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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 8, 1963

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

University of Kentucky Elizabeth Hansen Head U K Library Lexinrton, Trv Serials Department MOUNTAIN EAGLE IT SCREAMS! Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, Thursday. Auqust 8. 1963 Vol. 56, No. 13 Nine buy US stamp for liquor Nine Letcher County residents bought federal retail-liqu- or dealer tax stamps in the year ended June 30, Internal Revenue Service records in Louisville re- veal. County Judge James M. Can-di- ll said he and Sheriff Lewis Hall had asked the IRS for the list of stamp holders in Letcher County. The judge said any persons caught selling alcoholic coverages without federal stamps will be turned over to federal officials for prosecution. The stamps cover the sale of whisky, wine and beer. They cost $54 a year. Purchase of the stamps permits the holders to sell whisky in dry territory without danger of prosecution by federal authorities but it does not make them immune to local and state laws, forbidding the sale of alcoholic beverages in dry territory. The nine Letcher County residents are among 235 persons in dry territory in Kentucky who bought the federal stamps last year. The Internal Revenue Service listed them as: Haymond George Tolliver, Cash Store, Cromona; Henry Hutton, Hutton's Tavern, FlemHulda's ing; Hulda Collins, Place, Jenkinsi Ann Crabtree, Kelley's Halfway Cafe, Jenkins; Estil Bentley, The Hub, Neon; American Legion Post No. 104, Neon; Ann Bates, Whitesburg; American Legion, Douglas Day Post No. 152, Whitesburg; VFW Post 5829, Whitesburg. Interest in the illegal sale of whisky, also known as "bootlegging, " has grown in Letcher County since the fatal shooting last week of S. J. Bates. Edwin Dearl Rowe, who admitted the shooting, said he shot Bates after Bates slapped him and called him a bad name in an attempt to coerce him into paying money for protection against raids by law enforcement officers. Rowe was convicted last month on charges arising from raids on his establishment at Blair Lake in which officers confiscated a quantity of whisiy and beer. The fatal shooting occurred at Rowe's Blair Lake place. Rowe waived examining trial and was held to the October grand jury on a charge of wilful murder when he was arraigned before County Judge James M, Caudill Monday. He was ordered held without bond and was taken to the Pike County jail for safekeeping. A cousin, Arthur Rowe, who witnessed the shooting, also waived examining trial and was held to the grand jury on a charge of aiding and abetting a murder. Arthur Rowe is free on $5, 000 bond signed by James M. Helton and Hillard Blair, owner ,of Blair Lake and the building where the shooting occurred. Letcher County Sheriff Lewis Hall issued a formal statement this week denying that his office has had any connection with any kind of sell-o- ut to law violators. The full text of Hall's statement appears on page 10 of today's Mountain Eagle. This is the way an artist envisions the facade of the courthouse to be started this fall in Whitesburg. This view is looking from the Bank of Whitesburg down Main Street toward the Kentucky River. The courthouse will be built of steel and concrete and the outside curtain walk building. The will be faced with panels of baked steel in blue. The present courthouse will be razed to make way for the new three-sto- ry new courthouse will house the sheriffs office at the west front and county judge's office at the east' front. The county clerk's office will be at the west rear. Circuit court offices and the county jail will be on the third floor. New quarters for the Letcher County Public Library will be at ground level in the rear; the street level will be lowered slightly at the rear. Office space will be available for rental to othar er government agencies. The building will be financed by a $351, 000 grant and a $190, 000 loan, both from the federal government. The building will be 100 feet across the front and 117 feet deep. Public areas in the interior will be of terazzo and tile if bids are not too high. William B. Moore of Louisville is the architect. The building is expected to be ready for use by next July. 40-ye- Remodeling fever hits Madison Ave. You couldn't blame any resident of Madison Avenue for getting into the wrong house these is so widespread that it's hard to tell who lives where. Mayor and Mrs. Ferdinand Moore are adding a family room, bathroom, bedroom, utility area and carport to their home and are facing it with brick. Stanley Hoggwillremodel the Paul home as soon as the Vermillions move into their new home in the Upper Bottom. The Hugh Combses of Seco are remodeling theloghouse on Fourth Street near Madison, and the house on the opposite corner has already been remodeled by Mrs. William Conley. The upstairs of the Combs building is being readied for use by Joseph which will have a showroom downstairs,. days-constr- uction Ver-miuio- ni' Reup-holste- ry, Mortuary share sold Whitesburg PTA sets special meeting The Whitesburg Parent -- Teacher Association will hold a special called meeting at 7:30 p. m. Tuesday, August 13, at the grade school auditorium. Two matters are to be discussed: 1. The PTA's preference as to whether a new grade school or new high school Building should have priority on the construction schedule of the Letcher County Board of Education. 