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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), October 28, 1948

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

WATCH OUT FOR THE HALLOWE'EN SPOOKS LET'S AVOID ACCIDENTS AND DAMAGE TO PROPERTY OWNERS. A. WHITESBURG, LETCHER COUNTY, KENTUCKY, THURSDAY EVENING, VOLUME NO. 42. Lloyd L. Webb Dock Bentley 31, Given Life Sentence In Slaying at Neon Dock Bentley, 31, was convicted on last Saturday evening in connection with the slaying of a colored woman' at Neon a few weeks ago. The jury fixed his penalty at life imprisonment. The Circuit Court jury deliberated only 15 minutes in the case, then returned with the verdict each one stating that he had agreed to the ver dict Bentley was charged in the robbery-slayin- g of Mrs. Lena Harris on Acme Hill road, just above the railroad yards at Neon. The colored lady was found stabbed to death. Commonwealth's Attorney Augustus Cornett presented numerous witnesses, none of whom had been eye witnesses to the slaying. One of the final State witHomer Sexnesses, ton, said that as he went to a spring to get water about 9:00 p. m., the night of the slaying he met Bentley, Mrs. Harris, and John P. Marcum. Coroner Archie Craft had placed Mrs. Harris's death at about 10:30. Sexton said isentley ap- proached him and asked for a drink. At that point in the proceedings, juryman Jeff Whitaker asked Judge Sam M. Ward for permission to ask Sexton a question. Permission granted, he asked the witness if he was sure it was Bentley who asked for a drink. The youth replied "I'm Sure." Sexton's father, Boyd Sexton, earlier had testified he had persons sitting seen three alongside the road and al though he thought he recognized Bentley and Marcum, he could not be sure. Marcum was indicted with Bentley in the slaying. Defense Attorney Emmitt Fields had contended Bentley was at a neighbors playing cards the night of the slaying. Bentley had also testified to this. Another state witness, Lula Allord, testified Mrs. Harris was carrying, a considerable amount of money the day she was killed. Lloyd L. Webb,, died Wed- nesday night, Oct. 27, at the home of his father, Lawrence Webb at Millstone. He was born April 4, 1909, being 39 years, 6 months and 23 days old at time of his passing. Mr. Webb had been in poor health for the past four years, suffering from a cardiac condition, nevertheless he had been able to be up and around until last week when he became seriously ill, succumbing to pneumonia. He is survived by his four children, Leona Bell, Johnny, Anita, and Joyce, one child Oliver, deceased. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Webb of Millstone, two brothers, Dishman, Ashland, Ky.; B. Roy, Millstone, Ky.; and one sister, Mrs. Arbella Haynes, Louisville, Ky. Funeral services'will be held at the Thornton Regular Baptist Church, Mayking, Ky.,' on Friday, Oct. 29 at 1:00 P. M., C.S.T. with Elders G. Bennett, S- T. Wright, and Dixie Ison officiating. Burial in the Millstone Cemetery, at Millstone, Ky., with Craft Funeral Home in charge. - Miss Pansy Webb f Washington, D. C. formerly of Whitesburg was honored with a spaghetti supper and rook party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Craft. The Spaghetti supper was served at Mother Crafts' dining room and the rook party later at the lovely apartment of Mr. and Mrs. Craft. Miss Webb was gift and given a beautiful other gifts were given to the score winners, the following guests were present: Miss Pansy Webb, Mr. and MrsZennith Bentley, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pigman, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Nolan, Mr. and Mrs. Cossie Quillen, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Brown, Miss Shirley Butcher and Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Collins, Dr. and Mrs. Sam Quillen and Mir. and MrsJohn Lasley of Neon, Mr. and Mrs. Cossie Quillen were high score winners. - - I I 0flf James Earl Ramey (Editorial from Knoxville News) The whole country as well neighas we, their next-dobor is watching with keen inor terest the senatorial race in Kentucky. John Sherman Cooper, the Republican incumbent sent to the Senate two years ago to fill out Happy Chandler's term is running for the long term. But contesting for his seat is Virgil Chapman, a Democrat who has been in the House for some 20 years. We have listened to some of Mr- - Chapman's raucous harangues on the radio, read some of his demagogic speeches and scanned his record, official and private. And it appears to us that his extraordinary rotundity is matched by equal mediocrity. Mr: Cooper, a personable. man, has been a courageous and progressive Senator- - In his short senatorial career he has gained nationwide recognition. He is no party hack, but votes independently ac cording to his considered TRUE views on issues. He looks at INACTIONwhat is best for the country, A FREE BALLOT IN A FREE COUNTRY not to selfish interests for guidance. ! And he has been an all-ochampion of TVA. Kentuck-ian- s have a stake in that, just as we do in Tennessee. With no thought of being so presumptuous as to tell Ken- tuckians how to Vote, we