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Image 1 of The Hickman courier, April 2, 1886

Part of The Hickman courier

l. kh IHSU r jiit r irs V .., .t. i S .. Wfe4 - v " . . n.1. .ttiV j; itetx4&42R&&rt ' tmtm 1 ' in ! '- -i " - 0" '.T 1 56 - tfi. n a. - -. ..- t '&& iJ ECH1H Fine Job Printing GEORGE WARREN, sacKaLAjg-- xy. . &B J5 ' "- - With Xlio Oltlesst NewNpapcr ni ESTABLISHED. 1859. OP SUBSCRIPTION. 31.50. - -- GLADSTONE w A.I.E BILIA, LTTKHBAD OKOROE "WARREN, Editor. 1. NeatneMitDispatck. ' Mm TMfcwlU'ent.BextaoortoqtyHall. JPKICK v -- EXECUTED Hp., HICKMAt COURIER BY "J- - tI! WWW COMER. PUILISHED EVERY FRIDAY t4 -- HICKMAN, FULTON COUNTY, EXTRAORDINARY ACCmTrT. j 070. FRIDAY, APRIL 2. IxSTH CO.XGKESS. i RAILROAD STRIKE ENDED. Gould and Powderly H.ii a Conference KOT ENDED. INVITATION CNtorn TCenr.icUy 's KEtfTljgKY, it f u rn;aDR VOL. XXI.- -' JSS6. stR ' DOCTORS DISAGREE. THE COMMONWEALTH. STa ft TTr HE DON'T WEAKEN. ,r . t '. They wanted tight they ve jrot enooa-.. good HepuDj are dazed; T The They, almost doubt, If they're aliv t The Senators are crazed. ' ve got it square, right in the eys. f The Straight Irotn tho shouleler sent t The "Nol" of Grover Clovelann, who ,, Jon'.t.weaken.roracenu Tho great and glacial Edmunds. mlU tm With ra?e to see such hrek." fc X s. .!.! The View- - of aMHacbaJpnulIrnn I.ouUrille l.c.lf ToImcco Market. Leader, or Some Einmivmtnisted "Ve quoto 1&S5 tobaccos as follows for nl"' V,,art;h wr The bill YA- ,.m. Tlin.eAdvanc'--to- r 3 Gould Says That Powderly Jutop-o- d Br,,D,n1lf i?"1'10 or "enerol Hancock a full weights and sound packages: . Knur. pcnievorr,aa year was pael to a Conclusion. UOllHIS . I larf'tf. a ml Ufa vii. resoWBon at inquiry in reganl to the Viutn- Jur. OJSfc ,1 m M 2T. 4 00 RI beroire-mva- ls Trash Somo "prcceuonw ,uanis Hord-shi- p of fotnthehws postmasters Howe Rule Co Take tlio Frcccilcnco of the 00", fi f 3 003 73 Common lugs lack's resolution In relation al?.it0.- oi customs dues in coin wns Metbiim lugs Fruitless Conference itetwrn Gould anil of Vermont negldkinchi4rx 2Ti 5 S'jft 5 75 3 "&S t ' to iDcriv wui Laud Question. 6 tTj 7 0(1 .4 4W the ltourtl. rcferreo lauiho Financo Coiuuiitt Mr. Good jugs.. M in his great report or meirton in his 6 sva 7 CO 1 5oft 5 TO Lopao nni to increase tho pllicien nfllw. Common leaf . .. naro- - wwi aicov-erc25 "greatest effort, 7 rm r 0i3 fl 00 ariiiyAfeiicuRsed. Petirtintr action the Meibum leaf And In his righteous wrath declare OH Owdqjt, March 20. Gladstone appear1!! ti WKTeti 7 0046 8 utoruiBff iwnr expired and the Kdmunds Good leaf lawyer.They are The I'resiUcnt s unlquj by a Uoaton i .. the House of Commons this WglO CO is foair. co Nrv Yojik, March 2J. Thd spirit of exulSelectiout uhlqua resoiuiwuiwere taken up. Mr Jackson afternoon. Correct the man 15 00218 00 intercating f ragmeiitft ,.& Hurley wrappers r constitii- Who can't he broke or bsnt. tation which filled tho hearts of the Execujistcrday Mr. Gcorco fftef errinE. to tho announcement mndo in foIIowrtatMJMorBan Or bribed oc bullied; wholn short. took the floor. Amotive Boardjjof tho Knights df Labor this his behalf yesterday by Sir William Ver- tiouat history, thotigh'nf value for I'trreiliilgs of the Legislature Don't, weaken for a cotit." tion toco into exicuth e session was opposed EitANidrortT, Mardh 30. Bills tho information of the boW author of bj MrvV'muiiiKwlth a view to fixing a day morning soon changed to grave anxiety. Senate. .aian Harcourt, Mr. Gladstono said tho ' Wsis nrecd that Jn At last, troy find they'vp stVucka oil lor a I When Wm.0 McDowell called at Gould's tho passed: Providing for filling vacancies ctatement he would make April 8 Mould , LajEf mean tojswervc; Who doe-n- 't tho oOice or Judge of tho Louisville Law and tlie literarv and oratont ForKs men- time M'!U'e,uxid. AtSjp iu. tho ollice at 0:30" o'clock this nionung he . take the form of introduction of a bill for adjfcrnw. knowl-nA man w no s got the .Jackson oyt, 72?? Equity tJrjurt; amending and reducing into tioncd. His Lordhipv was not so favorably lhipiessed with his Ami got the Jackspn nervov to city of I'aducah; eiliro include everv tufST. jrCJft tho futuro Government of Ireland. Tho IIot'.-lil- K were rcportwl tg establish a oueiffl'lawB relatingGcneralBtatiites,knowit in iVo matter though the galo may tflPr1 NatlonnIjwa for reception as he was with the reception stock: to establish Amending chapter 2t, announcement produced a sensation. It owners or dogs igiiomnce of them.lgpd: ap doubt Till nl tne s i Is be rent, ?- . a llureioivPuiilIt-IIeiiltto amend the act asthoIoiflaw. Permits tho accorded him at Mr Gould's house Sunis now believed that tho Premier has in recover. There's one thing sure tho President " them ases-e- d as property If ver them estahllsjliifa Uureau of Animal Ifidpstrj ; to Have amending an Hct establishing they so n.issed his penetr.itmgioy a State Won't w eaken foe a cent, day Mr Gould gave McDowell to underdeference to the opposition in his owu party, to extcfr ' svstem for the inuneliavCdeKv-er- j doslro; w ben lie prepare u nisjw-- 1 id prece- Boton PoL Health; authorizing tho establishHoard laws, ment ofboards in cities or of lten; lt,rcpealihe elecirted to abandon temporailv nt least, stand that there had leen a misconception thousand In- dents; but ;ti tlmv vvoan- serve tin of to previse ftthebntform instnict.oil of tato lus scheme for buying out the landlords of AN EXTRAORDINARY- 'DUEL. of lu's telegram to Mr Hoxie. which was er. WHAT IT MEANS. militlatWDHvIdiVty the eipntable classiiieii- - habitants and ov passed. Ireland, and Mill mnke home rule in koine Ijicorporatipg too noblo purpose of ,jir.'iCatf'f martialiy Hoi sb. Hills sejit rumda night Mi Howell Mi cer- u ,!iiIifcrtioiiipgiisuti)n of hiaU-ryOhio, Kentucky nnd Virginia Uuilroiwl toriu, pure and simple, tho basis of his Irish A Frenrb and an American Min.ui Vlglit once returned to the Astoi House ami i at j; teel :icm. .n 1lul lapsiuiVUraSnlsCXevrlmta rXv - . county of tlte truth ofins on tho Vlcld of Waterloo. mpr,erlng tno nnd ut.lll rtViniWnln.oinljir. 'I III proposals. A more careful study of the hUir nut, as Hoard, ferred with the General r,nnn.M TWu'n. tnl. iircMlnn C.SCII 'Z . .a.i.f s. nil . h;ui(Ilvritlna.-jn)u.IIuU- iil ' . ..,, I. IIIW, J......-.l...T..fc- . y i .r. i. ....... statement throws doubt ur.on tho Lovnov. March 25. A duel Mas fought and two of Hie iiieiiilier 12xemtiereturned iii mir JltiCdMta., w tnewttn-- ! at onee I.II.IMWWWI.111 .J. fri tn'ttolr,iirfu1mimimi --.. Ielief that lh t issed tuTuhorJUiy claims bill amounting i..i.,.t, t ful 1. JloDowcllto Mr. Gould's office The onjuie ueiiuiLjji aieriootcvaayyLUevcDiiu parrot ins arrogant asseruonro not t.i f its,ai, t1c iju'mu appropriation bill w as till end orscssleiu. jf,.w,paper ami nplitical wits have . li notAT'of conierence men was snort, ana an adjournouidrass7TrthTiTbo estants being Mme. Valsayre, Kmk-miiTMarch 22 bEMTE In tho w taKi n p, and tnueh time i.tiisumiil in v.w. J !. llll."'V.i bill. Mr. ChamWrlain trance, and iliss fahelby, An Anitrican. ment was had until 3 o'clock this afterPT73 pas a revv I without much eilect, been Senate nothing was done except diMc r raided ainiinst certain Raid tho di&eusS'on in . stituti iiial histoty, it is worth wiui to Intsi'v, but noon, the hope being entertained that at j iiuovicauug items eonfcreiKe n port on the urgent bills prohibiting tne sale oi The duel was tho resint of a dispute on the that hour Mr fp.vw.f no kintr tun at l'reaiueiu vvieveiano. xor nT.r;nif.,rii.,.;ri.,rnrn...t;nn :i uaoiner. council only intensified the , IB certain Jistncts. bwdeily might le well ............ ..... ditliiPtcj bill w us and at 4 4p m "of trench and American enough to attend. At H 20 o'clock, r, relativomerils the adjourned. now:tv", . Horsr. Tho bill known as the "Gambling the historic facts that he found it con-- J . iisjnr the .nlir.ts'c " innocuous desria- .,,- lt s feniale 'uOcfors. After a stonny altercation W vsjm,t,,n Turner and McDowell en'y'tiuauuas. jv. nnai 21 Mnrch MJ.ATF -- The bill" was called up this morning, and was conto suppress, to the 8 woubt probably bo Iniido tho coming euort between. thojdisputants, Ime. Valsayre tered Jay Gonld's ofliee without Mr because to Meek PuiiiiiMprdjncriil replied to a roolution sidered Mr Cox moveelor recommit present. venicnttirst is a "precedent" that was tudo" in his latd niesiiagc'' Hie to effect a coniWMmio between the 1'rtm-te- r threw her glove in Miss Shelby's face and a members The words ot tho small number About 4 o'clock the cotiferenco United btates jSenatei callinfor information In rezard to the and tho disputants in the Cabinet duel was forthwirth arranged. r The motion was lost, Mr. Mulligan s amendfouiiti-cliisThe ended Subsequent inquiry at Mr Gould's made m the resign of "Madison, and is I'ostmasttrs bj iMioNon Mr. Ixpscben. denied at Windsor this eventliurmsli the intoi iiiation in two or ment permitting the selling of progre-s- . was taken from a book called "History of arc certainly notv the most common weapons wer1o,s words. Jlissohtslbj' was olHce was answered by the following vtlilie the races are in ing, thrfcojjg. Mr an Wjek's resolution in been ,n,,noncd n5 slightly Mounded on, one arm. The statement, of which Mr. Gould was the in our language, and they may never price of frss In the District was adopt d. and all other amendments voted the Appointing Power:" Councillor by tho Queen for author Mr. Powderly hiK evidently four seconds Mera'Apacncans-ajTai'latte- r down, and the bill passed as amended bv a have beeu before used in such n ii rrtjl lifter some d A petition 1 lie dismissal of the Postmaster General, advice Later. Tho Govern expressed themselves as satisfied that the the ntennfng of the telegram nuys. Those I rem revote of considerable auiiluu against 4K jcas to f. Hoertz, Jrfck-o- voting Gul on Granger, cau-e- d m Coist. fthc t PnelUc Hut they are very s tUI'IKirters have been privatelv as duel had been conducted fairly and that that was sent on Sunday night to Mr MulIt were Messrs. the enje) of uiiotfcndinu official circles. Contrary to tho close connection. re.itinctit cured .that the Government's Irish "pro France's honor had been upheld. Hoxie. ( OITutt. Tho following mark in "Our position is that this Scott They possess shades words. to liiiicniis ivlerred to tint Committee on ligan. Myers, the billand full. "Act to .emend w she's ot the President, he had appointed or rramme has been settled bv the Cabinet. In stnko has been m n condition for arbi1 H'n isiAtliurs Uebatowas rismiifil on the is a cop or which no other word or tlie important position or postmaster The Homo Rule measure m ill be introduced bill to inert rs the tfllcieiie of the arinj article 1. chapter 47. entitled 'Gaming.' er lhil.lelnliiii Ilr l.leh. h nersnn w lto hlld long of meaning no othor words wonld tration all the time We have had Secretary Manning's Condition. 1'' iiillninctmii the mnrnlii'r hour expired GcneraUStatutes: That whosoever, with fo,IowHl immediately bv tho land The poess, and nn agi cement with the workmen for some openb cpposeil to Mr. Mndlon. Tit ?r2. nnsures, if passed by the Washington, March 23. Secretary Man- turn that all differences were to hne been 1 In LdnuiHis ii port and resolutions wi re without compensation, shall set up, carry on Preside nt not but regard th's as an act have 'pri'ssed the exact logical and ix l.iki ii u Mi rs Morgan, Mitchell. Hour. or conduct or shall nid and assist in setting ot hostilit toh'mstir. and, having long sua House of Commons, will l presented to ning's physicians are not at ajl encouraged siilnnitted for arbitration before am stnko occupying-thI iliiiunb on or conducting a As legal idea at the time tip, earn Mr anil (.ray made speeches the House of Lords together. Chamberor lie had his Iriendshlp, he dismissed! him by the symptoms of their patient. should be resoi ted to Manager Hoxie has machine or other Presidential mind. In reference to tho a imrhift got the door tor removed tor not after lain and Irevelyan Mill Cabin enntrivnni'o used In betting, wherebv money his friends protested, and a resolution was p utialiri'i mi nt to take a vote on r riilm Among Mr. Manning's'closest frfends it is this matter in hand He hts full control, e aet of 1867, and to tlie inet until ihe home bill remain tho lost; or has nui be won tabled. known that there is great danger of a sec anil the matter must be settled with him Hoi 't The t oiniiiutcc on .Naval AtTatrs or other things compensation, or percentage or itilroducejd iu the Senate asking tho reason present act on the same subject which We are just w here w were before Snnda s Gladstone dispatched a messenger to the shall Tor rejectee! on the for his dismissal. It was reported Imel. a resolution, which was .olopt-eiJV 1'ieslileut ond stroke of apoplexy, or paralysis, and et up, conduct or enrrv on a ground thai the Senate had not the right to had never since its enactment in' its VJiieen this eveniugMith an impoitant comloiiimihiiiein nfereiice" Gould and 1'owderl) will iitSog upon the -- ei re lar ot the Niuy game The Executive Boat d of tlio Knights of of curds wherebv. mono or otlu r thing tn ike such uiiineiulrj. Uis the only instance munication. Mluch it is believed has refer- all are filled In have another conference present con to for inltrtDHtion in n panl to tue tho graves08ero Lalmrhave sent out tho following tele- ditlon ence to the home rule question. tiny be won or 1ot, or shall, with or without In the early histor ot (he Government or an present form in I860 been applied reSt Lm is, March 211. --The strikers have gram ettho new cnnsiTs A resedutlon was compensation, percentagnoreommis-slon-. this expectation It is a fact that Mr. Manaid attempt to question the motives of tho Presi- restrict the President's power of ailoptel culling u the rceeiveil no sjiecillc instructions as jet in anoiis abinct and abet in setting up.conductiiigon or carryning Mas warned by his physicians soino Martin Iron", fha'nnan Kxceutiw board, nlHie'rsfnr intonniitiiui concerning the dent in rcxard to removal. ' moval or suspension from ofliee he to resuming work, but they say on A. N. KELLOGG. strokeof that it will be impossible for them to re- St. bouts: President Jat ttould hascoii.eimsl months ago, that he was liable to a id substitutes m the ilcpsrt-i- ing lor a gamesosetup.carried The next is an oflicial opinion by said: percentage or commiscompensation, to our proposition for arbitration, and sr telenis L'nunimous eimsent was gtcnthat sion shall lie lined Ave hundred dollars and Danid WdMcr, Secretary of State iu with the ( ut Hoxie Onlcrthe men And so it happens that, atter a period of Detfc or the OrlRln.itor of tlio AUkillaiy apoplexy. He conferred ofttce.The rresjdent turn ltefore Wednesdaj- nionung to While graphs President the executive board was in session night to resume work at once. Hj order I'.iecutUn an iinlej mivlit be maile allowing the Itgis- - costs and confined In tho pebitentmrv not Ie and desired to lvsjgu his ars of almost Innocupusj nearl twenty Iiliorlo report for action tor than one nor more than three cui, shall be the reign of 1 j ler: ' I'ubllaliliiK ltusiue. lit Hip United begfred him to remain until after the closo a telegram was received from Powderly Hounl. T. V. PnwtiKiu..G M W these laws are brought forth, ap lation fcr the purpose of providing annlication for office or letters re- - desuetude, the repetieu as wen conviction and be Tor "Rut deeme d Infamous after mo ore; Mates. of the session of Congress, and meanwhile sa mg that complications as to the methods parently The Executive Boitrd also sent out tlio arbilr.iiufl in strike's on rflllwajs. Executive everthereaftei disqualified from exorcising spoct in appointments or conversations, held pealed, and put in tho way or an atlMn-el- in Chicago, JIarch 25. News has been re- to rest and care for himself. .Mr. Manning of arbitration had uriseu and that another following telegram itsortisl granting the consent of Con - ig.wiliiug. tr ,u...m tted. to ...