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Image 4 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, April 2, 1806

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

s fr n 1.1 i 01.. r .. t. Aufi 101 J " mw" mi'iy weceTi -- r in- - in.u will be sold or fi much thereof as iCbtllfcgthe, State of Ohio, January will fatiafv the amount due. list, lSoG from an art levying a state tax for ill dntriil colUflor A. Goforth, of - Grand Literature Neiv-7'o-- b fJn. A177-V- . ", A, -- 1 1 . Authorised b) an act of the Legislature, rmlj"the year 1806. p merit ot prizes guaranteed by ihem, p sin J) be- - ,ins drawing in Ma) nes.t. Seftion 2. Be it further enabled, -- 5,0'ju, That all lands (lifll be rated and Dollars highest 10,000, 5,000, Prizes. Tickets, Halics, Quarters and E'ghtlra, for ale a G. & R. WAITES' Truly Fojtunate Lottery offices, No. 64, is1 No. 38, Maiden Lane, New 2 or u. -- Where was sold highest frizz inthetuo last lotteries, tht anuvuicr capuaia, m tuaii e-- ounous amount amongst them wcrt the f Plotting : No. 171!? (JiJifVst prize) S?50C0 3929 (highest prize) g20U00 15S98 S300O 13904 25596 2S573 39-- 3 20,55 20J0 S2000 gSuJO 81010 v t, ) S1000 .of 500, lirpiizes &c. TAKE NOTICE, THAT the subscribers willl atter.d person allt, or bv jgept, at the county court for liar Ac county, on the fourth Monday in May nest, f th- - purpose of establishing a TOWN on ourlamk, situate in Hardin county, on the wa tt i of Little CLflv creek, a branch of Hough creek. RicbdBibb sc? James Taylor, by James Loyc, agyt 2am3in vuull .meeting, nine lublcri jo guineas each, bet. ting mr. Win worth's colt by Escape, lord Fitz WI at York bt-rs- , lum's bay colt by Walnut, mr. Wilson's colt by hlcape, mr. fierle's bay colt Dy Snadiile, hr (J. 1 urner's colt hy .Mlcape, Iji 1800 he won the land plate at York, free for all ages, beating the (amouj horse lonah. The same year he run over the "Yoikcourfe (4 miles) with Hambletoni- an. for the meat iublcnption, ana ai tluugh the greatest exertion was made by tbe rider ot riambletonian, yet ne beat Dion the neck, and actually refused to run, with him 'or the gold cup at Doncallcr, a sew Uys aster,. which lion won with the created ease. beating 1 rd Darlington's bay colt bv Sir ietei leazle, lord fitz William's bi jm filley Fanny, by do. sir Harry .e lemprlt's bay colt Dy walnut Dion at another time beat mr. Cookliu': Sir Hairy, and S11 '1 homas Gafcoigne's 'J moth, and fcveraTothcr horles ot high k u'e, and was coniidertd a horfr oi gi :i- - f,'Ct'd and bottom, for his racing was 4 nines. , (1 alraoit evtiy uuta-ice- ; DiCM, now riling 11 yeais old, tull fifucn hands two inches and alnlt nigh, a full bay. with ttienctb .ind beau ty. and ha iobblv the ncfl feet, legs, b"k and quarteis that wlic ever com bined in one hone ; btanas this lealon (w ich will commence the 10th ot March nnd t iid tin full of Augult) at Madilon Ct'i'tt house, and be let to mares at 12 dillais the single leap, paid in hand, 24 u.l'ois the lealon (lour dollars 01 winch will be j emitted is paid by the 20th of next 40 dollars to in fv.r;. a ".laie with foal, and one dollar to the cruom in every instance, inaid when tU aie icoered. Good bees fleers on soot weighing not less than 400 delivered tin' wi ek in Aucurt, good sat pork oi. loot, drlivered the 1 ft week 111 0lo- bei , ifpected crop tobacco, delivered at any ware house on the Kentucky river, and merchantable, hemp, delivered u cither it Mddil'on couit house or by the Joch ot December, will be re. eived in, at the cafli mar ket price when delivered a promiiloiy a'lefled note for 24 dollars the fealbn, and 40 ior infurauce mufl be sent with the m lies llio'uld tliofe mares infurca not piove with foal, and tire property not altered, the money will be leturneC. Good padurane fotlnd gratis for mares coming from more than 12 milesdillance, and those eentlemen who wish their