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Image 3 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, April 2, 1806

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

oLra delincd or heaven, my artnv will charter had been pro'uted . rennirf nn hnnHrn v,v, .,,. ' .1 .Trunin ,1 . I .n iciit.7.- . whni.i Vi) , can ? fjlf lthe whok. nation regards as ore of lcftaua.uw.,OLiulcdh.T,tob:tra.,l- - Ye8 sire, angered gen. Sav.rV,!the principal authors of all Us cab- ted into the moveable a. It ratifies what the iJurs aster ,f 'Ur fav. that horrible . . yru to V fa- uuicrs to nay. li lieu mm v..ui W.e.ich wju.iJ-- 1 fbidier the emptor jm uv , ri-jt- i I tl.e to 48 retia, J' two great num. perors ot and Ger- her of lluiuins whose wounds we were ,m U1' have aSrecd "PK i" th;rr in- terv,e,vr- - And what is ic ? That not abletogetdreiTed. All the French tlie Rufiian army fiiall retire home, were lb before night. Instead of 40 pair of colors, we have already had 4 5 by tne Rages that (hall be regul tied brought in, and our soldiers ft ill find thi by the emperor, and that it fliall of several others. Nothing vacu'te Germany and Aullrian Po can equal the gaiety of the loldiers at land. Upon this condition I their bivouacs ; They 1'carcely perceive the emperor's orders to repair to ihe officer of the emperor, but they cry our advanced pods, which have al out' has the emperor been satisfied with( ready turned you, and to give oiders U3f Prote& your retreat,, as the . psffing before the 28 tl rof the line !t0 peror wills tQ n( the f j which has a gieat number of confcriptsi' the r. rl C0,,ru!-- f .W'" guar-n- ofColvados and of the Lower battle, theie wre a l.-- a Sem" that)1" Prince John ie l.tchlienit-i- n is come to meet the at the n emptror caitle ot vuitermz. . has Ktanted ',llu "a contertnec ot It ij remarked Icveral hours. that the carpcror onvsrfed f:etlv with this geiicjai ollicei , v ho Ii.ih conctu :eu wim luar iiortntjr a,. AnnhUce of the follo.ving tenpr: HI. Tallcv r.t!id is going to IS choliliurg, where the ncgociations are to be opened. 1 ARMISTICE r.i;rrJTg:.ftj:jjMjii!." w" fcin - -- 3,Zy, V 'X ?px -.- .V ' U -- ...', " . rH - - p ccnIa.naiii. To '.) Yi'c tL'",i, . , u'cl d rr.: 1006. Ji;....!t . II. z.ri .w ri'ci"', dcfeiidariti 1 ' In Chancery OV t'ie mot'.on ui the plaint ff by hrr t .ml it D"i.ii ng to tie lwti J l,j il' Heroines, the Hc.tlil 'f a iA rlJ. tirtouit, rh c rlu diiirriaiit Wii'.aui, s not " an hu'xtant of tin fiate, it i! crK", .. t Ins NcMfi from all nati'in- - Ia"i' l. mi ili'ent ncici lant, no a;ip-n- r licrc ml t ilu ii'tt li.n iy J ui.; v ih: c nid1, Ll'.XINGTON, APRILS. is flnv ne ,n hy ill- 0011,31 1'ua it'i'iu 0 nj hit j cih- - "f niittia taKen a cii'iltif-d- , 'j Departed tliui lifo en Trrc-'a- y outer 'is ti in tli- - Kcuti-iitmorning of tllCCOiliair.ptlOll, jis,j Lin In .l .1 CmL.irtc ,,' "I'1' s i.'S'-'WIo a.l .k't Dl t ltf '..i s'lltfrof Aii'!.s.v M C1.I1 I , &c. ufrli j.v c1t.K.i. st .rifcfcrlall--m- i TcLv., 3t jo clock hi r n.i A coi y. .i lh b.iialirmuiukaf.einlulbwUiirii.iiul id IV I. .. 'i. c (V. v t p-- i I 111 n ii'-iie- e f.'-ri- nii,"bu- &f sa-ir- e i,iO'.i-.ici- , v. ho U- -' Mtr.ied tlie .(,,, in t! t ir.oimi(- - c. l.k of ouel L. ijitjO 1VC iulu 1. ice hoi .? .iio j).)sse5sca S3 many . T U r', in t!ic ir:'..i."