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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, April 2, 1806

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

,fY J,J,1 ll Us. y J it j JIL Jk- - jirp PliTirJL A fA 3 il1 CV S1J-Z.JLL( 1 TI? AND GENERAL ADVERTISER, VJJUIiMai BlllfMl IW iiMMiiimiiu w?- VOL. XIX. ijypyjw towij -- paid in advance, or Four Dollars at the end of the year. Those who write to the Editor, n.uft pay the pottage of their letters. 0flTHE LjL Aff 'exercif; his',0'v'SIS'' - thanks to his r m '9031 'S.VITTOO JJUI'l 3ljl tUOJJ 9 irtoqc 'f pur. M3UUOJ UOJMUIXJT lUOJt PKO.I 31U U0 'S3HU1100 S3i JUaXuj lit jjed puc '11035 tti pui!( 3ij, jijiuiq joj siipnf puc ptiuj Jd o; llA pirOAt 'jJCljDJlld oi Sui intAv tiojisd Xuc ajoddnj t s 'XiEjjsosn un 3q pmo.w S3juu3jd sip jo pui( Jsqio jo ssjji liiuj asqunj Any 3ll 33J -- J31J40 1UJ3A0J j(Idn us piIK 4pJEq3iO l 3&3d pUE uoiiEAinna ui S3J3E oof J spiEAidn iiav 'ssiSE OSS ?noqe 2uiuiej -- UOD l3AI avou 1 ipiqA no QSJV1 J '. NIV3HV3 J.V3HO HE Partnership of Mejitelle & iwning, or F. Downing k. Co. h thislav HE fubferiber till continues his opposite mr. Pope's office, ivhere he has ddition to his other business, set up the ip sun. REMOVAL. 7 m- ADVERTISEMENT. j--j SJOLEN nrftrayed liom the pallure Tthe fubferiber in Millerlburg a se I days ago, Soirel Mare', lour years old, sc large white blaze on her face, retrurk-abl- e large feet, not (hod, and a nev, rand on the lest ,shoulder M. Whoso- 'ever will bring her to the fubfciiber, or give hiin the means to have her again. vill be generously rewarded, by March 24, 1805 u fO J. Savary. v3t ADVERTISEMENT. BE SOLD, on Tuesday, the th of April, at the house of Samuel BeeUr sour miles tiom Lexington, on the road leadintr to uen. Henrv's mill. Horles, Milch the following articles': Cows and Calves, Young Cattle--, Hogs, Sheep, tvo excellent Stills and Vtlfch, Bedding, "and (undry othtr hootehold fuumuic. 'l'veKe mouthb crtdit v. i.J be given ; binid a.ij i(pioved lecuru due atttiiCui.Cf; wil v. til be lequirtu .e paid by z.t Saml. B:er. MERCHANDIZE, HlCntlieycahventnreio tV ding and other accommodations will V well boutlit, and vvhieh assa-- are as ran nn,l.t,ii 1.. to any in the sold as low as any ever brought to the state. Western Country. His Stable is They will receive in pa) ment cash, tobacco, well supplied with Hay, Oats, and hemp or hog's lard in hand; but from the many disappointments Corn, and his Oftler particularlyat-tentive- , collecting for their hst thtyhave met vi ith in ear's sales, they are and careful. Thofetwho dtta mined to credit so obliging as to call on him ma) 26th November, 1805. are reil allured that they fijrtll receive Im tjfje Pi ess, and will shoitly be Published, the greatest attention, and every ex n. collection oj the ertion will be made to make their situation agreeable. Private parAWS OF KENTUCKY, ties may be accommodated with a comprising all those of a general nature, pass- room unthlturbed by the bustle of a wlucn, addition to those pr.ntcd in my former collection, will form tavern. ; a compleat t fust Received by WILKINS 6? TANtfflHILL, And daw opening in the atoie . cup'.ed by mr. John Jordan, rear theeoait house, and for sale by the packatre. vi? uul3- " prooi llwui v, ' Aw iu 10 4 