inures fed, may have it done at thrtfc lings per week. lioth the horje aud mares.will be under the direction ot L. i'lulkner and Huiry Banto.i. Hap-Hazza- id - 1 1 B ANTON. PEDIGREE. and was got by Spadille, one of the bell f usot Highflyer; Ins dam Faith" by Pa-1. :, a graiidfou ot the Godol()hin Arabian ; his gr nd dam, the famous Ata-- 1 itj, b Old Matchem, out of Last ot t e Mill Orooi.ok, Old Tiavefler, fiflei Lass ct the Mill, Mi. Holme-t. H miu ; Old Mils i.i..LacU, by Pa.tner, WootUaoi, aa.n f La.n'jton, M fa Doe, Cioii'4 liiy Ijaib, grind ot the Ancaller Starling, Makilrfs, Hu.nm-- r, Dicky Pierfon, fou ot Dodlworti, out of the Burton Tins pcdigiee as tdk.i. Barb niaie. from tbe general find b ok of 'hugland. C s G-e- JOHN HUOMEb. Blank Boohs description may this c flics. - ot-- indilcnnn-natelyjinflitcte- d. 2-- , 1 ui -3 11 , - beerj-pai- d aj ' &$ d lmi-sp- a .. , - , falliiona-bleac- U-nit- ed br-n- i T GELDING, d I, elf ts Iho'-tei- l Ridp-ely- ti-.- e ihi,,, topr-iAic- - DION was bifd by W. Gar&rth efq. Of any 09 u, 1 in the sill of 1801, by the .late John efq. of the Bowling Green, and is trmarkable for his sine colts ; he was bred by W. Gai forth efq. of Yorkshire, and is undoubtedly a hoi se of as sine bkod a3 anv in Jbiigland.; lie was a good .racer, and Beat several of the bed hnrfrj in tnax Icingdom. He won a fweep-Itak- e Cl..-J:'- c - tieg-nc- DION, T. 1 ' WHICH was imported ftom London Vv'ji. . - T be bigb brtd English stallion, t - pr lcttcis postpaid, may hae tickcU and satrc strictest ieittlicm to anv amount, with-th- e pun? tuukiy, and pufect safety, to any part of the Untied btalcs, and the earliest amice will oc gien of their success. (JjPiicc of tickets 2m be. tn Dollars. 9th Feb. 1806 - 1- Chm-nevort- h. , 200, 1C0 do DL.t..nt advcnturci s, by forwarding bank notes of any description, to G & K. Waite, in s V O VIZ :',. H 'o- - r- indl-LtrFOU SALE. tothecata of G linfl M c'jiu, dee for 700 acres PvliUt.u L,tnd, lvmpr or, t!, u, eoldtiu.n i s . uA fordtbtj Kiutii cieek, N. W. I'. where the road'nt' uctrd prior o ih ilcjt.i the tsid decta7 troll'es from Limeltone to Chiilitothe j sa'' " '"tormtd, Uiut the. i.oiu jc unls of the subscriber, ot tJ.ispbce. this trail contain, about three himdied ?'? ,n t'lelj-nd- s H'cyarettieicioie to acrcsot rich bottom, the remainder is ale pa) ment, as the rcnifsttd of tlic tate 1U situstioi. ivt,i Li,.i,eieu; m 011 it a good mill not admitot longer tlelaj. seat, and is an excellent (land for a pubJohn L. Martin, Ex'r lic house. to the titate of G. Madison dec. 500 acres ditto ditto, lyinpr on Glover Lexington, Dec. 4th, 1805. Lick creek, a branch of the Eailforkof t.y Little Miami, N. VVT. in a good LAST NOTICE. 'iboi hood, about three miles froiii Duiihauii-TuwiVveil frojn Wiilianis-bu'g- , thof" indebted to the late firms and elcven"to twelve from the O- ScLauman, John A. Seiti, Sen-- . S: lobnfou, lolm A. Seitz U. Co. lnorivir.1000 cres ditto ditto, lying on iJruIIi, John Jordan jun. John Jordan junior a sew miles from New Market, jk Co. and John & William Joi.Un, are N. W.T. rcqucjteu to come torwaid irann iiattiy 5000 acres, lying on Bank Lick creek, and pay off their relpeclive accounts t Kentucky, part of two' traits, contain- - Cuktis bipt-D- , who is hereby duly ing GOOO acre?, surveyed and patentee" to receive the same. Thoi-- v. tor William J one. ho do not avail themselves ot this no 4000-acres- , Claike county, Kentucky, :icc, may rest aflured, that indulgence part of. a tri'it of cightfthcufand acres, A'ill not be given beyond the firll of lurveyed and patented for Richard March, when suits will be Cincinnati. i. do. Virginia army lands, Tlioraa Scott, Cl.iilicoths. VTilliain Skinner, Marietta. ; 3. do. claffed in ths manner following is to i'jy, lit It, i'econd, and 4. do. James Ilerron, Zanefville. that 5. do. Charles Maxwell, Steuben- third rates ; ami the rule to be ville. when a greater part is, of any tra6llhailbe lupetior in quali. 