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Image 1 of Kentucky mountaineer, January 31, 1913

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

MOUNTAINEER, KENTUCKY FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE OF KENTUCKY, NOT THEIR WRONGS. V3LUME 2. SALYERSVILLE, MAGOFFIN COUNTY, KENTUCKY, FRIDAY, JAN. 31, NUMBER 3 the course of Licking River. Money. At first this would seem to be a Herculean task. Needed to Run a County A few of Salyersvillo's citizens " Newspaper. beasked us to put this matter fore the public. Wc declined to do so until we had gone over the In a recent article commenting ground" done some t measuring on the efforts of various organizaand calculating. tion to secure frccpublicity, an Illinois editor madothestatement' THE PROPOSITION that it took money ,tp run a newsAdvertising Rates. By taking the angles of inclina paper. Many other editors nre inch. tion and distance to the top of eeate laboring under asimilardelusion, "Pirat peg ails twelve and one- the hill from cither sido wc found and for the benefit of this class. inch. lsalf eentaper that the river at the. mouth of ThorrinstW. Jtfayo, 'publisher of Leeals 10 cenU per line for first the Sugar Camp branch was only Uie Record, St. Anne; III., pens inaction. 6 cents per line for 261 yards from the river just be- thefollowing: low the SancTrock. A tunnel ICO eeoa subsequent insertion. "It takes money to run a newsleeolutions and funeral notices feet wide and 20 feet deep paper? What an' exaggeration. be cut through What a whopper. It doesn't CeraV.of Tiianks and Obituaries. could here by moving 58,O0Ocubic yards take any money to run DM CMt per word. a newsThis would shorten Aowe"ent8 for County of material. least two and a qcarl paper. It can run without mon the river at JfcOO eaih in advance. ey, it is not a business venture. $2. 60. er miles, possibly two and a half. Jitiatof.the Peace K ,8 a charithble institutioni A few hundred feet above this begging concern; a highway robS. S. ELAM, Editor. could, be cut thro, place, a tunnel ANNOUNCEMENTS. ber. ,Thc newspaper is a child the hill to intersect with the Sug- of the air, a creature of a dream. We are authorir.ed to announce ar Camp branch possibly a hundrIt can go on ard on and on. ed yards from the mouth. This when nny FRANK BLAIR, othcrconcern would be could be cut at much less expense in the hands of the receiver mid of 8alyersvill. as a candidate the first. We did not take wound up with cobwebs in the for the nomination for clerk of than place. MagefTin county, subject to the measurements at this windowi. river, at Still further up the " It takes wind to run a news aetiea of the Republican party. . the "gap," the distance from paper; it takes.gall to run a news to announce We are autherized the Sugar Camp Branch to the paper. It takes scintillating L.C. BAILEY, river is 181 yards. f Faleta. as a candidate for the A 100 foot tunnel 2U leet deep' Acrobatic imagination, half adoz Magofoffice of County Judge of could be put through at this point, en white shirts and a tailroad fin county, subject to the action by moving 40,222 cubic yards of pass to run a newspaper. But, money, heavens to Betsey and ef the Republican party. material. six hands around, whoever needWe are authorised to announce It will be seen that the course of ed money to run a newspaper? Licking could b e changed by LOUIS MARSHALL, GO thousand i Kind words are the medium of candidate for moving from 40 to exchange that do business for of galyersville as a cubic yos. cf material. die aomination for sheriff of However, Congress could make the editor kindwords and church Magoffin county subject to the this change at a much less ex- social tickets. When jou see an acjjenef the Republican party. pense than she is put to in other editor with money, watch him. He'll'be paying his bills and We ar authored tu announce sections of the United disgracing'!hi3 profession. propJ. J. PACE, so much to an iditor. Cenley. las a candidate for-th- e erty or so many lives areatstake. Seeing that it Make him trade it out. He likes of Magoffin couneflta ef Sheriff a swap. ty, subject to t'.e action of the was feasible we feel at liberty to Then when you die, after you party. do anything in aiding the proplepubtiean have stood around for years and people want We are authorized to announce osition, provided the editor and his little it and will ASSIST US IN PUT sneered at th2 ' PROCTOR PACE, We do Jim Crow paper, besuroyou have TING IT THROUGH. of Salyecsvillt. as a candidate for not think that it would be worth your wife send for three extra copies by one of your weeping of Magoffin tkeotfee of Jailor anything to us personally, as we cuaiy,;aubject to the action of do not own any land that is over- children, and when she reads the generous and touching notice thBepuWican party. flowed.' However, we arc willyou, forewarn her to neglect ing to work for any cause that to send the editor fifteen cents. We are authorised to announce will benefit so many people. It would overwhelm him. MonW. J. PATRICK, A COUNTY BRIDGE. ey is a corrupt thing. The editor .'