4 8 10 6 15 W . body of all the general Laws in ioree 111 tins state. John Bradford. Lexington, FcLiuary 12, 1806. T UKE USHER, J'S. fei ' from Bsltimore, in l5 forms the publick, that he has - & NOT ..., - 4 f Tailor, SA v Tailor, CLEAN FLAX SEED oi) NOTICE. m Dry Goods, Groceries? Iron Monkery, Cutlery, Saddlery, China, Queens' and Glass Ware, Stationery, Paints and MedicArte, warranted Boultmg Cloths, from No. 4 to 7 ; and in addition, they have a large quantity 01 bed quality of Iron, cut and wrought Nails, 8c a quantity of Man's Lick Snlt. Allot which wcie p'urchafed at the lowed Alex. Parker. Lexington, March 8, 1806. HL r WINES, case containing Nutmegs, Clare!, Mace and Cinnamon, Logwood, 10 boxes Young Hv son, ? ,, $T-A10 do Hv son Skin, 35 bbls. Cofiee and Loaf SugVf Raisons in kegs. The above articles will be disposed of at 9 moderate advance, by thebantlofpackcge, iii" Cash or Negotiable Notea tiiDiivs. A supply of GIlOCERICi, Etc? will be regularly received from Philadelphia, winch wilt enable us to furnish store keepers, or others, upon the lowest terms. V. T. A NEW STORE. THOMAS 4-- ROBERT BARRV & HAVE have just received from Philadelphia, arid are now openingin the home lately occupied by mr. E. Craig, a Urge unel general assoitment of MERCHANDISE, DRT Consisting of GOODS, HARD WJRE, CUTLERT, sV. QUEENS' ) pv. 7 s Colemenar, Pott, Pepper, Brimstone, Allum, Copperas, 1 2 IE P.- Oinirei", 10 Bladder, 8 Chocolate, 50 boxes Segai, 3 CONDON, Matlcira L. Sherry, S I C E. removedhis Factory to LeVinjr len' at tne S1n 0l Ule Umbrel- - FHjOSE indebted to Maccoun and Tilfoid. are rccuestedtn rail nmlmvl sc la, next doorto Travellers' Hall,. . where he will keep a constant uieir respective accounts on or before the first ia ot Marclinest. All those thatfailto com supply 01 pry, must expect their accounts put into the Umbrellas &. Parasols, ; uaiHis 01 proper othcers-io- r col ection. vv tliout finished in the neatest mariner Merchants and' traders may be supplied with Umbrclhsst uisciimuiauon. Lexington, January 2, 1806. this Factory on more advantageous terms than uy miporuntr inem, THOMAS HICKEY, He lias al) an assortment ME D1C FN E. Maia Cross Street, Lexington, opposite Mr, vVlnch he vyilfVell vei-- Jow and on which c. Bain's new Brick House credit will be ghcS-Ui- tf consist of. 226 lb. SaTGIaubef SSlb. Sena Met. OEPERS his services to his friends 121 Ciem. Tart-yPulv. Rhai 12 jnifthe publick flattershimfelf that from his 86 Flor Stilph 5 Sal Nitie oura long experience in the ptincipal cities of En 14 Camphor 4 Cantharidc-- rope, and being lately from Philadelphia, will 8 Rad RJfai opt. 24 JW Pulv. Cort. Pe-- enable him to cive ceneral fatisfaciion. He Tart Krnetlc X ruv. opt. presume's thata 'fpecimenof his abilities will 28 SiV.Gljcuihi? loiEceforany thing more he might say. La 0 Rayipicac. 2 do. 12 GuArabic dies' habits and gieat coats made in the first 6 lt-jE'di- cr dec. talnion. Prerfp- 3 Opium? N. B, One or two apprentices, well recom Rub. mended, wanted immediately. 