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Image 2 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, April 2, 1806

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

.. ( ovn M ,r. t to twin t' 'nice pinti! Jw it ilu iu 01 i t . wovenrnt m ! A t r.iir, r -- i.ui tii r 'c He thin iiw to av it a pitch have I eaiU of the Hlf ients ot the t Oul.l! i I t HI ,h i l l ) J 0,1. To U,!i, IMPOi'iANT FOREIGN !ii and ignorance ut the att oi.ltuihai a. lie ji, I is t' at thev hat tVfl I iiVl tin. i nd He! ari.ed pjiiumptioti Ill, a I. ill .11 IV Ii cl.i Oj i , li war hau n tiled the councils ot this brave (pent tlie night in tlunikcnt rls and tn IjlPll ''i - high i. LjioV INTELLIGENCE. pill t tfii nioll ti ii let. lour, n'i u.u it niultt'CLS tr c, ?ud that a c qis 1 Riu-daaril). He frequently r. peated, " c i 'lo:v, vn ich alone coui-- i tfpet 1 g tattr pal i liave iluoivn duV, .1 ti intantiy In,d piclcnted thcin'elvcs at aru . cvciimj', tint army will t aili a i i" t) j ) ' rt n TLirtittb B of the Grand be the village ot &oknlmtz, occupied by a . powu.' Ntvcrthelels, the I is day will roft tj?is ol I !ooJ to I'nj ,,rl. i"'rci t, -r t Tips,, ij( J Army. a very different idea : retrniKiit of the di fion ot r.fnenl Lc l'ee.fbuail. c ... i it Jlij it lame ' eiuci tamed () f acftlc, , , !U, v ltl v , Ai t .' t , 1J Turn, irr, j c r 11 , ht cme ira within a oiftol Ihot df our grand,vlioieceivI oiJcrx to cm tone it to icKil .uIl ilHwunatui'i tne coM ul cr. wi., conqui.. , , tu- )i, upon I 'I h 6ti tmiiine, the .i.r.i,,,,, iwnYank Tl e 1th 3in)..iri, riav at length ,ip ImUdi amlrii.v tl,s ,ni. h tl e bl a of to n'all) ft i.i h" , , ,' receiving Tne communication o. the lull mau Qn a ,n)t. ot sour Cdgues , length, pcaud. The sun loicradicnt ; ii tl tin wminfo rr. iv viimti Lall- t- to be I. sell Iro.n vif'itd to oi.iij'e me 10 j 'u-t , pvcr ot MefiVs. de btadionaim d. kim-- j the aril.v, winch auniverfarv of the emptrioi N coronation, tjthtrol, aich -.11. It cut lay, offeied previouily an anniftice, for jpi cartd ai it' it daied not to move out on which one ot the ftneit seats ot arnn ire li'tuici te ot tlole thirty- thxtou os l)en.l of c r ,M) art, al d x.lioie wi on 1.1 Im1 a pavs j pt )r, the purpole of (paring the eu diun ot ot us prfition it had but one tear-- , that ot the age was .on g i take plan, w .' l1 tililKi-1- , , tilniliir his illipt liliri i timid. an ' tl ui blood, it theeneny ieally h ut a t would tic pe it. Ev cue ol ti e lull! i cla s ot ' Autumn. the Frenth army .1 iiim lolethc lovrot ui. Md tr nd thevcr) an arrant ei iciit a id come to a try tlui,j wis uone to confirm the tne1(1 , nt t "I CM! to t 3 'i Ins bat'le, v huh 'he It ' 'u'rc peili th ow him into th mi II rniiion i e- - ) t ur defi iccommod .uon. n uinlcd in ti'hnj, tlii battla ot the anmtcilat). latiLii-- . Is.iiuie, o ei dLin liiti wiah )A tad'it tl 1 i, th it it is 1 tins ide- -. I' in to a luiall 111 n tobe but it was ealS tor the emp-rtl.a' xoipa ot cav i!ry to ilMnce"ii.tO?iicl whiih the eirpeici ca'kd yje "Tattl ft li fiirat qualities, caihil pn lo pcictive tint tbe ei cirv hd utbrr pro-- ! the plaiii1, but luJdfidy, - it 'tilt nilheit ot Aulleilit, will be ioievcr n eiiicru- - the 101 loltr ot 1'uioit. i. l'ciudiou t.-ii"iu- . VlUllllia, 1V ICI'llCI llll! .Kill k.. ...1 lllllla'V llir Ju , a id a5 the hop- - 01 (Jcctls could it the iinirtepce turce1- - ol t!,C tn.-ni)- , it blr in tl e atirah ot the (iicat n ition. , Iot hnul-iit- i, Soldieis, wlitn every tin. - ir,jt will ..tan him in hiltii ,11 '1 lie emperor, tiTtH'pdcd ii). coiii to the enemv, but from sit aihifhly rctur'iitl. 