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Image 2 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), August 25, 1800

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

MrahLits. are, direct from Bowles's of opinion that tl.ey wo'uld'bs nuith teton this t frontier. Peihaps the has had some of the fuperintendant's anodynes. It is expected that the commanding officer of our country, will Immediately order detachments from our militia to cover the fcttlements from plunder, which undoubtedly is the intention of Allen and his party, as well as many at head-quarrj- St. Mark's,ith o' tiers to do milchief on M. John's :nd St. Mary's, which doubt-les- s tluy will, "i hefe fellows confirm the account of the taking of St. Mark's, and ter and more ufefmly employed BOSTON, July 22. Yesterday ariived m the Road his Britannic!ty's Ship St. Albans, of the killing of nineteen Spaniards. guns, capt. Pender, from Is it not most extraordinary that the said to live 50,0001. sterling This fliipis in Specie on board ; the product of bills government of Spain and the United of exchange sold in the United States. States should have qotinued so long in a profound sleep, as from the 3 ill of OctoSuch Is the eftablifiiecl credit of the government tint its bilis bear the ber last, when the renownedgeneral Wil- others'. liam A. Bowles was so polite as to inform With respect, N. higlreft premiums at market. them by his Proclamation and other proI remain your's &c. . ceedings of that date, from his A PLANTER.N Neil-York. P. S. Since writing the preceeding,, at Wickawa, on the Chatahoochee river, what he intended doing, and which I have received unquestionable informa28. he is putting in foi ce ? It is true that the tion, that Bowles has wrote to several Arrived since our last. Spaniards for a moment, and made persons now in this country, Soliciting The brig Doe, cpat. Johnfou, 1n 9 a feeble awoke to break attempt up Bowles, but them to join him Allen's party brought ; 'a sew days davs from without effect. Our government, per- in the letters ; they are chiefly addreffed before captain Johnlon sailed, a d haps, are in some degree excusable, as to people whom Bowlesjcnew are privateer, c'pt. Lyb'in, they have haYl Several to the Spanilh government. powerful annodyne r brought in two American fthooners'un-dedraughts adminiftred to them from time Some of the inert who recived these letDanish colours, Irom the coait of to time by their fuperintendant of Indian ters, have of their own accord Guinea, loaded with (laves, bound to the affairs, who, ever Since Bowles's arrival,' them & delivered them to our magistrates, Havanna. T se negroes on board one of has, been wno 1 underitana forward comes of them aninSing us with the peaceable the Schooners seeing the priva'teer'board gooddiSpofition of the Indians, and oi hy this day's post to the governor of the other, took an opportunity of rising their turning cultivators instead of rob- Georgia. I ihall procure copies of three on th j crew, five of which rah up the bers and murderers. Stubborn fadts now letters and forward them to you in a sew fhpiuJs, fiom whichthe captain, mate, prove, that this fuperintendant has been days. cook, and one hand were Shot with small egregioufiy mistaken, or SuSSered himSelf arms by the negroes , when the privato he imposed on, or is not, mud have Extract of a letter from a gentleman in teer bore down iipon'them, they attempt- intentionally mifrepreSented he Augustine, to his friend in this city, matters. ed refinance, but, the man in the shrouds dated the 24th June, 1800. A person of common discernment must sire, even begging for God's sake to " This place at present is in a confuf-e- d have Seen from the time of Bowles's first should they sink her, the privateer disState of alarm yesterday a party of landing in October last, and his Subsequent charged a broadside Into her, when the publications, Indians, (said to be sent by Bowles) what woultl be the conSe-qunegroes all ran below, and continued sirceifno'tcheckedinhisplans. Perhaps came within a half a mile of this town, ing through the gratings, but were soon it is not generally known by our treat) and killed a man at work in his field, overpowered, the captain who was killed with Spain, that the two nations are mu- scalped him, and partly burnt him, and Four of the belonged to Rhodc-lflantually bound to aid each other in case or mangled him horrid manner. In two hands came paffengers with captain an war that they are, will be hours aster, the black general and his Seen by the fifth article of said .treaty, company went