6m LEAVY & GA WOOD, Have u!t imported from Philadelohi and Haltimore, and are now opening at their those indebted to the fubferi wore, m Lexington, A Large, Elegant, and Well Chosen berfcy bond, note, or book account, will please make payment to mr. Jos. Gray, Assortment of who is authariied to receive and receipt MERCHANDIZE, tor tliem, during" my ablence. Confiding of 11 Is J jiii;iiea opirus, iu - Lexington, April 29 UMBRELLA MANUFACTORY oIed bymutim consent; tho3e indebted are requested to call and settle their accounts, and those having demands acrainst the firm v. Al present them for settlement. 9 Br mill in Lexington at the Also, vicinity, are YelpecUuIIy LINSEED OIL still continues, and that that said school may be had at said mill. scholars will be admiffible all the yeai John Eobb, round. Feb. a6th i3jfi. tf The school is kept in ths private house built by Wm. Dailey, 'and lately RICHARD TAYLOR, occupied by Mr. Porter Clay.' ESPECTFULI.Y informs his friends and the.publick, that he has opened a The third quarter will begin Saturday the 22d inft, Days of school on vuse of Entertainment r Wednelday and Saturday afternoon, in that lai sre and commodious brick house lttdy occupied by Mr. John Instone, ic Frankfort j every week. nheiehe 13 supplied wiui the best 01 liquors fC7 Terms same as beTore. and provisions of cvciy kind. His stable is March 11, 1306. ost- ' General Assortment of 111 tft DANCING SCHOOL. " 7s"'lll oj be furnilhed equal joj; S3tui HAS removed his fliop to a final! red houft, on Main street,the Tecond door above mr. Laudeman's where he purposes carrying on his biifinefs as vfual. Those gentlemen who may please to savour him with their cuf torn, may depend on having their work done Merchandise 8c Stationary, in the manner. N. K. He wilhes to sell a LOT of which will be sold at the most reduced prices for Cash. GROUND, lying on Mill ftraet, adjoining Col. ljart's It is at present undergonri encloi'uie, fames Maccoun. ana 2 brick liouie on it, that wiUmikc an ex. PERMANENT ccllent (table. Lexington, March 3, 1806, THE inhabitants of Lexington !.ia.J ch-aie- ' 'cqaJEjr ner. He "is well provided with a variety of the bell liquors his Bed- E sub'criber has iust received from Philadelphia, and now. opening at the store lately occjrpied by the above firm, on Main street, oppoitc the market house, an ex tensive additional supply ot S-- iinii p.-rl- Vs T 6 fu-- Lexington, March 6th, 1806. Lexington, January 31st, 1806. First Qu.Jitv GOO 11)3 fom JJophins. - n'i?iasor ot Mac- - where he will be ableuoair Mae.iiig,of every to furnish Chairs day dissolv ed by description and color, painted, japanned and Tilford, is this and gilt, which has never yet been done in this to call and settle their accounts with James country. Maccoun, and thdse having demands against ' F. Downing Oie firm, will present them to him for settle- - John Tilford Jim. not dioieiaitt county. -- THE f"TT coun "James Maccoun, , I -- n d NOTICE. 3 1 the encourage Ji k, LE. h, 1 Sept. 3rd, 1805. B K 41. Y E R tf acrjs to suit ;hepurchafcrs. For terms For Sale fof C:wh. apply to Docl. Jrtine, Wellli, of the , r fames JJ'wr. town of Dayton, 01 John Bradford of QTOR JOSEPH HOSWELL.'i Slartjli IS'h, 18C6. Lexington, who aie legally authorifed I have hand. seven Ifto removed to ins farm, Supply fd you all can lie, to dispose of ths said land- - the title is nnrweast of I.cxineton. FOR SALE, neir hc Rev. A However great is the demand, indifput;ablr Dudfv's; w here he will Dmctlre M!;rine in Tllr Ulmr .vniciron t now livc-- j eiii My friends come onto me. all its different branches ile I.35 nn baud . in Scott County, within one m.Ir .11 x 1)KT DOWNING; larg-quintity of Genuine Mnlicinc, which he halt of Georgetown, I will dig welb you alljnay know, on the ni.nwill sell by w hob sale or-- i ctail. lo.lel RESPECTFULLY informs his trood water I can iincl, . He also otters for sale, two hundred and six. o L.eximrton, containiii! 