.ilvftrnvillej. as a candidate County Judge of A tunnel through this hill would 'knows it, and what he wants is far We aluce of your heartfelt thanks; then he Magoffin eounty, subject to the fnm nn inrWrnbilile hridire for the county. A road could easily can thank the printers and they Republican party. action ef the bebuilt, on theSugar CampBranch can thank the grocers. Give We are authorized to announce aide of the hill, that could be your job work to a traveling man POC G. HOWAKU reached from the Middle Fork and then ask for half rates for Get your lodge offico of side as well as the Lakeville sop church notices. mm m. r.ndidate for the letter heads and stationery printcounty, sub- - tion. Jafreof Magoffin ediAs abridge alone, it should be ed out of town then flood the we action " 'm""" ieet party. worth a large amount to the tax- tor with beautiful thoughts in resolutions of respect and cards of payers of Magoffin. If interested let us hear from thanks. They make such spicy We are authorised to announce you, If there is a single, man, rcadinz, and you are so prpud of , W. & ADAMS, pick it for the woman or child who is against your local payer when you , ea M fcn4dtc Magoffin this proposition wc would like to up filled with these glowing y Agination for sheriff of articles. we who .ewMtr subject to the action of hear from them. If " But money scorn the filthy Cheyenne can work for live in t$BfPubliean party. innothis proposition, we see no reason thing. Don't let your why those persons whose prop- cent editor know anything about Keep that for sordid trades erty would bo enhanced in value it. people who change for thrir and whose lives would be mcde ; . .i wares. The editor gives his int.! bounty away, ..- - u ,a n ,,v.s Tf Salyersville. us understand now that we must , cheerful giver. Ho takes care Don worry ab get togethger and pull together if ,of thee .tor. t fjaiae of pur older citizens made a Congress to do this work we get grfat mistake by giving the If Salyersville is ever to grow from the state to act as a dooroouaty-iet- t its present location. -- J . ll..,.mtM cnifnf mat for tho community. He will $Bpwj will ill dmit, but WE Magoffin'should. her saw t accept conditions as wc find must be morn willing to fall in stand up make the best we can line AND TO WORK IN LINE it up for you when you run for ef tfcam. It would be a great with their neighbors for the up- ifiice. Don't worry about the forte m ikecitizensof Salyers-tMl- building of the community. They editorHe'll get on The Lord know3 how but aa well as the taxpayers of 'must learn that UNITED WE Xtgoaiato move the town ( 'STAND DIVIDED WE FALL, somehow. the public buildings, to i if they will succeed. Wc print this, not NOTE. feigaer gTWd. Yetit cannot be lodges X after your name, means that because tome of our local that life and property iiamitfl netd such advice - conv of this dh- - ad fhtiividuiils m nnl. effisUat danger of floods. ut rifcau-- , - may ojiis jie tnem you get n 1Mb fact has been ascertained by per, XX means that Some lodges wouldn't dare give more than one expert engineer. mnrf Rofiir.S Ulitll'OU give Hi; j' b t- - the lot 'i Pi'bo butonesolu- - some currency, corn, beans, fod - ,a TkMiivmi to . j t oju'U aav? a dime by tt.iding U tlan of this problem -t- 9 change Jdcr, povaioes, KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEER Seeond Class Matter w. 11,1912 tb-- 'vistofficc J t Salytmille. Ky., under the aat of Mar. 3. 1879. 1KRMS. fl.tla year in advance .M fix months. .86 three months. gateratla . pr ! f ut . J i mor-turar- EDITORIAL. 