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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, April 30, 1805

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

) AD '.GENERAL ' i i VOL. XVIII CT4H m,, - : ' N,97a. BY, i TERMS OF THE GAZETTE This paper is publithed weekly, at - - - . UMXSW<Ki . L BLUi Has Imported from Philadelphia, and now 0 pened at Ins Hore, oppolite the court nouie, ;, UiJllLferUTSgX!i,!VTVVKManmtXf.,MfUi hi ii&i BROWN DYING. W.WtWE&-JF- a TUESDAY, APRIL 30, 1805. &saa3Mniiz&&lzwrtT?mTv.triar& FOR SALE REP, GREEN, YELLOW & -- ; 'DANIEL BRADFORD, 4LEXINGT0N. THOMAS WALLACE, i r ADVERTISER. 3 flmip;p'Tinfigg,'rea'ramraajWTftai. 1. i of Land, Makch Term, 1805. STATE OF KENTUCKY. rjeming Circuit Court, fct. "u" " I WILL color cotton and linen nviS'apcLAas per annum, $ ON the Cumbeiland River near in ad-- A Large and Elegant Assortment oj ompianiTiiiT, ' Well Chosen with a hot dye, which I will warrant Eddyville, in the name of 1 rancis vfnce& VS. to stand, or return the money, and on Brooke. James Morrifon, k 1 Thgvyho write to the Editor, must as reasonable terms as any dyer in pivVVollaEre of their letters'. Lewis Moore ' J" Defendants, 1000 Acres one moiety of 2000 Confiding of , Lexington. I will dye wool a deep Acres on Highland Creek. IN C 11 A N C F. R V. Dry Goodsj 1AKE NOTICE. ,. blue at is. 6d. per pound. defendant Lewis Moore Acres, one moiety of 033 Groceries, A CHEAP bargain maybe had having entered his appearHUGH CRAWFORD, 1666 Acres ih the name'of Iron Mrmgery ?f thae convenient and well situated At, the sign of Dr. Franklin George Lewis, including Weedon'-- ance herein agreeably to law, and 'Cutlery EAT FOR WATER WORKS, the rules of this Court", and it apthe oM Lick. baddlery, ttriwone hundred and five acres of rfier of Main & y( oio Acres Ohio state, main pearing to the fatisfacYion of the ") China, LAND, at the juncYion of Court, that he is TTSt art inhabitant JLexington. Paint Creek, within 1 miles of Wares. 'Queen's & Town-Forand South Elkhorn, e of this Commonwealth Oh motion September 13th, 1803. J GJafs with a Hemp JM.11I, Orchards, N. B. Is you want to have your These Lands will be sold low, & of the complainant by his counsel, All of which were bought unuftf- - cotton coloured free from spots, tye on and other convenient improvements long credit for the greater part of it is ordered, that the defendant Moore do appear here on the third hereon ; fdv which cafli, or land allv low, and will be sold at the mod your cuts loose. H. C. the purchale money. day of the next June term,& answer near Lekingtxm will be preferrwl reduced prices, for CASH, HEMP, HOG's BRISTLES WANTED. Apply to CUTH. BANKS. the laid complainant's bill, or the inpayment, otherwise land in a good and Good Infpecled CROP TO Lexington OCi. 8th, 1804. BACCO. For each of those arti same will be taken as confefled ; and neighbourhood will be taken in expence per y4ieltlling and three change- For further particulars, en- cles of Produce, a part in Cafli will pound that a copy of this order be publiih- will be given in cafli, for good q in the Kentucky Gazette for quire of Alexander Parker of Lex- be giverj. - clean, well combed HOG's Lexington, January 3, 180eight weeks fucceflively. ington, or of the fubfcnber on the tf rLEb, by the lublcnber, at his lhop fj order to facilitate the disposal of A uopv. 1 elte pretmfeB. the Produce, Manufaftures, he. of at the corner of Main Cross flreet Geo: Tf. Bolts, d. c. joon uaiooon. and Short street, Lexington ; where this country, the fubfcnber will open ;i tf. Dec. 31, 1804Store in Lexington for receiving Pro FIFTY THE Subscriber has just imported he continues to carry on DOLLARS REWARD. duce and Merchandize, &c. for sale b and now opened, in the house late BRUSH MAKING LAST NOTICE. from the fubferiber, Vendue. STOLENmiles from Mann's Lick ly occupied by William Welt elq. in all its various branches. Any The Produce of this country will. indebted to the late firms and general person may be supplied with all kinds on the road to Lexington, about two ' ALLthofe Sc Lauman, Johri A. Seitz, in Lexington, A large aflbrtment of of BRUSHES, either wholesale or doubtless, at po very distant period, weeks since, a dark bay, full blooded Sc Co. first command a price in money. At 1 1" "ft IT Seiti Sc Tohnfon, Tohn A