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L E X I NG TO N UK wants to demolish 2 historic houses on Limestone CHANGE OF PLANS FOR LAW SCHOOL By Linda B. Blackford The University of Kentucky has abandoned a plan to build a new College of Law on Scott Street because of financial concerns and intends to renovate the existing law school on South Limestone. The latest plan includes the demolition of two historic houses that sit next to the law school on South Limestone, a proposal the Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation called “unconscionable.” Bob Wiseman, UK’s vice president of facilities, said in an Aug. 1 letter to the Blue Grass Trust that funding challenges had scuttled the original plan. “The high cost of a new replacement law school previously discussed for Scott Street had simply reached a point of being financially non-attainable,” Wiseman wrote. “At issue is tens of millions of dollars in cost savings by doing a renovation and expansion of the law building.” Wiseman said Tuesday that a renovation project would probably cost $60 to $65 million, compared to $90 million for the Scott Street project. “If we’re talking about saving $30 million, See LIMESTONE, A12 The Mathews House is one of two structures UK would remove to expand the law school. HURRICANE ISAAC » Page A8: Category 1 storm makes landfall in southeast Louisiana » Get updates on the storm’s progress and see photos from the scene Setbacks haven’t deterred UK’s McCaskill Sports, C1 AUGUST 29, 2012 Bowman Mill home fosters Lincoln heritage Page B1 | WEDNESDAY | METRO FINAL EDITION With layoffs, Lexmark shifts focus to solutions GETTING OUT OF INKJET BUSINESS MEANS 1,600 JOB CUTS, 550 LOCALLY CHARLES BERTRAM GOP delegates make it official: Romney, Ryan nominated ANN ROMNEY TALKS UP HUSBAND; PAUL BACKERS STAGE PROTEST By Janet Patton PABLO ALCALÁ | Second-quarter results Lexmark, formed as an IBM spinoff in March 1991, moved its corporate headquarters to Lexington from Greenwich, Conn., in 1996. Revenue fell 12 percent year over year in Lexmark’s second quarter in 2012. $2B 1.5B Quarterly revenue $1.23B 2nd Q Annual $1.21B $1.14B $905M $1.03B $1.04B $919M By David A. Fahrenthold and Aaron Blake The Washington Post TAMPA, Fla. —Ann Romney used her high-profile speaking slot at the Republican convention Tuesday to cast her husband as a devoted Ann Romney, wife of Mitt and capable man who stood Romney, had a by her when their marriage prime speaking was tested by child-rearing spot in Tuesand a pair of terrifying disday’s conveneases. tion lineup. “I read somewhere that Mitt and I have a ‘storybook marriage,’” Romney said. Kentuckian speaks: 6th Dis- “Well, in the storybooks I read, there were never long, trict candidate long, rainy winter afternoons Andy Barr assails Obama’s in a house with five boys coal policies screaming at once. And those in convention storybooks never seemed to speech. Page A9 have chapters called multiple sclerosis or breast cancer.” See photo Earlier in the day, Mitt galleries and Romney finally won a politiget the latest updates online. See ROMNEY, A2 1B Absorbing hit could challenge city’s economy By Cheryl Truman 500M $5.11B $4.97B $4.53B $3.88B $4.17B $4.20B 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 SCOTT SLOAN | CHRIS WARE | has declined Stock’s price Lexmark’s stock price since it hit more than 81 percent fluctuations a peak in 2000. $120 Closing price Tuesday: $21.62 Feb. 2000: $119.25 $100 $80 July 2009: $14.48 $60 $40 $20 0 2000 ’01 ’02 ’03 ’04 ’05 ’06 Source: Yahoo! Finance $60 for $120 towards over 60 awesome classes, workshops and events in the 2012 Fall schedule! $1.00 1 ’07 ’08 ’09 ’10 ’11 ’12 CHRIS WARE | Like on Facebook and enter to win prizes worth nearly $1,500 from Readers’ Choice favorites. Lexmark’s layoff of more than 500 Lexington-based employees in its inkjet division, which it is closing, might be a tough blow for the city to absorb, a University of Kentucky economist said Tuesday. Ken Troske, the Sturgill Professor of Economics at UK, said the number of employees being laid off is not large in terms of the Central Kentucky labor force of more than 240,000 workers, but Lexmark is one of the few firms with Kentucky headquarters that does a substantial amount of its engineering and development work here. That means a lot of highly skilled, highly paid employees are being let go, he said. Troske said such workers are “something that we tend to lack in Kentucky See EFFECTS, A2 Lexmark, one of the leading manufacturers in Lexington, announced Tuesday that it was closing its faltering inkjet division and would lay off more than 550 workers in Central Kentucky. The Lexington layoffs include 350 full-time employees, many in nonmanufacturing jobs such Then to now: as research A time line and develop- of Lexmark ment and of- achievements. fice support. Page A2 Lexmark chairman and CEO Paul Rooke, who headed the inkjet division before taking the company’s helm, said in a conference call with stock analysts early Tuesday that Lexmark now sees the future in laser imaging and in computer technologies, such as those recently purchased by Lexmark, that allow work groups to share information, possibly without printing. In short, Rooke said, sales of Lexmark’s newest inkjet See LEXMARK, A2 Why Lexmark is taking these steps ■ The company says it has an unacceptable return on investment on remaining business inkjet investments. ■ It is continuing to advance color laser technology and is confident that laser will be the preferred color technology for business work groups in the long term. ■ Lexmark says this will help accelerate its move from a hardware-centric company to a solutions company. Delivery: 1-800-999-8881 Classified: 1-800-933-7355 News: (859) 231-3200 Weather, Page C8: High 84, Low 58 Vol. 30 No. 240 © 2012 Your Family, Your Doctor Benjamin Rambicure, M.D. of Saint Joseph Primary Care Associates is a board-certified family physician who provides comprehensive health care to patients of all ages. Common services include annual physical examinations, preventive health consultations, well-child examinations and immunizations, and care of all acute and chronic illnesses, including hypertension, asthma, and diabetes. For Appointments 859.313.3400 1099 Duval Street, Suite 110, Lexington Just off Tates Creek and Man O’ War – Next to the Fraternal Order of Police lodge

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