..s. In Uv., Ur. PatritU Vaton, w.n of Cij t Patr" k fl,ii,d ihib season ut r vstson.iornirny m Ula.k counrj, V llaile, mi Lf.ngton, .He was a prominir lountr ..t .nn niturc death is much by hia h;id the back of Mi. Ilai t'aduck -J iiu ., fy, Whe.c ile ui.i Cijvei mu,cs l a Aiip-ih- muA ,l SJve. thjt ? S,re' Concluded between tbeir XJlf.L hope the empeior said toit: Majesties sf Franct and Austria. j. is you. This the Normans will diftinguifli thenifcivM:." Word His Majelty the fcinperur of a,d"de ca,r'P fct off" ' ful1 gjlloP to to day.' They kept their word. The and his .V.pjefty the Empeempeior who knows the composition 0fjnarflial Davoult, to whom he gave ror of Germany, desirous to reach th- - le.f .., t.i lwcnt)-iw- o each regiment said a sew words, thele'orders to'.ceale all movements and The kngth of the bviViiiraiW U oe paia the ill the period of definitive ?igocrari- our ili) of Se,:tu.i sew words arrived and spoke to the to remain quiet. :'iii ror ons, tor putting ar, ei)d to the war poltallfC, g' cn.ttnj; urtldts of minor mi 01 Eigiiiev.-- i 1) '.hva .v.;h t May this generosity of the hearts of those to whom they were ad- which deflates the ' two States, " Another Citintn of St, Louis" shall Cpprtir mare TwcK-D ilurs tho ' . and became their rallying fig. peror of the French not be so Lo " Jhn Mullamlii," have agreed as a preliminary, to be- cn Stiirfl.i leap, to be paid ct tne tune of. nal 111 the midlt o. the hrc. Ke laid soon foreotten in Rullia. as the sine " P.,or I." gin by an armistice. which ffiall con I ing 'J eu to nil'ii to the 57th, ' recoileft it is many years procedure of the emperor, who-sen- t since liurnamedyou the Terrible.' It back 6006 men to the emperor Paul tinue until the conclusion of a def.h. with loal, aiivl in cale Mj Gcntiemen of science, and of lit. peace, or until the rupture of ersuri-i- n Lexington and itsthe would be neceiTary so to name all the with so sells or difpufes of t :e p, . j,i. much grac and so many to itive case, the l negcciations ; and in this toatuniltiie ev.miiirtioi of the Stir ownei-- of the hoilo Sic regiments of the army. There was not kens ot elteem tor him. w'nitli trom au reiporiUu.irtv as 1 armillice fliall not cease until fifteen dcntiufthe Tiansvlianh Unhci-sitr- . one which did net (how prodi ies of bra-in Gen. Savary conversed an bout" 0:1 aiowiuy neiT iuu.iuuiuii-i l.ejimiart im p. v.hopleale.may dilc.-- . Heie indeed it n very and mtrep-dity1,. with ihe emperor of KuiTi.i, and lays aster that rupture, and the b... .v. n 11. j..,.i.wuiH L Iiutf .,11, li.C U.U13S1- might be fa d that death sled affrighted of the armistice fliall be noti- ty Hall, on the e cnir;.;- I,. of J.Joik' ij cud Tires-in;- , 24 dollars by paying any t f L .c . sound him fdeh as a man of heart before o'.r ranks, and threw hitnfelf into fied to the plenipotentiaries of both Letriniiirg- ht 4 o'clock; and the lowing article's in Augu!t,'at tnj ,' . I VI . and sense should be, whatever loflet-htliole ot tne enemy, rsot a carp mace. on lowihg prices: brick at powers, and at the head quarters of l ir-r- n the Presbj terLin ?.icttinj-hous4 doll, may have experienced. The both WcdncaxL), lxjrinning at 10 o'clock A. M. The emperoi a. retroaate moement. 1060, bees on soot iss. b'er c.'t. ca.i- armies. 9 monarch asked him to give him some said, 1 have sought 3Q battles such as. The conditions of the armistice ttrjrJKnc2 dies, 'mould is. dipped pd. per I' u Yon details of but lneer law one in which this, powder 23. per lb. hemp 4 d.i tc w is more deulive, ar J the chanwere inferior to me." said he, " and are: TAKE NOTICE. 