Seitz retail, at a much lower price than some difficulty will arise, but I am sully lvtAKE, very likely, about 7 years John Jordan jun. John Jordanjunior any heretofore ever sold in Kentuc- persuaded that in time, by perseverance old, about 15 hands high, with a A & Co. and Jdhn.k William Jordan, are Confiftinp- of r ky, and of a better quality than any the whole tire produce the long switch tail, heavy with foal, requested to.c'orncforwaid immediately DIY GOODS, FANCY GOODS, brought from Philadelphia, lie hopes vicinity of of town, and raised inKen (hod all round , no brand or natural on the this off their respective accounts to and pay HARD WARE, GROCERIES, it will be the study of every good ci- tucky river, may be sold, either for cash m3rk, that is recollected. Any perCurtis titj-D- , who is hereoy auiy QUEENS, GLASS, & CHINA tizen to encourage this manufacture. in hand, or for approved endorled notes. fon delivering the above described to receive the same. Th6fe C. S TEEL, He flill continues carrying on A small comanffion will be charged, mare to the fubferiber in Lexington, who do not avail themselves of tjhis no- WARES, BAR IRON, tice, mav rest allured, that indulgence PENN. CASTINGS, ANVILS, WINDSOR CHAIR & WHEEL and in emergencies, money will be ad- and prosecuting the thief to convicvanced on Goods or Produce. will not he (riven bryond th'e first of VICES, MILL, CROSS CUT, & making as usual. tion, fliall receive the above reward, Is the plan meets with encouragement, for fbr the mare only, ten dollars. ROBERT HOLMES. March, when suits will be indifcrimi-natel- WHIP SAWS, WIrJES, JAMAI theje will be at least one sale every week. )nftituted. CA SPIRITS, FRENCH BRAN Lexington, Dec. 4th, 1804. GEORGE ADAMS. He will also buy and sell fliares in J. Jordan jr. DY&c. &c. " Lexington, Nov. 26th, 1804. tf the Kentucky Insurance Company, and Which will be sold on the Cheap-es- t, A valuable trail N. B T OBftaC O, HEMP, of LAND for sale other Securities, on commiflroTi. ' and HOGS LARD, will bs received at terms for Cash or Infpecled for Cash. Infuranres will be cfFefted at the Inthe market price, in payment, I obacco. Crop ' A LARGE JACK, in the furance Office, or by Private UnderwriJ- CONSISTING of 600 acres J' ELIJAH W. CRAIG. .situated ontheMia- - ters, by TylLL stand at my farm, one and tf Jan. 6, 1805. I ximrton, January 38. 1805, tf ms"River ; the land is of the first quali- ' a halt miles from Lexington, W. MACBEAN. well timbered, a large bottom, on a Lrairrgton, 3d January, 1805. tf at eight dolhrs the season, cafli, or TO RE'NT- course called Wolf creek, all water sour dollars the leap ; which may m lately occupied as the TlOOAT at makes through1 the whole of it ; the FOR SALE, THE of the Kentucky Gazette, confid be paid in hemp at sour dollars, orAL HAVING learned that her term land is direftly dppofite the town ot A Valuable Trail of Laud',' ing of a front room 17 by 23 well calculated fifteen fliitlings pork cwt. del-are not perfeflly understood, with Dayton; she most remote corner not ONI'AINING one hundred vefedatin Lexington on perbefore the tor a or the follow- more than a mile and a halt Irom the much deference, iubmits and lif.e in ft day of January 1806 Americanus And a back room n feet fquarejbr a count ing as an addition tp those in cir- town : it will be laid off in trafts of 200 Fayette Count, five miles Eafl; of will stand every other week at Col. mgroom. The stand for bufmefs is equal to culation ; viz. That Young Ladies acres to suit the purchasers. For tenils Lexington, and two miles above any in Lexington having been occupied for may be infttu&ed in Reading, Spel apply to Dol. James Welsh, of the Bryan's Station, op the creek ; be Robert Sanders's, on Cain Run, Gal o years as the Office of the Kentucky eight miles from Lexington. The town of Dayfon, who is legally. authpr-ifezette, has rendered ita place of great resort; line, Writing;, Ik Arithmetic, Gram- the ti- ing a part of Philips's military fur ufefulnels of mules, the cheapness to pifpojljfe.of the said land terms mamGompofition, and Geography, p nleflion can be had immediatelx vey: tnere is about tnirty acres of raising, and the ready sale and tle isindifputable. apply to the.Trtnter hereof. Music, Dancing, Drawing and Em cleared, with some log cabbins, and TO RENT, fl B. 