'l Inn eicry tt inpby I'll hn thiiaikotth Ie iren, who by perpiiur-o- s ntceflai) to 1. 'uiethe iuf 11 tls ii i ot the Ruffian aim), he easily tended to colilir n the hi 'Sua pirtinlj in irl i .'s, vr utid to giv- - his lit Oiun1. iiiigw.i 1.11 the tontinent, tonfoliuatid an.l iirolrcntv ct uji toui.'r iu. 1 tint the nigopiatMiis vere no i'i the ill cuciilattd t unhs lie ban t ii the hr'.i'on .'S .cll lihtef. At Britilh tyrai.y over tl e ocean, ui d c u- - be ..(cnhnVed, I will c irrfutf y, a de Jonei uiv thing .vote than a tuse the lirlt rsys-o- f the.lun liscdon '1 !ij 1 1. iniiltd the ., ll wirt ltd the misioiiunrs tf ocr pentiation. '' ,l ' hev,e gu.r' e Tl lu.l his . llance. roi lam to he plated in thf given, a'id each, maiJhal rejoined his It France ennot attain ,.1 ce but on the Do)c,n- - the cl.jetts r f my moltteniiti which the i at 9 o'clock in the morning, oideisof Hit U . Jii the euinf lit corps in full galltip to the emi eror, ai d tht tudes. JSI y people will igvn a cinuJ of Colfacks, lupported by tin wi'hed, V6 ilit on lro: and r,cofitto all 1 he emperor Tafd in paGng along the Kooiltzof wasthaiged tobrmj, n0)tl you witn and it unl bo U.iiuancaxal.y, maoe tu.aavancea pousj tl 11(g,ft ,$ . bqt ,,, lAd fa, front ot 1V crr?l regirents, 'Suldir-- s we us Rtiffia will not obtain them eien lt,fi;cier.t for , ou t'o uy : I ws of p.mre Murat fall back, IiMrouliMecH mai!e a :v, pitcseic l,e waiwoguid. mufl finifli th s campaign by a clap of my on the heights Ihonld be Vilc'i in, ind took there SO men on sod It is impofhble to difcrihe th- - enthi,ui-afn- i tl undet which (hall confound the pride ot Montmartre. encamped f.. th.m the battle of Auft-rliUof the 6th legiment of uragoons. In of the fcliicrs, on leeirg l".i ; (tiaw of our enemies ;' a'.d immediate'y the In a more detailed rclatirn of this anfwej, that's u Lrave tclluv. the couile of the day, the emperor ot lights were in a.i inllant plactd trail the nats on the point of the bajonets, and bat:!e, the r will nuke knowi (bigneci,) Kuflu repaned to Vifcha,u, and the tops df thoufjnds ot petches, andabtCOO (bouts ot long live the emperoi were whit each coips, each officer, each gent- NAPOLEON. vh ili: Iliiilian army took pofmon behind jireftlited themlelvcs before th cjifperor tlie true signal for action. done n ,i A moment lal, has..,,1 ,. to , iliultrate the 1.liemli dj orctcr, The Map Gen. ot the t 11. .. , .IIIV4 JI k. U ,. " IV.1I1IIIUIJ' ui thtt town, laiuting mm witu acclamations ; lome aftei the cann.onade was heard at the liailll-Atmv, 1 e tmpeior had sent his to celebrate the fete of the annherfary extremity of the right, which the ene thir tnineioi. iVuntal BLkTHLlP. On thy 12th atday break, prince John compliment the Rineial Saary,to of his csronation, the others laying that my's advanced guard had already piffed ; Atil-- l ct K.nh-- i as soon as he w'as.appn-le- i the army would give its noferay to the but the unforfeen rencounter of mai-fli- of Lichtenlloin, commander of the trlan army, waited on the emperor at jytrtyrlfst Bulletin ot that prince being arrive! at the emperor on the mBriow. of lbs Grand rt Davouft (topped the enemy short, hie hHsrl.n narf pre. At tin in n hiti. One ot the old Aunj,. llad a long audience of him. Neverthe- aimv. General Salary letuintd at the grenadiers came up and laid to him, and the engagement commenced. was rccon-n- o ' Sue, you need F1.1. I're, jer li Austerhtz, iiiomei-- t when tiie t The ene not txpofe youriclf, 1 , Marflial Soult moved off at the same less we purfiie our fucce&s. teimgthe sires of the enemy's bivouac promile you in the name of the grena- inltant. marched toward? the