hope nevertheless tjiey will return ing Co. the able Mr. Cooper to the This week nine Whitesburg merchants are starting a drive Kermits Super Market Senate. to encourage new business, Goodwins and to keep business at home. Combs Motor Co. Eagle Editor Is These merchants are giving a City Cafe Guest Columnist coupon with each one dollar in Holstein Hardware In this weeks Eagle, Kentuc- trade or paid on account on a Quillen Drug Company ky on the March was written 1949 Ford Custom "8" two-doModern Dry Cleaners sedan to be given away Main St. Service Station. by W. P. Nolan Editor of the Eagle. This article is about the Dec. 24 at 8:00 P. M. at the 'These wide awake merch House. ants Court progress and other things Whitesburg are to be congratulated on about Letcher County and we 'Look elsewhere for the page their progressive mindedness think our readers will enjoy it. and further details. and this should keep quite a Incidently it is published in The following merchants lot of money home in the next almost all Kentucky news- are participating in the drive. two months that might be in papers. Reedy's Plumbing and Heat- - clined to go elsewhere. DEMOCRACY - USE IT ut Whitesburg Merchants Start Better Business Drive or First Aid Winners An d Runner Up In State John Mason Dies of Injuries Received In Slate Fall - Riley Webb Monday night, Oct. 11, while this great earth of our was covered with darkness and while all was quiet and still in the Harlan Hospital, the Angels from Heaven called for one whom he loved, James Earl Ramey, and he gathered his robes about him and went out tomeet God in eternity. James Earl was b.orn June 29th., 1928 in Red Jacket West Virginia, deceased this life October 11, 1948 being 20 years, 3 months and 12 days of age. Early in life at the age ot he met, loved and was married to Colleen Williams of Lynch, Ky. To them were n born two children. Roger and Sandra Lynn. We regret so much the passing of this young father. All who knew him loved and respected him. He was always kind and friendly with eevry one. His loved ones and associates will truly miss him. During his illness, he never seemed discouraged or un happy. He still kept his smiles and had kind words lor ail who were trying so patiently to relieve his suffering, ihe hospital authorities and loved ones did all that was humanly possible to save James; but alas, God knew best- In the closing days of 'his life when all here had failed, James turned to the blessed prayed for His Lord and mercy. The Lord heard him, and numbered him with the children of God- He told his father that he was ready to go. He said, "I was once a sinner, but I am no more.'' His last words here were, "Hold my hands". We sincerely believe that Jesus reached his own strong hand to James and led him across the mystic river and gave him the home which is eternal. The clouds of sorrow hangs so heavy over our hearts to day, but if we put our trust in Him who never fails, the glorious sun will shine again some day. Mav the Good Lord bless his bereaved wife, his children his parents, and all his relatives and friends to meet him in the country of God where parting will be no more. He leaves a host of friends and relatives in Letcher and Harlan counties to mourn his passing. Among them his grandmother, Mrs- Liza Boggs of Eolia, Ky. A number of nther near relatives uncle Arlie Boggs, Burl Boggs also of Letcher. 16 Le-lo- - - John Mason, of Millstone, died October 25, due to injuries received after a slate fall in his truck mines where he was working. He had been serving on the Jury and the day before that he told them to get another man to take his place he was going back to his mines. At the time of his death, Mr-- Mason was 56 years, 11 months, and four days of age. He was the son of Mrs Cornelia Kiser Mason, he is survived by his wife, Mrs. Maggie Bentley Mason, 13 children, and several brothers and sisters. Along with those come a host of friends and other relatives to mourn the loss of a fine man and a valuable citizen. Funeral services were held at the residence, at Millstone, October 27, 1948 at 10 A- - M., E.S.T., with interment in the Ingine Creek Cemetery. Craft Funeral Home in charge of funeral arrangementsUncle NUMBER 18. OCTOBER 28, 1948. We Hope Kentucky Returns Sen. Cooper Postoffice and Store Building of 1885 . and friend Isaac Newsome, both from the head of the Kentucky River were visitors in Whitesburg Tuesday. Mr. Webb is almost 85 years old and Mr. J. B. (Doc) Savage called by death on Saturday, October 23, at the home of his brother, D. B. Phipps, at At the time of his death he was 45 years, 10 months and one day of age. Quick pneumonia was said to have caused his death. Funeral services and interment were Competing at this meeting held at the Will Hall Cemetery for State Championship near Ermine, on Oct. 25 at 2:00 were the winning and P. M. teams, the winning colored first aid teams, and winning Aflex, Kentucky, first place mine rescue teams colored first meetings held previously ifi Creek Colliery Com the Big Sandy, Tug 'River, pany, South Williamson, Ken- . r Kentucky River, Harlan, Cum- tucky, nrst place, .Doys nrsxi am berland Valley