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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), April 8, 1797

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

IJfcianT'mrtfT- - rWtiftimin1' i I,. J twi'iwjMMiww Wiiw 'iwiMupjf j f 5I NUMBFR LE KENTUCKY GAZETTE. IIFTE' XINCTO 2.' A" SATURDAY, April 8, 1797. volume x Ton WfdnesdaYs atidS'M uriiays tPrinfaArticles of Intelligence, Etfay,, r J. BRADFORD., en Main sir set "where Subreptions, at TxtrtttyOml Tcr Annum, ire. are thanljulh received, and FflPhiig "' general executed in a neat and corrtfl manner. Advtrtifemer.ts, CHEAP LANDS RENTED, Meiiifin TO BE forge Adams, In the Toton of MILFORn. fusrh,turTA F THE "D ES.PECTFULLY informs Ills friends anil the public in ge n, neral, that he has oj cned Tavern, in ct any m said Town for a Public House, hundred acres, part of thit noted $tacr Jt f la commodious honfe on Mam Hreet t iblcs &c for one vea , - a longer time called novel's Woodstock tract, within wght with rur terms apply to Benjamin Hoiladav, living the third door below Croft lTreet , miles of Lexington and seven front the Kentfic-knear Midord. SAMUEL ESTILL. vhcitf those who pleafc to Jrvor him river, in the centerof which is a never sail Nov. 7. ing spring. with their cullom, shall meet with evArt undivided rnoietv of two thonrind acre's, er pollible attention. first rate, sit iae on the waters of HiiUMn Wontei Immediately, creek, w.thinfix mdeiof ShelbVviUe it is well A N Honest, lnduflrionS OVFR-J- Foi Side, watered anil the main road fiom Louisville to SEER, who understands the Snclbyvil'r runs through it Si r thousavd ACRES or LAND, of tiearnes. Alfn all AP- We will sell the above proper'v vtiu l.uw, ITEMED for maj. John Hofty, del and as we are m want ol monev, and will givea good fKi,NTlC to tile Tanning bufincfj. patented the mmt ol Lit'laiwnrv Mnf-and fuffiucnt title tfy, heir at fan of said ohn Molby ; lying on 'LEWIS CASlLEMAN. ABTJAII U JOHN W. HUNT. tf ' .... inpai ' "V v ttWLidoog. beHundred t of ten xtiouUnd acrei, pX. mouth tOR SALE, Ualll ffn?l Mffl'ChanUlfcfi'l yrgawng-Kfn- that rofis Utonuin Licking on' the J STArrk ThcfoUmfg JroHs of LXST), the property tf WILL BE CIVBtf TOR SOUKD'Yo'JNC nn .1, e,'t aftout for miles iwlmv the ft nth C Kt frvmiu Bedford, (tu wit ; Yha X. boundary, n of the Ohio, ub. t?iiied lor Jus own services, two of wl icb lies within three quarters of 3. rnileofthc Ohio, on Straight creek, .ptyinir into the river nnnnfit m ci I ewisCialg's, and adjoining the 1t1ds ns lth-we- J y nr fobfei ?bcr HiiS sour thotifand ot LAND in the olhcers, Nrrl.f ft kn...l,n)l f r iy sS' r David W piker and William Vance an eai Jj ,'tate, said to be valuable , of of which willfell oh moderate terms, one moiety paid down ' the oslicr a icafonable credit given for. Any person desirous ofpuichaf-- . mg may know the terms on applicant on to the fubfenber, who resides neap Lexington. WALTER BAYLOR. in k of L (kin , and extending down Licking 11 tcnlurvuvj Itis nnuecelfary to defenbe the December I, 1796. 