heiohts of my is retreating aloflg the road tiorn The emp-flet Out ye'ttiday trom In this letreat Au.L-rl.tplic J it Vitchau. He heftuwed great diers of the .rmy, that you need only the village ot Pratren, with the divitionsi Aufteiht toftuiding tor ins a.h.itcd polt near pi.urc o i the good reception, the graces sight jour eyes, and that wc will ot the generah Vandaniiiie and bWHI-lair- nepieients 111. liai.k, yie i'lenui aimy Samtchi, wUrr ie pUt.d lumli.t 1)uar and enthcly cut off the eiikij 13 dllldUUil II1S IC, .'UU lUlIUW.lIrl llll-- l ani good ;n rloiif lmtiments ot the liiefmjcioi c lieuniuv his iivauai. he ft?.ndards.arlli bring you X sword in his leins. . . ot Uulin, and even at t.hc 'grand artillery ot the Human army, tojcelc-brat- sight, allthe movements of which biSamc with the Never was a more how ible field pi bat - ' w"s Lt lo,' '" eruvn.g tl e.u it.c uncertain. Surprized by a march ot Hank di.Kf Coiiltaniiiie, wnofnewed him eyerj the anniversary of your corona": while it wasflvinc, tl.inkinnitfelf attach tie. l'rom the- - midst of immenle lakes tv.o monarths I .d an inrervu . wlncb hi iJ of care and attention ; but it wa tion.' 1 he en pcroi ing and seeing itfclf attacked, it looked .e still beat the cries' ol thonfanus of lailctl two houis. is cii) tor to'perceive trom the fcnes men who cannot be relieved. Jt will be Germany did nr t conceal bd.ii on.11. 3' The emperor; Pud in er)teiinghi?wbi' upon ufelf as .half beaten. .Prince Murat moved oft with his cav- three days before the nvpunded enemies side and thai ot the emperor cf Rul-ca- n oi cjiiverlation .h.c'j he had Tor three vouac, which connlted ot a wretched . be ail fentolFto Bruii. r. WIC It. makes r, '.1- .- .. d lys . tu abuut thirty corcouibs, who stray hoel without a roof, Avhich the alry. The lest, commanded by marlhal ; ll " " lull""fl .1 t .tili IUI .i. ttlil- uiiiier d iFrrent t'tlcs, ur'ronr.d the em-- p gieiiadiers had made for Jiim, ' this is Lannes marched incchelonsby regiments one s heart bleed. Miy io.mucftblgpjl dua of are a let or as at exeicife. A titineiidous cannon- men, in jiiai y mil at 1c11n.11 roi of Rufiia, thit prt fumpriori, impru-- c the fincfievtningof my life ; bt't I reI.e. iit the ade commenced along the whole line : on tne perfidious ifianderJ who are the l1iopkeerer, Pi repea'e.d. v. i and niconfilbiKV would icign in gret to think that I! lofc a number and the cowartllv o!v. tontinent on aie, ill older to Lcuie to pieces of canncn, und 100,000 men, eaufe ot them 1 tns dec .ions tof the militaiy cabinet, as of those brave felldvs. I feel how much made a dreadful noise ; it was a real carchs ofLondon funnort the "jiirdcn of themtthes tl e t. ide ot the woi tl ej hi J icigned'm those of the politi- that, will hint me', that they are truly con-ba-t 1 ielc two of giants. The armies jiad not lo many evils i princes agreed to a cal one. irtld 0.1 the principal conditions vet been sighting for an hour, and the Fiomtbe Bivouac, otb Frimaire-Soi.di- i my childien,arjd in fatt 1 sometimes A 3i my thus condufteJ, cotlld notEe of peJcc, whit 14 tn be roylclf .ith tht feutlmetit, which whole ot the enemy's lest was cut off. ud and rs ; i'he I sear will end by m? incapa- His right sound itself already anhed at ii 'vitliout committing faults, 1 he terminated n a Itvv daya. You foe before you tha Ruffian ar ot the two t 'hero s plan was fiom that moment to ble 6f oi German) th;n into n r J th.; Cprd'the Austerhtz, the oj) thenar.' who vere immediately forced my, fconle to avenge the ar- imperoi viit tor thoi faults and to watch the enemy, have beheld this scene, heKu!d empeiors, the Ruffian