--- . wmi iiuiiv uiais en suca saojcci Br,. not olllthe right ot sunrugtwiilii iroin noiuiu,r;iij The our ceived of tho death, at Tbomasville, Ga., consented to do so, but afterw ard suffered conference would be held tomorrow men proceexl lings, am tain noil.r prollt.whetherit beStatc, To the Knlphtso! I.alKjr now on ttlkeln enss ti tlio construction oi brulgi s$1j.W0 methods or :")"''. improvement in thev.u adjourned Mith a . attack of dj spepsia and iu of the Southwct. President .la Oould has eon nuvigatfo rivers, andofanroprniti lgbudding coiuitv, city or municipal The judgment In- be iiihiiu to of Mr.. A.' FTellogg, presi.leutof the AX somnin. severe again conferred with tha lord and thoy without ordeiing the the public , for tlii'fiiipmve-iiien- t ,, . to work, will not Ih until further sentrd to our proxrition for arhitration. ami and liroi.t.l i. unless, after tho no.uin.UIou of """ convict! n In every case shall recite such at Iiidilnapolfs. The loiign bibrar Kellogg Newspaper Company. The de- President, and tho latter agreed to acwpt instructions are received from New York. A. Critical t:.;tliijuuucm. u. mo ou.uou so telegraphs famy and disqualification, and shall not be sulIi Krson so writing or conversing, tne HoAlf. Pursuant considered during the such to tel irraphic instructions sent tothetH.or-t:ia- bin itmrblil wasno ite tion was taken morn- vali'd without such recital The provisions President shall thluk proper to lay before tho shows the fitness of iu use. To comceased had been an invalid for many his resignation or give him an indefinite ing hewr, but The of this section shall not Include nor D A. UI, j ouure diof About this time yearsfcd of late was unable to devote leave badnbsenc for the better, and Man- ESCAPED A FRIGHTFUL, FATE. rect eilKxccutie lioanl at once Per ord r IndNn ijipropiiutioii bid was taken up and be applicable to persons who pla at such Seuato ' or such conversations03 mence at the last word iirstvit may be HtuUtcr, rvl- - 6V, p to resume work conning turn "desuetude," while lsseil Ttie Post ofliee".vs,appropriation bi'l, games unless t ley take other part in setting his personal attention to the largo busi- cluded to ahold on until thu adjournment Executive Hoard is from a speech by Danifl said that the word The not Wti discussed ar I' opnatlng t54,nwi Up. conducting or carrying on such T. V. POWDEltLV, G. M. V. ness enterprise which is mainlv thoout-Srowt- h of 1 ongress He worked too hard and took A Yotnlin From Her Collin After regarded as a synonym for "disuse," Pt mltutuction the House adjourned games. Sections The change of the narao of We bstcr in the benate, and, compared lteluc Api.ireiitl Deitd for Hours. ofhis foresight,energy and excellent littlu care of hitnsclfand theiendl came It carries Masiixoton. March Si Sknte A bill nny of tho games, tables, macliiue-- or con- with the official opinion of the same implies considerably more. disuse, 'liusineio. talent. Uo was the pioneer in the Tuesday TJjeeetxtary wiUnever do any Aixemulk. N. J.. March '."O Martha but was n wrtcd establishing a coniniNston to trivances included in this act shall not preof the with it the idea not only of auxiliary publishing business, which has more work a maidcu lad, has been an invalid O'NEILIi'S ARBITRATION BILL. exatuiic tho Him Imm beau, Krunklln and vent the conv 'ction of nil person violating eminent statesman as a member tho Treasury Department. abandonment- - It srown into such magnitude and importance At midnight his coudition was somewhat for several j ears. On Fndaj night her rel- .V other pipers of historic valuo, with the view the provisions thereof Sections. An Indict (.ovoriunent, fails to reveal that varia a hint of neglect and in Measure Intended fdr tile Anile ible Mitbin a little over twenty j ears' time. improved. of puhlkhing thoui. Tlie Committee on Com ment tor violating any oi tne provisions oi tion of ideas to aiut circumstances and has a legal significance as quoted I atives were called to her bedside to bid her d of Ijllmr Ill.putes. mcree reported a bill for tho encouragi-ii- h sections He was a and 2 ina charge the accused In man, a man of Webster s Dictionary from the writing. A bill wu farewell, as she nt l Vincrlcan shipping evidently ding. one count w ith the commission of any er ull motives which is so marked a characsterling integrity and uprightness of charWtsiiiNOToN, March 'JS In the Hoiiso Vermont: of Bishop Taylor, who, in speaking of, granting a iienslon ef $.1i a montir r , - 'TheGreat' eStrike. set forth in this act. Sition acter, Riid Mas greatly endeared to all ill Shortly aftor ten o'clock she closed her Mr. O'Neill's long promised bill pased widow of Hear Admiral Il.irwood. I ho ef the oirensesin cases arising Under this act teristic of his Lordship from Governors of 4 l'nce-durto the an obsolete church regulation, said: St, Lorn, March any way associated with him because of his looking-glas"Miieo tho practice has become a settled "The desuetude abrogatertthe law which on the nrbiti.ition ipiestion will bo ml Posiiniutir General furnlsltcil the Senate shall be tire sumo as prescribed bj the t rinn-n'Texas evesand cefted to breathe A inbind and sympathetic nature and nnosteu-latiou- s Msour Arkansas Kaiisasand with a tabulated siHteinent of fourt Code of Practice m other cases or felony, practice since every Administration has Mas held over her mouth, but no indication He asserts, generosity. He Mas issue proclamations relative to the railr and since It uitit now bo considthe acpot matters removisl durinsr ihe past yenir and the lioud for the appiaranee of Section dulged in it,legal construction of theconstitu- - beforecustom had established." Used in ears of age. He Iraves a widow and two road strike The railroads are called upon of respiration opieared upon it. She was operative and constitutional Itisentitled Thi're were. Iicsajs. s.tSVi removed The 3 ered us tut,cused shall be for a sulhclent bail l 'daughters, Mho have their home 111 i.glv prepared for burial Underresolutions weredebatcsl by Voorhees, 5 Prose cutioiN for violations of this aet may 'a bill creating boirds for aibitration for than that the law hael become a dead years after tlie commission n,.. to Mliich city the remains will be to resume traffic, and all persons aro taker Mitcha'liioticedthat although the the speed settlement of controvetsios nnd Kv arts nnd Call. lie had within tlve and as mi t. ...,- h.a.1 if rniioua us lT.l..r- tlwJ pnmmnn law desue- warned against ihtcfpbliiig auyclftncle dead woman's form wasrigid, with the ex6. All chaplain pravisl against tho of the oU"enc but not later talren forbuiuiL Hurst Tlie different es between common carriers and abolished. acts and part- - of acts In conflict with this act in tho way. Tho GQvenuir..of'JIifwouri "her "extiemities. hei bodj foil mil of an aristocracy in the eountrj. tilde absoluteh-repeale- d ception of Mr. Kellojry was born' at Iteadinp-- Pa., in interstate and territorial com This act 17 was set apart rebj the warm MarchJ.U Jfi3- -, and irraduated withlitluctin.i pledges the whole power of the State to Without notifxing tho metre or business and cinplojcs." Tho Snturdaf, Aprilpublic building torinvolving are lit etfect repealed. Section 7 passage. shall cis'-- ty huo us independently ot our control a leal rule or custom. Property may The trom and after its take of nt Columbia Co.Iere. New York, In lsM. He carry "out the purposes of his proclama- fru uds he placed her in a coffin with- premablo recites thnt b Section S. of an expenditure of less than bills A man who ilher vas a son of Frederick KcIIok? iiid the tion In St. Lotus preparations are being out $,(). duo bill has already the senate Senate, nnd it is a am ...... power thai istobo exercised byI also be losfby desuetude. legal phraso--t And on For Article 1. of the Constitution of the United were rtjKirtcd to promote the intr Hills understood that passed the will concur In the 1. 