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Image 62 of University of Kentucky Bulletin, 2014-2015

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Special Academic Programs THE CHELLGREN STUDENT FELLOWS PROGRAM The Chellgren Student Fellows Program is designed to provide experiences for outstanding undergraduates. The program offers students opportunities to go beyond classroom instruction in order to help them cultivate extraordinary academic achievement. The Program is explicitly intended to help highachieving undergraduates attain levels of accomplishment that will enable them to compete successfully for prestigious awards such as the Rhodes, Marshall, and Truman Scholarships and gain admittance into the very best graduate and professional programs. and masters degrees. (The requirements for the bachelors degree are unchanged.) 2. Students should take no more than 16 credit hours per semester, unless they have express permission from the appropriate director of graduate studies and the Dean of The Graduate School. 3. Students must complete at least 36 hours of graduate level courses in the combined program, 15 credit hours of which must be in the 600 level or above for a Plan B masters degree. Students pursuing Plan A must complete at least 30 hours of graduate level courses in the combined program of which 12 credit hours must be at the 600 level or above. (Consult The Graduate School Bulletin for detailed information concerning Plan A and Plan B for masters degrees.) 4. Students must have an undergraduate and a graduate advisor. A jointly planned program must be prepared for each student. 5. In order to participate in the University Scholars program, a department must submit to The Graduate School a plan and illustrative examples of typical programs. THE HONORS PROGRAM The Honors Program at the University of Kentucky offers specialized, interdisciplinary, seminar style classes consisting of 15-20 students, as well as departmental Honors section classes, which accelerate common undergraduate education course offerings such as biology, chemistry, and calculus. The flexibility of the required curriculum in order to earn the Honors Program graduation designation allows students to select classes from a variety of course offerings that best suit his or her individual interests and needs. Honors Program students satisfy six credit hours of required Honors Program experiences through opportunities like service learning, education abroad, and/or internship programs. Students complete their Honors Program curriculum through engagement in a capstone project, the guidelines for which are inclusive of most major course work, but require preapproval by the program. Honors Program participation at the University of Kentucky allows students priority registration, dedicated advising, and access to the Honors Program Living Learning Community. The class discussions demand active participation and involvement, and are led by full-time faculty members. The Honors Program encourages students interest in other divisions of excellence such as the Chellgren Center for Undergraduate Excellence and the Gaines Center for the Humanities, among others. The Honors Program typically looks for a 28 ACT (1270 SAT) and at least a 3.5 GPA from applicants; however, it primarily identifies self-motivated, eager students through the essay question responses, class rigor, and extracurricular participation. THE UNIVERSITY SCHOLARS PROGRAM The University Scholars program offers students the opportunity and challenge of integrating their undergraduate and graduate or professional courses of study into a single, continuous program leading to both a baccalaureate and masters degree. The students particular requirements will determine the amount of time needed to complete the program; however, the program can normally be completed in less time than that required in a conventional program. Admission to the Program Applicants for the University Scholars program must meet the following admissions requirements: 1. The applicant must have senior standing (completed at least 90 hours of course work) and have completed all UK Core requirements. 2. Students should apply at the end of their junior year. 3. The masters program should be in the field of the undergraduate major. 4. Applicants must have an undergraduate grade-point average of 3.5 or above in their major field and 3.2 or above overall. 5. Follow the current application procedures for the Graduate School, subject to the above conditions. Admission decisions will be made by the Graduate Dean or his/her appointee. DONOVAN SCHOLARS PROGRAM AND OSHER LIFELONG LEARNING INSTITUTE AT UK The University of Kentucky has a long-standing interest in individuals of or nearing retirement age. In 1962, the Board of Trustees established the Council on Aging to serve as the focal point for programs for older persons. The Council is an integral part of the College of Public Health. The Herman L. Donovan Fellowship for Older Adults The Donovan Fellowship, named in honor of the late Herman L. Donovan, University President from 1941-1956, is open to persons who are 65 years of age or older who live in Kentucky. Tuition is waived for Donovan Fellows. Students may work toward an undergraduate or graduate degree, audit classes for the joy of learning, or take individual courses for credit. The program is available at the Lexington campus. Fellows are responsible for books, supplies, parking and applicable taxes. Due to space limitations, classes rarely are available for instruction in music and voice. All statesupported institutions of higher learning in Kentucky offer tuition-free classes for persons 65 years of age or older. For more information, contact Sharye Davis at (859) 257-2657; or e-mail: Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UK, Lexington, Morehead and Somerset Members of the OLLI at UK participate in intellectual, social, and cultural programs which characterize the university setting. Educational and enrichment courses and events are offered for adults 50 years of age and older at each of our three locations in Lexington, Morehead and Somerset. Learning opportunities are held in community locations and are offered in a variety of formats including: weekly courses, one day intensives, lecture series, day trips and shared interest groups. Courses are taught in the following topic areas: history and government, culture and travel, languages, literature and writing, health and wellness, science and environment, and the visual and performing arts. The annual membership fee is $25; course fees vary. For more information, contact the OLLI at UK at (859) 257-2656; toll free at (866) 602-5862; or e-mail: Degree Requirements and Curriculum Students in the University Scholars program must meet these requirements: 1. The total number of credit hours completed for the combined program may be twelve (12) fewer than the total required for both the bachelors University of Kentucky 2014-2015 Undergraduate Bulletin OLLI at UK Ligon House 658 South Limestone Lexington, KY 40506-0442 (859) 257-2656 62

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