1 1 1. Says ?L I UfnaJ e, if i - I n-- 1913. WHOLE NUMBER 65 DOUBLE Your Salary by attending The Paintsville BUSINESS COLLEGE, EASTERN Branch of the Bowling Green Business Uni- - -versity, Bowling Green, Ky. For further Particulars Address PAINTSVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE Paintsville, Ky. the city but they like us to advertise them by carrying lodge noticTo The People of Salyersville. es and etc. We arc one of those deluded editors who thought it Wo with you to . -- HP""""--' ' v" nim onj took money to run a newspaper. body's. Editor of the Mountaineer. Remember our goods are sold to you in perfect condition. Before buying elsewhere, consult usandwewillconvincuvou tha Study Dougherty's Shorthand wo can save von mnnnv at home in spare hours at little expense. No arbitrary wotd TO MILL OWNERS Call on signs, easy, complete. SALYERSVILLE SUPPLY CO. for any thing uccded in mill supply line. Write for particulars. E. J. Payne, Cadmus, Mich. FARMER'S FREE Come! Come! Come!! Want Column. To In order to show our farmers MAGOFFIN INSTI- that "It pays to advertise", we will run this column in which each subscriber may use, free of charge, fifteemvords, in nny one issue, to advertise anything he wants to buy or sell, (from the farm,) to secure work for himself or hire farm hands, sell or rent lands, find owners for lost articles or live stock or advertise his own lost or strayed. Additional words will be put in at one cent per word; or the advertisement may be run in succeeding issues so long as de sired at one cent per word, pay able IN ADVANCE. If you would get your wants in this column phone, write, or call on us before Monday night. TUTE. Everything is flourishing. The attendance is good. Now ones coming in every day. Good board and room $2.00 per week. The dormitories will be in charge of John Franklin Cooper one of Mairoflin Countv'.q best known Citizens. Tuition. Primary department, 1.50 per month. 7 th and 8 th grades $2.00 per month; Norrxal and High School pupils $2.50 per month. All tuition payable two months in advance. The instruction in all departments of this school will bo strictly high class. The teachers are experienced and thoroughly qua!- Hied to handle their respective TO SELL two farms. For fur departments. Special Course f r applicant! for CountyExaminatio ther particulars inquire of D. M. Atkinson, JOE RICE. Principal. Salyersville, Ky K. C. GOODMAN. C. E. McWhartcr. TO SELL a farm of 125 acres. 25 acres in bottom land and one fourth mile on Licking river. 50 BLOOMINGTON WINTER SCHOOL. acres in timber. Price $2000. I will exchange to mineral or On the 13th of January, I be timbered lands. gan a winter school at tho Pra WANTED P. M. Elam, ter school houso, Bloomington, Kentucky. Ky., and continue about three TO SELL OR EXCHANGE TO months. CATTLE, Rates reasonable. One pair mules, three year old; For further particulars call on one horse three year old, and one or address two year old. Both saddlers. Adv. J. S. Adams. Warrick Bailey, Bloomington, Ky. Oil Springs, Ky. TO SELL, One good deep red CORREPSON- cow giving about agallon of milk a day. Wilbur Coldiron, Swampton, BRADLEY, Ky. Mrs. L. C. Patrick, is very low TO BUY at this writing. 40 to 75 pound shotes. Good Mrs. Bettie Patrick is on the price. sick list this week. A. L. Cooper, Noah Patrick, of Bloomington, Lickburg, Ky. passed here yesterday. Messrs. Bond and Holbrooks Every farmer should take one or in. r farm journals, wowill called on our merchants Sat. Col. Peters of Allen passed be glad to furnish you the Farm and Home at 50 cents per year here last week, with a drove ur tli Mou ta.neer and Farm of mu.'eH. Horcful; and Home both .me y lor $1.25 DENCB JULIAN, Uncle Jesse Adams is very low with Grippe. Mrs. Sam Conloy, who h&f been sick for some time, is no better. Mrs. B. J. Blair of; Ballot ! very sick at present, ..Mack Littoral, of jCMl,TSfirjn8, was at Julian on business,' Thursday. , Oscar Blair of Ballot is on tho sick list. Ashland Crace went to Paintsville Saturday on business. Hon. Wiley Littoral Jr. of this place 1m begun building hint a new house. Fred Adams, of Ballot, has re ccntly moved toJullan. , Lewis Blair of Ballot is making Burns Blair a new wagon. Sonnie, the son of Kred Adams, is on tho sick lint. John Robinson, of Paintsville. passvd here Monday. Rafe Spradlin and Bert Wat-kiof Denver, passed hero Monday buying turkeys. Harvey Salyer, who has been sick with Lung fever, is betttr. Elva Rice, son of Former Rice, is improving from a badly bruised knee. Mrs. J, P. Blanton is very sick at present. ns Welconje CHOICESTLOTS IN J?AL. YERSV1LLE MAY BE BOUGHT FROM THE ED- ITOR CJIEAPTOO. They are located sear Ma. goffi Institute. Also several hundred acres of timcred land coal lands with a seven foot vein of coal. Don't expect to got the Mountaineer after your subscription has expired. It takes money to run a newspaper and wo expect our friends., and relatives to bear their part of the burden. Renew promptly or you will miss an issue or two. If you are going to take a business course you should go to tho Paintsville Business College or to the Bowling Green Business College. If you attend either of these institutions, you should let us save you some, money on Remember we have only onb at the Mountaineer Office.

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