6. do. James Hilman, AVarren. THOMAS (5I3SON. ty to fecoiul rate lanJ,ic lliall be denominated firfl rate ; when a great- Auditor of accounts for the state ALL 6 of Ohio.' er part of a tfacl diall be infei ior in quality to firil rale, and ftiperior to third rate, it lliall be denominated FO.x SALE, .econd rale ; and when a greater place whereon I now live, on part of a tracl fliall he inferior to 450 acres, lyiiiff on D.iv.d's to(l l'ecoitd rate, it fliJl be denominated jt Cikhorn. wirb frnmi imnrovements : ihitd rate land, taking into view bout ua acres 0fopt.n land, the dwel. ihe iituation and quality of the loil.Ji;,,,, ilfKlf,. ;3 . two.fiories 22 - et wide and 4G feet long. tv;oGRISI firit race land Hi til b taxea at rate of nicety cents, iceond ratu VIILLS in good repair, and grind very fitty-fiv- e cents, and third rate for fait, one pair olflones aie French hvrrr ; hundred acres. rhe iprings and flock of water was never ty cents, each Seel. 3. Be it further enacted, known to sail. I will sell the whole toj 3332 3 acres, ?Iafon countyt Ken J. Jordan is. tucky, pari That in all cases where the owners gether, and give ?n extensive credit on patented fcrof 5000 acVes, and N. B TO BilCCO, HEMP. Geoigo Underwoofj. HOGS' LARD, will Be received a of any lands have, by themselves or one fourth beinjf paid down, or I will sell 200 acixs, Malbn county, Kentucky,' the market price, in payment. 100 acres with the mills and dilliller) igents, entered their lands in their on it, and give a cbnfiderable credit qi' lurveyed and patented ior Mooay T. T. proper cl'tiffis, with the auditor one third being paid down, L.xington, January 28, 1805, It is gene; M'Millin. tf or clerks of the court of com- rally counted a very handfdmc place on the wa 1000 acres Military-land- , the isneedleis to mon pleas, agreeably to A BARGAIN. it mention further particu teis of Iluiroll's cieek, Gieen rivec laws heretofore in force, fitch lands lars, as any person wifliing to buy, can 325 acres, Jefferfen county, Kejituc- - By which the purtiiMcr may make a fortir.ii (hall under this a6t be placed in the view the pre mifes. sour miles from Louisville, 40 more speedily, th Biry.any otlier 0:1c oticr- , ky, about " ed in the state and all acres of this tract, is cleared. " lame class for taxation, V Rogers. John Pif aill sell th'e Tavern V 116 acr4s,Fra nklin countyKen lands which iliall not be entered by tucky, on the North fork of ElUiorn, TRAVELLERS' HALK the ow.icrs, or their agents, with or fa the auditor, before he makes out STATE OF KENTUCKY 1805,'; about six miles from Frankfort ; on that Which I occupy, u ithtor' without the firfnrture and stock of liquors, part Cash, part Stoi tract are confiaerable improvements. his duplicate, ha lliall class .and Mayn Circuit Court, December term Goods, Npctocs, or Counlrv P.filiiv. 'JohTi&&dcr, complainant,") Chancery ml A House stnd well improved Lot in don ; the balance ichare e the same as second rate and in eijrht ainiujj pamuits, jfgajAst and the town of Paris, on Main llreet, nda with interest From the d.ile ; or in sour f(Je!ili 9j&er defendant. S Iniunctirtn- is any owner or proprietor ofjonas, annual payments of Cish, and lids approved pro- TUE defendant not having enter- - adjoining Mr. Hughes's tavern. or their agent, have heretofore, or arid Out Lot in said town An Inn uuii-- witniiitricsi iruiu me uata shall hereafter enter any tract of ed his appearance herein agreeably c Also a Hpufe and well improved Lot The situation, convenierce, and law and the rules of this court,! in this place. custom of Traeller-i- Hall, are well knovin t land m an inferior class to that of to be unequalled by any Taern in the WcittiTr its real quality, said land shall (un- and it appearing to the satisfaction The above described property will be Country, and