2. Appropriation of PTA funds to buy gravel for the play area behind! the grade school. The school board asked a PTA delegation last month to report a preference from the association as to which building should be constructed first. Mrs. Clyde Lucas, PTA president, said that in answer io a PTA request the school board has agreed to construct a retaining wall a: the bottom of the slope behind die grade school and to fill in the area and plant grass. The board has asked the PTA to buy gravel for the play area. The group raised money at a dance recital recently for playground improvements. The PTA also would like to blacktop the play area, Mrs. Lucas said, but must raise some money fro that part of the set Specialists in dyeing materials and designing rugs will conduct classes on the Guild Train at Blackey Aug. 12 through Aug. ' 23. The schedule for the classes is as follows:- - Monday, Thornton Union only association to meet in county The annual meeting of the Thornton Union Association of Old Regular Baptists will be held next Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Little Ruby Church at Letcher. Thornton Union is the only association which will meet in and Letcher County this year, church officiate said attendance is expected to be large. Letcher County was announced this week. The manager of each funeral home bought half of that establishment. The other half will be retained by Mr. and Mrs. Archie Craft, wno have operated Craft Short, short SAFETY LANE course Aug. 12, Tuesday, Aug. 13, and Wednesday, Aug. Sale of half interest in each of the three Craft Funeral Homes in Funeral Homes for about 27 years. Ferdinand Moore of Whitesburg, who has been associated with the funeral home for the past 25 years, has bought a half interest in the Whitesburg funeral home, which will be known as Moore-Cra- ft Funeral Home, Inc. Duard Banks of Neon, who has been manager of the Neon branch for about 15 vears, will be half owner of Banks -- Craft Funeral Home Inc. there. story Glenn Polly of Jenkins, who has FOUND two mules, one white, been manager of the Jenkins one black; owner can claim by branch of the funeral home since paying feed bill, damages. See it was opened in 1961, will be Robert E. fields, back of Mepart owner of the Polly-Cra- ft morial Hospi tal, Whitesburg. rjuneral Home Inc. at Jenkins. Rug design Members f the Whitesburg Lions Club recently sponsored a safety check la. e at Whitesburg. Of 202 cars which went through the lane 38 failed the inspection. Only one auto had a safety belt. Workers were students at a vocational training course here and members of auxiliary police. 14, dyeing class. Thursday, Aug. 15, and Friday, Aug. 16, designing class. Saturday, Aug." .17, and Sunday, Aug. 18, open to public, 1 to 9 p. m". 7' Monday-Frida- y; Aug. 19-2- 3, designing class. The training program is sponsored by the Kentucky Arts and Crafts Division and is available to any interested person in the area of Letcher, Knott, Perry and Leslie counties. Whitesburg couple married 50 years . Mr. and Mrs. Milbum Collins of Whitesburg were pleasantly surprised this week of their 50th wedding anniversary. Sons and daughters from various states have gathered home to spend a week with their parents. The group includes Mr. and Mrs. Homer Collins, son Ricky and daughter Gwendolyn from Centerville, Miss.; Mr. and Mrs. Bramble Adams of Clear-sprin- g, Ind. ;Mr. and Mrs. Wardaughter Beverly ren Collins, and son Randy of Seymour, Ind. ; Mrs. Bertha Caudill and daughter Julia of Brownstown, Ind.; Mr. and Mrs, Oliver Collins and .son, Jackie of Nashville, Tenn. ; and Mr. and Mrs. Ward Collins and son Danny and daughter Linda of Hollywood, Fla. An open house will be held in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Milbum Collins Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Collins were married July 26, 1913, in Pound, Va. Mrs. Collins is the former Viola Maggard "of 'Whitesburg. " The couple reared eight children, of whom two are dead. --

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