1... ,..!. r tie constitution, her putting lie can call upon "sleeps on his righu," in onnitcst or six children. He married Annie made l the militia to protect the armory twiut n,i, i imon she lay in the box and States, Congress i mvesto I with full tion eI fresh water on tho Colerado House amendment without opposition. hours h. Uarnes at Uaralxxi. Wis.. Au;uit SI. IS.V. him to .ivc us reasons tor tho manner in ologv, is regarded as having lost them od the itropertv of 23. Nothing of import 1'it In 1MJI, whilo pnbiishlnp tlie liRraboo i is.j coiiipntn.Betweeir'lV"" aT tho ""rttlroad was viewed by several, neighbors and jowcr and authority to provide for the desert: to provide for tho organization thacpwer, any more than bv not claiming them. Atrophy of a re USti ih mourned bv her fnemls. Her relatives generul welfare iif the people of the et tli Teintorv of Oklahctna: tor free ance vvmout. March in either house. A tew vvh can he xi upon hlo 9 1 p. m. and Republic, a wcvkly newspaper, he became was transacted we call f reasons for the ven opened nnd rtad her xvlll. thinking United States, to regulate commerce, shut, and to grant flflion davs liaveof private bills were passed. cQiuuiU.teeJ,oDistriot Assemblv KJJ other thortof help and thideaot the in.n uuiuiier in wb'di be exercises anj The power limb L-- caused by its disuse. Chartwlkeiu-to cmpleivea eif the l.overniiunt Inpfde. uiM had copies printed by the Knights of Labor, went through all the that she might make some reque t legard-lliiower 20 among the several States, to constitute vinJt Patent March VuiMtioiiT, the constitutionfranchises may be lost So vrc Hills under eiepartmeiiis uro number of rc)irts and Ma fWiladlSonlrWIs.l - n!7u Jiulnl IVimtunr. .. her funeral. Shortly after 0 o'clock tribunals inferior to tle Supreme Court of vrlnting enice ards and servedvnn bider On ull Knights ...... w....--.-.- . tye . mmirauiMiiii. ered rights and calls "nonuser." A th" Hnptist Female ti. r This ..i. .; postffici tor what the law u siibinitiil, The tip. bin qu litis messed Incorporatingbill poviuiu,tex tax ot . JusUeveninir. Mh'Ie tho fninilv were at sui- "pateut-ln&idpaper to quit jtfMTvnfinuca'. 10 print came to Chicago and bc- - coupled work-ya-t Jlfli. ti addntBedorifet States, and .. to uiako all. laws J vzitd i atdvloeadtS-PWuntinEfiS.-whenbji' f!per?iIrCook"heanl a noiso in tho parlor tho United bo teceinry,iidvprotorforV werx- tnadtjftj noWtnerf otir"tirlt'i'eierA ColltiiouknanJstciwn; to si la with trffquett i which shall pnn printiiiff " wucre uis aunts remains wereijlng. lie carrving into execution tho foregoing of K.aia5. and Gucntlier.-o'Iha deliberato opmionof such a cbi of bVwvi for country men who"Mefe not Knights of Labor askM'iscoiigin. At desuetude. . This was the exact County; incorporating tho road ill Jefferson papers. He built up the Kollogp Newsdelivered, on a tate rece- -s until 7:00 horrorstricken to find her sitting up powers and Mas It provides for the formation 5 10 p. pi the House took a word to express President Cleveland's paper Company, which now has offices in ing them to join their London, Manchester lind Whlteshurg Tele- acter, officially m ith her head and shoulders partU out of within tho law of a tribunal consisting of p m , the night session being lor tho con- phone and Telegraph Company; House bill facts evactlv analogous to that upon meaning in regard to the Tenure-of- -' Ch CHjro SV,ouls. aecland. Kansas City, the glnss co ertng over the cotlin faue hau one on each ule of tho controvcrsj, the sult ration of li'iision bills m ltb wis olej ed and the request complied it authorizing Greenup County to issue bonds whu h the arrogant "e'liator from 3lcniplit, New York and Cincinnati. -- sr ite -- Aimmg Office act, ami he put it iu the right W KnivoTON, March snown wtien. on tnasounding oi tue wnis-tle- s lieeii in a trance Aftor gettu k out of tho two to select a third If they do not selct t tor paying for right of way through that has turned the powerful head- place. 1kx she walked and appear? I perfectly as provided withm three days the United the lulls Jntrodmisl vas one by Mr Hour county for tho UigSandv railroad House bill I j). in . all the yardmen in tho place at. N itional Mell. She relates man lurious things tha't States ( ottrt of the juusdiction inwhuh providing for imjui to unlir authorizing the city or Danville to issue lionds light ef Ins genius for quibbling, is of BURNED a:nd qmetlj walked out and lcjt the jards Why the President used the adjective Into such outrage s a tin t arro Iton Danville Gaslight she saw while in tho trance. tho trouble exists shall do so Tho ti lbutial roasstcre The lIuiumls re olutioiis were for 55,(Ofor stock in the pa or sheriffs Mr niore orth as a guide to truth than all "innocuous" as qualifying or describ-iii"- mgipf. ' Company . to increase the A Mother.Iade l'r.intlclj 'laiues, Throw tho standing of a United States pl.n ed before the shall have and Mr In. alls upon the the-- arrogant elogtnatisin, of the latter upon courts vwis the condition of the act in question Herself Into a Export Wh'sky. Fourth-C'as- s all its powers, and shall took tht lloor. He was followed b Messrs. attendance Hurnctt, Chairmanlaid tho Spe- joined to the Commission Postmasters Removed. of precedents that j more open, to conjecture aim crm- table. Mr Kdmumis At 7 p tn. cial bo paid in like maimer. is Greenon Hurrion. IJgan and Advisory Committee Reading, Pa , March JM. Mr. Henry "Washington, March -- . Attorney GenWasuingtov, Mareh 25."ln response to Van Wjek moved to take up his amcmlini nt. wood vvhv their even do not go to support his asser- cimh. let it seems- - to nave a meaning explaiiieu Mines. Franke, aged forty-twof noiuiiia-turn. j ears, living about the Senate resolution, tho Postmaster Gen- - eral Garland has civen an opiuion favorafor session Ho said tions delayed. report had been e in thi? cisc. Radically it means no4., Burned. On a polm of order that tins would employed two in lies from here on a truck farm, yeshad informed that body thatthaT blato graating'warehouso privileges to the committee ral Edmunds says: U'AU paper; addressed hurtful. It is.rather a medical than sty i pFom, III., March 2s There was great chanro a 5tanding II role 't of the ? nato that Huekner Allen, ot Lexington, a stenographfourtb-clasimported domestic goods. This opinion is numbe?lof.rentovals of terday kindled a fire with coal oil, and su taming the er to take testimony, and he promised to by ainlwdy to" an e.uutive officer on legal word. It properly js more appli to thcieiwnsavote ot w hileo doing the Humes ignited to tbocan, on of Mr. Kdiiiuiiils poumasterrnrom March OsSS to March held to a pid to whisky exportations. and excitement in this city this morning when point. Tlie first testimony cable to a tiling than to a condition. It-messenger came riding furious- was adopt ed x: to 15, the Mfiutd b a! to 'r send tho do so, and by last Sundav but bai. tlie teipk: of suspension arc official which exploded with terrific force. The 3, lbSG, was S.C45, divided among the sever he understood that he railed to under it much of the ten million gallons of n mounted Mitchell. by to ". best use is in deseiibing a medicine 01 testiburning oil scattered over the body of the al States and Territories-afollows Aiaoa-rnrefuse stunts withdinwn last jear from liond for ly with tho information that the Peoria nud the thin! Wvck voting with the mi- would until heto give up the papers and dajs" Van Webster: "A)rdications for pllice, a eleietrine, not in describing the quali mony was paid for his three40; Arizona. 