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Image 1 of The Adair County news., July 8, 1908

Part of The Adair County news.

I y 1 I rr I I I I kjftt tcP VOLUME I 4it ADAIR COUNTY COLUMBIA XI unfltI sl KENTUCKY c > jAgricultural Survey My A Stay In Columbia Good Day at Old Pleasant Hill WEDNESDAY JULY 8 < 1q 1908 Essential The Public Health is The Wrong Word NUMBER Sand Lick < i W v J 35 SpringsS It The healing waters of the Sand Lick t I have been asked to write on the Announcements had been made for The time is here now when every Editor of the News The object of the agricultural or soil Springs 13 miles South of Columbia > survey that is now in progress in this above subject It affords me great some time that there would be an all citizen of Columbia and all over the Permit me to correct what I regardi s gradually but certainly claiming the 1 county in cooperation with the state pleasure to do so I came here eight- ¬ day meeting at the above named place county for that matter ought to be as erronotfs in your statement V attention of many of the people in this Geological survey is to make a study een months ago and found as I had ex ¬ the fourth Sundays in June and that looking at the condition of his premises weeks issue as to what I hold or teach section and some remarkable results v my have never in all fa the soils and agricultural conditions pected a beautiful healthy and enthusi ¬ Vertis Williams of Still Water Okla ¬ I have had several warnings put in the about baptism have been placed to its credit Louis I Bro Williams was rear- papers about the breeding places of ministry said or even thought so absurd view that the agri astic inland city From day to day the would preach in general with a Young son of John Young is one of 1 have asked the people a thing as that baptism is ESSENTIAL this community and was formerly mosquitoes cultural experiment station may be people have grown on me till mow at ed in the latest to be blessed by its healing to suggest methods by which last I can write of my stay as a pleas- ¬ a member of this church and the very to have their houses screened in order to salvation properties For nearly four years he ESSENTIAL comes from the Latin large audience that greeted him that to prevent flies from spreading disessessystems of perminent agricultural may ant memory has been compelled tQ use crutches stranger to all butIday shows the high esteem in which he I have called attention to the filthy ESSE which means TO BE When one due to rheumatism but only a stay of I came here a be introduced and maintained V of the surface and subsoil soon found that for which every loving is held bv his old neighbors and friends condition of quite a number of privies talks about the ESSENTIALS of a thing two or three weeks has enabled him to ¬ are taken from the various soil areas or heart pants fellowship At no time His mother and a part of the family I have called the attention of the city he ought to mean the materials or ES throw his crutches aside He feels y still reside in the community His authorities to the condition of several SENCE of which it CONSISTS Tie ES types of the different counties of the during my stay can I call to mind a he will soon be entirely well Williams died at the our of streets and alleys but all these SENCE of pardon is the gracious ACT OF that and are sent to the agricultural single incident which is unpleasant to father Mr James Holladay is also attendi experment station at Lexington where remember The people of Columbia in present home in 1900 Bro Williams warnings seem to have fallen upon un GOD To say that anything else is ng the Springs and evidence of return- ¬ ¬ they are analyzed chemically arid general have captured me with their has been preaching for the Still Water listening ears The season most dan SENTIAL to the forgiveness of sins ing youth are beginning to show These physically for the purpose determining kindness hospitality and ease of living people for 11 years It was his first and gerous to the public health is now talk nonsence And by the way this is facts reaching the ear of Mr J T and as I go from you I feel qualified to only charge He has had quite a num ¬ commencing The time for house flies one of the reasons why so much con- ¬ Page of this city have stirred within chemical and physical nature p ¬ physical analysis is of less impor impart that with which you have im ¬ ber of calls from other churches but to get in their unsanitary work is now troversy has been indulged in on this him longing to bathe in its pools believ ¬ tance than a chemical It tells some pressed me 1 take occasion here to prefers to remain with that people His here I have seen no rain barrels subject people are too inaccurate in ing it the fountain that Desota sought soil to holds ay 1 have sought to appreciate your two little boys Paul and reston are covered except at my own house I speech to make themselves understood More than one hundred people were at thing of the capacity