenes September the 25th spected for his Christian characterRev John Rice read the 14 chapter In 1843 sixtyfour years ago she Every body who can should cheerfully The largest crowd that has been in of Revelations and made a short talk at entertain even If it requires a little was married to Mr Solomon Turpen Columbia at a county court this year her home her remains were then car ¬ sacrifice to do so In our judgment the and as a result of the union eight ried to Jerico in Russell conuty and was here last Monday Louisville Conference which met here children were born five of whom are there Rev T B Grider conducted the four years ago had much to do with the living More than twenty years ago A member of the News force extends funeral services and the interment im- ¬ building up of Columbia and the com ¬ she became a resident of Columbia her her thanks to Mrs Trabue Shearer for mediately afterward in the old Jerico ing meeting will add strides to her Christian life being aften spoken of by nice treat of grapes and tomatoes grave yard to await the coming of her neighborspresent pace Christ She leaves a host of friends To the husband who is now in his A blank book owned by a Mr Flynn and relatives to mourn her loss sym ¬ Mr John J Smith of Bloomfield 84th year we desire to extend our lumber man was found on the Camp Iowa writes us that he was born in pathy as he will lead a lonely life until bellsville pike and left at this office A precious one from us is gone A voice we loved is stilled Adair county in 1844 butwhen asmall he is called to his reward The children A place is vacant in our home boy he became a resident of Green coun ¬ are strong men and women and while Sam Breeding sold Hardwood Lumber That never can be filled ty In 1860 he removed from Green they were devoted to their mother Companys agents one thousand dollars can bear the separation more worth of feedcorn at 2 50 hay 80 Her loving granddaughter county Ky to Davis county Iowa they CODCIA CAFFEE where he has ever since resided calmly than the faithful husband who cents bailed copy of the News is rapidly descending the hill of Time Some one sent him a The Adair circuit court will begin the The funeral services were conducted which was the occasion of him writing NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS to us He states that he has a great by Rev J C Cook and the interment third Monday in this month Sheriff was in the city cemetery Patteson and his deputies are up with many relatives in this county their business I have made and filled appointments 4 Mr Guy Vaughan and Miss Nina ADMINISTRATORS SALE ni each magisterial district of Adair We are sorry to report that Mr W county as required by law for the Breeding who were married at Breed- ¬ H Sallee who several weeks ago had purpose of receiving taxes for the year ing last Friday left immediately for the grooms home Greenville Ill The As Administrator of J H Evans de ¬ the misfortune to get one of his thighs 1907 and from this time I am supposed ¬ ceased bride is a daughter of Mr R G Breed I will offer for sale at public broken is not mending gas rapidly as to have it paid to me at my office in Co ¬ ing one of Adairs best citizens The outcry at the late residence of said de ¬ his friends would like lumbia Ky and I do not intend to ceremony was performed in the Meth cedent near Edith Adair county Ky keep up this thing of visiting and beg¬ odist church an uncle of the bride on Saturday the 14th day of Septem ¬ Mr James Goff is now the owner of ging people to pay me These taxes Royal Peacock having bought Mr Rev Geo Breeding officiating The ber 1907 the following property are due the county and State and all John Chapmans interest Poyal Pea ¬ wedding march was played by Miss About 84 bushels of oats 60 bushels that I get out of it is a small commis ¬ Lina Rosenfield this city of wheat 83 barrels of corn 8 thousand cock is superbly bred and is a horse of sion for collecting out of which 1 have pounds of hay one shorthorn bull one fine size style and action to live and pay the expenses of the of ¬ Dr J H Grady and wife have re young mule colt four head of hogs one A black silk parasol with nat fice and I do not purpose to spend it LOST turned from Monticello and have again binder one mower two cultivators wood handle was misplaced at traveling over this county If you owe become residents of this place For check rower pea huller one spring ural in- ¬ it come and pay up and save the cost the present they will board at the home wagon and other farming implements Frank Sinclairs store Friday of the of a forcible collection This is intend¬ of Miss Sallie Field on Burksville and household and kitchen furniture stitute The finder will please bring it ed for every tax payer in Adair county to the News office and receive a reward street It is needless to say that they Sale begins at 10 oclock A M who has not already settled were given a cordial welcome by all B T EVANS Admr of The attention of our readers is called W B PATTESON S A C their old friends Dr Grady is a well J H EVANS to the statement of the First Na known physician and is ready to prac ¬ Adair Circuit Court Deceased 432t News published in tice his profession in his old home town and county ¬ C court opened 43 j ing family A CARD iI ¬ ¬ I > ¬ at his funeral The funeral services were held at Un ion Church Saturday afternoon a large circle of relatives and friends being present The religious services were conducted by Rev W H C Sandidge assisted by Rev J F Claycomb and When the minis ¬ Eld Z T Williams ters concluded Gov J R Hindman Mr C HYates Dr J H Grady and Capt W W Bradshaw made talks dwelling upon the noble life and high Christian character of the deceased At the conclusion all that was mortal of this good man was laid to rest in Un¬ ion cemetery his body resting under a Peace to his memory bed of the tenderest sympathy for the sorrow- 1> NUMBER last Monday rewardWe One of Adair Countys Best Citi zens Succumbs to the In ¬ 4 1907 Taylor county circuit OF AN OLD LADY hi < f f M tt1 t e 111 t Y 7 i- b n oI I Iof o I t j c

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