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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., October 20, 1922

Part of The Big Sandy news.

HAS HELD FIRST PRIZE OF KENTUCKY PRE8S ASSOCIATION Bie ' it an Absolut I rartlaino iasaity to fcvary outinsas. m Circulation of tHa BIO idv . Ntwi . make .,. it thai . .i a:t aaviriii no mu urn r. i r 8INCE 1912 A8 SANDY NEWS Aut inveniam viam, lluma XXXVIII. ES LOUISA, Numb.r 7. $75,000,000 New sncirs in Aaarcss 10 Head-dres- s nun iKifni lumin i&nii ri J ' e Inspector. Superintendent Colvin wrote the county hoard today asking him to follow the recommendations submitted by the I Kirtiniiit of Kducatlon auditor and to take step to recover sums of money alleged to have been wrongfully spent by the s u n t I'mlen t of the Martin county schools. The report tiled by Inspector Threlkeld dies seventeen points of alleged Incompctcncy ii ml Inefficiency on the part of Superintendent Johnson. County Attorney J. H. I'reecn of Martin county was asked by Mr. Colvin to take steps to prosecute Superintendent Johnson and ncover money alleged to have been wrongfully spent, The letter from Mr. Colvin suited that the IeMirtmeut of Kducatlon had not foijn-"greater evidence of Incompe-- i lency In any county Inspected. ' Only Six Pupils In School. The report by .Mr. Threlkeld declares that due to the alleged Incompetence .of SuiMTlnlendini Johnson that the schools of Martin county,.have deteriorated and the people have lost In- Thclma Sinei, Logansport, of new head dreti of the women's American Legion Auxiliary ai adopted at the New Or leant convention. Miss Georgia (Ireever and Mr. Eouis Alley Wed J. c. Helburn Elected (ieoiglii tireevvr, formerly of and Mr. 1au1s Alley of Lex-- j Thurs-- j Riffimnnd, K, Oct. 11. The Grand tiiKton. K, were married on I.odgc Odd Fellows of Kentucky ad- day of atthla week. The wedding took Die home of trie jilace noon journed It annual meeting here to- ' brides mother, atMrs. i'ora YinMon day after three days' work. Central at Wheelwright. Ky. The jtjreever City wa selected n the tiext meeting couple lefr soon afterwards fur I.ex- place. New officer electiM were: J. ngton where they will Hpeiul a fi'W C. Helburn of Kmliicnce, grand masdays with Mr. Alley's, sisters and oth-- : ter; Jumc M. lwnton of relatives. deputy Krund mauler; J. A. Dotaon of er t'nlll the' death of Mr.J.Tate Criev-- : VhvhvMI frraml warden" It r lie blioV f.itrii' I. :i".i"; hr.rr.c of ei t. Islington, for the 10th year wan family was In Tazewell, Va. Since then Iur-hagrand ovreiary; H. J. the) have spent jmrt of the time In (trand Louisa, but went I'anvtlle. waa to trenxurvr, and W. V. (ireKiiry of Im- - ;Klod county, some time Wheelwright. ago to take lavlllo and J. Whit J'oltor of HowIIiik charge of a club bounc. Ore-were choaen itrand repreaenta-tivea- . The bride in an aidacuve young lady of iintny and very popular with friends here. ah electrical engineer Electric Eight Proposition of .Mr. Alley Is He Is now located at lycxlngton. Considered at Meeting Wuylund. Ky. l.'pou their return from their honeymoon they will go to house At the. meeting tf the city council keeping at once In u home at Wuylahd e Friday night the proponed Inat which he has furnished and ready for ordinance for electric llghta and occupancy. power wna rad by the city clerk A Among guests who were expected at few cltlzena were present There waa the were the bride's broiler. a dlaculiin which developed the fact Mr. Jake (ireever, of Matewan, W'.Va. In the proposition of Miss Martha I'Yaoccs Johnson of that the rates the Cincinnati people am hlithcr than lettsburg and Mr. and Mrs. Henry the consumers of anme other cities In Webb of ltulsa. eastern Kentucky are paying. As ft courtesy to the bride a linen Tha question of rates will be taken shower was given on Monday evening up with the applicants for franchise by Wheelwright friends. Cnngratula-- i and tho matter will come up again el tlons and gootr wishes are extended tho next regular meeting of the coun- the young couple. to Head Odd Fellows Mims Iiuia. In behalf at least of I , spector. Maiuurd, under indictment for liquor possession, was charged with drunkenness on Inez streets and Johnson with testifying in behalf of three bootleggers In petition circulated by Martin county citizens for release uf the trials. It. S. Hall, another teacher, was allowed to teach by Johnson after Hall r suspended had been given a sentence for deserting his wife for another woman, according to J. H. l'reece. County Attorney. Two suits are pending to recover money for Martin county from Johnson, i'reece said. Johnson's case will be presented to the November grand Jury. i five-yea- j $110,000 Alleged Missing. tl-.