9; Arkansas. Co: Califorwoman amLupon ber two children, aged miles distant, was in Haines. nority. The Senate nt ! . p in iidjniirned six brought and letters, or conversations. of' individuals work t$l"d. Aliout twenty nine and eleven years. The frantic woman nia. 75, Colorado. 33, Connecticut, 100; exportation Mill probably now be or a law. building until Monday, after milling a fourth resolundded to substitutes were offeree). Intended to provide rvspoctin"; ev.-n- j ajipniiilmcnts. arc not ties- of a mail, or of TauJntb tho yard and jumped into a cis- Dakota. 125; DelaMaie, 37, District of Col- - back and warehoused for apu ear with- - A new wing had beenwere forty-fiv- the of hononibiv removal Still, there is. a hint, or the shadow of r'd compelled to. tho insnno tion declaring that theotherwise (liialini il for a way for getting the testimony before the ear. In this last j tern at the low cr and of the cartleli and unit ia, 1 , Florida. Jo, Georgia, til , Idaho, 16;, jauibejng , Semite and to have Allen arrested d he re- official proceeilings'antl cin not ne many But people. Engines Mere immediately dis- discharged soldiers which it adds to the othciff ternal revenue tax on landing was drowned. The burnuig,oiF tecfiie to m. vru cnntnirj to the spirit of Mic fused toglveupthepiipers. Senator Wilson's to partake of tho "character of official meaning 111H IS VOIICVIIIJ 11 patched to the spot, but did not nrnve in tin position the Iti'Msed Matutes Willi ICIi 'It word in the phrase, showing tlia' , the housed The fire was seen by farmers Iowa. XQ. Knnsns. di3. Kentuckx. l!4: Lou to tion 17S4 of resolution, empowering the coinmitti-w hethur s laigo to and they e children isiana,2. Maine. 2fti MnrjJand, 137: Mas- Customs at 'ewYork had decide preceded time to save the main building, a years Horsi- - The chaplain pravid for the re proceriungs. summon Allen before them and bring tho pait was not idly find Uselessly1 been brick, erected seventien Micnigau, , importations of Mhiskj covery of Secretarv Manning A niiimunlca-tiopers and testimony with him was adopted. vere terribly burned about tho face and sachnsetts, 127, Minnesota, . Etlmiyuls: T(ie suspons.ion of an off- plied. It adds to the force , o;, Secn-tary an exportation m gooa lauu. uu too aco, at a cost of ?40.O0O Of tltis nothing Tairchlld transprospect Is that Mr. Allen will have to l from Assistant The body. A doctor was summoned, whostated U: Mississippi. t)0. Missouri 2S7,3Iontanav withholds from the duties the intimation that the law in r A standing amend the law or up his "111 got gains" that they can not recover, as, the fira has 19: Nebraska, 9S; JTovada, 7, New Hamp- - ' q tiestion of granting an abatement of over but the walls remain awav from the In- mitted the draft of a bid toaNo letter asking give compensation at all. without receiv Ing icer "inipl any and emoluments of the ofliee pending question, through naa regulating Immigration: elcsuetuae, tie wind blew hard xvork entered tlitir bieast and lungs. hire. 127:2ewJt.n;or.lS5:ew3lexico,ij; , onemtaxes where mmskj nas in.en nunicu storage and lor and b it the revenue a elecision of the matter by the "senate. Hoi'SE. In the dead t New YoikM,053; 'orth Carolina, uo in arebouses, Attornej txeneral uarianu sane Hospitalhundred and fifty inmatesMas for an appropriation silver the buctune something 111 pre than Other bill was diseussed House the entire session. dollars eif transportation ocduring Ohio. STs: Orecon, 34. Fennsjlvanta, ft; gives it as ins opinion mat Miiere taxs saved One Webster: "As it is one of the pow- letter. It intimates that the laiv could , She Kicked in Her Sleep. have not been collected on goods in bond at cupied the burned structure, who will bo executive communications werethercceiveu Rhode Island. S3; South Carolina, 4; House On a motion to reconsider, ers of the President to remove incum- ..v.. lm rosrnreil if vitalitr. either foi a , nnt s, . Miseell.tneous Items. Ion, Texas. 74, Utah, 5, Vermont, the expiration of the bonded period tho temporarily lodged in the new Ming Dctkoit, Mien., March 2& Mrs. John pacd the Senate bill granting a w penbents from offices, it follows as an inev harmful or an aggressive purpose. 11. Muss. Maut BvKUoun, wife of lion. James month to the dow Virginia, 310: Washington Territory, 25; Secretary of the Treasury has the right, in sion f nfty dollars Watkms, of Almcna. this State, is a heavy t. case they are destroj'ed, "to grunt an Tlie private Barbour, author of ' Barbour's DiResU" itable couscqucnce that; this power, was saying iu substance tluU the law . 13&; Wisconsin, 203; W vom-mof General H W Hctihtim Twelve Hundred Arrests. dreamer. Last night Mrs. Watkinsdi earned West Virginia, was taken up. and the time of and daughter of the late Hon I N Webb, legallv vested in the President, must 4 had become absolutely atrophied frpm March 25 At a late hour calenilar until 4 Jl wns devoted toconsid-eiatioPnix.AiiiM.rin k, the House that her husband's span of mules were independently of disuse, hdd been struck 'by hopeless t the of the bill (to change Major niuk of died suddenly nt ber home in Newcastle of be cm roiseel by him as Alaskan Fever Attacks Mlchiganders. last night tho police made a raid on sain th,e ChicagoPolice Court. raising the mischief in the stable. In Rottenness olonel to was in LouisHenrr Hunt the sseuate as "any otltirIpowpr that is parafi sis, and was dead beyond 'the' Isiii"Kmig. Mh it ," March -- . Governor loons and concert halls. It was at first on theJ retired from A motion to report the consumption. Mr. Barbour her mind jMrs. Watkms repaired to the list CinciGO, March 25 Tbegranu jury nas to be e:ercised liy him under tlie con- possibility of restoration or people were ur- - bill favorably was eicfeated. nd amotion to ville attending court nt tho time. barn, and, iuiding tho mules kicking Tetnnied an Indictment for embezzlement j Swineford's glowing accounts of Alaska's estimated that, six hundred , . . 1. ,. .!. stitution."' .t. umtitiiv .stjuuus ui report it with the recommendation that it lie on the Gould S3 The etlect of the tnke ment. In this light ami intelligently . I igh, played III rested, out wuen ine the same sort of racket upon bv the , J Cliugen, ex- - cieru oi ma Ann.nli1a l.intk .j .1it .vr.lflt vvns not mn. Edmunds: Having, "in tlie exer- interpreted the phiase "iimocuouades- :r J ,.t and of other labor disturbances begins .v nw ......... ... v m violently that when Mr. Walking against WilliamCourt He is chnrcea with minerals nave cmiseu uu .musk.,,. r .....m ,... . niiirrin I...wi.(ail v.- -. if ..... frkiinfl tli'.f: on the table bill, leavingvoted House without . .y;. .1...1.... 1K,, the ....m... ,.,. f neuds of the 111 every lino of cise of its jurisdiction, to iudge of the uetude." as used by the President, apuccced in awakening her she realized that Armorv Police uiik iuuui.ini .... v...-.