1. The line of both armies fiiall cwt. nog's Lrd 6d. per lb. poi kj,v -rear v hairels ofilowel ar.d boa's bed ces lohtlleb lanced. The Foot Guards however, 30a were superior in 2lL led, 7 lioll. p'cr barrel, fait 1A. per ot the emperor were not engaget!. the pointsrof attack." i'ANNEKS' .OIL, " Sire be in Moravia, in the circle "of lg ad Tie, ep; with rage. When they ai- - anfweredGen. Savary, " that is the lau, the circle of ZnainVttTe circle lonlaTrXrj on raafiinable terms, by app'yinj buflie!, tallow 6d.'per lb. brou lu """' rt Bi others llorc. of Brunn, that part 6f the circle of tf Alio, ca cu- - ar '16 doll, per cvvt. wfi.f.fy l,eit tu be employed, the emperor said to art of war, anil hefiuitof auortmpnt ot lieit 15 years, per gall,'ks or meic'11 r... ; them ' rejoice that you have not yet glory. It is the 4.0th bat fie the Ulmutz upon the right bank of "the garit DUTCH THKEAD, or aify pverlon or person's vfy) put been in the action, you ire to tail on as emperor has sought." " That is l'mall river" of Trezebofka, opposite a sew liadfome So much the better is you to Profnitz, as far as it empties f a tour or more"mares, may RIFLES, true he is- - a great warriorr F01 are not wanted to dky.' the right made bv Wolf, in KittftiuRh' into the "Marc!c,-anc- ! my k the firfl time I have bank of the Marck, as far as the Hr&iSl'ERS, LNGKAVINGS, Sc fie. their accnunt with a good horse, 'jr Three cols, of the Imperial Ruffian' seen part, it "have horses atiheir valuation. 1'Ik seasire, I n never had the l guard were taken with the general who Lexington, March 30th, i?6. month of 'the river into the Danube, fon will coinmenae the iot,i day of to measure with jou," including commanded them. The hulfars of this howeyer, Presburjj: but March, and end the loth d.i) of D 1 IW1.Y r.u, 1 guard made a charge en the division " Sire, vhen you havegained expe'-rienc- e 110 French or Austrian troops lliall July. Good pallurage, well tucio-feB From 1117 farm, a sew days since, you will surpass him, per- be Rationed This chaige 300 CarF.tie'ili. within a circuniference will be furnilhed gratis, to all A SORREL M'ARE, men who remained on the field of bat haps." " I fliall now return to mj of or 6 leagues round Ilolitz, on Jhout fourteen hands nrd a halt hicli, no marcS sent from a distance and ei A The French cavalry fliowed itfelt tapital. I came to the afiiltance of the 5 tie right bank of the March. marks or biandi recoilectcd It is flippfeii of grain upon the tnort tea "unasuperior, and acquitted itlelf admirablj the emperor of Germany. He has toupty. ble to The line of the two ar.mie3 fiiall (lie villi take th; roadand Mason me terni3 ; all mares sent, lhall be . fatisfi-ed- , well. . made known to me that hejic . her informs Whoever where besides comprehend in the territo- (he can lia takes or up, ' At the end of jhe action the emperor had, delivars her to me,lhallbe Illicitly attended to, but we are net I am so too. " . t be occupied by the French ar- rewarded by ry to liable for accidents or efcapts. col. Dallemagne with- - tvo squad- On his interview with the empa Robt. Burr-Fayettfull TUP is a beautiful dark rons of his guard as Partizans, Jq ride- ror of Germany, the emperor told my, the whole of Lower and Upper March 31, 1806. tf over the field ot battle ami bring in the him, Mr. and M. de Colleredo, Auitria, the Tyrol, the 'State of Vefifteen hands three inches hign, rcru- nice., Corinthia, runaways. Styria', Carnioid, arkable for his strength, form an,l Meffieurs Paget, and Rafamoulki iq Dollars Reward. He took several ftan'd of colors, and the countv of Gontz, and Iftria ; clivity he was brought from I 011- are. all one with your minister, AN1 away from the fubferiber, in fliort, in Bohemia, the circle of 1500 prisoners. .The guards greatly don by Will. Smalley, in tht fall of if.hB There are the real cau-fe- s ontabor, and all tlve regret the col. of the horse, ranger country on l in the American Ihip Gen. of the war, and of Y. M. conMorlandj who was killed with a grape the ftalt of the road from I abor to Lincoln'. He has coveied twe Tca- Mulatto JVoman. tinues to abandon yourself to these Lints. Riot, as. he was charging the artillery ' about the ase of 26 (he is a handsome like CertifLates 11 01.1 of the Ruffian