- y- -- ex-h- 1 -i . ' 1 ' t'.-it- j j cil. De-th- j -' Man Shot Resisting Arrest Dies in Ietcher Whltcuburg, Ky., Oct. 17. Aahford It) years old, died at Hluk"V rethis county of gunshot ceived Sunday when he resisted arrest by leiuty Sheriff Wlllbun Collins, lrt Col-Un- when the officer went to arrest him It la charged Collins waa drunk and that he shot at the deputy who returned the lire. The victim leave a wife and several children. Sunday School I?.tllv sinrl fniivonf inn Saturday night and Sunday, October rally 2 Si h and 'JUth, a .Sunday school and district convention will be held at the town of lilalne to stimulate the Interest In Sunday school work. W. .1. Vaughan. State Field Worker. C. It. MVIIntaii Cotintv 1'reHldetit and oth ers Will be there. A splmlid program and a prontahbi time la expected. ACROSS RIVER NEAR PAINTSVILLE NEW BRIDGE One of the large concrete piers of the bridge across the lllg Sandy river at the mouth of I'aint creek has been completed and work Is being ruslied on the others. The material is all on the ground and by the first of the year the contractors have to hnvo the bridge completed. This new bridge will g'Ve an ounei xo rue people livon the east aldo of the river and ing will conneft with the new roads being built on that aide. Herald. EMINENT PREACHER HERE NEXT SUNDAY NIGHT D. I Illakemore, R. D., of Rear. Washington, D, C, will preach at ttie K. Church South In Louisa next M. Sunday night, lie Is Centenary Field Secretary. Kvorybody Is Invited to lie present and henf this prominent minister. ' FOOD 8ALE NEXT 8ATURDAY. Tho women of tho M. E. Church. South, will hold another food sale on Saturday. October 21, In W. H. Berry's atore. lluy something for your, din ner, thereby neiping yourseit ami ine church. Mr. J. F. Aiders of Qulncy, Florida, who has been visiting here tho past fnw vmiIih left Wednesdsv tar Cin cinnati for a few days stay. His wire who waa Miss Annia Johns, of this place, went to Huntington, W. Va.. to spend the week with relatives. They will return here' before ' leaving for their home In Florida. Europe Going Back to Farm j i , ' 1 Hai-ma- . ; ; Ie Echo-Flemi- The Big Sandy Niwi will bring your advarttaing Imp mora home for the earn money than any othar paper I I in Eaatarn Kantueky APPOINT OFFICERS i r 4 a.. i and E. K. SPENCER, Publiahara WAYNE COURT MUST l: "He will be asked to account for by him In $110,000 disbursed four years, during whloh a $10,000 school indebtedness has originated and the county schools, what thro Is loft of them, have totally run down." "1 can account for every dollar tercut in llieiii. The Inez High School, spent if they give me the chance." Ho ii ,.,i : i !.,'.,r. tin ;ir of my with only Mix pupils and parents Johnson said. "The inspector took to let me refuMeil io send their children to many books away and my records, Jim Horn of the county schools. plain how handle things. He still Among the counts died by the inpaid in the $6,000 the Inspector says spot tor was that no record of receipts I did not put It in my of funds was kept and that the supcr- - is missing, but Intendi'ht did not require receipts when minutes because the money was accounted for by the bank. making payments, bal"The A grau.d total of SI 0. r, r, 3 3 was ances reason some years show that and some turned over to the .Martin county the Inspector was Indebtedness Isin the not figuring schools during the four years Johnson When he rewas superintendent ,the report alleges. school building fund, my straighten will books but not one receipt was taken and turns things out." recorded for this amount. The records and reports of the superintendent 6 Pupils In High School. showed halances In the accounts for Johnson's administration 'owes Marsome years and Indebtedness In other tin county banks $10,000 on.unsecured years, the Inspector claimed, but no notes which the banks cannot collect. complete report of where or how the R. L. Hale, cashier of the Inez e money was spent was submitted. worst school system In Kentuc- The superintendent wrote checks posit Hank, said: "Mar'.ln county has freely, the report declared, and "as-- j ky." A. J. Balridge, chairman of the sumed and exercised the functions of Hoard ot Kducatlon. said: "And we the whole board." are powerless to remedy It because of d methods. Of Johnson's Showed $.6,589 Debt. In 1918-1- 9 the report of the stipor-- - 2.7."i0 children of school let age. perhaps the others Intcndcnt balances, but shows an In- 1.200 attend. Parents to Excellent Lyceum Number ib btedness of $ti, The Inspector 'drift or Rend them sentprivate schools. to West Many children are of the and surrounding county public at Garden Theater asks an accounting reportthis. In $200 following year the shows The Inez High School has untie disbursed than the record shows, schools. No belter musical entertainment was land an explanation is asked by the live pupils, while ninety pupils pay to attend Inez Academy, founded this ever heard In Iouisa than that given inspector. last Friday night by "The MountainIteports made by the superintendent meet the situation. Beside the tuition eers." This huh the first number In a 'for 1919 showed, not an Indebtedness, year by tho Presbyterian' church to lyceum course put on for this season but a balance of $3. 206.09, the Inspec-- ! Inez parents, who pay taxes for pub-- i this subscribed $1,200 by Will Cain at the Oarden Theater. tor reported but the next year there lie schools. The company Is made up of live men. was an Indebtedness of $G.5S1(.9. one year to get the academy here." "Inez children, on whom our future They dress In the costume of 'the Italyear the report failed to lalance, and ian mountaineer. All are fine musithe superintendent noted this fact on rests." Sheriff J. C. Fletcher said, "are school system has retrograded under cians. Various comlilnaiiona of inhe report, it was alleged. our struments were tided with line effect. The report of IM'I shows a surplus being raised In ignorance because ap- The saxaphonc uuartettes and duels of $l,1NI,2i, but the Indebtedness had yearly for schools. The State adds Johnson. Citizens are taxed $17,000 were esn'cially popular with the Louto $1 l.fillS. Increased the inspector isa audience. The piano accordion Where this $S.2."(i.S.r, Increase proximately a like sum. We are not was remarkably well played and the In indebtedness came from was not 'getting $5,000 worth of education for combination of stringed instruments, recorded, M t.- Threlkeld said. The next t It." guitars and ocarlnnos, was excellent. year this Indebtedness waa decreased One of the members rendered vocal by $.1.312.22, but no record was subnumlsTs which made quite n hit. mitted, the Inspector said, to show NORMAL MEETING Those who m'.ased this number have how the debt was cut down. causo for regret. In some years the superintendent did not keep. books, the report declarIS POSTPONED ed, and In other years books were, Man Seeking to End kept, but receipts not taken for Feud is Killed in Pike expenditures. It was pointed out In the report tint account Frankfort, Ky., Oct. Ky., Oct. 17. Rowland $(i,120.fili was line from the Sheriff of of rikcvlllc, of the Inability of .1. L. Wallace shot and Instantly killed Wil- Martin county, but no record was Bowling Green to attend, the proposliam Smith on l'eter creek Sunday af- made showing whether this amount ed session of the Normal School Comternoon,: it wus learned here, today. ever was received. The Inspector ask- mission, which was to have been held The two men had quarreled some time ed .that this be Investigated. Scores of today for the purpose of selecting a ago. Smith, who was on horseback, vouchers were missing, many had site at Murray for the Western Kenplaced bin hand on Wallace's shoulder duplicate numbers, and vouchers of tucky School and choosing a city for It Is said, and asked him If he had 1913 and 1914 were mixed with those the Western School, was postponed inanything against him. Wallace told of 1921 and 1922, the inspector declar. definitely and Chairman K. C. O'Rear Smith not to speak to him 'again and ed. will call a meeting at a later date. Immediately shot him through the The report not only asked thai Suchest, according to the report. Wallace perintendent Johnson he ousted from STRIKES COME HIGH, BUT wus arrested. v, office, but asked that "legal steps be WE WILL HAVE 'EM taken to determine who was responSTORK VISITS MANSION. sible for, the alteration of certain Cleveland, O., Oct. 11. The recent Frankfort, October 13. Bcnnic Lee checks." strike In the roa! Industry Caused a Waddle has the distinction of being The request for on Inspection of the total loss of $1,190,000,000, .1. O. Bradthe