emperor's guards, that the Ru.fia march my of Ulm. They aia the same eraperoi, difigned toeir.puor a ct leparatc n o1 ent toi profiting pf them. He uii- - InttKeen aUrmed. t5ut ialli and tin. to hkevvife inakr to endeavor to eltabiilh the communication have bcated at Hol- - peace ; that he entirrly abandoned the battalhons you u e intely gave ord ra for his a'rtiy to thinking he continued his movement, and of the cciitre with the lest. A he had night, as ot the 4th of the line was charged Ubrunn, and whom jou have con- - affairs of KnglaiuT, and no loi ei took ritiit ; letired by to'o' a goodit position halteneil forward to his rui.i. ltantly purfueu to this place. nut wnn a defeat, any themv The emperor immediately catifed the by the Ruffian imperial hoi 1 he pohtions'we occupy are for t'MCJlengues behind, caultd the men to preparations to be made foi battle. He and louted ; but the ompeicr was not The empeioi of Germany frequently ii.i, ' i grcxt oftentatio'i in fortify- -' difpatchrd Dtvouft, to the con- tar 01F: peiceiving this movement, he midable, and whilfl they march to repeated, " there is no doubt but that tSelleires l.i r ,t ,ia eietting batteric. vert of Raggern ; he was with one of ordered mannillripht with to march to tiie turn my right, they will present me in her dispute with England, Trance 13 fuccour ofhis Ins mviucibles. K- - proposed an inteiviev to the emin the right." He solicited also a 'nice his divisions, and a t'ivifion of dragoons, and ., j. , their flank. fliortly the two guards ptor ot llufii.i, who sent him his aid de. to-- . make head against the enlnj5 kft engage"! aster uicceis ,couii notwere Spldiers, I (hall direct in perlon lor the remainder ot the Ruffian army. 1 ne oe cm ), ; nnce DoloioUski; this wing, in order that at a figml jjfYen, it doubtful : m a moment the Ruffiin all your battalhons ; I fliall keep far The emperor him tiiat the niiilit roinark that every thing in might he qqite enveloped ; he gave the guards were idutcd ; colonel, artillery) trom the hre, it with your accul- - Ruffian army was furroulided, and that of the French army o command cf the Iett to mardisl Lannes, standards, all were carried away. .TlS tn cou.i'-eninctomed bravery, ypu carry disorder. not a man could escape ; but added ii add timidity. Tfe cd Constantine do fome.tlung agreeable " of the right to vnarfhal Souk, of the regiment fcf the crand-dukip,to the enpnjy's1 lie, I deiire to ot ugc guards. the fortifications centie to marflial Bernadotte, and of all was crushed ; l)e himlelt owed his fnfe- - an4 confusion to the emperor Alexander, I will suffer ranks ;,but is victory for a moment the Ruffian army to pass I tlie utniol lnfte, all fliowed the Cavalry, which he afiembled on one ty only to the swiftness of Ifu hoife. mi will llou From the heinhts of Aufterht. thi be uncertain, you will see your the RulTun offiier an army halt beaten. point, to prince Murat. The lest of the inarch of ray columns, but your ma- epofe himself to the first jelly mud promise me that the Ruffian A unil the cuftoii of tlie emperor, inarflial Lannes vwas supported by the two emperors beheld the defeatof all the Human guards. At the same moment, blows : for ah eer reccwes with fome'eh tiicuiii- - Santoii, a superb position which the victory cannot hesitate, army will return into Ruffia. and evacuthe centre of the aimy, commanded bv fovftiin t! igs of truce at his head cjyar- -j caul'ed to be fortified, and on nnrfhal Bernadotte, advairted ; three on this day especially, when the ho- ate Germany and Auftna and Pruffiau lie repaired ni'iueii to nis auvanceu which he ha'd caafed to be placed 18 