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Image 44 of Annual report. 1914

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

28 Twenty—sei1enth Annual Report of the on maintaining on our farms a highly efficient type of rural citizenry. To do this we must in some way counteract the . effect of the advantages, real or reputed, of the cities and towns which annually entice from our farms many of` our most capable and successful young men and women. This ~ will require a careful study of the existing social conditions with a view to pointing out their apparent advantages as well as determining specific deficiencies where such occur and the - offering of suggestions for the remedy of such deficiencies. Confronted with this mass of economic and social problems, each and every one of vital importance to agricultural life, it has been found necessary to select for immediate investigation . those projects which seemed to be of the most pressing nature and which at the same time would lend themselves most ` readily to investigation. Believing that the marketing of farm produce is the greatest of present day farm economic problems, it was decided to begin work in this general field. · l The first market study inaugurated was a study of the method of milk marketing in Lexington. This was taken up with a view to ascertaining the cost of the present delivery system and of pointing out if possible a more efficient as well as economical method of distribution. While the study has not progressed far enough to warrant the publication of the results obtained it has already demonstrated that under the present system of delivery there is a tremendous waste of time and effort and an accompanying needless expenditure of money. It is proposed to follow this study by a rather detailed investigation of instances of farmers’ cooperative enterprises. The purpose back of this is twofold, first, to collect and publish information regarding successful coopera- tive ventures in order to arouse interest in cooperation and secondly, to analyze those factors which have made for success on the one hand or failure on the other. The results of this analysis should be of considerable value to farmers ` who are contemplating cooperative enterprises. Two other lines of investigation which it is proposed to take up in the near future area study of existing rural credit needs and facilities, with a view to securing a definite basis for remedial

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