in pursuit of the Savages, and this morning a troop of horse Under which is as sollows: Virginia. the command of capn Solana sat out Article 51b. " The two high contracting parties (hall, by all the means in their' likewise. The diftreffes of the country RICHMOND, August 5. inhabitants are very alarming, and God power maintain peace and harmony Littleton W. TaSewell, Kfq. is electthe Several Indian nations who in- only knows where they will endi' ed Representative to CongreSs, the habit the countty adjacent to the lines and A Quarterly Meeting of the room of John Marshall, Esq. by a inajo-ri- f rivers, which, by the preceeding articles of 356. St. ANDREW SOCIETY form the boundaries of the Hondas. And the better to obtain this,effet, both par- T A 7 ILL he lipid as IVTr. IVTprrnivin'c STAUNTON, August 6. , ; ties oblige themselves expressly to re f V V tavern, on Monday the ill of Sen- The com uittee appointed by congress, train by force all hostilities on the In"tli member next, at five o'clock, precisely. , , . to draught and report a fyflem of go- an ...: Uy order oj the Vice President, iiuLiuns 1:. living wuiiin .1 ineir oounaaryr f r the district of Columbia, vernment So Slat Spain will not fi.ffer her Indians. W. Macbean, see. are now in feffion in the city of to attack the citizens of the UnitPd TAKE NOTICE. States, nor the Indians inhabiting their ' 'HEttE is a bond put into mv hands, on a cir- territory ; nor will the United States tain John Kinkaid, which I have understood South- - Cat olina. permit, the last mentioned Indians to lives somewhere in Clarke county the said bond is commence hostilities against the Sub- due to the estate of William Lammc, dec. I have to notify tfce said Kinkaid to jects of his Catholic majesty, or his In- taken this method lettle COLUMFIAJuly 18. , come forward and the said bond, or I (hill, dians, in any manner whatever." St. Mass's, 24th JUne, 1800: as esecutor, be under the neceility of putting the some proper officer to collect. Is the fuperintendant of the Indian bond into the hands of Messrs. Seymour se? Woolboper- fosepb Frazer, ex or. Yesterday I reccved letters frdm my affairs has that influence over the Indigust 25th, 1820. fjt friends in St. Augu'line and or St. John's ans which he pretends to have, it is natural then to afx, why he did allow So river, gi ing the very unpleasant inforNOTICE mation of Bawles, the noted ad"entiirer, great a number of them to join Bowles, JS heieby Riven that on the ith day pf Oftober as to enable him to take the castle of SV. having fctit a laro;e pirtv of Indians, next, I shall attend with the cnmniifiioners ap Ne,iotS and vagojiul white men, to Mark's, a regular built stone fortification" pointed by the court of Nell'nn rnnntv ji- I.S.r, plu 'drr and break up all the fettlerhents always considered as deSenfible against fiaflbtirn's, on SimpTons creek, a little below the pnouth of the east fork, to take depositions for per wjic .iiuit ui luc 11 uu, in Li lues , unuwny jsj petuating teftnnonv reletting an in Eafl Florida : That this party had acimprovement at, tually croffed St. John's river, and had he at this time Sufferm? large bodies or or near said Eaftbnrn's, bv which William Brahears obtained a certificate for a pre emption of sour hunthe Creek3 to Slock to the ftandardot Bowcommenced the plunder of negroes, s dred acres lad, and do fnch other things as may and cattle, within twenty miles of les ; But it is a well Sact, that be ncceiiaryofand ateeable to lav. such is the nature of the restless savage, Aua'tine. That the governor of FloriCutbbertCombs. that even without invitation they would da had Tent his orders for all the inhab20th August, 1836. jSooner travel one thouSand miles on soot s itants of the country to remove their f I "'AKEN up, by the fubferiber, living and property into Augustine, and on to do mischief, than by earnest Solicitatithe ifhnds along the coast. .That this on they would go five miles to do a good f - , near s hck, nortn torlc ot eagle .J orde"" was putting in execution, which uui, or even loe inuuceu to r . 10 long hwiI creek-- a cneinut lorrel mare, a ltar in her m - . in peace. 