by but m fcw in the Union. til it is changed into its proper class) of the court, that he is not an inha told, to. tor Cash, Hemp and Lobac (O-l-t this propei-tbe llot sold before the be charged, over and above the bitant of this commonwealth, on the co, or on giving bond with good fecuri 10 April next, 1 shall not disnose ns It sfi.ward?, at least for several j ears. rate for which it was entered, with motion of the complainant, by Alex- ty, a conliderable credit may be had A'. Biadkv. doubl.e the amount of tax which ander K. Marshall. his counlel, it is For further particulars enquire of AnJanuary, 1806. had the Came ordered, that the said defendant do drew F. Price, attorney in facl for (or Lexington, (houldhave been entered in its proper class ; appear here, on the third day of our to the lublcuber.) JOHN JORDAN Jun which Hull be paid to the collector next May term, and answer the NEW SCHOOL, of the county, townfliip, or diitrict conplainant's bill, or that the same Lexington Kentucky, f ' January 13, 1803.) MR. h MRS. GREENT. n which such lands may be chargea willbe taken as confeued agamlt him, BEG leave to acquaint their friends in Lexble, for the use of thi Itate, on the and tlut a copy of this order be WANTED, ington and its that on Monday, the information of any freeholder, ma forthwith inserted in fomo authori-fe- Mr SOBER, indnslriotifl mnn. whn !c fini 6th of January, vicinity,they intend 1806, opumnjr an paper of Kentucky, for eight C ble of di'ivinsr a stas--O with sour king due proof thereof to the audi 0 Academy for Toung Ladies, 10 ue empioyea m tor or comniiflioncrs atid be recov weess fucceffively. where will be caught, the iollowing branehes Driving the Mail Sta?e A copy. Telle, ered at the same time and in the of Education, (viz.) same way as other taxes are recov- WM Francis Taylor Clk. from Limestone to Frankfort, once a week, to per.quarter. commence on the first of May nest. Applica- Spelling, Reading-with all kinds of erable. tion to be made to N. Willis, at Chillimtlip. or ' Needle Woik, .... 03 Sec. 4. . Be it further enacted, j osnua w uson, m Lexington. NOTICE. Writing- & Aritlimetir, 3 V October 1,1805. That for the collection of taxes of English Grammer, Geography, e. VING taken letters of admi- 3 Music, Ooed & instrumental) with lands the (late shall be ninrafion on theeftate of mr. George Johnson nCTGFTuS NOLL, use of instrument, 12 and .3 hereby divided into six collec- dec. formerly of the houre bf Peter and Go. rf"' TAIliOR, Such ladies and gentlemen who please dfcd in the itland of tion district : tfe first to include the Johnson, (who on hisway from New Cuba in tESPECTFU.LY informs the Citizens nour them with the mflruflion of their to hoOrleans September last, chillands purchased by Jotm Clevts Sym- - to this place,) we rtqued all those who have of Lexington and the Public in general, that dren, rpay rely on their ufingevery exertion m ne nas commenced bulinels in the House late their power, towards their making a rapid mes and his allocates ai)d the land claims againtl said ettate, (is any there may ly occupied bv Mij IVIorrifon,(on Short progress. forward properly authentiwithin the iiltrict of land be) to bring them may receive payment; those Street,) where he intends to pursue the same N. B. T"he manufactory of Patent cated, lb that they I'iann office ; the ftcond toincludelands in indebted to the ettate will plafe make imme m all its various branches, and hopes from hi Fortes,; is carried on as usual. Price 180 dolknowledge of the above business, with the lars. ' the Virginia military district the land diate payment (Iricteft attention and a desire to please, to Mr.'Gteen has iuft received from PhilnHrl. within the dilttict ot Lhmicothe land merit a thare of public patronage. Ladies phia, an afTortment of NEW MUSIC, which RJcbard Johnson,! Mm, anil Gentlemen, who will be so obliging as