have seen none of the privies under exactly on an abstruce theme What 1 moisture which is in many parts of this every kindness I remember with a with their grandmother teach is that if baptism is in any sense the Spring last SundayThe subject Sunday morning wasI consideration cleaned Country a limiting factor in crop pOr thankful heart your every smile and 52230 He intro- Many of the people seem to be anx a meanse of graceif the Master had would be ungrateful indeed if 1 were to Home Ehp duction Accidentally Hurt not forget to say I simply love you that duced his sermon by relating an inci- ¬ iously inviting an epidemic of sickness any gracious aim in appointing itone While a chemical analysis does anxiously trying to avoid sickness must observe it to obtain the gracious dent that occurred between a young I am k tell the amount of available plant food is allMy Last Saturday afternoon as Mr f present in a soil its importance lies inattitude toward sin has been an preacher and hinselfin Okla Hesaid- lam doing my part as best I can For gift which He has connected with it and a young preacher just from College and two years we have had the lowest mor ¬ to fulfill His purpose In this sense it Robert Bault and two of his daughters V the fact that it tells the total amount uncompromising one I have courted no were returning from the Sunday School and also because it reveals the fact sympathy and asked no special favors seeking a location was asking hint tality per thousand inhabitants of any is NECESSSARY In this sense it is IN ¬ Convention t Cane Valley all three in ¬ t whether or not any of the limiting aU of which might make me rediculous about work and asked for his assist city in the United States Do you want DISPENSABLE That is we have no one buggy at an accident occurred Miss wil- ¬ that record broken Many of you act right to dispense with it Even if it be in the eyes of some but in the eyes of ance in securing a place Bro elements of plant food are lacking Ollie Bault getting very badly hurt a chemical analysis of the soils others manly couragous and loyal I liams told him of several country as though you did You Wh9 are so a fact that 6od may forgive the neg¬ On top of the hill this side of the Ed churches that would be glad to have neglecting YQur duties will be in case lect of it that does not make it right been made and the results tabu have not sought to win a single pet him once a month though they could of an epidemic the first ones to throw for one to neglect it and to PRESUME Squires place the mule that was being f lat d and published the publication will 1 have not cantered to public sentidriven became frightened and ran up ¬ be available to any farmer free of ment but have tried to stand out in the not pay him a large salary they could stOnes at the Board of Health Let us TO DO so because He is good and for ¬ setting the buggy Miss Ollies head charge who will have his name placed open for a clean life an open Bible a support him The young man replied rouse from our lethargy wake from giving would be to exhibit a very un our sleep and put the town in order dutiful spirit And mind when I say struck the tire of the buggy knocking the mailing list at the agricultural friend to the friendless and salvation to that he did not care to preach for a < church that preaching only once a V7e can prevent typhoid fever and NECESSARY I am speaking of a MORAL her senseless and cutting a severe gash Experiment Station Lexington Ky the lost I am speaking of that com- in the back of her head The young month was required as he did not think largely prevent consumption if we try NECESSITY Somehow it is like breaking up home v The Coming Teachers Institute We should not spit on our nice pave ¬ pelling sense of love and loyalty which lady was conveyed to her home and ties to leave you It was here my wife much good could be accomplished ments Consumption is spread in that will not let one find peace of conscience Monday morning she was reporteIas was born and our brief stay in her old church of that kind to him way Let us all resolve to quit it till he has done whatever he is sure his getting along nicely Then Bro Williams said The Teachers Institute for Adair home town quickens the sweetest mem ¬ r U L Taylor Health Officer Lord has commanded him to do Young man let me tell you someCounty will be held in Columbia begin ¬ oryof childhood There is competition injthe stage line W K Azbill thing I know a little country church Spectator please copy It will be impossible for me to take betwaen this place and Campbellsville ning Monday July 27 and will continue Kentucky one week Mr Vernon Holt having the mail line It will be conducted by all of you by the hand and say Good- ¬ away back in inthe hills of long time Changed Houses that has been existence a Massachusetts bye but if I were a voice that ould be Miss Leila Patridge of From the reading of the above it will and Mr J B Barbee is running inde ¬ t and Mrs Irenes Grinstead of Cincin heard