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Image 1 of The Kentucky Standard January 20, 2012

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All A Classic Tigers, Eagles meet in SFs. >> SPORTS A8 50 cents • 34 pages • Vol. 112, No. 9 • The Kentucky Standard Friday, January 20, 2012 New Senate,House lines shift political boundaries JAMES CALVERT The changing boundaries of state Senate and state House of Representatives districts are creating some political shake-up for Nelson County. The district lines are redrawn every 10 years based on population from the U.S. Census to provide equal representation throughout the state. Nelson County experienced a growth rate of 15.9 percent since 2000, which is double the state’s growth rate of 7.4 percent. The population growth rate decreased in counties in Eastern and Western Kentucky, while the population swelled in Jefferson, Fayette and Nelson counties. The Senate voted 22-14 and the House voted 5839 to approve the redistricting plans Thursday, which were expected to be signed by Gov. Steve Beshear. Nelson County will see a change in its political representation if the proposed plans are approved. Currently Nelson County is represented by Sen. Jimmy Higdon in the 14th Senate district, which includes Marion, Mercer, Nelson, Washington and See LINE, page A4 What the shift means so far? Sen. Jimmy Rep. David Floyd Higdon • Sen. Jimmy Higdon, who currently represents Nelson County in the Senate, will no longer be within boundary lines after the shift of lines. • Rep. David Floyd will file for Nelson’s new Senate assignment which includes Nelson and Bullitt counties. • Dick Heaton has made it known he Dick will file for the new House district Heaton that includes only Nelson County Arson Investigation Too many chiefs? Fire dept.corporation votes for new top post ERIN L.MCCOY A new chief was elected for the Bardstown-Nelson County Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Monday, but Bardstown Mayor Bill Sheckles insists that department, often referred to as the “corporation,” should have the same chief as the City of Bardstown Fire Department. Anthony Mattingly remains chief of the city department, appointed by Sheckles. However, the city department’s First Assistant Chief Marlin Howard was elected chief of the corporation by a vote of 32-12, Sheckles told PLG-TV 13. “We’ve never had two chiefs,” Sheckles said Thursday. “It’s going to complicate things. It’s not necessary. We won’t have two chiefs, OK, we’ll have one chief.” On Wednesday, Howard did not want to comment specifically on his plans. See CHIEF, page A4 TOM ISAAC/PLG News The Bardstown-Nelson County Fire Department responded to fires at two barns, 150 yards apart on Hershell Leathers Lane, Wednesday night. The first call came at 6:09 p.m., the second shortly after 9 p.m. Fire department Sgt. Paul Vance said he believes the second fire may have been intentionally set shortly after firefighters left the scene of the first fire. Arson is suspected in both blazes. Officials suspect barn fires were intentionally set ERIN L.MCCOY Fires that destroyed two barns on Hershell Leathers Lane Wednesday night may have been intentionally set. At least one juvenile is a suspect in the blazes, Nelson County Sheriff Stephen Campbell confirmed Thursday. The Bardstown-Nelson County Fire Department was dispatched to the area about 6:09 p.m. “We did have a structure that was probably 20 by 80 (feet) long that was fully involved. It was actually three quarters of it full of rolled bales of hay or straw,” fire department Sgt. Paul Vance said. Firefighters moved nearby hay trailers away from the barn, but Vance said there were 25-30 bales inside, and it’s hard to extinguish a fire inside bales until they’re torn apart, a feat that would likely require large equipment. “Once you get a roll bale on fire you TOM ISAAC/PLG News One of two barns had collapsed completely as of Thursday morning. Both fires were still smoldering. have to actually physically take it apart to suppress it,” he explained. Firefighters were on scene about two hours, during which time they surveyed the area and also checked out another barn about 150 yards away. “Obviously somebody had set this fire, and there was a possibility that because there was a second barn 150 >> OPINION Weigh in on this paper’s poll question at Would you support term limits for politicians? >> More commentary, Page A6-7 yards away — there was a possibility of a second fire,” Vance said. “They didn’t have no electricity out there and we had found in a grain bin evidence that somebody had been burning hay in that grain bin.” There were also signs hay had been burned inside a large, metal culvert pipe on the property, and a fiberglass tank about 20 feet away had smoke rolling out of it, also possibly set on fire, according to Vance. When the fire department left on another run, they reportedly asked the man leasing both barns, Ricky O’Daniel, to watch it for the evening. “About 30 minutes after we got back, at 9:04 p.m., we got knocked out on a second barn fire, which was the second barn out there,” Vance said. Because the fire department had checked out the second barn during its first run, Vance said he believes the second fire may have been intentionally set some time between 8:30 and 9:04 >> OBITUARIES NELSON COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD District outlines revenue-saving options for FY2013 budget ERIN L.MCCOY As the Nelson County School District seeks to cut expenditures for next school year, it may face cuts in special education for the second year in a row, along with draw-downs in spending on the district level. However, the school board voted Tuesday to keep the number of staff almost the same as in the current fiscal year. Executive Director of Operations Tim Hockensmith delivered a draft budget predicting further state funding cuts for fiscal year 2012-2013. Nonetheless, the board voted to work with a compensating tax rate — a rate that would keep property tax revenues the same — rather than a 4 percent increase for the preliminary budget passed Tuesday. Also approved by the board was a 2012-2013 staffing formula that would “essentially keep your staffing formula unchanged, with one exception,” See BUDGET, page A4 See FIRE, page A4 >> FACES IN THE NEWS >> INSIDE Carl Lee Chesser Jr., 51 Pauline Admire-Dougherty, 81 Michael David Edmiston, 60 Jennie Ava ‘Jen’ Harned, 99 Mary Gondola Elmore Miles, 80 Heather A. Oakley, 41 James Elmer Rountree, 97 >> Page A3 >> Page B6 Obituaries . . . . . . . A3 Religion. . . . . . . . . . A5 Opinion . . . . . . . . A6-7 Sports . . . . . . . . . A8-9 Classifieds . . . A10-11 Public Record . . . . B2 Entertainment . . . B5 Faces/News . . . . . B6

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