first child born In the 5overnor's affairs of the Martin county schools ley of Dilution, W. Va., former presinianHlon. She Is the daughter of the came from a group of taxpayers there. dent of the National Coal Association, Into Benjamin Waddle and Mrs. WadSuperintendent Colvin said. The declared here today In an address bedle, and Mrs. Thomas M. Tliutcher.uoth recited, that" there was a loss of fore the annual convention of the of Somerset, the hitter the mother of interest in the schools .and that the, Mining Congress. Mrs. Benjamin Waddle, wore here superintendent had Issued certificates American yestrday to welcome their grand- to persons who later lost their certifiFIELDS-HALdaughter. cates on necouht ot immoral conduct. Mrs. Mr. this place This fact also is brought out in the Grace C. L. Hall of united In and marriage Fields were FORD CARS NOW CHEAPER. 'eport by Inspector Threlkeld. 16. They were marMonday, October Ford automobiles have been reducTeachers Under Indictment. ried at the home of the officiating mined $50 in price. This announcement Ky., Oct, 14.: The inves- ister, Uev. 8. F. Reynolds. They left Frankfort, went out by wire to all agents Tuesday. This Is the policy of the Ford tigation of tho condition ' of affairs by touring car for tjuebeo .nnd other compnny. No Intimation of a change made by W. L. Threlkeld, auditor of points in Canada whero they will After their' reIn price is given until it has been tlie State Department of Kducatlon, ,'n spend several weeks. made, The new prices are tho lowest response to a petition from citizens of turn to Louisa they will reside on Jefferson street. Tho bride Is the daughovor made on automobiles, that county. The petition stated that U. S. Hull, ter of Bud Mulllns of Bike county and a teacher, was Indicted on a charge of had been visiting relatives here. Mr. MARRIAGE LICENSES. F.rna Burton, 26 of Ulysses to Monie unlawfully transporting whisky; S. M. Hall Is In business In Louisa. Mnlnaril, principal of the Inea school, Nlckles, 21 of Adams. MORE ROAD FOR WAYNE. Charles Hall, 32 to Grace Fields, was under indictment on a charge of Wayne county is to get nine more 21 of Louisa, possessing whisky Illegally, and "CounRobert Maynard, 21 of R. D. 2 Lou- ty Superintendent U. G. Johnson, dur- miles of good roods. The State Road isa to Vangle Thompson, 21 of R. D. ing the lust term of the Martin Circuit Commission proposes to let to con2, Fort Gay, W. Va. Court, was active In aiding In the de- tract on tho 14th day of November Andrew Woods, S3 of Cadmus to fense of bootleggers and moonshine) s the grading and drainage ot this road road. Myrtlo Rice, 19 of Potter. and went so far as to take the Jtand . frun-rhla- , I M. F, CONLEY 1922. Inez, Ky Oct. 16. Charges of inefficiency, misuse of funds and ahc'.i'ng of bootlegging against Martin county toschool officials, were recognized day by relief from duty of S. M. Mainard, principal of the Inez public schools, under orders from George Colvin, Superintendent of Tubtic Instruction. Retirement bf Mulnurd is thought to be the first step In ouster proceedings against U. U. Johnson, Superintendent of Martin county schools, recently accused of lax monetary administration by W. L. Threlkeld, school in- to George Colvin, Superintendent of Public Instruction, by W. L. mat-ter- La, wearing the Courier-Journa- today Tlirelki-ld- 20, Mr. Threlkeld In his report verified the statement of the petition. S. M. Mainard Reliaved. regards the Tho Courier-JournMartin county school situation to be of sufficient Importance to send a staff correspondent to Inez to report it. M. II. Itoss sends the following to the Frankfort, Ky., Oct. 1,4. Charges of "negligence. Inefficiency and Incompetence" against V. (i. Johnson, county' school superintendent of Martin county, and recommendations that the County Hoard of Education lake steps Immediately to ount him from ofrtce were contained In a report submitted nniitf n to put hard surfacea on 2,000 miles of rouda. said Statu Highway Knglneer Joe H,, ogga In an address to the ' rU.'j ilway Kngmccrs and county officTiinrn session here, but It would lake 176. 