throughout Adair county upon with preaching only once a month be seen that Mr Azbill criticises us for pendently Both proprietors have good I> nati Both of these ladies have en ¬ the day of my departure I would cry and a great good has keen developed Jn D King of this place who using the word essential Mr W in making hacks and good horses and seemingly Finally brethren farewell Be per- ¬ the world from her existence for several years in educational has been representing the Louisville the statement that he believes that they are running without a jar Travel There is a man in Moberly Mo work and some new and valuable ideas fect be of the same mind live in peace Dry Goods Co for several years ten ¬ baptism is ESSENTIAL to salvation is light at this season of the year hence are in store for the teachers Miss and the God of peace shall be with you preaching for a larg church who was dered his resignation a few days ago He would have had no objeetionto our there is not enough money in the line to reared under the influence of that and accepted a position with Louis article if we had stilted that he be ¬ warrant competition Mr Holt is nec C Cook Patridge is the author of the Quincy church Another is preaching in Phoenix Stix Co wholesale dry goods and lieves baptism NECESSARY to salva ¬ essarially compelled to run having a M and Parkers Talks On Mrs Grinstead was partly SS Convention at Cane Valley Arz another at Liberty Ky another notions Cincinnati Mr King will tion We do not care to discuss the contract with the Government to carry at Moreland Ky another at Columbia travel in the territory he has been go word We cheerfully publish Mr Az the mail and Mr Barbee says he will jn Columbia and is kindly re I one at Still Water Okla by a large circle of friends The Sunday School Convention at Dont ever speak thus of the little ing over for several years He will bills article and refer our reader to not quit the pike All outsiders can do fcrs of the county understand is to watch and say Lay on McDuff Cane Valley was largely attended last country churches that have preaching reach Columbia the last of this week the dictionary All must attend unless pre Saturday all etc with his trunks and will immediately schools in the county only once a month the He discussed y sickness Last Saturday was the glorious being represented The hospitality of Home under four heads The rela ¬ begin bnsiness for his new firm Louis Rev J C Cook delivered one of the Stix Co is one of the best houses in Fourth Hundreds of people were acCane Valley and the surrounding coun ¬ tion and duty of wife to husband and ablest sermons in the Baptist church Time to Stop try was in evidence Notwithstanding husband to wife of parents to children Cincinnati and we believe Mr King cidentally killed and wounded through here last Sunday that he has ever will make it ayaluable representative- outthe United States Adair county es ¬ hundreds of men women and children In every caped without a scratch though three presented to his church R Kasey drew an unusually were present there was an abundance and children to parents Love must 4A be the dominating principle not only Machine Shop big picnics were indulged in We under ¬ point of view it was able and true to to the Methodist church of every thing good to eat and e after To stand that very large crowds were at the teachingsof the denomination last Sunday evening What he would every body had fully partaken the for the place we call home whether that be a palace or a hut but for Mr W A Helm the wellknown Glenville and Roley It is also said state that his sermon was highly ap ¬ his fragments would talk about was well advertised have fed many more each other and while the husband and sermon being in response to one de During the that the gathering on Caney Fork preciated is but a mild statement session of the Convention a father is to be the head of the home machinist who was formerly located at Green county was largely attended by Eld W K Azbill the Sun ¬ number of excellent SundaySchool he is not to be a tyranical ruler but a Esto has removed his entire outfit to Eld Tobias Huffaker will lecture at His declarations talks were made showing before being that the leader and gentle governor He spoke Columbia his place of business Hutchisons school house the fourth Card of Thanks were sharp and cutting and there is a work in this cause was rapidly growing He is a first on Boomer Heights On Saturday evening in this month diversity of opinion as to the line ofI The song service during the session of the importance of beautifying the class machinist and is prepared to do i Sunday forenoon following he will home by giving it some finishing touch ¬ all kinds of work The repairing of One thing cer was of special thoughts advanced interest es with shade trees smooth mown yards engines cultivators mowers in fact 1oqrmany to express our gratitude to preach at the same place Everybody sufficiency cropped out to con ¬ tain a friends and neighbors who