1 111 e -- 4M,ve-Wi- :,d- -, 6 8000 Acres on the vaters HORSES, the Iron Works, X"S7 O II T H from twcnb- tf flxty VV pounds each, by the fiiufy ibers, entered ard patented in the name ot William Alio Djvis who will commence purclia(Tii gat their of talking, in loco acres on the north furk store in Lexington, on Monday i he IVafon countv, hall ol Samuel Henry's jaOoacre FI....H....I. .......... , . I. . .............. d.i ) And I furvev Sf ll(.ll.3 Nelson countv, on Allure creek.y ann continue unui tne r rwa A iijo : and at ames Fdward Cos In the name ol John PemUrton Theaboe lands will be 10 d low for eai iror( JJamille. on Mein'av tli" Military lor exchanged on advantageous twentieth, L continue until Iht Saturt ir good land, con lands on Oreen riyer, or day following, aster winch they w'.l veniently lituated in the ( umbcrland counMv The piirchafcr will apply to the lablcribcr, liv jeturii to Lexington, ami coi purcha'fing until the fifteenth ol April. ine itt Scott county. , VM HENRY, Agent A. & J. W.HUNT. Forf4Klfe(Ho;J. Aogott 3, 179- March 6, 1797- tf of SI te and Flat creeks, - ...... FOR SALE, A BEAUTUUL SITUATION OF Firsl: qtitilitied Land. the mojth thereol, where it enipties into the Kentnckv river, ind six mile . i. oin t rankfi;. t the land is leveJ and lies exceedins yell lor acres farming and meadow ; there is thirty-fiv- e cleared and under japd fence, sever.) very good cbDhv, a good tprw am a v tm loie mui ki, tl DOCTOR fo-Ca- 1 PRIVATE ENTERTAINMENT FOR MAN AND HORSE, On Main llrcet, nextdnor to Doaor Dowiri's, Ey N pf-r! 1 n i'i rtucky c' Mi1 med byflid 1 and y - RESPECTFULLY l.uely begi to 5 , ALL Pi.Ri.ONS p-- - ' fth LAND ,i, ALiST ' The partnerllup AISO, Ot is Ico .ere of an URnois the halls of Ohio. -- grant, oppo-it- e 1 ti- nine years old, verV lengthy, feme very remaikable white fpoti on his breast, neck and back, branded wrh D on the near buttock As th time fur br n!ing the to the publ c ftia pens has elapled, it 15 Imped the person 10 has him in cuftodv, will deliver him to menu Trotter & Scott, Lt ng-to- n, or to the fublcnber near Franktoit JOHN J IMISOW FanKlm countv, Ma! ch 12, 1797 6W i, v V1A -- i- - es. STATIONARY, U'huh they tiilJelt at a ow Cajh or Gotentrj 1'redm.c Juitatle Aria Orlean UtarkeV. Iiewngtorr, Feb iS, for for the 1797- - Inform the public, IllfS Mihtxr) that arrant, in u tt DANCING, of a petent ijicd y the Jlate ' lirfinti, (J to tot sat J Join Co.ii . irJ is the fml Lnl, l, il out he lirfeh, 1 'ki lire all J toivtnr am claim to tit efud eh n f tt makepero s b Ian I, them TAKES thn method of nformirg the inhair- - iiiown,Jbat v.e truy not ht injireib impHvmgthe SlMVi-JhiiKELL itants nt Lcxinctrfn and i"s environs, that he in- - lame. AAKON hONTAlNL. Bradford' teiwh opening a SCHOOL at Mr 6a on Fnriiv the 24th irdtanr, where he intends to Ihrcr 9, I '77. teach Dancing in all its branches, on the raoft FOR SALE, nnpro' ed plan He will intioduce a vai'etv of Reels which have never been 'aught in fcliooL Acres oj Military Land, By his eperience and attention, he hopes tome, 400 ING in the county of Clarke, nt the approbation of those who fliall encouiagc bis undertaking. twelve miles from LexingLe si nton, March 15. tf ton on the main road leading from sis thence to Clarke court houle, adjoin- . qterici. R. DEVENPORT, L TliPtraftnf nn xhrh ing tue land or i;uiDara laylor. This land lies well, is all of the firfc t I now live, lvmg about two miles from Lex- - omlityrand of indifuutable title ington, near tr.; Georgetown road, containing deed of general warranty giv- twofhundred it is well watered and tun- - en. Any perion inclined to :ee it win lured, about 5 acies cleared the ritlc indif- - be gratified by mr. '1 avlor. heterms For terms apply to the fubfenber , putab'e j,e knoW!V,by applying to mr. Ju- wboruw rclu'es on the P I or to Capt. Cofbv aic, tf mwu, Blank Deeds for Jale. ' "yr Take Notice. sat urj the name ufoit of 1 m Cook, uftn t'e North fork oj Goose cruk, an Uoe So itb branc ' oj Harro Vs crctl, cont tintrtg five hundred acres, jcii.m the lands