Imperial guards. The intriguers, they will ruin all your XI. The Ruffian army fliall eva- - '. wench,, large frame and features, a very men of the first rank and rci.ieiU-bilit- y fkort ; but this brave col affairs and allicnate the heart of all high black and bufhyharr, cut avtillery was taken cuate fiiehfd whe n,e went aVa'y, one fil- there, no,w i n our polLd.on, ii und his death. We had not one gen your fubjefls, you .who have so ma- Polilh thcA AAu?"an. V4"9' aS,WdI 3! IbeTori and (iringin rlicutlierj prove him to be equal, as a fcal gi nuiina, v.u. luoravu anu ver killed. Col. Mazas, of the 14th ny qualities to be happy and belo,ial Hungary within fifteen days, and had on a blue coating j rcket bound round v. lth to any horse in Virginia, cithc of the line, a brave man, was killed ved. lin-iferret, and a Oalacia within a month, . I he or green woifted and generally dark flriped imported or country bred. Jvlauy chiefs of battalhon were wound wears a handker petticoat, An Austrian major having pre ed. The, Voltigeurs vied with the ICIIICU . .r. UIH13, ...'..!, der of its march fliall traced, so chief round her head ; but as flic carried a 1J1I1U7I1 IU lilC ,'tiiat it may',,be a,lways known where number of other clothing, 'tis probable she grenadier, The 45th, 43J, Uth,36th diipatches from Mr. de CobentzeK. is, as well as to prevent all icif- - will change her drels. She also carjicd off a 40-.l17th, but we dare mention no for PEDIGREE. GIRL,. CHIjlQ, about two years old, very Mr. de Stadine, at Vienna ; it underltanding. corps ; it would be an injuuice to the The bay horse called TUT, small for its age, and just beginning to cut Emperor fajd " I will have noothets, they all peitormea wonaeis The III. There fliall not be made in its teclh and Hand alone ; the child is mmh ed in 1796, was gotten b) There was not a uncle general, an offl thing to do with that man, who I Hungary any kind of levy en masse, darker than itsmorher. I will givetheabove outof Flavia. Tavelin was '1 cet,. a .soldier but was determined to ,hadiold himself to England toj pay lnor lnlurreclions ; and in Bohemia, reward is taken up and brought home, from Eclipse, his dam by Spectator, ,, . cc j any county within the state, or five dollars is HIS UCUL3, tlllU W11U lia& lUJIICli li3l., conquer or die . 'iio kind of extraordinary levV ; no fecurbd in any jail so I get her again ; but is grand dam by Blank, great ,'n , army We mull not ccnceah.a trait that does ,houle and his. nation by following-. rn. , , lhall be permrtted to tak-s- up without this ftateaad brought home, dam by Second, great, Jfreat gr-"- ilionour totheenemv. The eomrnander ins micr s auvice. ,!, ,..,;. r .u M..r C I will gite five dollars add pay all rcafonable dam by Stanyan s Arabian, g .' , J he Emperor took the jrreatelt: . ..nof the, artillery of , the Ruffian imperial chargss. great, great grand dam by K 4 guards had just lost his cannon. He '.notice of Prince Tohn of Lichften- - ini iris Geo. 'fVebb. Negociators- - on each side fliall , William's Black Baib.oUt of C. 1806. Sire said he, get stein. 4w met the emperor. He frequently said, " How meet at Nicholfburg, to proceed im- topher Darey's Ro'ya'V .Mare. Fi loll my cannons.' is jur shot; I have just it when one has men ot S"""-""-'j:.,.: .r,i...r:..r- - r was gotten by the' Ferrer's Ai i. Taken up by Hugh Allen, in Young man,' anlwered the emperor, tinclion, that one can luiler onelelf.. .J . ,. ations, in order to establish prompt- - YfFbodford county, on the waters of Clear bian called Plunder, h'er dam, Mil , ' I appreciate your tears, but orte may to be Jed by fools creek, near Cave's mill, a Euvlon,by Sn3p,gr:ind,dain by B'a.i t ,be beat by my army and still have a ti- r Un