of his regiments, .maintained a very sine nour of French Infantry, which im- Poland." ,fauch is the intention of the pots. Atter the tuil compliments, the pieces oF cannon. On ths evenirfepre- - chaige ot cavalry. Theleft, command- parts so much to the honour of the Emperor Alexander, replied the Empeed by marihal Lannes, attacked several whole nation, is Hart ror of Germany, I can affure you, JJ " officer attempted to upon politHlCed1I)2. tte battle, he had at stake. every 'guard 'of this polkidri to the 17th Wit- umes. All the charges were victorious. cal tj lemons. He atTumed you may convince yourself of it in Let notyour ranks be thinned unThe division of gftf. GalTarelli distin- hin j wuh an impertinence difficult to',e,uof infantry; and certainly it der pretext of carrying off-- the the co(urfe of the night by your own jr guiuied itlelr. be imagined.- lie was m tut molt aoto- - could not be crilarded bv hettpr trnnn. officers'. . , . The divilion,f the wounded, and let each man be well lute'ance of the mtereih ot Europe, 'The divilion of general Suchet formed enemy's batteries. cuiraffiers seized p.m. At one o'clock penetrated with the thought, that It is alTertcd that the emperor said ana ot tne ntuatioii ot tne continent. the lest of martial Lannes ; and that of the viftorjF was decided ; it had to the empeior ot Germany, when he not lie was.ui one wordr is a young truili- - geeral Caffarclli his right, which was been a injgle moment doubtlub, JIot a we rnulc vanquilh these ftipendiaries asked him to come near the sire of his of England, who are animated with K.iii Hi ugia.m. nC ipuKc iu tne lupported by the cavalry of prince Mu man of the reserve had been neceifary, so bivouac, " I receive you in the only pagreat a hatred against our nation. lace I have inhabited ior hefe two as lie tpeaks to Human othcers, iat. The latter had in front jof nor had sought any where. The canoii- eniotror it the ade was no longer This victory will !iniili our cam- months pad." The emperor of Gerkept up but on our wno.n ne ins long provosea oy nis hulfars and I.srht horle under the ordpr. right. I he enemy's corps which had paign, and we may take up our win- many replied laughing (" vuus tirec. haug'iitiutl, and The empe-,general Kellermann, and the divilion his imjigivuion, and this Df dragoons Vakher and Beaumont and been surrounded and driven from all its ter quarters, where Ve fliall be join- bon parti cette hibitation, qu'lla doic rorc sound itself in a low ground man who lias gained a conlitlera- - , reserve the divilions of cuiraffi,urs of! heights, ed by the new armies now forming vons pluire") ' It has been io much to and puttied up agamit a lake. The emme emperor xiiexajiu ' generals Nanfouty ad d'HautpoulCvwith peror marched thither with nventy, in France, and then the peace I flnll )ouf advantage, that I do not wonder at ui r,..iitovcr er, ie turned lull of the idea that the l'lns is as near as pieces of cannon. This corps was driv- make, will be worthy of ray people, iti plealimj you.' pieces of light artillery. r er iris y was on the eve ot its rain. en from position to position, andt Hor- of vou, and of me. MarlhAl Bernadntt?. hxt i to Ti, could be tuiderftocd the words which enfm-d- , Oi e m be convinced ot what the em- -' centre, had en its lest the division such as wiij&n Jropt fiom him. The numerous sun N of ire- - rible fpectack (Signed,) I' tor mul have fuFVred, when it isieralRivaud, supported on the centre by at AbouKir, 10 thouland men thrTHBifli NAPOLEONS - of the two pnnces wtre not so tar dif-ta; 10 n tn .t toward? the end of the con- - pr'inCe Murat, and on but that