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Page 3 of Argument of Capt. W.J. Stone : examiner of Confederate pensions : before the Court of Appeals.

3 constitutional, the Attorney General quotes a clause in the third section of the Bill of Rights as laid down in the present constitution of this State which says: "No grant of exclusive, separate, public emoluments or privileges shall be made to any man, or set of men, except in consideration of public services." And then preceeds to argue that Confederate soldiers have rendered no public services to Kentucky, and therefore they are not entitled, under the constitu- tion, to receive a pension at the hands of the State. Public service in the present constitution means the same public service named in the old constitution. And the Court of Appeals has decided that public service as used in the old constitution means a ser- vice rendered to the public by heroic deeds, inventive genius, or great mental endowments, and a life of public virtue. The person attaining such distinction becoming in the judgment of the Legislature a pub- lic benefactor. Ferguson, c. vs. Landrum, c., 1 Bush, page 593." It is claimed that the Confederate soldiers rend- ered Kentucky no service because Kentucky did not secede from the Union. Grant that Kentucky did not secede. What was the Confederate army fight- ing for They were fighting to maintain the princi- ple on which alone it was possible to form the American Union of States. That principle was the right of each State to manage its own local affairs in its own way, and Kentucky was as much interested in the preservation of that fundamental doctrine as any other State in the Union. If the debates in the convention that adopted the present constitution of the United States be carefully read by any one, it will take no further argument to prove the truth of the

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