0011,000 to complete the Slate's primary entire plan of the system. Ho urged thai u bond issue fur the latter amount be asked of the next Legislature. a Mr. Hoggs' discussion of money waa the introduction of tho big. gest queatlon to bo taken up by the State highway engineers. The mumlng'a session wai tilled wl.h talks by varloua engineers. Following the talk of Mr. Hogka tho meeting tilrown open for discussion of road problems. Phil Hunt of Jefferson county. Squire Hhorlrldge of Loulsu. A. K. Hhouse of Lexington anil Hat Hughe of Pikeville were umong those , who tiok the Door. 4,ooo-mll- three." Urges Prosecution of Superintendent; $110,553 Sought. Ashland. Ky., Oct. 12.The proposed 01,11 .is a witness Colvin oiaie i aut faciam KENTUCKY, OCTOBER HEAD UNDER FIRE Highway Engineers Urges Big Bond Issue. xr.ii LAWRENCE COUNTY, MARTIN SCHOOL Legion Women's NEEDED FOR ROADS LAST AWARD MADE JUNE 30, 1922. BEST COUNTRY NEW8PAPEB IN THE STATE. ii.f. J Dr. L. C Gray, economist of the U. S. DepC of Agriculture, after an extended survey in Europe says big estates are bong cat into small tracts and the people are going back to the land, producing more for borne than commercial uses. John C. Hicks Chosen Grand Master I. O. O. F. the election of officers of the Virginia Odd Fellows Grand In I'arkersburg last week J. C. of Logan, W. Va., was chosen as Grand Master for the coming year. Morgantown was selected as the place for next year'B meeting. Other officers of the grand lodge elected are: A. W. Martin, of Haywood, deputy grand master: A. J. Wilkinson, of Huntington, grand secretary; George G. Stout, of I'arkersburg, grand treasurer; T. 11. Neal, of Cameron, grand representative; Rev. W. V. Stroeh-heyeof Brookly, grand chaplain; Fred Burnett. Shinnston, grand conductor; Claude (larrison. Wheeling, grand marshal; I. Lee Bajich, Kermlt. grand guardian; Wheeler I'reece, Williamson, grind herald; Judge W. H. O'Brien, grand warden. Mliis Henrietta Wilson, of I'arkersburg, was elected president of the state Kebekuli Assembly to succeed Mrs. Martha Wilson, as president of the assembly; Delma Hill, of Charleston, was elected Lulv Hood, Williams Town, warden; Neva Thorne, Fairmont, secretary, and Grace Amos. Cairo, treasurer. Mr. Hicks is a native of Lawrence county and was a citizen of Louisa for a short time before locating in Logan, W. Va.. for the practice of law. The Logan paper has the following to say in regard to his appointment: John C. Hicks, prominent Logan lawyer and one of tho sections most popwas named as grand ular citizens, master of the West Virginia Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows. Mr. Hicks has been a member of the I. O. O. F. for many years and one of its leading exponents in the state, and his elevation to the highest honor In the grand lodge of the state Is a deserved tribute to his loyalty and activity. His many local friends are highly elated over his success and look lor him to make his administration, in fraternal realms a notable one. At West Lodge Hicks r. Courthouse Removal Causes' Contention Over Election Officers for November. Charleston, V. Va., Oct. 18. Tho supreme court of appeals today Issued peremptory writs of mandamus against the county court of Wayne county, commanding it to appoint as election officers the men designated by the Republican and Democratic county executive committees: Rights of county executives committees of the two major parties to designate election precinct Judges and clerks were upheld by the supreme court of appeals today in deciding against the county court of Wayne county. Peremptory writs of mandamus against the county court were Issued in two cases brought by the Republican and Democratic executive committees for the county carrying out this decision. The differences between the political committees and the county court grew out of the 'fight in Wayne over tho location of the court house. In bringing their cases to the supreme court the members of the executive committees of the two parties represented that they provided, In proper form. lists of men designated for appointment as election officials in the various precincts. Their recommendations were disregarded, they complained and the court appointed men in various instances whose appointment had not been requested. The writs Issued today announced H. W. Thompson, J. T. Porter and J. W. Crabtree, the county commissioners, to convene forthwith as the county court and "appoint the persons whose appointments were requested" by the party executive committees. The question of removal of the county seat from Wayne to Kenova will go before the voters for the third tima at the election, November 7. n Drive is Now Very Popular Louisa-Huntingto- The road from Louisa to Hunting-- ton via vvayne is in excellent conai--H- on except a detour of about