'A good'dry cellar may be had with broidery , Qrnamental Card Boxes ; The Stoie Room and front Cellar, a never sailing spring An indifpu- - high price which they command in the above rooms it required. the Southern States, will perhaps : s, and Needle-Wortable title will be made to the pur induce many of our horle breedeis, opnofitp nir. Bradford's. bedding &c. including.board, beds, M&Rcii Trim, 1805. chaler. Any pel Ion inclining to to make trial of a sew of their large STATE OF KENTUCKY. the use of Piano Forte, Globes, Orpurchase, may know the terms, by coarse mares, as the size of mules VALUABLE FARMS, riemmg Circuit Court fct. rery, and Maps, for two hundred applying to my Father, who lives principally sixes their value a sew AND FAIfMING LAND TOR SALE. Joseph Smith, admiijiftrator of all and fifty dollars per annum, or, adjoining the premiss, or to the lub years experience will point out and Angular, the goods, chatties, Reading, Spelling, Writing three thoufaud acres, contiguous scriber in Frankfort. which ofthe two animals, mules or Composition, ABOUT (in the forks ol Mad River) ; Grammar and credits,, that were of rights Jepbtbab Dudley horses are the most profitabletobe of Champaign. Robert Smith deceased, compl'ts. and Geography ; with board, beds, the countyd town wood and prairie This land is March 18, 1805. e ery part interfperff with raised Inall cases notes will be reVs. and Globes &c. one hundred and of it well watered .vithnever sailing lpripg'j quired. Mary M'Kibbon, Hugh M'Kibbon, fifty dollars : wafliing, books, and the prairies are rich and dry ; the upland at 'A&TED IMMEDIATELY Robert Barr. , executrix, all school materials, are not in the fords excellent timber. No part of the Ml & Joieph O lure for a number of years, sour or purchase is hecter calculated for the purami and executors of the laTt will and eltimate. Single branches of Edu- poses of farming and grazing or is more e NEGRO BOYS, from twelve to htteen NOTICE. be a Tobacco ears ot age, tetamenl of Joseph M'Kibbon cation are specified in the former healthy Through the traft runs the eallern Manutaaury. to For employed in to the Frm S. BROWN, & E. WAR terms apply dec. and Jacob Burke, John Mul- proposals, to which the public are branch of Mad River and a fmallcr stream terhereof, or to FIELD, continue to practice that berry, and Isaac Terhune, execu- refnedlfullv referred : or to herself called Sever creek seats empties into it. both Peter J. Robert. tor mills, &c. here rding excellent last will and ttihiment in Lexington for further particulars, On main street, oppofitethe Bank. tors of the several Farms on the land well fenced ; In partnership, in Lexington and its of Wnliim Burk dec. deft:. Mrs. Beck has an afTortment of th cab'uns and other improvements a tan Lexington, march 2d, 1805. vicinity; Dr. S. BROWN will scarce books for chil STy Jnd deltillery. IN CHANCERY. vqry eScellent continue his residence in the brick JiROWi, riAiu 6c L.o defendants Vary dr&n of all ages ; conceivingparents house adjoining Air. William Lea-vy- 's wnijio contrati lor A traft of hnd conNimng about eleven 1 and Jo- might wish to purrhafe for domestic Hugh vl'Kibbon, Store--D- r. A Quantity of POT-AShundred acres on the Ohio river, eight hundn E. WAR FIELD ieph M'Kibbon not having entered tuition, mgy be Replied, on the acres of which is of the first quality bottoi' To be delivered monthly, for 12 months has removed to the large brick house - timber equal to any in the Weitern coun itt April, I83J. their appearance herein agreebly to terms of Bookfallers, at her landformerly the property of Dr. F. along the extends upwards of two X to law the rules of this Court, school, the late residence of Mrs. try. itwhich were nevorknown miles oierflow-eJ- ; to be banks Ridgely, and lately occupied by Mr. THE '.HOLDERS and it appearing to the fatisfacYion January. it is an excellent rpotfor a tovnwiicli Of Lorenzo Dow's fubfeription John W. Hunt. inof the Court that they are not Lexington, reb. 11, 1005. has been contemplated,) and is no great dif April 4th, 1805. habitants of this Commonwealth N. B. No Lady to enter for less tance from Law renceburghcol, Chambers', and papers, tor: printing me ioiiowing The above traft adioins ks viz the Upinion ot jjow, 'I WO APPRENTICESg On the motion of the complain- than six months, ort thjg&ove menti- is nor above twenty miles from Cincinnati by eligious Subjects, his Journal, the Tobacconist's buiinefs, vv ant by his counsel, it is ordered, oned terms. the nearest rout.