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Image 4 of Bourbon News, April 3, 1908

Part of Bourbon News

NI Continued From Page L f the schools was a thing greatly to be desired 7 It was vehemently proclaimed with the that In depositing the City treasurer you were seeking to advance the interests of one particular bank and it was also asserted with equal vehemence that in seeking to change the place of deposit of the fund that the members of the School Board were disinterested and only wish ¬ ed to protect the inrreests of tho peo ¬ ple and the school The first part of that statement was shown to be untrue when it was proven in Court by testimony which was not questioned or disputed by the members of the School Board that six or eight hundred dol ¬ lars would be saved to the taxpayers by allowing the fund to remain on de ¬ posit with the City Treasurer in the Cu Bank of Alexander It remains for the Board of Education to show whether the second part of the state The suggestion ment is true or false of Judge Stout that this money should be deposited in the bank which will pay the largest sum for the use is one that meets with the approval ofevery taxpayer in the City of Paris By adopting it the Board of Education will sustain your contention thatthe profits arising from the use of this money should go to the people to whom 5t rightfully belongs If they fail or refuse to do so then the members of that body must assume the full respon- ¬ sibility for such action These gentlemen are the facts in the case as developed in open Court no statement that I have made can be controverted in any substantial particu¬ lar Upari the snowing made there ¬ you have not only been fully vindicat ed butyour conduct in this matter has The real been completely justified issues invovled in this case have been made clear tIme they can ho longer be In misunderstood or misrepresented advising you upon this matter and the proper course to pursue I said to you that under a strict construction of thestatutes it was possible that the School Board might be entitled to the control of this fund but as the place of its de posit meant a matter of some several hundred dollars to the taxpayers it was your uuLjr to retain it until the matter was passed upon by the Court Under a strict contsruction of the law the Court did decide the case against you That was a matter over which you had no control and you can well While asiiJLUiu to umjei the result a matter of course you have the right of apppal I take it js one that you do not care to avail yourself of In refus- ¬ ing to unnecessarily sacrifice the inter ¬ sts of the taxpayers you performed your full duty and on further responsibility rests upon you in this matter the people understand the question now and with them you can well afford ro rest your case for now that they do imdertsand it I am sure that your course will meet with their approval JAMES M OBRIEN Mayor 4 > + i < t t 1 j I 11 1 tl i JJ J1 4 II i i f i tl Ii I J r l I iI 4a 1 it i 1 4 1t < I 4 3 t 1 f f r FRE f < Pair of One < 1 f lIP l Week I I j EEtch Shoes Free if J < Ther Winner this Week was r v ii vi Clarke L 1Q15Xvv Coupon 1 < I I ¬ Arrived JUSt are I 7 Roth I t j I I KY Have Your Easter Suit I made to order in our custom tailoring department then you can have some ¬ thing nobby original and distinctively individual Our orders are I I Tailored by Ed Election notice men PARIS Phones 301 x placefrom Price V Co Chicagos foremost merchant tailors which means correct styles superior workmanship permanent shape arid complete satisfaction in the suit you have them make you I I The Shoe Man I stand to the W A Hili stand on Main streets between Sixth and Seventh streets Both phones MARGOLEN I Styles n Pumps Ceo McWilliams toe had in Central Kentucky Dont forget we haVe moved from our old spected citizens died at his home near A Refreshing Drink town Wednesday morning of the in ¬ The most refreshing drink now to firmities of old age He was in his ninetyfirst year and be had is the Lion Celebrated Bock Beer For medicinal purposes it is the came to Kentucky from Baltimore Maryland in 1820 best beer made Mr Hinton was an uncle of Messrs T F BRANNON 274t J T and Wm M Hinton of this city brother of the mother of these gentle ¬ Sells Good Jack Oxfords to be very popular this season Tans I I S P rln I I i For 20 to 40 Your choice of 500 of the most beauti ful Spring fabrics many patterns of which are exclusive Nothing better at any price Nowhere else can you find such a wide range r I I t 0 I I I I I CO5 Clothiers PRICE I ik I E r l RELIGIOUS t Maysvilles NeveV in the history of At a meeting of the members of oldest inhabitants has such a downpour Elder Carey E Morgan will fill Lodge No 373 B P 0 E at Paris there as usual at th uhristian their lodge rooms last night the fol- ¬ of water occurred as fellto 230 Wednes- ¬ His oclock church Sunday Morning subject day afternoon from 2 lowing officers were elected JW Bacon Exalted Ruler Chas S Commencing from a gentle rain it de ¬ Whosoever Calleth Upon the Name or U Clarke Esteemed Leading Knight- veloped into a hailstorm and cloud ¬ the Lora shall be Saved Evening A Day In the Life of Jesus Esteemed Loyal Knight burst Ed Turner Streets and alleys were turned into C C Leer Esteemed Lecturing The union services of the Presby Knight Talbbtt Clay Secretary and rivulets and raging torrents The terian Churches will be held at Second C damage is heavy in certain sections of D K McCarney Treasurer K greatest loss occurring on Presbyterian Church Sunday Rev J Parrish Trustee 0 P Carter Si the city thestreet and Maddox Alley S Malone minister of the First West Tnird church will preach both morning and TylerJudge TempDenis Dundoh was selected as Here the water rushed