they heard fometlnng that its lest the division tnemicivcs into me lake anu arownm? By order', The Maj. Gen. of th Two columns, each of sour thoufartd u.n. tJ...,t jiujuitiA iw i.iiu iu ot general Urouet. was said. Army, S? Belgium and to place the JrtSnj , Marffial Sojlt, who commanded ohe Ruffians, laiadown their arms and furren-dereThe emperor accompaiied the Marsbal BERTHEIR. prifoneis7 theenemy's whole park . n the head 1 the mod implaca-'dgof the army, had at his leftTfieV is taken. The result of this Germany to his carriage, and engagem.e, t ri ice. All thefediffe-- , vifionof geneialVandamme, caused pnnce Lichtenllein and &en. at tlcerT- - ment is forty stand of Ruffian colors, II ps luli.lled then mention. ztb Frimaire. prince Scjiwarzenberg to be pr fentctl AUSTERLI7Z, To tre the division of general St. HiUire, which are the ftindnds of the Impethe French a. my a no lonoer the4 ,,r. his t tl,p rl;;fi,. r. ; a confidci able number of SdLDIERS ; to him ; aster which he leturned to r "w Kwiikt(U ijt." rial-guards kiiAi e rrrr 1. k ...1 .1 A . . 11.-..prisoners, the flafF does not yet knoiv I am satisfied with yoti : yju have sleep at AuRerlitz. I much only tliiongli thecow;nd- Marffial Davona wasdetaclicd to the them all. It has aheady notice of twen- in the engagement of Aufterlitz, satLvery information is collecting for - ot th- - Au.trun,. It alTertcd tint riirllt ty thousand, twelve or fifteen Generals ; isfied what I expected from your in- the purpose of writing a fi ie Cdcrrn-tlo- n ivhri of trenenl ls at lead fifteen thouland Ruffians killed who had tlifl paffages of the Ponds, and of wiaiol'. Aultnan of thcbattle pf Aullerhtz. A gieac You have decorated trepidity. the caryai-n- s 1111 a, mil; th: e.rper-r- ,' village, of ko!nitz and OelnitL He remain on the field of battle. Although your eaeles with an immortal glory. uuuiuii ui jugiuccrs are arav. mg up the reports, be not yet arrived, we can at council tn it it was not wuh with him the division Priam and the iuu The the first coup d'cell, estimate our lof at An armv of ico.000 men. com- - the plm ot the helJ of battle. it- - cience my oj.nt to march a- - diagoouscT thfedlVilion of general Bmir- -' eight hundred men killed, and bscSveeh nianded by the Emperors of Ruffia i1"1 of the Rufiian has been lmrunle itanarmvin mcl ther weie lo CICI. The divil)6n of gen-'n- l. Gud.r fifteeil fcc fixieen hundred wounded. and Austria, hag been in less than Gncsais Kuitulto ana Buxhowden were r - o! lold.cis anJ , tHceis ot merit, was to ve".)' early m the morning This will liit aftpnifli mihtary men, vjjr5 sour VMve bre"als werfe hours, cut to nieces and .3 1 v I d fiat th J II en the - tVom Nicholfiursr to In lop any of the en-- n know th it it s bnly 111 ,1 rout that men ed: those who have ercapl'purjtl,,ed- - Vn" , H tU U'e k i"cd to a In. Jiulot men, ill the em)'scous wlutli might ft'rettli b tyond are loll, and no other corps but tje bit-- j 1 a nrett number eiupiror ot KuUii - uh circu mm laiuou ot tlie 4trt was ptpKen. Atncng fvvordi, have been drowned in the ot officers oi ilurt bls rise rirJit dilti.iction lost their lives. wtu'ided 11 General St. H.laire, who, , , b)' rarlJ a,,d unforeleen opeia- 1 in' ei;ror with h'is faithful war thej It snot 120 pieces.ot cannon, I ut ISO. S wounded at the commencement of the too,, .11a aenroy tne molt np icraos conrsinn marffial Bcftliier, hisfirft aid engagement, lerhamed the whole day 111 Pdrty pair of colour i ? the stand- - wnicii i,.v. hLn t.k n. ilieemi'v 2 ; tha; Here, however, np ndn- coliiiel-generJuuot and all the field of bauje; lie covered himfelfi ardsof thermpenalGuatdsof Rjl- - cIumns w,ch threw themfelvis into ta-- e had been obtained; that, on th- - his (Kft. iVas 111 iifcne with the ten with gioryT IJie generals of division, fm, iao pieces of cannrjn, 20 Gene- - the Lakes wt,ie tavopred ic conniiv, all the fk.1rm.H1es ogahlfad- - battili ons of his guards, and the ten Kellermann and' "Walthe'i, thegeneitU rah, upwards of 30 660 prisoners hut the cannonade broke by the twj-arit, and vameJ-tn.