of AbrofVrt t cotnvyea by deeli, in coni- II te, is jold is, ii 'jiEH.EAi V' I am informed a certain nir, George Adams, hatter of the town ot Lexington, has taken his hats to the different court houses in g this slate, and sold them as my tliereloi e iliis is to notily the public, that I intend hereafter to put my name in eslrh of my hits to prevent the character of my mop being injured b) any such person. As I intend moving ihortly to Georgetown, the ticket that will be in eaili mann-factuiin- hat will certi' that thej weie made in that place. is JOHN LOW REY. ' Jfanted. Man, as an as-liflant in a (loie, aliouttlie age of fifteen vcar-- , v ho can come vv.ll lecoiuraemToa.anu can wnte a fair hand. Apply to th; .Fruiter hcrver. A Younrr away fiom the?' ibei the 13th. inllnnr n lit fK n,...n- V """t negro man by the name or 1 u xvi, ot rather :. black complexion, a bout five seer rrn inli- knock kneed, but thick. RUN oi rOR SALE, ti ow- NOTICE. 1 PHILADtt-rHI- 9 haelv ' n 1 laige body of Land in the .i,. r.ry. , to continue with zeal and attention, them, are eameltly reqaefted to make pivnicrf big bend 01 rennefiee rier. Tins wilf inform thafe who Incline tl of their lheclSve accounts to Ian'; VCoiu . and on moderate terms before the 10th of April next Those ho' to purcrafe, that J have latelj etui not avail themfiHves of this notice, miv ("ijiend ed from explnring mofl of ihe above Rohrt & Aadiew Potter, on having their accounts put into the hinds of men'ioned lands, particularly that on jrXVl JVST IMTORTID rOM proper officers lor collection, as no farthi-- i indulTenaef'ce and find it to be a body gence can be given. ARE NOW OPENING AND of soil timber, watei and range, fupe-nJMESM'CCUM, In the Brick Honfe lately occnpied bv Meffr to anv J have ever seen. ihe JOHN CASTLLMAN. Jolm & Samoel Toltlethwait, next door above metrioned tracft on Elkhorn, March 22. Mr Stewart' Printing Oflice, will be enherfold or rented. For A large aud general Ajjortment 8 m terms LI. persons indebted to tlie late .tppy to the fubfci iher in LexCHINA, DRYGOODS, Tandy, are hereby called on foi pmiut, GROCERIt-S- , GLASi, having anv claims are cefir u to - ington. and those IRONMONGERY, PI LF and QCEKNS BENJ. S. COX. loit them without delay, propcrlviutbent Kit SADDLERY, WARt. Feb d. EXECU rOR. ,f ed, to the And NAILS of alk seBOOKS, Favette, March 2r, 17971 47 by-la- f at Milleifbura and its ii Caftleman has- lieen fme time d o' cd, ' matnal conlent, which was made kiounliv .. ..- -- ..1 ...... t. neiglioournouu-oA former advertlfcment ton5 , ,dned t 1. the manner prescribed I DLIIAMK nra5iife Phyfi x 1, ILL I AM ALLE) informs the pub- l-- lames Brmutl, Atto. in Jail ion, Madison, Lincoln, Haidin and Gi eene. T he taxes mall be paid, F't Little berry MoJlytjuu. and , u a 15, 1796. other nicuinbrances dil'charged at the will dfo d'lpdfe of any other Lands time, in ier. jus tt.wiurv. 796- - VALUAJ3LE LAND, The fubferiber, who will hereafter' re side in this town, is authonfed to "FDritthelatepartrK-rflnnoIRWIN dilpofe of the above mentioned pro-- . BJlYiON, are requelted ro pavthetrac- i tj by a pou er of attorney, recorcou s 01 not,:, to Thomas Irwin of JoknA ded intbeofhce .fthe couitof ap- bn r, win, nl v can give difcharpes. NEW S1011E. & ,peals. As he means to practice Jaw in. One mi tl indulgence will be given. die adjacent tonus, peifons defirm"- HAVE jufl leceised into r. rirc FOR SALE, .jo purchase the diffeient tiacls, wilt in the hritk house, lately c'cntuetl an opportunity of contracting- THE FOULOUTIKG TRACTS OF by