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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-7- In recent times, however, an increasingly widespread popular interest in basketball competition between the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville has raised questions as to the desirability of some alteration to that tradition. Whatever differences of opinion might exist among individual Board members on this matter, there is general agreement on two points: (1) the time is right for a formal review of the situation, and (2) the official body to conduct such a review is the Athletics Association. We, therefore, recommend that the Board of Directors of the Athletics Association conduct a timely review of this matter. We further ask that they specifically address the question of scheduling basketball competition with the University of Louisville as an exception to the established practice, it being understood that any such competition would result from negotiations that are mutually acceptable to the parties and that neither program suffer financial loss as a consequence. Mr. Clay moved adoption of the resolution, and Mr. Black seconded the motion, The floor was opened for discussion and questions. Mr. Dinkle asked whether the Board of Trustees could reconsider the issue were they dissatisfied with any part of the review by the Athletics Association Board of Directors. Mr. Sturgill responded that the Board of Trustees would take under consideration any matter that one of the Trustees might present. Mr. Geary stated he does not feel the resolution goes far enough in addressing the question of an annual game between the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky. He added that he has always been in favor of an annual game between the two schools. Therefore, Mr. Geary stated that he would be opposed to the resolution. The vote was called, and the motion carried with one dissenting vote by Mr. Geary. President Singletary indicated that in response to the vote taken it was his intention as President of the Board of Directors of the Athletics Association to call a meeting within two weeks and to place the matter before the Board for their consideration. He concluded by saying that he continues to "yearn and pine for the day when the really truly serious matters of the University of Kentucky will get the same kind of expressions of interest and concern that have attended this item."

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