- - There are several cabbins illo his Address to the Rulers and fmalLfarms on the traft; and abundance wanted immediately, by that th'e said defendants do appear of ana i' ree men 01 America, arc contiguous. WATKINS30-TNN- . Godfrey Bender, A here on the third day of the nex; aoie lor rhe above lands will be loiu to forward their fubferipti- High Street, Lexington. HE fublcnber nfnrras his friends ci(h, or an evterfive credit isreaioi r ytf required--foJune Term, and antwer the com-- 1 Prentis in on papers to Nathaniel ;mdllli)ublick, that he has - terms, or further particulars apply to nl.11 bill, or the same will be Who has for sale a quantity ot TER TAIN- Lexington, who will forward the Manufactured Cbeuint-- - TOBACCO, William Kupn. taken as confeffed ; and that a copy y t d HOUSE OFofEN Green Tree, same to Abbington, and in return the LNT, at the fiff.i ar&t.SFGAXS ; of this order be publilhe&U in th house :8, 1805. 3W leceive the quantity of books sub Also Rappe'e, Trench Rappee, Sc for eight weeks n tht'nrte and commodious buck Kentucky Gazette Moles Hall, torn ei v orciipie hv Icribed for, and give notice of the SeotchSNUPF, of Superior qualit). fuccefTn ely. " n Sn wile. He is provided with a C same to the fublcnbers. AT. u, O,,. II A Copy. Tefte ll uu n A luu well choierf auortment ot Liquon, and Qeo : W. Botts, d. c. cartful servants , and hopes fiom his at BLtTE, RLD AND GREEN DYlfio,. H WILL BE GIVEN A FTER an absence of rearly twelve tention to bufmefs, to be able to render rn Fiank- a f om his oliftaud fual, for CHEESE, TAL TAKE NOTICE. fatisf tf 1011 to thotf vnn nav call upon i?. montl the SLKsciiiiEi e Feny to infirm the public, that lit HAT I mall attend Floyd's hur, ana inn t a l.bei il portion of pub-- ! tort, n ir the Ins fru and " vd the public 3l LOW, and WHISKEY, at n'U'i iow mtoims Bidule's old stand Opposite Le vii ? continues to cairy on the l Court, on the thud Monda in ck pitioinbi. of Weel-Wnr-chat ! .ia ie'i ned n M p ace B luness, 7 lac Jf. tktus. Sandeis' store, ?nd ad tV v ,.mav next, to hae Commiflioners 11 K N r E R T A 1 N M h N r, ,ml 180j. Factory Lexington. oni the lands list by SIilI y ul. ftl.-c- l fci.r Nail a ppoHittc1 to divide Where those that may p'eafe to call on nme ij John IT d )ii dec to his daughters ; n of the Spinning On high street at tl e him, may rely on meeting with every atof 3 lie Co Pa tierfhip ft their ievtral H c th.f.) K Wheel; ard will dye cott n, )nen and wool themfeUes and their i . THE nerfon who borrowed mv tention, both to BANKS & O WINGS, with a waim dye, which he w II warrant so 'banc's 8v Guardians to attend StCClVarClS IS this davbv matu?! ronfent dif hoises, that this country will afford. ( stand equal to any blue in incru1. ThedeepS th i b to see the bulinels dsne C,iV(.H J wi imake Pnvafe pirties nay have rooms undtf Those mdebret' to that him, My foUn is I. C est blue the fan, or early in the wir.te (tamped for 46 per lb. a;, it will be lure to sro on. navment to T. D Owinis or Sanucl Down turbed w ith rh bustle of a Tavern ; and late ontin. Any penon wiiainp 10 prove them. is ,ian Laydon,Y.,oT .ving aemanus againu ns ; pnd all tnole will apply for payment to sentUmc.i disposed to hive pnvatc boaw last, will p'eafe return either of the coloursWili please to wafiithe n, said co partnerflup, Will. Mor.ok which will convince themit isavarmdye and w ot; 1605. duff, can be accommodated to their CidOwmgs & Downing u ill stand" N. B. They we p;h 2l5lb. which vi'Vs. Alaicha6,j3o5 Lci.ingtun, Jobn Coldxvell. marked 0:1 the Pea, ai.d end ot the Frankfort. Teb. 22, 1334. CutbPt. Banks, (f. Letmgton, loth Miy, S04' tt fleam (5b Ibos Deve Qvings. .W? lj the Fa , 7 Merchandize. 1 court-ho'uf- Cross-street- M THE 1- 2-- 7 e, s, 1 Chi-licoth- e. k .. w Vendue Store, Fresh Goods. , 23 yiviercnanuize, - y Americanus, 2?Mrs. Beck - a STORE, thirty-fi'acre- s, 1 d 'r k Iancy-Bafket- andA-rithmeti- c Al'K-ibDon- TRS. J J MEDICINE 1 4 ' ALSO,' THE lJ TO sugar-cam- 0- 1 Cincinnati-Marc- 1 ( Jrhomas Love, -- Wire-houl- -- 2. 1 , , 1 l:V u' f 111 11 Writing Paper, . 4 f

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