- . took House at 4 of betMcen $10,000 and parts of the upper peninsula The Govern- - nersons had been taken into custody All a quorum. The night session being a recess to be felt nt Louisville he had 'biofeen several bones in her bus- - tho embezzlement making erasures and alfor vigor, 12,000, and or took with him. when be went, several of the girls, with the exception of three, until ; jh, the or pennon bills. lort-on- the business Not only is trade generally be- conduct" of the suspended official, , pears to possess peculiar Byron pro- . Land's foot, inflicted serious injuries on f says'1 coiuideratlon hue! the riijht to see the paper-coming stagnated, but vvorkinguien in all resignificance. terations in his returns.1.!!! order to conceal Michigan men, who hae all secured prompriety and (dberportiotis of his body, and made him bis stealings ami delay investigation. City os Jig gold quartz claims, and estimate their after being held to keep the peace, were billdwtrepas'cd. nnd the House adjourned lines are becoming uneasy. because "they disclose the grounds, altogether-main leased upon pavment of costs amounting as a "wet hen. Aphjsician's Attorney Washbunie claims' that'the city future wealth at man millions each. that "words arc thincs." and Pres . Washington. March 27 -s- enatk.-Xoi n guN not released session. presented or reasons, "on which the President ident Cleveland evidently used them its' Colose!. Amos Kiiinm.e has to $1 63 each The three were required to reduce thefiac-- t D. Tracy, a mining man of laigo of $110,000 a year through Sunday-schoo- l, verepiven six months in the House of Cor tires suffered by the abused husband, and has been roblicd of the Police Court re- expeiP. acted." House. The debate on tne liver quesuon the Greenup Street M. E. Church such when he put these two Words to-- x icnce, Enilelman, a jeweler, and Mar-lo- rection, it having been learned that they the manipulation now a. divorce is tajed of. by Mr Ctiltcrtson iTcx , follow-JCovington, with a new library, Webster: "We the Senate can not gcther in his Senate message. Chicago,i II. Crocker, a prominent lawyer of turns during thejiast four or five years, IS. C.I. fbi'Vr InK(Ma9i.Hr Ionn were of the worst tpeof left the city last week for Alaska. The propi letors were "held under bail on tho Mr Hnnscll (Ky.)and Mr. J. .M.TuIor(Tenn.. costing nearly 3,000. fi . call upon him to give ris reasons for Journal. a. Boycott Affects Ten Firms. disordeily houses, sell- Adjourned. I). Kvox, a with Cattle .Thieves., Colorado stock his exercise of that power fany more Bloody Battle Wvlteii charges of keeping tlV . LTNN, M&s., March 'Su The boycott on An Exports and Imports. Proceed Slowly. Tmn ing liquors to minors, ami harboring WasihnOTo!. March 9 -- Sknatk. from San herder, nud Lizzie D Miller were married than we can call upon him to give reaK.NsCmvMo., sinfeh iI memoriiil was Xeene Bros., shoe manufacturers, began Fort Elliott, Texas, --special says: In a "Washington, March 20. The total value minors. a few days ago in JcfTersonville, by the sons for his exercise of any other powFranelsin ib'inorials were ulsei Certain California Congrcssme,nJate-- , , this morning, when their engineer, by older fight at Tascosa over a matter of cattle of the exports of merchandise during tho onnecticiit for County Clerk. Knov, vvho elresses ,hko a er under the constitution.' . ,, lrom the Legislature of 'County Treaurer Bound Over. of the "Knights of Labor, stopped bis entwelvemonths ended Februnry 2s, lissk coan deleiiscs a u i,o .n. . .o, ... . ,--. tv pical cowboy, came to Louisville with a Edmunds: "All the operations oi tne ly waited upon Mr. Belmont, chairman gine. The engine supplied power to nine probably fatally m oundeds Twoiotheisx re fwere $GG3,723,.-(7" up n.and dis. big redl of money and got on high. lie lailou to the w "" Inui i roLts, March 2S. Treasurer and during the preceding was taken Government are executive., Ihe leg- of the House Committee on .Foreign,, : lirms Mhich bad to shut down, throwing inaimug are now in jau. mo uni.mra of Knox County, hid., has been ciiMeVl Arm' bP m the senate went Into $4&,iah,uh, u uecrease oi Affairs, and told him that "unless some q ehartei ed a hack and asked the driver to islative chambers have 'universal pow1,200 or 1,300 operators out of work. The "areJesse Sheets. Fred Chilton, Frank twelvemonths At 4:50 $84,&71),C2". The total values of the imports bound dver to the grand jury to answer the executive session, and at .' 3.' p m. ail- - find who have been forced to Mallev and Ed. King. Wounded, Fenton pf merchandise for the twelve months charge of embezzling aliout him a wife. The hnckman saw tho er of knowledge in respect every op- supplementary Chinese legislation is.- -, manufacturer iy)UW o are very indignant, and threaten iWoddTuff and Charles Emerj', whihVEouu ended Februnry 23. 1S66, were $007,711,701, county minis. woman on a street corner and luviteel her eration of the Government and every reported, they were afraid that serious t Hocsp' mab bills were V number of legal proceedings against the Knights. Bozeman and Catfish Kid were unhurt. tinder the call of States. lteo!u-tloa- s to get in. She elid so, when Knox asked to one of its officers." and for the pi eroding twelvemonths ff follow." Mr. Belmqnt- - , looking to an investigation or the labor be elriven to JelTersonv ille, whero tho two an increase of 3,222.201. Webster: "Thcppwerso- - Jho depart- results may replied that he saw no Woollonl. Young But Plucky. troubles were referred. granting a of nt "Desperate'Xonvicts. " pension were married after a courtship of less than ments meaning thcse'vcral branches very properljintroelucetl a bill Extension of Speriial Mall DeflfSry. Barney McAuley Dead. a month to John LvrATETTE, 1ni, Mnrch 2 of e!ht .lollm-s soldiers and all honor-ati- f no time After the ceremony the "woman of the constitution? arnot all mixed .necessity for haste, but, on the con- - " h Limerick, March 2. Five men, who had sailors of discharged 29. Harney McAuley, son of the Ntw YOuk, March WAsmxc.ToN, Match 25. Tho QtranUttee the jC artificial asked Knox where they would live. lie and i p in a jurnble."Jt trary, intended to proceed very slowly. been convicted of rioting and assaulting on the, uu neyproviding s hareported the actor nml theater manager, died ror nnd his Lordship of sheriff, was yesterday left temporally m litnct ceiuivalent "I guess we wont live nt nil. I've "u Jbe police, Mere brought up for sentence in a hill to extend the system fortie imme-- J at St. Vincent's Hospital, where he has charge of the jail, when one of the prison- tho-- e Confederates who ncedeel them. Tho replied:further nso for oil, and am going Tho ossi.ninnsoff With China already making" a just got no relate grtjcuhirly to an act claim for indemnity for the outrages one of the criutffeal courts. The magistrate dinte delivery of letters, Itprojrides that been under treatment for the past four educational bill. Identical with himself and Willi! bill, wareferrcl to the Committee the back to Colorado.'"The Miller woman lives Vermont ers, Doug Kramer, secreted ..nsinn:" the views of on ti.s.i . p.Iair committed them to imprisonment for terms everyarticle of tnnilablo mMt-Ky and' upon the Chinese in the "Northwest, the upon dax s. He was born in Louisville, His ,wife, threw McCutcheon against tho wall In babor by a vole of W to 111 'lhls reference in Madame Jones' house, on Jacksou street, h ear ranging frpm three to sixnontbs. When Mhich the special delivery stamp is affixed was in his Webster to aaact'of removal, and also prospect of a renewal of the trouble in measure repeirted to tho where she went alone after reaching Louisto It ltachel McAuley, is an actress, and is at stead of sitting down to cry about it, hW niiole set the sentence bad been pronounced the prison-er- s to a proposition of - appointment. at- California is not agreeable, but conHouse- - The bill regulating compensation of in" concert, and while yet in the dock, shall be entitled to immediate QQWtiy. It present topping at tho Gednej House. Johnny seized a revolver and gave chase. Xj S. Attorneys. Marshals nnd Commissioners ville, been very well- said that the concessions will not help