to office and the French grant ; the J Johnson, 'it uircrsiur laic. m savour him with their cuftoni, may rely on Lexington, December 24, 1805. third to include the land purchased Fredericksburg, Virg. Jan. 14, 18:. tf having their work done in the mod d b the Ohio, company and all granci best manner, on the ihorteft notice,aml included within the limits thereof -' on reaionaDic terms. ship of The STOLEN and the laud within the diltridt of LOFTUS NOEL. FROM the subscriber, on ON & HYMAN GRATZ, N. B. One Apprentices will be ta the Alarietta land office; the fourth iiesuiiy oeuuig' last, a XPIRED by limitation, on the first ken to to the or two business. above to include the lands in the persons to whom they Eight Bay Horse. of February, all The Subscriber has for sale an excellent States military district and the are indebted, are requefled to call for CoacheewithHarnefs,onlow tonus torclath about eight years old, a large star in his head, a slwrt docked tail, a natural trotter but rufiiRee lands and all the lands payment, and those who are indebted to has been broke to a pace, shod before, no "STRAYED d within the dillict of Zanesville them are lequired to make payment. recollected, about lt hands high. Also, some the fubferiber in 1 he buhneTs in tuture will be conduc- FROM roan coloured May last, a straw time in March last, a land office,; the fifth to include the Light coloured Sorrel Horse, lands within the district of theSteu-benvill- e ted under the firm of MARE, Simon Gratz &? Co. three land office and all lands ars old last ipring,a white fpo'f ad about' 16 hands high, 8 j cars old, blazed f..c, joining one of hsr sore leet on the sore pari a natural trotter,, bus lost the sight of his lest 3w foufh of the Connecticut reserve, Philadelphia, Feb. 20, 1806. ol t'ie hqoi, bnthy mane and tail, had on an ej e, which appears v. ellejcepjt a white speck ia nd not included .in ttjJS-- other dif-die Bight, ftny person giving md information old uell. Alio, a two year old so that I procure either of them NOTICE. tticts i and the sixth to include the thmlK. lands in the Connecticut Reserve. ALL persons indebted to the late firm a dark or brownhay, a (tar in the sorehead, liberally rewarded. Can L. Clarke. Doctors Sarnl. Brown and Elifha snip on one potitil, believe his legs are all Sect. 5. Be it further enacted, Georgetown, March 4th, 1806. 4W arfield, are requefled to call on Dr. white, on the lore legs the white. does not shill be appointed, by That there high up, a switch tail, a lengthy made ariield) who is authorifed to settle all reich a joint ballot of both houles of the" colt. They were brought from Virginia Iatt CALEB WILLIAMS, general affembly, and commiffion-e- debts due the film, and close their ac- winter, by the Crab Orchard, and may have Boot &? Shoe Manufacturer, Cs Whoever wih by the governor, a collector in counts by paying them or giving then attempted to make that wa for the sums due, and those who deliver the ibove colts to me in Green county, each district, who lliall continue in RESPECTFULLY in. have demands againfl the firm are defil- near where ttie Colhmbia road crones the forms his fiiends and the office one year and until his fuccelT road leading from Stanford to Greeniburgh, ed to bring them forward to Dr. War- - mall pubric, that he haj removed receive Five Dollars lor each and traor is choftn andquahhed, who (hall fie,d fof t Evcr rfbn who velling expences paid far conveying them. his fliop next door above the collect all taxes due and owing on knows ti Dr Brown hiSfeft this slate, Bank, where he has on 'hand, WILLIAM lands ; within their jfor 0rlean?, will see the eceffity ot Green County, Dec. 10, 1805.WALDEN. an elegant afTortment ot the 4ra rl I16 collector this rcquefl, and will no doubt, best Boots and Shoes of evrefpectiveiftricts. avail ery description. He has al. of the first ditlrictihall keep his of