ipr. William Kelly in flout bon, x Iiiint any of those places. and general alloMincnt of Diy large Lhmhs IV. Bud. Goods, Hard Ware, Grocei is and IN THIS STAtfEw Ojieen's Ware ; which lam au. Ik lir,O30 aores on thewaterS of 7G. TkOTTEk'anrsCOTfr fe I toljsll upon the lowed terms Have just received, well cleaned Hemp. Whcir, Rouuli rretk, which empties into AND NOW FOR SALE, Rj e, Tobacco, raw Hides, ruts, loll Grern At their Score directly, opposite tfie p, ouf Whilkey, bait,, nt jrood .)coo icies on Cumberland load, market honfe, a large and neat Hour 111 oariels; tor which laid arti- lieai Fotfner's Option. roao ac es in the big bend of Green AShOR TMENT of MERCHANDISE,. cles of produce, a generous price will fuhed feifons, v hich they lie given. Jru niid Nai)s river, ten mile above Ilnihou'siftaci- - Well sell on to allmolt reduced terms. will the lest lir inyTlaiiiU, to be sold for C ifli. Oil for CASH 1600 acre near Severn's valley, an A sew good llorfes under seven jeais tf be wanted. the v ate s of fcaJt river. old, will wenty Dollars reward. AMOS EDVRDS. 00 acres in Shelby county, joingive for Horse IV ILLuiaved the above reward town a lots of Bourbon, March, 1797. rr from on of the ing I eurheman's fettlcment. Lexington forte time in Jilv last, of thefol 4D0 acres oil main t lkhorn, six miles ing delvriptioi), viz A bright bav, aboct fourfroji riankfort, 4; acres cleared. teen hands hili, eight 01 c ent kinds, and the range equal to any in the dif- tnft a good title will be given by we luwcri- ber, livins on the prenufos in frrankliB county 1 will be difpofedto make FOR SALE, ulrtes previous to his makin; anv propouls The trtte rs fuppoled by thoie SIX UUnfcRFU THOUSAND ACRES Of who haieca-efull- y exammed it to be unqueftV on iblc Ifpon payutj pgrt of the purchale morn. , a rLalonajle credit will be given fur the SITUA1 ED in the counties of bii.d ce. Clarke, Bourbon, Alb- I three hunt'red and thirty CONTAINING Elkhom, lour miles (ram July 22, rrt iiti I111J, t le ncce''arve '1 1 Ji gA wkrp 535!I -- es high, a little aim vvcji inaoe lor iirengin. lie was. fi aided when joungand tl.efcar is ve- -t ry plain yet oil his back and side , he has a down look when spoken to , lie? had on when he went away awhitclin-fe- y short coat and leather breechev with old shoes , he took with him a. rifle gun, double tiiggeied that ruis about 100 balls to the pound, well with R Rohannon on the box ; alio an Ottei skin flioi pouch and powder horn, with a tin chaigei taftercd lorheflrap, he is of a ccwai t'lj dif position and may be easily taken rather suppose he will make Irr the? riorihweil side ot the Ohio, wheie he will endeavor to pals foi a freeman ; or perhaps he maj a tempt to go thio the wilderness to lrgmia- - anv perfon taking up Jaid negro and delivering him to me, 01 fecurii) him in any public jail, so that he may be brought to jultice, thall ece.v e a gcnei ous re- -, charges. vaid and all, leafon-abl-- fin-ifh- t "v 1 ir, Fayette, Marcn-ifi- i 797-ff- t N. B I have underflood that the a- Wanted Immediately, hove fellow has changed his hat toi stf or sour good Jonrnevn en Cieeches THREE and two good JomneMiven Sni cap rcfembling oi.e belonging to reph in cinKton caveied oii the trot r pirc Richard Terrell 0:1 Bcarg'afs. Drelkrs, tk wlu,-- generous lges wi'l be given. with otgi.t or coaife gat.fe, with An 01 ro time. 9 Leslnsto, April OEOROE Hh13c ItL..' leather cockad; anil his coat to thtv J, March s, 1797. JefTeifon, of a blue. u s' vv x j

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