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Image 2 of Progress report (Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station) n.196

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

I97I ANIMAL AGRICULTURE DAYS UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY :: COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE _ July 21, I97I - CoIdstream Farm, Lexington Juiy 23, I97I Western Kentucky Substation Farm, Princeton PROGRAM 9:00 II:3O a .m . - Visit research areas on the Farm . The Following are some of the topics to be discussed: Beet CattIe Dairy Beet CattIe Breeding Research. Greater Protits For Kentucky Dairymen . Nitrogen Suppiements tor Individual Stalls For CaIves . _ Finishing Steers. Modern Milking Management. ` Identification Systems. Mastitis Controi Programs. Cow Herd Management. Protein LeveIs tor Dairy Cows. Types ot Beet Cattie. Growing-Grazing-and Finishing Program . Swine Horses Practicai Swine Nutrition. Formulating Horse Rations. Siotted FIoors For Hogs. Management Practices with Horses. Managing the Gestating Sow. Current Research in Horse Nutrition. Managing the Feeder Pig. Horse Parasite Control. Sheep Advances in Sheep Production. Three Lamb Crops in Two Years. Early Weaning Lambs . Protein Suppiements. I2:OO Noon Barbecue Iunch. (July ZT , Lexington-provided by Rurai EIectric Cooperative) (July 23, Princeton-provided by Southern States Cooperative and EvansviIIe Producers) I:OO p.m. Address by Dr. W. P. FIatt, Director, Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station, Athens, Ga .

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