r T.;nLft,in i1)'' Peace and narmony between the Bay Mire, " tle to glnrj ' empires. grand dam by Cartouch, oLt . .u. ....a uiuiiruuiiiicui . years old, with a ftarand snip, no great . oi about 17 as 111c niuic I Oui aavanced pods are arrived at , one Done lntcrchanrteably between us brand perceivable) apprailed to oi. Alio, of the Sore Heels mare," ijre . r. i onry ior nrs mrrria- -' l'h- - pmprefs and the whole cnaracters, not QUiutz. ,'the underfrrrned, the Marflral Ber great grant! d.lni'of Hlghifv A Bay Horse Colt, sled from thence in the ,J talents, but . his qualities and thier, minuler of war, Mai. Gene- - about two years old, with a star and snip, no TUP, 11T couit have r 1790, won a fwetp flaki s J lufte, col CobmcKU, equerrj knowledge. It is confidently greau-f- l -...j .v... itie ci i ciui uiu auci r.:Jralof the Grand. Array, charged brand perceivable ; apprailed to 91. before me, of an huiTred guineas each, at rZ. iiiai to the emperor, commander of the 5th icu ,uiac Lesxis Castletxan j. with ,.full powers from his maielty Market, (five fu'ofcribers) be..:i ' ; c u ,. orr , r ginunt of Ringers, had 4 horses kil- conreience witu tne emperor ,,DMnbcrxjtli,iBoj. r 1 Mr. Iltathcotc's Vivalda, !kc. . led und.r him, upon the 5th he was Germanv, " I hat man has made ,,-:i j i j i. true copy from the stud book ai.u have-,,.- ' nfelf,-afte- r .. wounded hi '. feizlng a me commit a fault, for I could .. Llul.llliai- - fTnl-r- nn.hv Io fliua Hall, on Ra, racing calendar. T J LULClia IL VIC ILCill LC1II. 'X r 11 -i ,, , , fland of colors. Prince iVTurat be- ronoweo up my v.cio.y aiiu taKe.. co'",tJ'a f' from his majef-- vs creek (bigned,) . ., ar-- ', llows great praise on the manoeu-ver- s .1.. wnore.' i.uiiiau ami a v- e tne . . tne iimperor ot A.Ultrn, "tcighyeats .old,Grey Horse, and fvv JAMES VrT.ATHERBY. 13 hands high, of gen. Kelleimsn, on the mies, bus however, there willbe'u1IIIIV.-- V. K- -. i a-- cdj branded on the near (houlder tMus X "P" London, Jandary i8ci. jK sine charges of gens. Nunzomy and some tears the less flied At Auflerlitz, the ijthFrumaire, praiftxl to 26 dollars 63 cents. Kcb 41I118-.Performance of 'up. ,. d'Halpoul, and in sine on all the Thirty Second Bulletin of :he Teste, year 14, (5 liec. 1805.) ' Chichester Chinn j.p, Wednelday, July y, 17 yo, Nc general!., for one knows not whom Grand Army. Qbigned,) The Commonviettltb of Kentucky, to Market, England a f.veep is. Auflerlitz December 6, 1806, to name because they should all be Marflial HERTHIER. . named. 'The soldiers of the train General Friant, at the battle of besbenjf oj Clarke county , greet- 100 guineas each, half furl.ic, J. Prince deLICHSTENTEIN years old, five fubfinbers. have merited the praise of the ar- Auflerlitz, had sour horses killed "T Lieut. Gen. Mr. Turner's (olt, b) Javelin, YOU are hereby commanded to take my. The artillery made a dread- under him. Colonels Conrous and 1 SSE HAUSKINS. is lie be sound out of Flavia (Tup) havock among the t enemy. Demonftierdlllinguflied thenlfelves. ful x Mr. R. Heathcote s Vivalda, within vour bailiwick, and him safely tVhen an account was given of it Ihe traits ot courage are lo nume- STATE OF KENTUCKY. Mr..Wi iflon's Queen Jj.ncs, rJeep, so that yoir have his body before tothe einpeior, he said ; its fdccefi rontnatas iney were reported 10 M3Son Ci.cil,t court, lccenjUjer term, 1805. the judges ol our ulaike circuit court, TUP caftie oil the tin f whci liv . give me ple.ifure ; for I have not tr.e emperor ne laiu, 1 need au mytLctots Craig, complainant, on the third day of their next April three yeai s old, when uuder manv nyc, forgot thai it was in this corps that power to be able to recompense ,.