100 atir-- , ,,t friends and the public!: in general, ty eight In spite of patent laV3 I'll Show, land, about XO arrcs acies of it rate a For naught I will be kind. that he continues to keep a house of .MILITARY LAND, inveiiiiiy uuiiie, two llt'rics, 23 bv.0 ENTERTAINMENT, near Hornbeck's ni',11 Clarke count), a part of teet, a large barn, Sec. for which I ,!! In all tli&branches of my trade in that commodious frame houTe, on v."i nauiawei isi'3 survev. So punctual I will be, lie will takv takecalh or negroes Any mc'. Main Street,' opposite the Court Cash orYountr Negroes for it It nei er stall by one be said, ned to purchnlV, may meet'v.nh a bartto rayettccounty, lath Feb. 1806. John Shaw has cheated me, gain, and lailds adjoining for f,.lt, which at the sign of I am, would much improve the ti a Jl 1 tin. -jl t ourrALUii; n'omrc John R. Shaw. of the fubferiber, on the prcnulV-r- . 1 Jtii 1 . wrtre he is nrencred toaccommn. flint rock, as N. B. I sljsll refuse to work-i' date Travellers, and others who may tff&i just imported and are now oprnmr, a March hnvebecn tlu'ee times blown up fames Barlcu. 13, 180G. please to call on him, in the bed man Large and Kl REMOVAL Chair Maker, Cabinet-anHA"S lately removed his Shop to nis new brick house, which he has built for the purpose, on Bank Alley immediately back of the Bank, and fronting the' house lately occupied by Mr. 'Jr-- Jones, and now by Mr. Pew .ind where he has ori hand a ftockof stuff, equal to any in this State. FlJRNI I'URE or the newest and mod: elegant "faihiohs, may be had on the lhorteft notice, executed in as neat a manner as any where in the United States. He flatters himl'elf, that fiom the nrany sources of information wTiichhe has had in his line of business ; the Tegular correfpondsnee which hehas kept with all the principal Cabinet Makers both in Philadelphia and New-Yorthat he will be able to general fatisfacYion. give Lexington, Dec. 7, TS05. l'OK of Land, Acres Me working at my trade, At raising stones to suit your mind, digging with my ipade. I CLAY, SAL!-- ' in his'lme of business. moie than a mile and a half trom the ; town ; it will be'laid off in In Lexington my friends may find tr.icls of 20C k SAMl. JANUARY. JH,QGi '. s ment. ic6. a,- - large-botto- PA.-r- - traSt of LAND for sale ior Cash. 7 subscriber respectfully to PORTER WEDNESDAY, APIUL Ali ronier LO , oppuftte th- - pub. ING- of 600 acres in the lie, hontin ; uiu VfT.T. rnntinue to f" YlNG in the county of Hcnderfon. i.niie le ,, 1 crv,, GJ t... .Jt. uiehc-ipro'feflion of counsel and attorney at law, in Pi.w-j niiib ut 'w'l.i'j u.iidw; d on tlit- Min TT .1 1, ..!.!.. I).. mi 111c l. Vll vaters 01!' nufiiiauu two OU and bniit 100 bic! inn 15 or the fitfl tniali and those ciicuit courts inwhich he lias heretofore mi itiver : ti 1' hO I Itv. ;cre each, nn Trade. Water. I will sell the above practifed, and