two miles which is Just an ordinary county road. Even with this obstacle, the ' automobiles are making the trip in one and a half to two hours. The drive is very enjoyable. A portion of. tho road has brick surrace and another section has concrete top. The detour uiic is necesaai y juai now concrete road on the Huntington end Two or' is Just being constructed. three weeks should see the completion of this piece of work If the weather" It is expected that a hard surface will be put on the road from Ft. Gay :o Wayne next year. Wayne has a tax valuation of thirty-tmillions. Lawrence county has $6,500,000 taxable property. We mention this as an apology for our roads. hree Pikeville Couple Wedded in Ashland Monday James Compton Dies of Brights Disease Mr. Winston M. Connolly and Miss Violet Walker were married In Ashland a few days ago. They are popMr. James Compton, aged GS, died Mon- ular young people ofof Pikeville. and Harrison Is day at his home on Water Btreet in Connolly Roffe tho son Connolly, both deceased. Louisa. Ho had been confined to his Hester one of Pikeville's leading young home by illness the past month or He is a most more. Bright's disease is said to have business men and his bride is worthy young woman. They will liv caused his death, Mr. Compton Is survived by his wife in Pikeville. and three daughters. Sirs. Jim Muip'ey ' MRS. JOLIFF AND GUEST. of Paintsvllle. Mrs. A. S. Wilson of Mrs. J. U. JollilT of Weston, W.Va, Louisa and an unmarried daughter. Also, some older children of his first was here over Sunday the guest of marriage whose names we did not ob- her sister. Miss Matilda Wallace, and Mr. and Mrs. F. T. D. Wallace. She tain. Mr. Compton was a good citizen and had been to Chattanooga, Tenn., athud lived here the past few years, tending a missionary convention. She made the return trip through "the moving from the1 country. The funeral service was conducted Breaks" and down Big Sandy. She was accompanied from the convention on Tuesday afternoon and burial took by Miss Beck of New York who was place In Pine Mill cemetery. a Missionary in India six years. Miss. Beck stopped over in Louisa with Mrs. PRESTONSBURG MAN IS JollilT and left the first of the week SPECIAL JUDGE IN PIKE with her for Weston where she will be her guest several weeks. Governor Morrow Monday designated W. W. Williams of l'restonsburg. JAMES F. ARTRIP DIES. to serve as special Judge of the Pike James F. Artrlp, son of Harmon Ar-tr- lp circuit court to try the case of Nancy and Manilla Artrlp, was born Jan. Phillips .against U. K. Williams, the .18, 1886, died Oct. 17, 1922, aged 36 regular Judge, J. K. Childers, being dis- years, 8 months and 9 days. Left to qualified. mourn his loss is his ' mother, one ftl,,i- - fvtk sisters nnd mnnv friends. DRIVER CRAWLS FROM He was very loyal to mother, brother He was a good citizen WRECKAGE LITTLE HURT nnd sisters. and bellked by everyone who knew Van Lear, a train him. raintsvllle. At Rev. H. B. Hewlett conducted the struck and knocked to pieces a truck which was midway of the crossing. funeral which was held at the home. Mitchell Sherman, the driver, could not he found for a brief interval, but MRS. LANG LEY LOSES BROOCH. A diamond brooch containing 110 finally crawled from under the pile of wreckage without a serious hurt. Jewels and valued at $2000 was lost hist' Friday by Mrs. John W. Langley BLEVINS AND KITCHEN CLEARED in Louisville. She Is of the belief that slid lost the brooch between the hotel During Circuit court we reported the and station. fine and Imprisonment verdicts against Lon and Tom T. Blovlns and John O. E. S. MEETING. Kitchen for being drunk. They were Mrs. J B. Vaughan Is to go to Lounot present at the trial, but appeared next week to attend the Grand later and got a new trial which re- isville Order Eastern Star, as the repLodgo sulted In an acquittal. Mayo Trail Nearing Completion, The grading and drainage of the Mayo Trail from the Boyd county line to Louisa is rapidly reaching tho finishing stage. After delay on bridges and culverts caused by the railroad strike the contractors are now pushing the work hard. resentative from Louise chapter. Mrs. Ora Rule Shannon will represent tho Paintsvllle chapter. FORT GAY SCHOOL BUILDING. James A. Hughes of Huntington has the contract to build the new school building at Fort Gay, W. Vn. Work will be started at once and the building will be rushed to completion.

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