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Page 260 of Novels, stories, sketches, and poems of Thomas Nelson Page (vol. 13)

THE OLD DOMINION the agricultural interest; and the people of the South began to experience the awakening of hope. The machinery, however, had hardly got started when new factors injected into the new conditions began to make themselves felt. The treatment in prison of the ex-President, who was put in irons and subjected to the constant presence of a sentinel, aroused bitter resent- ment at the South. A very considerable faction there had always been opposed to Mr. Davis. But he had done no more during the Secession period than half the people of the South had done, and no more during the war than all of them had done, and his treatment now was taken as an intention to humiliate them. It had, moreover, as an object lesson, a disastrous effect on the Negro population, who drew from it the not unnatural inference that the North was able and willing to go to any lengths. The severity visited on Mr. Davis at once de- stroyed every vestige of resentment in those who had opposed him, and from that time to his death he stood to the South as a vicarious vic- tim, sacrificed for her act. Unhappily, the work of a madman cut down, in the very hour of success, the leader who had brought the country safely through the war, 260

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