in the court of appeals, ami '.y, well timDeied, a Vur turtlr n.rurnl.i laud verylovv for ca Ui, 'horses. bc-f- , urols Kr ft. court of the United States, for the Ksntuiky linall water cotrle calledifWolf tick, ci.iiuiie of William Morton efq. ihurict. ihat makes through the jvjfoleo&rttfrif pork Uhifeey or flour. Any per Ion wiftiirigtoujiTliafe, will please auuly to Walker Etn lor. returns "lik rand-i- s directly oppolTte ttle town of me, living near RobirJfonSr Lict, in till WariJli 17, IflOG. ' ". ,v HP HE subscriber' for D.iytou; the molt remote corner friend; V COMMISSION. ment he has receded informs the public, that he has lately opened a house of 11 ;.Qtniiel at the siern of the vT...c...n snirAHK sc COMPASS. The house is com-- ' modiolus, the stable ctfensive, and both are tr tiling necessary for the fimnJiorl ivltVi accommodation of travellc-- and others, w.ip may think proper to savor him with a pall. He V ARE i provided vv ith a large and convenient HOUSE, for the reception of goods, equal, is not superior to any in the place. He will also m,v. sai.RS ntvin COMMISSION, for those who miv have any tiling to transact in that way, which wiU be done, together with the charges for storage, upon the most reduced ternw. He flatters himself, that from the experience he had in mercantile transactions, '-i attention to business, anu a utsue- iu o merit a part of the public patronage. - ei py iTGeo. M, Bibb, J. 1 STORAGE pyi5y 1BSJttSKraia&X2!im73ttB21X&SS&MilXIlmi rMTJ.,r;r,MMis?ipiltwiceaweeky1 . w.rrv. .,.--at Three Dolhrs and a half per annum, TAVERN, is BY DANIEL BRADFORD, LEXINGTON. TERMS OF THE GAZETTE, 1 - yww u jn- N 1027. TSITtSaCWSK-KrlYi- & wjj CHINA 6? WARES, GLASS J BOOKS 6? STATIONART. which they wiUsell for Cash, at tire mo t d prices. (Jj Hiey Iiavc on hand an assortment of importel BAR. IRON. tf revlu-ce- JOSEPH GRAY, HAS removed hU Store to the Cone houle, opposite Samuel & Ti, - C cupifdby McfiVoHaii Jc 7 ters, lately liartlett ; and has uilt icreivtd. in : , --f . G'-oi- dition to his former aflfomneui., BLUE DYINPr. Knisnu, takes this method elegant supply of GOOD'S, a very of informing the public, that (lie has commen ced the Blue Dying business, next door below which will be sold chfnp for Cnfl-- . I Mr. Hufton, the saddler, where flic will dye erviopton, JVLnrl, .;, lno6. ."..u.i, ym, ww u'.nu, UI ilMJf XinU Ol liome made cloth, which Ihe will warrant to 1' O U N. D, (land ON Siiturday evening, an old A Cadi prices, --.nd will enable them to sell them, 1m is color, as flie dyes with hot dye. will de the above articles as chaap ai. either by whole sale or retail, very lOvV I01 they th c 1 can be done any where in Lexington, talliioned bLLVER.WAJ CH CASH. well furnished with forage, and an attentive owner can have it by appMng tfir .uiu receive proemce in payment. ler. From the arrauecinuits made to accomFebruary 5, 1836. JNlr. S. Ayres. r"!jP modate his visitants." tnd the attention that w ill March 24, 1S06? PyVr"" be paid'them, he flatters himself he will shai, FOR SALE -- On long Credit, in- THE liulcriber refpecVuIly Uie publick lav our. two story B n 1 c k House. rms the nubbcl;, that he Ins Jatolvooened a October 24, 100 J JAMES ROSE, Lot of Giound, on tne Limeftont HOUSE. OF Boot & Shoe AL'ker, Alio, the in