so cordially invited to attend these c of the importance of everything the machine line is his vince the congregation that the time People of Columbia do you believe flowers and developing the love by character of work Call and see him ablyand willingly assisted us during vices >N had arrived for the discussion of the you are doing right by sending your cultivating the illness of our daughter i question to cease for the benefit of laundry to other towns when it can be continued acts of kindness and sympa ¬ He also carries in stock all kinds of Mr Coy E Dudgeon who is in the Mr and Mrs Willis Hucth son husband and mill supplies and a good line of hard ¬ church going people in general done here neat and nice The Laundry thy on the part of both hotel business here but whose time ex ¬ affection for 323m ware Phone 46 needs all the patronage of this section wife and to express their pires the first of September will re ¬ Sale of Fair Privileges each other as of old It was a good Pepperment to Drive Ants Away and if it can get it will soon be on a move to Cane Valley his former home followed out Campbellsville and Springfield firm base This enterprise is one of profitable sermon and if The refreshment stands dining room He is making preparations to erecta will stop many divorce suits A body ofants lately invaded an worth to this community but can not stables and all other Fair privileges twostory residence and hopes to have There was a bountiful dinner on office at Everly England Paper soaked last without full patronage If you ground prepared by the good people the About eight hundred people witnessed will be sold at the courthouse door it ready for occupancy by the time his of oil of pepperment was spread want it to succeed vif you believe it two ball games between Campbells ¬ next Saturday afternoon at 1 oclock hotel lease expires the community and was much enjoyed ville base Springfield when the ants disappeared in good for the town then give it your last Saturday the Bidders will be prepared to execute and by the people and many baskets part ¬ Mr T J Cundiff a former deputy a i phalf an hour and although the odor patronage Mr Rasner is an honest ly filled were carried home The writer games being played at the latter place bond United States Marshal and who made of the pepperment quite evaporated in industrious man a man who has worked could not remain for afternoon service the former winning both games t if county tendered few days their memory was good- liard to acquire a knowledge of the on account of a call to preach a funeral Stults of this place Caldwell of Bur Mr Burton Yates and Mrs Ellen frequent trips to this f his resignation last week and has ac ¬ Business and is now doing good work and they never returned dick battery for Campb llsville Score Holladay who live out on the James ¬ that afternoon 8 Second game 7 town road five miles from town are hav ¬ cepted a position as detective in the The above recipe was handed in by If he failed to please you in the begin< May Bro Williams Jive many years in first game II to to 4 The feature of tthe games were ing their houss painted which adds city of Louisville the appointment com a friend of the News knowing that a ing he is now better prepared to two home runs made by Stults great many friends about town were your demands Give him a trial on greatly to the looks They are using jng from the Board of Safety your collars and cuffs fi 1 ennoyed with these pests theGreen Sealpaint the best on the Several of the common schools of pleasure of meeting the dear ones in Open League Service market Mr J A Young and son are Adair county opened last Monday the flesh But one by one we fall by Mr John D former citizen Rev James Dean doing the work o the way and the graveyard is fast There are close to one hundred white of this place a brother of Mr Geq W tf Instead qf the regular preaching by and by we will all filling up and schools in Adair but many will not V1 painful and serious Cook met with a By reference to another column the service next Sunday night the Ep The subject of this notice died at at Dallas Texas last week- Beatrice Hospital Nebraska last Mon ¬ change our meeting placets to the worth League will hold an open service statement of the Farmers Bank Cane begin the term until after the close ¬ which will convene Mr Cook is a contractor and was as day morning after undergoing an op eternal City of God and 0 what a re at the Methodist church Valley can be found This institu ¬ of the institute 4 union that will be Monday the 27th oi this month in loading material into a car eratiqn The deceased was well known The pastor will give a report of the tion is less than two years old but Z T WILLIAMS When the car came up the mules in Russell county where he preached recent Conference of Leagues at Hen ¬ under safe management its business Crawford who has accept ¬ Rev I hitched to the loaded wagon backed for three years in the interest of Christ derson and a special musical pro ¬ has