mat-t..i- s. made a most savage attack on the police authorizes postmasters- to employ any perDown the street, across lots and down ,,5 taUen up and pendingO action when tho Tuooi's still remain atGreenwooel watch- tempt of the Green mountain intellect tinual The number of the Chinese in enHam, f Ninth present on duty. A ten ible struggle sixty-fivsons, including clerks and .assistants at Snow Storms Northwest alleys they went, Kramer running as fast luoriilug hour cxplnsl shooting nnd Cnfollna icked unanimous consent to offet ing tho mines. They number to draw a distinction between removal America has been decreasing since the sued, causing such excitement that the fourth class offices, as messengers-osuch Lackos-e- , Wis , Match 29. A general as he could and McCutcheou a long chase fuf iiniiiiiiiiitu cuiisnieniiiou The average cost of maintaining them is and suspension "is.mere cobweb-spin- magistrate Mas compelled to quit the terms as they shall fix out ofj.the allowcalling "stop thief." Alter restrictive measures were adopted, and ; by the House of " an yesteramount expendstoi m lienclt.' The prisoners were finally ance of eighty per cent, of the fice valuo snow and six set in over this section to mid- Kramer Mas captured bv John A. Hico and the Currollton (Miss) nuinlers. Mr llegtiu o f 125 per day, and the total been considerprobability of their increas--, inches bad fallen up and again secured, but xiot until of all special delivery steifcps, received and day .?:.inni;.ii iliscretion, over which the there is no returned to jail. Young McCutcheou is leia". objcicei on the ground that Congress ed by the State so far has ... insecurity of the. court-rooof tho night. It is considered a great help to the the lion of tho hour. thevhad almost J ably over $'.',000. control. Suspen-- i ing in view tho the uad no constitutional pow m inter w heat crop. and had themselves been severely beaten. recorded. Northwest. If anyfJ-- s Chinese in y; Tup cVinf.fT rt TTonr-- fVmTit.T"" vn in sion, even by tho express words of the further measures are to be applied to A micioscopic slide in the possesA Mountain on Fire. Rhode Island Republican Noahiations. " same. A suspension is The Kternal I'olljvon." ... Minkowski Hanged. . of the Ivlanchester Philosophical Tiuisvillo the other nicht with warrants I statute, is the effect removal. Ihe them, the.v should be adopted deliber Te.n.n., March 2S. The PBOvrDEsJCE, R. I., March 25At the ReCnATTANOOGA, I.... ami "It is quite fashion. tide to put nn aig- situation in the burning"coal mineatHock- - sion Literary Society, in England, con- for the arrest of Tommy Warren and ,. law nnfi ill' ir goes aout, .is removed ately, and" meanwhile, any attempt at "t 'March" 26. Frank M"ulkowski publican State Convention thkCinorning ind" CniCAOO, county jail a few min- George Peabody AVetmore, oPKewport, rette in the coiffure when it is arranged Mood is becoming more serious. It now tains the Lord's praver written within Tommy Barnes; the pugilistic heroes of SU spended officer a new officer takes a repetition of tho disgraceful outbreak. nas hanged at high upon the head," read Mre. I'ugmiro looks as if tho entire mine would bo de the 40."),000th part of an inch. Tho the battle at Millcreek, but neither man from his trust.iand commission of the in the Northwest should be summarily , utes after '12. Mulkowski, at almost the was nominated, for GoveniorgE.Jucius Darling,-- ' of Pawtucket, for fiSitenant The. .,be found. Warren went to Memphis, re, .. e last moment, concluded to accept the stroyed. Four rifts of the mine are now minute speck can be found with pow- couldand Barnes was nursing his bruises Ills IliasU. kilied.oy tuo -issue 01 a com- put down. Joshua M. Adieman, of from the fashion notes of her Vermont Ind., ligious rites of the Catholic Church and Governor; and Secretary-o- f State. Samuel former is "WVll, w'flll, how they iloJoUoo ablaze and the fires are burning furiously- erful microscopes only with great diffiIf a Nation supposed to be Christian Providence, for successor, and the fact is It is said the mission to his motinmade a confession to the priests, the nature wiul andean be seen bursting from thevolcano, j culty, as the locus point of tho lens in a hotel at JcfTersonville. P. AHemy? and civilized does not care to protect the of Mhlch was not to bo'divulged until after eral. Cott, o Bristol, for &V3c;f.Gen- every thing about cooking a nus't be made to cover the exact spot grand jury of Henry County will take hold the same whether consent to the new for their own sakes the lives o! foreignshe. "I illwaya'ptltjan egg in th" toffee to tain top like the eruption of the execution. firemen went eight hundred is safe to afterward disseisor any event it, exceptsomctimes in the winter Chattanooga mine . peaceably within it limits, f hose and It was engraved of the matter. boInno more it American Divorces Don't, tiiii' Hfland settle they're so exerlastiug high, and then feet into theeighteen hours, live of fought bearing the object. in appointment. The President does not ers living at least protect them for. the say there will when them bvvMr. Webb some years ajro by the hn flm for it should tOnt of Patience With Court Dress. Kentucky for some time to come. 1 use si uitxe U02iW3, .autrea, o. sjusuge of skin. I don't f isk the consent of the Senate to a reibn lives and property of its aid of an instalment now held by tho London, March 26. Nearly one bundled rendered a decision to the effeetnt a di ,tinderstand what moval, nor to a-- "suspension;" the act, 4own citizens residing or doing bashiess though, by .ir- The jail in Covington is being filled with society. members of the House of Commons havo vorce obtained in America' froarthe bonds t nir courses in the hope of smothering whether called, by one name or the in the countries to which. those ioreign- signed a memorial to Speaker Peel, pray- of a marriage performed in England. Is in- nillging me coiieu uu inc. ue.m, inm-s- n j and flames. Four hundred men are thrown "moonshiners."' the the head oi a barrel. I'cck't Sun. ing that the rule, requiring court dress at valid in England. Ollic, who has been a naughty boy, other, is complete when the oflicer ers belong. The United States Govern' efc Co., stove manufacturj Fishf.k Buos. . out of woik. out; and this often oncial leeves be.abo.isbed.- has just finished his evening praveV, ers, Louisville, have assigned, with liabili- steps down and ment can not protect its'crtixeas ia " Hose Learned Soinetblng. Short Married Life Ended. "happens when Uie lordly Senators arc China, and ,it will have to pay for when mamma says: "Arc you not gosame. ties of $19,000 and assets about the TrtgMe AmM Squatters. All that t Wealthy Farmer SaicWc , While goinp to San Antonio onthetrain, -. St. Louis. 3Iarch 27. Abiide of twelve- ing to nsk Goil to fonrive vou?" "O e Bckglvus again infest Covington. The e -- ir whatever ruffianism against the Bloominoto.n, III., March ""'"" tak26. A large numwas davs committed suicide here by Denxek, Col., March JHose Schtttimburp observed the train , yes, I s'pose so. Please, God, forgivo night they visited the residence of President ever asNs 01 to tho ncse it permits. M. Smith, of Iexington, III., aaMiaitted other is consent weeks ago she Two ber of Mexican settlers on the Maxwell sujeid. vHe left x ;. ,. Hm for XM Conjrreas el traveling very Just, Just 'then the brake-ma- n inir "rough on rats Drow, anil was cm- - me for being so bad a boy, ami forgivo Judge M. I Roberts on Scott street and usstimed omnipotence in gaai spirits, was a Miss Caroline 10 land grant, in Northern New Mexico, were and a few minutes later was feaad in the too, . for beinsr very wicked . mndo a thorough search of the pface. 