that large, commodious buildinp, on Main soil, atJjie e(,(.e of town. E sc? LOT RESPECTFULLY informs lireet, latelv ot ciipied lv the hank, and near the ladies and gentlemen of Lex- Lexington, occupied by Georne Adarrn inn ly opposite the Com t heme, in the town of Lex jt Ln GitAND'3 NOTE, a- ington, that he cari-jton iext door to George Norton, and the Ground ington , tvncre lieispieparcdtoaccommndate Payable to, Iz tudorfed by James M'Coun, dai tioyc busmt in all its the r ous travelers, rind others who nny be lii ubllcinn u' John Adams jun. A good House ted, Lesinptotf, februa'y, 4tb, 1806, at fittv ?s to call on tin, in the heft manner. He ' aft branches. lie lias on wenen, a waggon and 1 of Five Horses, i days date, lor looo dollars, payable and nego. rondantly fupphed with the moll assortment ofl dies Kid penuine h weil equiptfor the load, two Brood Mares, at the office of the Kentucky InTurance quorsof difterent kinds; his bedding , tible & Morocco bluinvi-srwr.L1' i lsexten .nd six Colts, two years old and yearlings! Conipin). The public aie c'iutionpd from five, and attended towitltcare jdain, equal to any imputed, he nbove property is to he (bid on a lone. .indirointht takin'gii,aspamcnt has bten llbppsd. sue of liu ilabTe, he is in hopes to icrder wliiclihc will sell at the lowest credit, the purchafcr giving bond wifhappro- The finder will confer a savor on the fub- as commodious as any in the date; and ashir likewise a hai.cVome ftsscitniert of nice 'tu iteuiuj, uy jne, bv leaving it at the (tore of John and will always keep on hand feriber, a larce quantity o GEORGE ADAMS Sen. clnldiens' K.d, Moiocco, andCrlt Sk Shoes. Joidan. hay, oats, and corn, together with aeood oft He has icnt to Philadelphia for in rdejucnJ rDec. 17th, 1805. tf A. Le Grand. supply of leather of the first qiahtj, and jet, jib ji.titcr5 mmjeii, tnai ne win oe etiablctl iSoY'. Lcxirgton, 6th' Feb. to accommodate his v uitants in evtry nnnner receiving a constant supjdv cen pr.i'g ,, Publish'td, and tliatiuav luit tneir convenience. sale at aftd f.dl Gentlcmens' Cosbucks and E Jl O V A L. i ne strap Boots made; of imported Leathe WILLIAM SAlTEHWHfr,E. tits black grain and calf skin Shocf Moioeco April 20vt9&;. r 17 n At n. ,tf VI D X; ii. lV. WWlJV.r, Pumps made in the newest Lsh.on anil .u on THE manner Boot Leg., and Miens in to t .ittern fJf-fi-remote d his btofe to the Tor s le v .'h anv Merchants i) be s ;.! a CviiiHi v. hue luHi'i ', upp j.te ?!.. Lc.i Doctrines of the Strictures ViijuCtua M of tlic aoove crtieles, nc,'' as ehe as ui the v't,, viln-n- . liL lub ia i ' i.u )int o; encd, 3 ufPbysii ami Surgery, Yindicotcd, ill uitic it.lcs. .lw i d Uii" :.ioi i.. "it :' c'h it and its vicui hi He keep'' Irs AC UK ST M.ircl 1 5 O U D .?, fnop the lit lately occuiej by botlari F R Hi S H N- B. Ladies' Fancy Silk and Suun. Tbe Reply of Mr. Stone. huh he o'ILt. to Ins ft lent'u) aivd tlk public at Bu j d Var.M 'f t'i"T o,,n paltein to mccuic. 'OriU s.fuiu-V- i Jix.uu.-.l.b- i. 'uliei'. .cd;..u.: Vila P C. a '' kill- . i'.i'I1' '.:'. Aver J "' Eagle Tavern. f&" ONE LOST, 'L-'lMOUS- mm 11 am J s v 1 ?" fust r Dk.VALTER.WAEFIELD, S y $ ')icc, N E for ut 'c. r, rn, ! 111 - i !.'::. - CW.' h. iJa , i - CT2

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