orthrough the evening Subject for morning eight feet in volumes six evening delegate to the State meeting in Louis ¬ street carrying Practi ¬ destruction to every ¬ tation of JesusFrom Temptation of deep ville In May and to represent the thing in cal its path The total loss will JesusLessons lodge at the meeting of the J 90000 Texas Dr W C Lodge in Dallas At LawrenceCreek two miles west delegate Ussery alternate Court Day Dinner ot Maysville the wife son and daughter of D Boone a tenant on The ladies of the Episcopal church Pink Eye Prevalent the plSce of W L Moran were drown will have a court day dinner next Mon ¬ The pink eye is said to be preva ed The bodies of the wife and son day in the vacant room of Mrs Nellie let in the city A number of pupils of have been recovered The daughters Highland adjoining the Windsor body was probably carried to the river Hotel the city school are suffering with it with the dwelling house which was swept away on the tide Notice Eggs Wanted knowing themselves in ¬ eggs cash or your All persons We want all The best Seed Oats that debted to would confer quite a trade co CoP COOK 312 t favor by calling and settlingmoney im- ¬ ever came to Paris Test 43 counts at once as I need the their ac- ¬ Respectfully pounds mediately Paris Negro in Trouble BROWN MISS BRO CHAS S BRENT negro employed Clarence Clayborn a I as rubber at the Lexington race track 244t Falls Heir to 100000 for John Ireland shot and seriously if fatally wounded Clark Taylor not For Rent By the death of Miss Emma another negro in a room in the second of 100000 goes Furnished room for rent on Duncan of Louisville an estate Society race story of a kitchen building at the to the American Bible track at 7 30 oclock Wednesday night Avenue Apply at this office 3 tf The shooting was the result of hot¬ Squabs DEATHS words druing the proceedings attend gamy Clayborn is a Paris ing a crap ye will have a nice lot of squabs on negro and has not been arrested up to Mr James Hinton one of Bourbon tomorrow We will also have the this writing countys oldest and most highly re ¬ finest qf fish homekilled cornfed bepf 1 j d1 P tt Maysvrlle Cloudburst Paris Elks Elect He i survived by two sons James Mr Chas Turner of Millersburg sold a sixyearold jack to A J Dun ¬ Hinion of Covington and W W can and David Booth of Nicholas Hinton of this county Notice is hereby given that a pri ¬ r county for 1000 mary election of the Democratic voters of the Seventh Congressional District noon at 2 oclock and will be conducted of Kentucky will be held in the various Lions Celebrated Bock by Rev George Varden assisted by voting the counties of all It has been acknowledged by best Rev G W Clarke The interment Bourbonprecincts of Franklin Henry Fayette that the Lion Brewery makes the will he in the Paris cemetery The Woodford beer in the country The Lion Bock folloiwng will be the pallbearers Owefy Qldham Scott and tap For a delicious Wm M Hinton John T Hinton Chas Beer is now on On Tuesday May 12 1908 > drink it surpasses all others Stephens Forrest Letton Wm Myall T F BRANNON 244t and John A Lyle between the hours of 6 oclock a m and 4 oclock p m for the purpose of nominating a Democratic candidate ANNOUNCEMENT The Best Place for Congress for said district to be Be good to your family and provide voted for at the regular election to he We are authorized to announce J a nice home for them while you can held on Tuesday November 3 1908 Campbell Cantrill as a candidate for Doyles Annex is the best place The polls will be opened at the usual Congress in this the Seventh District voting place in each precinct subject to the action of the Democratic By order of the Democratic Execu ¬ MATRIMONIAL primary election on May 12th 1908 tive Committee of the Seventh Con ¬ gressional District of Kentucy this We are authorized to announce W P I Judge Denis Dundon united in March 28th 1908W Kimball as a candidate for reelection LEE Chairman marriage Miss Annie Fair and Mr J Lost to Congress from this the Seventh AMBROSE DUDLEY Secretary t Rolla H Hedges both of near Little Gold belt buckle on red silk belt District subject to the action of the Rock this county Wednesday Ik1i 33t l Democratic primary on May 12 1908 t 1 t I ¬ i B 2 I > 319 APR TT THE BOURBON NEWS PARIS SY IIf ri r i Finderplaesereturn h m1 r J to this office I j I I j r tl I ti SEE I XJ1tc tr t j 2 14 1i I 7 tjii iii k rr I I B4LJ Buy Your Outfit for f x c r j Irj L r 5 I desire to announce to the Ladies of Bourbon and adjoining counties that I have opened out a com plete line of 1 I r t I i 15 fl e rt- Ii < Y = t ili Q 60 Curling Irons Hair Dyes and Novelties I also manufacture Hair Goods 6 f i- Hair Goods = y r E lj Jf the House vA l WHEELER I I Announcement iX s L MIt r Irl c r t IF dry tI b YJJ I t 1 i 5 4 t V II Mrs Mary LEI An open account system insures Simply tell the salesman to charge it to you the delights and comforts of a wellfurnished home with a minimum of expense and incoovenience jt 1x rr I jl I s ti i c 1 j >r iI 1t w at our mn prce Baby Refrigerators Z Jv t Clocks > f l 1 Let us show you how well we can furnish our home low u reasonably q f I r i Just Like Cut from v H I art 112 75J on tiP to Ice Boxes on up to IS I 35 i I From 3 3OO f j 14 ron up to t tt J I 20 l We show in our window three clocks of standardmake and fully guaranteed Tc day they are marked at their regular selling price Tomorrow they will be 50 cents lesss and each succeeding day until sold they will be reduced a like amount Put in your bid andwe will reserve one for you when it reaches your figure i i f- a L a P t i s v V r J 1 I f I r aor al C i t- t r t- t SS J r I 7 3b5 L 0 Jeweler Successor to W M Hinton BT e 432 V r 4 I I J B

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