gradually increased 100 Years Old ed a call to the pastorate of the Presby ¬ 1throwing the iron tipped tongue into and the building up of tha United gramme will be prepared preach in Columbia The ladies composing the Cemetery terian Church will the air When it came down it struck Brethren Church His remains will be lt the third Sunday in this month Sunday Mrs Elizabeth Mourning who was Monday was county court only alight Committee will meet at the court- ¬ Mr Cook on the fleshy part of the leg brought to New Albany Ind for in¬ born and reared near Campbellsville sprinkle of people in town Farmers house next Thursday afternoon at 4 week He will remove his family from cutting a severe gash terment Rev C R Dean brother celebrated her one hundreth birthday All the members are re- Burkesville to this place about the first of the deceased left for New Albany yesterday at the home of her sonMr are too busy to leave their crops There oclock of August iwThere is an effort on foot to secure yesterday were a few horses on the market but quested to be present Louisville Mrs only one or two changed hands Garland Mourning an experienced teacher as principal of The x Montgomery will commence x Mourning went from Taylor county to Master Commissioner sold several tracts CEMENT PLASTER AND BRICK Mr and Mrs Jeffries enter ¬ MrS F the Male and Female High School a the erection of a residence on his farm live with her son tweniytwo yearsago of land by order of court tamed Rev J C Cook wife and chil ¬ gentleman who has heretofore taught miles out of town the firstof < = Hall and Browning are ready to fill Her mind is active and she is in per ¬ dr nandR in Columbia and whose reputation a last Sun two August The dwelling as we under ¬ u teacher is known in the counties adja your order in cement patent plaster or feet health possessing all her faculties We are in the market for your eggs stand will be occupied by the gentle and is cement brick You can get any color but is a little deaf All her living and poultry ajb the highest cash price cent to Adair He is a scholar t man who conducts his farm possessed with governing pow r Should of brick desired If in need of any of children but one and many grandchild ¬ Lebanon Egg Poultry Co The first Fair in this hie accept the position there is no doubt these articles call on them or use the rengreatgrandchi1dren and great WH Shipp Mgr State will beat Russell section of the The Citizens Bank this place great grand children were with her Springs com ¬ Columbia Ky but the old institution would be liberal telephone Ky i Columbia i 353t lishes a i statement in the News this mencing the 4th of August yesterday z ly patronized I week TIns is comparatively a new Coffey recently purchased Hughes Adair County Teachers institute will Fair privileges will be sold at the bank hut the figures show that it is e For Sale on The Square M The Adair county teacherswho failed a thousand acres of land on Butlers cohven Monday July 27 All the teach courthouse door next Saturday 4 > at the June examination should take fork of Sulphur lt is well timbered after doing a safe and profitable i ers in the county are requested to at¬ noon at 1 oclock l only thirteen and is known astheCForestHcJn courage There were One nice lot25 feet wide and g4 feet tend sickhess only being an exc se i RevJ Q Cook will preach his fare tf cepaid for thi applicants Wen tice that in nother Reservation > r deep It adjoins the Paull Drug Go well sermoniat Zion next Sunday fore Lebanon Egg and Poultry Co pv county there were ortyone applicarits property is private Circuitcurtopenedat Liberty last opened a branch i store mColumbia has noon He is anxious to meet all Hie and is one of the best locations mOo t A > only four receiving certificates Monday Judge H 0 Baker on the membership and other Large concessions in prices on al f lumbiaY See G S Harris > ln order to nrakeTpom iOfour large1 lines of goods to Cgsh buyers bench Born to the wife ofW G Campbell nelghbQrhoodbefore V t< Oampbellsville and Cane Valley base- 1 June 27th 1908 a son V V J 1 ure for Texas tock which will soon begin comin I ball teams crossed Bats at the latter If you want Fair privileges be at fieiare offering Deduced prices oi after A large assortmntpf straw hats at Mr Holts second new hack wiI be placelastrSaturday resulting in 12 to the cpurtouse Go Russell iojimer goodL + I nbbn at 1 ocloc ih favor ofCane Valley half forrnei price l j hereby the4Oth of this month t i Ruell Co1 ti j jof f 0able lSamples ¬ QN tstate ESi T rtheir I ofs rAfter thave I j 4on i ina kI IIJ I ¬ rtgaged j I J ¬ Kiand crd I ¬ 4livered iiii ser1 4 I 1 1 Iwith IFabout 1 S ia counItry t kZ t t Coa 4 i Iaccident Isisting ir JR WF 1 vARKasey enIJoyed ¬ pubS c I businessS ¬ 1 4 ji a Thpr f < > It 4l I 1 RusselltGoj t 1 > t 1 7jY l1 2 f it fI ijf t S It iCff tl 1 Ji itf rleave LostA 5S45 Z ISSj > 1 ic f if > LLS I > < 1J nextjjrday j6 i e i 1 rinsof thei I 1 j > a f l

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