- d of thJrmy had battallionsot general Go jenot, of Which ot Biuude Valkuhert, Thiebatih.Sebaf- the refnit of this mcMorabld whole column were drowned. OrltlKJ bi. .1 the ad- uHie .d he I a rich 3r- - genual Dnroc commanded a part. tnni, Campan, and Rapp to so much boast- - evenm.j of the uay and for fevet .1 was the latter who in day. This infantry tn.v , 'othele vere o;rili l tie Inave the emperor, It ed, and infupeiior numbers, have hours du jng the nigjht the emperor rode-no- t charging at the head of the gienadiers ot ,1 , ju uu uaii tne .11 nu' at a mlpi- - ; columr.i b butallion, at the ditHnce of the guards, took pi nice Repum, been able to refiftyour ftiock, over the held of battle, and caulcd tic - ot 1 d .mo t..-by fi- - . il ineir f opening; fnvm? in tfie intemls 40 ot the kniglits of the Imperial and henceforth, yau will have no woun led to be carried avay, .1 nowibic ot the Imperi-'p.cc0f cannon f, rve4 by the artillery-aof Ruffia. guards or 11 1 : ,, ond, what tby pro- - men 0f ie guards. It is witli this re- l guardsdidinguifiied As to the men who more rivals to dread. Thus in two hVble, it ever theie waB 0114. 'the - have themselves, 1 is the i) months, this third Coalition has been eniPsr01 'r""cd on a very sleet hors , )iy, dil not daie advance, their tal- - serve thit the emrjcroc had whole army winch has covered ltlelt with ia " l''ft z lightning , t -- ,ot uliith they vmre altomljied thatjof ruihing- wherever Ins. prefenceouIJ glory'. It constantly charged fliouting vanquifiied and diffolved. Peuce BloP'-- al01 to fi . 11 , lll4 u,u not co npicncmi tne hive been necefl.ry. We may long live the hmperor, and the idea ot can no lonsrer be at a dnlancst: h,.r. nolLim w" n,0,c sasha: celebrating ib gtorioufly the aniverfary , f porr. ,,.. .ml Ur ... thfls "rave fellows rtcoinife him in t e reserve alpne was ivorth m army, .this " v n t ie 10th, coronai ion, Further aninfated t.he crofiingthe Rhine, I will only make "t'd, , lime forgot t eir IfFcrn'fTj ai..t from the the emp-ro- r, At o'clock in chr, innrnmn thr rm. of the 3. V fw At K.lfj tI)S vij "y ' t .im .' lOllllt fi ouac received iihunrpea- - pcror mounted on to vilit his win iv us gU rr..,- - otn r, . , ,,1ve ,uU The Fienrh armv although numerous a r th se t,?' t al lm arm ""T'nnin poJl! rccon-un'xthe tues ot fie ene- nd beautilul, was mterur in number to l.v"' " IVI -- 'c tc.vua. 11 i r a'- - , )Jr, j ,1 li , ie nit t ,.iuij- it t,, at t v f iiiS bivouacs, and lcccive .1:1 accou'.t' thevnmy's aimy, wr.ith conlilh-- of one lies. IHavi-do..-; buth: laijbjAaQ J, True k wciafcwfauaaJgVMaatfMiJ- tgjyjsjv - frk po ", a 1 V . iuu I 11 '.ill i ii i be-t"- 1 ii' -- ii 1 utin tr.-t.,- .y C- j(i 'la"'' i .,,! , , 1 11 in-- . aj 11 1 li'iii" - )aieh or 1 a- 1 . p-- i ,'rjre' td p-- on Jt, 1 is u , StafT-majo- 1 11 - . . em-pci- oi al mj-er- or e, 1 tm-j-r- or I . ly Ln-Ln- nv 1 1 1 -- head-quarte- caiT-yin- bat-t.lli- . ,i de-n- g!fi-C- e I iin Piqj-per- or tit, es iht 0f n, , Vi - i nt 1 ..,, d 1 ht rio-U- 1 w -' v ! Leo-rahd- . 1 j;ei.-W- 1 .1- i 1 ilperf-!r"u""CQ't- 1 ,a,y 1 de-ca- ?l - 1 Rlm e com-mand- ei m es tl-o- &&t 1 tc, ''"' d j j

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