- Againfl tant engagements with the beP ',. )riL term, to answer and say, is any thing-hworthily these brave men. Robert Bagbj fi? JJa-oiI began my military career. defen- - hath or can say, why Polly Haufkms, his in the kingdom, owin to ben The litiiTuns, in sighting, have gen. dunts. The emperor's wise,.(hall not hedivoiced from him the , .with an inflamauon in the IN HANGERY. Savarv. had accompanied the'empe-ro- r the habit of laying down their knap-- ,' said Jefre Haufkms, agreeably to an aft which he lost, afteretery effort foreirh:-ee- n of Germany aster the inter- lacks ; and the whole .Ruffian arm 7 HE defendant David Rol's, having of Aflenbly entitled "An aft for the months by Mr. Tnrner, jo rf ft., r view, to know whether the emperor having been put to slight, they were sailed 19 enter his appearance Ivrein a- - relies of Polly Haufkriis," pafTed on the it, though it is acknowledged hf be it pf Rtifiia adhered to the capitu- taken pofleiiion of by our foldie ejtt,", wt My to law, and the rules of this 3sd December, in, the year 1805 ; and Vhaldi with east, whicir.hoife rs equit lation He'found the wreck of ihc. A greut quantity ot baggage wai couit, and it appealing to the la t is fa c further to do and receive what our said to any horse in the kingdom of his age. JluiTran army without either atil-ler- y aifo taken, and tl e folaiers have tron ol the cnurt, that he is not all in court shall in that part consider ; and Performance of the dam of lup habitant of this commonwealth : on have then there this writ. Witness, or baggage, and in a frightful sound in it much fnoney. CFlavi 7 the motion of the complainant, by Alex Samuel M. Taylor, cleik of our said General Baitrand, who had been disorder. It was midnight ; gen. t, 1787, 100 guineas Meerlield had been repulled from dispatched aster the battle with a ander KiM. fliall, his counlel, it is ord- court, this third day of March, 180G, each. ' ered, that the said lavid Rof do appear and :n the XIV. year ot the commonGodding by Marilul Davouft. The squadron of the guards, has b relight Lord Ferrer's Bay Filley Flavia, tluru-iiiot our next M ly wealth. llulfian army was surrounded, not 111 a great number of bagcjgs wag term, on the by his Arabian, 1 airJaiifvvcr the complainant', bill, Saml M. Taylor. he nuniD.M- - or r that the fiiue Wil! be a man could efoape. Prince Czar- - t?oni vcll li'lid Mi Burlton's Black Colt Pigmy, taken ai ennf' f. This is an action of divorie, sounded r v f up tonnrki introcuiCLd gcu. bavarv tr; pieces ot cannon tat; Ld, and tint a z rf this order he uron an ad of the General alTeinblv, t; 'by iJamalcus, the emperor. " Teh your mailer," nine aiiicruuia iw . loirhwnh ii)fitn'r 111 Ibnn aiitliiiif-- d ntird "An act for the relies ofPolJyl .Lord Oflory s Filly, b hi cried tnat prince, that I am fU'inp. The Emperor ici.rfieJ some dir ). p- -i r'f K.c.ituu.y, loi ei0ht weeks luc- and piffed on vl'.e twenty-jbia3 away; lie has wiuught tnau) inn j - fati3fd.1 that pL 'iipotP' tlarre- - fiivcly. Two to one on Flavia Extract uiiru Deciuictr, !305no bail is requi-- j cles ; rhis day has increased iud been sent to him the iu he Ton tnpv. from the racing calendar for. 1787. led. , -- ua wiat ir'j.ier Re.d D. U.c d'puirai.. ii". admirauon Vs. FRA2EU. lu IS pu P. Hautiint. oi) 7.v 'I 1 g'e '- t- bi'io ii-J.t, d, '. 1 . j '. ctf-fatio- - - , s. e, r g- y myi J'i difi-haig- , a pre-tenfto- d, colt-tlre- cry-kin- a, - , - ey r...j ..n . i, J.Iii ijl r , !.., n - 30th-lfarch- w .,..,. j.n:-.-n.-.i;t- ." .' . f. I ri. . 1 iiirfirir-iiAfirii'T-iTir'ifir-f- 1 1 1 i..n 1 f -- i .i.c. ,...." n ' ii, I 6. e d R-css- , ,,' p, f ) New-Marke- 11 ni-r- c 1 . J -- er-p- y u, oi -1 j I ,tiu-ba'lle- '. jt8i&n-- .

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