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Image 1 of Bourbon News, April 3, 1908

Part of Bourbon News

v f > x< j 0 > rio 1 f r < t > THE BOURBON NEWS v C nt > 3 PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY IN THE YEAR VOLUME XXVIII PARIS KENTUCKY petitions CAllED METING r toOf CITY COUNCIL tu M Li Blowing Councilmen titit present M JaI mpsey he Mayor t i r V v stated the cause ofmeeting and read the com on which we give in full be incilman Webb made a motion was seconded by Councilman that a warrant for 42000 be on the City Treasurer in favor Treasurer of the School Board tion carried unanimously ie Board of Council of the City 3 fcv i Vji dra CI t 11 To I bidder Fit Ky Gn men While the Court has cErcrj you to issue an order requir J City Treasurer to pay to the KJai of Education the amount re J from the sale of bonds at the 4re time it fully justified you in your oiusal to turn over this fund un cf t r > test n has been that the taxpayers titIed to all profits arising from tte c of this money previous to its espESJiture After your refusal to comply with the demand of the School EJarl thE members of that body saw ft 1 5 ue an ill advised and intemperattacking both ate communication jour motives and my own although the snlj ifrerence was upon a question of law and public policy Whether or not the statements contained in that com nation were correct can best be itErr ned by a comparison between then a d the facts and mOre especially situ those matters developed in the course of the trial in the about vhich there can be no dispute Ic order to snake the matter clear those statements will be considered were I your pocketbook may be quickly tJa bf f ¬ Ii fHf1flT j J > Y to 35 2to 35 J THE BEST OF SPRING SUITS ii II t VJM 8prlng Oxfords a Spring Shoes made on the right lines Built to match the best attire If you would have your feet well dressed and comforta ¬ ble try Stetsons Oxfords Dr Reeds Cush ¬ ion Soles Dunlap and Korrect Shape Shoes We are exclusive agents I I j Wi VI VI = IJ tWmIw BW4 z R JAMES C I i W V Z T W t fIfI > STOCKS T4ES T 9 I i J 50 To be found in the city 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Varied I The seasons latest is here fy parel I ton CiJ I oull Want lighter brighter ap And from now on 1 ¬ I the riirht of the School Board to have cantrol of this fund consumed nearly sin hi urs and at its conclusion the Court took the question under conside- ¬ JI I Winters on theWane I ten Ii 1It bum 4 I separately i Although it was stated positively ttat ± he law was so plain that a ration for nearly five days before de ¬ ciding that as a mere matter of law the School Board was entitled to this ronev and hall the 1jght aiii the suit And even after that it be car necessary for the lawyers for the ihat r I 4 yearjd child could not misunderstand it j et the argumerit on the law as to Spring hay como Dont wear an Fan f rights of all parties had been nda Ily determined Your sole con ¬ rl suggestedthat positively I Ij I I Dont be glum R am more disposed to congratulate them upori being able to win a victory 4 under strict circumstances 5 Not only was the impression conveyed in the communication referred to but it was given out and published m the papers thatwurk on the builds ing had stopped and could not be resumed until this money was paid over bers of the School Board who were all to the School Board This report present that whip he had no authority very industriously circulated and was tr to provide for it in the it when put was his opinion that this money that body under oath the membersthe and more especially shuuld be depsited in the bank or with the individual who would pay the larg ¬ and that there had not been a single days delay on account of the money should be deposited the School Board not having been deposited with the should hold an auction arid let all of Treasurer of the the banks bid for the deposit and then G It was also charged that your require the Treasurer of that Board to refusal to comply with their demand was due to personal feeling on your part and to a desire to even up with Judge in deciding the case not only the members of the School Board by justifies fully vindicates you 3 You claimed that if the fuud was interfering with them in the proper exi ercise of left on the deposit with the City said that their authority the It was also opposition the reason Treasurer a sum amounting to six cr to their election last for was due to a year eight hundred would be saved to the taxpayers in the way of inter ¬ wish to elect a School Board that could est charges although the fund was ab ¬ be dominated by the city authorities the falsity solutely at the disposal of the School Not only the absurdity but conclusive- ¬ as well of such a charge is Board and could only be paid uot upon in warrants of that body You also claim- ly proven by the fact that no step al- t ed that this money would be lost to the that direction has ever been taken any though you could have done so at taxpayers if the place of deposit was time affairs was changed as the Treasurer of the desired If such aitstate of easily have by you could School Board would pay no interest b en accomplished at any time by the upon the fund The truth of those mere passage of an ordinance which statements was not only proven by the while make no particular sworn testimony of the witnesses but change itin would school would legislate was admitted as true and not question- ¬ the present the Board of Education out of ed by the attorneys for the Board existence The members qf that Board 4 Although the money was absolute ¬ least in their public ut ¬ ly at the disposal of the School Board who seem at so thoroughly informed terances to be the refusal of that body to issue a i upon all the law must know that the I warrant upon the fund while it was in Council power to separate at the hands of the City Treasurer was any timehas the the white and colored schools as i was claimed based upon section and when that is done to appoint two 3602 of the Kentucky Statutes which the boards of trustees to serve reads as follows No money shall This authority is given be drawn from the funds unless the next election of by an amendment to the same shall have been appropriated by cities of the fourth class charters order of the Board of Education and the Legislature in 1904 If these no appropriation of money shall be tlemen have never seen that gent made to be paid out of said school can easily be found by page 129 of the Acts of the 1904 The fact that you It was strenuously insisted by the Assembly of have never taken any such steps shows I counsel for the School Board that 4t that you have never had any desire to would be unlawful for that body to is ¬ interfere officially with the managE- ¬ sue a warrant upon the fund unless it ment of the schools If as citizens was actually in the hands of its Treas ¬ saw fit as you did to oppose the cant urer but the members of the Board didacy of thesegen lement you had the testified under oath that they disregard undoubted right Jl do so arid they ed this law whenever it them because you be to do soas one of the members ff should hlitJacTmnge in them a l eves eljovJ4 theVscejiunthrtHe Bank his been 1 overdrawn the greater part of the 4 Continued on Page seven years that 1 have been mem I Ri1 ° 1 j NUMBKft 14 gIJg I I I John Duvall W H Taylor T P Woods arnsh I ber of the Board I do not refer to I this in any spirit of criticism or dsiap proval but to show that even the members of the School Board have their failings commcn to us all of being great sticklers for the law when it happens to favor their side substantiallythe meeting of the City Coun Mayor afternoon OBtien was in the chair j lied t > FRIDAY APRIL 3 1908 ¬ OBRIEN rIVES FACTS AVinesday 7 c j number of witnesses before the case could finally he dceided This fact alone fully justifies you in the course have pursued It would seem that the child who could not misunderstand the law would be pre ¬ cocious irdeed 2 Your contention that the profits arising from the use of this money should gu to and be used for the bene fit of the taxpayers was fully sus ¬ tained by the Court In deciding the Orders Warrant to Be Drawn For 42000 in Favor of Treas = urer of School Board J1AMR ¬ ji 450 up to 20 Each cif3 All Garments Altered Without Extra Charge to Put A Complete Line of Ladies Muslin Underwear at Popular Prices I o bo Your Inspection Ptesp ectfullv Inviteci a fJi8i fJa J 1 i r I iJIift i A inJ D4PIPmitmA m x > Rf 8ia aiIPJ w il I 7 4 > 1 7 n A1Si t i = Ji I

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