and West Ken, Republic Steel Corporation, tucky Districts. Pikeville, Kentucky, first place Other winning and second mine, rescue. place teams are as follows: Black Star Coal Corporation, Pond Creek Colliery Com- Alva, Kentucky, second place, pany, South Williamson, Ken- mine rescue. tucky, second place, white Reading left to right in the first aid. picture are: Willie Baker, Blue Diamond Coal Com- Kelly Morgan, Warnie Flint, pany, Pathfork, Kentucky, jr.,- Captain, Gillie Polly, third place, white first aid. Quentin Ervin, C E. Webb and :kie Collieries Company, Hay-mon- d- Shown above is the first aid team of Mine 214, Consolidation Coal Company (Ky.), which won the State Championship at Middlesboro and which was awarded a large silver cup- Each member of the team received individual silver cups. These cup trophies were given by the National Jr. REV. E. C. WATTS, Pastor Coal Association. In addition, Methodist Church, each individual member of the Simpsonville, Ky. teams was awarded a bronze Note: The Eagle is grateful to Rev. Watts for sending in medal by the American Red this picture taken many years ago we feel our readers will CrossThe annual State wide First also be interested in this item of historical interest concerning our county and its people. Thanks again, Rev. Watts, and Aid Team and Mine Rescue meeting was held at Middles' come again to visit with usRev. Watts was a visitor to Letcher county a few days boro, Kentucky, on Friday ago he is a retired minister and was pastor of the Whitesburg and Saturday, October 15 and ce - - - ds aid-Pon- d , - - 149. The initial product of the mine is expected to be 3000 tons per day, while ultimately the mine is expected to produce 6000 tons a Hay. All coal will be washed; the mine will be completely mechanized; the office, repair shop, supply house, and bath house and toilet facilities for the employees numbering approximately 350 at first, will be the very latest construction in from the standpoint of cleanliness and sanitation. The coal company will not build houses or stores for the employees as the mine is located on the highways between paved Hemphill and Beaver Gap and readily accessible to several adjoining towns. Consolidation has named the new operation "Hendrix Mine" for Arthur Rax Hendrix, a paratrooper here of World War II who was the first of its mine employees to lose his life in that war. up-to-d- ate -- I Yellow jackets to Play Fleming Pirates Saturday Night The Whitesburg Yellowjack-et- s will journey to Fleming Ball Park on Saturday night, Oct. 30 for a tussle with the Fleming High Pirates. The game is scheduled to begin at 9:00 P. M., and is expected to be the most interesting game of The public is urged to come out and root for their favorite team and enjoy an evening of fun and recreation- Each of the teams have an excellent record this season and attend ance has been far above the average. the-seaso- J. B. (Doc) Savage, was Ky-Dea- Something over a year ago, Consolidation Coal Company (Ky.) decided to open a new mine in the No. 3 Elkhorn seam at Deane, Kentucky. Much preparatory work such as mapping, planning, estimating, etc., was necessary on the part of the coal company before actual construction could be started. At this writing, the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company has completed its Beaver Creek extension of 24 miles from Way-lan- d, and the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company has nearly completed its Rockhouse extension of about 16 miles from Blackey, both of which will serve the new operation. In the next few months, Consolidation will begin actual development of driving entries, constructing buildings and installing machinery. The coal company on May 1st to Roberts and Schae-fer Company, Chicago, the contract for building a large, modern ( coal washing plant which, it is anticipated, will be ready for operation by August, ., Is Called by Death . Editor Mountain Eagle, r Whitesburg, Sir: I am sending the Illustration from "Bluegrass and Rhododendron" by John Fox, Jr. The supposed date around 1885. This Post-offiand Store Building was owned by Madison Collins and was located near his home at the mouth The building was situated on the right' of Camp Branch. side of the road and at that time across the road from Collins' Chapel (Methodist Church). At the time of this picture J. Dixon Caudill, Jr. (Fiddler Dixon) was operating the store. He married Patsy, daughter of James Collins. The Postmaster was Dr. Madison Collins, Construction On New "Hendrix Mine" To Be Started Soon 1 - Let's All Vote On Next Tuesday Next Tuesday is the day on which the voters of the nation shall decide who is to guide our nation through another 4 years and to elect Senators and Representatives in Congress to help guide and direct the affairs of our country. We should think well and vote for those whom we think will best serve as our leaders. Every one who is legally qualified should not hesitate to go to the poll and cast his ballot on next Tuesday. Don't forget, it will be four years before you shall have another chance to vote for a president!

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