1 hey appointment' ot rushed in nnd exclaimed: the United consider this fact0.i m a family, on the my mamma, . ployed as a servant-gir- l . . . " has arrested yesterday and placed in jail at barn dead with a bullet-hol- e '3of the levee. Her marriage to Wm. Lunbrock, a laot a iattaious taste as fill a vacancy that by been created; carefully. The question of, the Mela-sio- n (3 long breath while he tries to bring were evidently tafmigh his "The engineer has lost control Springer for refusing: to obey the order of head. lie wasajreneral merchant and a mpenaion. one, as they quarrelwhether by removal, nnmniujinn. 13 of Chineso Immigrantt lands owned large 'farmetannstock-dealerirantrain. In ten minntes we will be dashed borer, was an unhappyshe ended her sorrows some evulenco of his assertion then an nothing of particular vaiue is missing. m. .Is. the Supreme. ed from the start-an- d lL.U.s ni "and none of the economic Tho question of ptefeetmg, f visited the residence of Mr. inspiration) for she killed a fly, Lord, They also by the eimwuiy. Mach'bitter feeling eixsts worth $60,000. He was a cat if of into a thousand pieces." y with poison. wholfv immaterial, I Thorp, but failed to effect an entrance. nqw m this country over. the affair, and bloodshed is feared that you made!" Chicago Journal "Well, I'll be dashed if I ever buva a res noble lordships of such of them as are tfae fiaal settlement is reached. - busincbi of their of Humanity and of ticket on dot road any more." cuturn is at onctf one JOSEPH XOUXOEit, an oiu Fast t htcago runes. ". -. &P Fortunately the train was halted just in Before proceeding furthfj VtfY.Hioh Water'Certral Jac9sin. ;At the Antiquary's: Collector of ington, dropped dead at his home a, few the PniLADELrniA, March 27. The -' ' Silcides. m Mibsequeiitly utilizo fCeiff Congress jhoaW time to enable Mose to Beloit, Wis., March 25. Rocl?river l' contest, which began here on Tues- Curios. "Have you any genuine Ro- days ago. that aerainst the Chinese,wisaew is a gfwing Tlicre Reabino, Pa., Marcif 26. James DenhlSj been rising rapidly for twenty-lai- r his return ticket. Texas Sittings. USS W. W. CaidweLi, tried at Hopkinsville k 'would lik to be PreRi-de- rStloct how far it day, March 16, closed to night, Duguid, of man falchions?" Dealer (oil his Edmunds etlered, aged niaety, hung himself at tht Tho water is at the highest TaJtethours. Cincinnati, taking first p'ixei and McCann. Sard) against Ami? dHvtMM i am orry, but they're all n. few days ago for the murder of Grn Mr and that Joha A. Lpgn had be' ever 6T tht grara. A yortb Carolina editor puts on of Jt'ttw York! tb senmd. Duculd ,8 IT, tiwlr hrm craie siunrmg wu lniurd known.. Considerable .bulnH Md other niited and won't he rcadv until rftphcB. tcqulUetti lift "" ' Yard mewrance c9dtf ll pri""BU lceeH. hi t eotP j lor loo QBimi"" property u nooaw. ass tBWMMcU bis free list every woman iq tho Suto ps aut toe ceMyailN Mk.,sfltr fft JPrwf. ? lwf ivt 3K99fe MitiMlU 4W &8 nether ! twia "?vyi who s Drscomlln to tlm tv I'uIU, Ilfdclhiix.i WonUiuu.penjJjjt I'j lllb Head. Boston, Ma.. March 25. Yesterday afternoon while Mrs. Ja. Hardle, rjf Mnton, ms atMork alone m house sh oc casion to go to her cellar by a trarHlooren- iraneo, 111 going down stairs the traii-doo- r felrjust intimetocatch her by thaheadahd it hold there two and a half hour?, bhe suffering. terribl, until hbe rinallv 1ocani IIpr.little sjiil feund slier uucotiscipns. when sliecamehomefrom school and lifted thtf dooriHAs she did so Mrs. Uartiio fell to tlufccllarhtiUoni. The little girl alarmed a iieighbonwho .went to her,nssibtinco and cilled a doctor'Mre. -- Hanlie "remained unconscious for some time, and her life was despaired of, but she, rallied Under tho treatment she received," and may possibly Will Introduco.'Hia Irish Measures ' ' t Soon. ' ii hr .w. i:xi-'iitlt- .; ii t jth jo-nfg- rx :lr tT. rre. how-ee- p. lv -- " d r 1 '"Hi h session. ' t. i.nii0r ....s. Ing-all- ln if-- .- 'b t el 'i Ben-at- e ot li-- c h. . I tn n . - -- .,' -. f .. A- rur-iisiM- .m .......... rs ...., W..-- J iJrti-lto- IIe . sv .. s. . -- s v- -- OKJ mi-uo- fj trJ r. Oojn-nxtn- m ti m (iroiu-iinj- raee-cours- n, d n S keno-ban- com-pun- j, to-da- y A , ir Me-sr- i'ow-der- cousulta-t,0"..ttii- i The Men Will rO to Work at Once The Knights of I.abor Jtcc- oRiiled. NkwYouk, Mnrch 2s Conferences be tweeu Jay Gould and T. V l'owderh today and this evening have resulted in orders front each of them to tho parties to the Southwestern strike, ordering immediate resumption of wdrk and traffic pend tng arbitration, to which Mr. Gould consents. This morning nt 11 o'clock Mr l'owderly and W B McDowell called n Jay Gould at the Iattcr's residence There they met Messrs. Gould, Hopkins and George Gould. There was a general dis cussion of the situation in the Southwest on both sides, and a better understand inR was arrived at than had been had b either part hitherto After talking until 1 o'clock p m , the conference was ad joumed until evening At 7 o'clock the met again At s JO in Mr. Powilerlj hud lcive to kei i an nsiao wkli I oiiKicssinan John U Neil ! lilent St Ivouis. I luitiniuni.f the l!ou-- 0 I'ommil tee on Lbor who camo froiaAVujjhuietoti to render assistance if possible, in settling the strike. Mr. McDowell, however, remained with Mr Gould and his party, and Mr Gould finally handed to McDowell the follow mg communication T. V. I'ownt ni.Y, G. M. W -- Dfah Si n to jour letter of the nth lntant 1 morion;?) write to fa) that I will, send the following telegraphic instructions' to Mr Hoxie, (ieueral Manager - of the lis soun l'acine railroad at M IiulsIn resuming the tnnieineitl id trans oft the Missouri 1'acitlo and in theeinploliirof luborcrs in tho bcm ral departments uf this company che preferemc to our late m plojes, whether they are Knlnhtsor I.ahor or not, extent that oii will not empl any person who has injured the coiiipimj s property durinp the laic strike Nor will wo discharge any jurson who has taken serlce with the cniupHiij durini; said strike We e no ohjection to iirlutnitin? itnydilTii-cme- s between the ciupojes mid the past or future Hoping the ai)oi w II he satisfactory, I remain, j ours truly, (ilad-stone'- s gBSpfesbiu J I! V &s THE 3 k pce-te- fare-ban- k be-e- wlur-ev- Tonure-of-Onic- er l, onore-onduct-e- - Viie-Presii- U ri Hill-w- en administra-partakoortheeUantct- or I ' -- vicc-l'res.dc- nt n Ue-- s Da-ve- 111 iit f public-spirite- 1 s ,25,-Th- s al fifty-fou- - Xew-Yoi- Vll.Xr.t'ifvhh viSninpXam aci-on- i I m d . re"aruioaiavY-,uiiieaiiociiui-i.uiiiii".- s I - Kw ed d e se--s conci-iitM- t e S .us jh.-mi- - .- c ife-h-2 f tellow-Morknie- rra f, - "patcnt-insides- n . Arer-moi- . drowned. r n. h so-call- - o ope-- Alms-hous- ro-tot- al to-da- j- a pa-tic.- rs, -- : a, s Ulddle-Ivrgera- -- 1 - Alms-hous- e, an-tgen- cy e e J'-M- two-stor- y -- ar'. n e S Kntu-natel- v to-da- v len-nesse- l', s e. -- ubate-Tien- g, n t.e-ner- - r'. .1 h ...,, ., ,ir i,,i.i trt-!n- oei-eei- i - .TO the-Senat- e -- o d Caj-tai- wr-nc- es -- w d g, street-walker- s. m antl-rhincs- 20.-T- he e pre-enU- prt-senti- C - '"" 4, -- 11 , iiv-.- 11 -- sOOl,-4ii,44- ' 0, Ken-tutk- v - fifteen-year-ol- d Post-otllc- to-da- y Posl-road- 1 forty-eight- Ii-t- s e. n over-lowere- g d m Utar-chamberhas- r f i- te pu-pe- r. -- noM-atiy.- J ," star-chamb- er h prize-fightin- to-da- y cod-iis- h g KSSlMtoSffi-- l -- cml-.n- !.- 25.-ias- Wm to-ela- j- tha-mous- e ""SJ - 1 Cqurt-to-vaca- ta Ken-uct- v. "i.w -i- giiau.-upeism ;;na s d be-fa- ra ... u-.- .. t tni' x preir -- H to-da- m self-intere- st. i Type-Setter- s. star-chamb- A4 -- type-settin- g au.-pioi- toy. Vr- ir :- -- i - -- sT'-vr- r"! mn w - nt .! to-dn- y " bMM tik i sFv- - , .f .v .FvbpV k- -- t. , - u zz r.'"m rmoi i. ?. u .

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