thenifelves of the first opportunity to call Q JOHN GRANT, so an ail rtment of the befl material!,. fice at Cincinnlti ; the collector of on Dr. Warfie'.d, who lives in the house Painter, Glazier Ss? Paper LLanger, Any gentleman can befupplied with r,ny the second district lliall keep his of that was formerly occupied by Dr. F. noRESPECTFULLY informs his article in his bulinels on the , fice at Chillicothe ; the collector of and cloie their accounts in one friends and ;the public in general, that tice, and moll lealbnable terms. He third diltridt fitall keep, his office of the two ways specified above. hopes from his attention to business, to lie has removed his Ihop to the house on merit a share of the public patronage. . at marietta ; tne collector ot w short ftrtct lately occupied by mr March 26th, i8o5. fourth district shall k.ep his office DR. ELISHA WARFIELD Loftns Noel taylor, where, he intends Three or sour smart boys, from the1 at Zanefville ; the collector of cofUinue Medicine and carrying on his business in all its various! ags of 14 to 16, will be taken as apprenmth diftria lhall keep his office at Sorcery m Lexington and ivcinity. branches extenhvely and withdifpatch. tices to tne above business. "m " Steubenvllle, and- the colledror-- of Tf Being nov f Jnuflied with every necefTa-i- y he fith ditrifl (Lall keep his offic 1'HE SUBSCRIBER. material, he will be enabled to comRESPECTFULLY informs the citiplete any kind. of work in the abdve line at the town of .Warren, in tlie NOTICE. j of bulinel', in a neat and masterly Ihie, zens of Lexington, and the public in And dull county of 1'nimb'ull. 15 R( OWN, desires ind on the most icafonable term1-- . general, that he has commenced (he pR. thjrir VrT?t ach, at the time they receive ill prrfonth.dcbtt to lum, will thanks to those who have. COACH PAINTING VARN He returns duplicates, lake and- fubferibe the call on ISHINO; JAPANNING & , DxliifElJiln Warfiel.l, who Is following oath or zhrmtinn, viz authoiifed to leltfeSll his accounts ard favoured him with their commands, and GILDING also hopes from his allidnity and attention to 1, A B, do swear oraffirm, notes due him, before the exiilencr of business, to merit a continuance of theii SIGN PAINTING. las ihe case may be)'th-i- t I 'will ac his paitnerflvp with Doftor AVaifield avqurs. on Main llreet. nearly oppolite mr. WiJ- cording to the b;ft of my 'abilities, The books are in his poITtfTion and all Putty and Paints, by the lmall quan- lon-- inn ; uiie who pieale to savor hithfully and impai tially per.'orni papers neceffjiy to enable him to liqui- tity always on hand. him with theif uiftom, may depend on ihe duties enjoined on me by law, date all accounts. or two appi entices will be taken having their woik done with neatness One j expect to lereive trom d'ftrict, is collector of the , to the above bufi.iefs boys fiom 14 tophi,adt.lphLl about the firfto,M and that I will ji6t dire5lly or in- 0 years of age, w ill meet witl liberal a general afTottment of paint3and varn' , lirectly purchase 'any laud by ml iiicouraemc-ntI (hall keep a tf o'liij and healthy jifiies of the fiifl qUulity. sold for taxes." Jrjeneral afTortment of j)Hints ground mid NEGRO 1 LLLOir, in spared ready for use ; any jierfoi, ,udV It is to be st: low p ice in cadi. Notice is hereby given that all FOR SALE, be tupplied Dy tlie nrge or small be i m dowi aui. axes within tins l:atc dre clue ann ml.itrd that he ia jt to A Likth Xlj.,o Girl, tity, by the publick's humble fervent payable aster the firil dav of Augult t'.:i ri r. HENRY D. ELBERT A llOU'I ISvcj of aj ciKjuiie f the Enquire of tbc Pi inter. . piuucr. LePjitoiij s;thAi3ich So(i. :ics.t ciifjing a. id is r.ct paid Ly th. tt- tnf gldJO V2J15 Besides a great number: VALUABLE PROri'RTY h had at soil: . - J? s tioR rra - sale; -- 11 t v t. - Us i I - i

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