'Then how Were we to expect face, a white spot on her off hind soot, muftend in the total loss of their of cotton and proviiions as yet that theSe people would be quiet when fupofed to be branded with C. D. or D. th re was not any account of murder called on by a designing adventurer, Such 1). appraised to 15L Soloman Davis. committed by the Savage party on the in- as Bowles, who doubtleSs held to their August 21ft, 1800. habitants, nor do I suppose they will, view the most pleafin-- ; prospects of large f whill they are allowed to carry on their supplies ni the way of trade, and which is OF KENTUCKY. depred itionswithoutoppofition ; bu,tSure-l- still more dear to them, an abundance gf July Term 000. v plunder. this cannot long be the case ; no e Washington Districl. set. Had the advice of your correfpdndent Henry Lee, Complainant, it can iook on, and see their citizens or fn ijeQs ruined with impunity. from this place which I have seen publish-eAgainst in your paper of the 21ft of January Charles Morgan, Wjn. Ward, Wm. ' There is alio advice from the same chanWood, Simon Kenton, & Eli'zabeth nel, that Bowles had taken the SpaniOi last, been attended to, it is highly , Fo't, Arthur Fox & Maruin of the province of East Flo- tilda Maiy heirs and representatives Defendants, fo't of St. Mark's, on the Apalachicola, Fox, and killed nineteen of the garrison. rida might have been prevented, as well of Arthur Fox deceased, By an express arrived here lafl night as many unpleasant consequences that IN CHANCERY. from Cjlerain on this river, we are inare likely to follow to our own country. ' It appearing to the JatisfacYion of the formed thit the notorious horse thief Ro But sorry am I to observe, that it is now court that the defendants William Ward, bert Allen, with three vagabond negro too latej for the five new regiments talk William Wood and Simon Kenton,' are men, (tlyhng themselves free) from the ed of, are now no more. Perhaps our not inhabitants of this commdnwealth town in the Lotchaway country, made wise folks in Congress did not calculate on the motion of the complainant, bv his their appearance near Colerain two days on the United States ever having any attorney, it is ordered, that they appear past that Allen and two of the negroes dther nation or people to contend with here on the third dav of our next No were taken and put, (by a magistrate) un- but France. I fincrely hope they maa1 vember term, and answer the complain der charge of the FederalGanifon at that not repent the diSmifSal of those ant s bill ; and that a copy of this order place, u til they could be cdnveyed to too soon ; for tho' I vdw myself an be published for two months fucceffively the p '.fori in this tdwn : Bit shameful to enemy to a Standing army, still I am of in the Kentucky Gazette, another polled tell, the villain Alien, wild, but a short opinion we Shall want them, and at the door of the court house in MaSon time b;F.5re, with his accompliceslTiad the Sooner, is our diSpute with county, and that this order be published some Sunday immediately aster 'divine ftils five hrfes from that Settlement, and France is settled to our willies. I have taken the trouble of dating Service, at the doorof the Baptist meetwas well known by the officers and soldiers as futh ; he however was Suffered to these matters, to be communicated thro ing house in Wafliington. filrroun-rim of a ilroriarblock-houf- e your useful psper, to our fellow citizens (A Copy.) Telle J ) oicksts. Two of the negroes were on our extensive and very ill garrisoned Francis Taylor, C.W.D.C. ia en l when the the express came frontier, in order that they be on their 'hi. othr its Said was drowned in guard. Will you be so good "as to AN EASY METHOD WITH' what the commanding officer of afu npti 12; to escape acroSs St. Miry's "THE DEISTS. ' t his party in Florula. the Federal troops in Georgia, has been riv ALSO Al'en and his party, which from infor- doing for many years, and is still domation confills of Indians, negroes and ing with the very sine troops of cavalry THE TRUTH OF CHRISTIwhites, in all abouc twenty-fiv- e or thirty at sort Wiikinfon, on the Oconee : I am ANITY DEMONSTRATED. . New-Yor- Lexington, Augnsl: 25. comn-andan- k. Bri-ti'- h By a gentleman jufi from the state of Tenneffee, we are savored with the resolution of the legislature of the state of Georgia, appointing commissioners to conStr with luch as may be appointed by the state of Tennelfec, on the fubjedl of opening a communication and lajing out a road along the neart and inoft convenient rout between thj 70 states together with the ,copy of a letter from ori"e the commiffioners to the governor of Tenneffee. The citizens of Kentucky will no doubt feel it thei; interest, to endeavor to have that road so laid out as will bed suit to meet one from' our State ; especially is it Should be conceived not greatly to exceed the diftarce Stated by Mr. JohnSon in a letter to his friend state, and published in our paper of January last, wherein he says the distance from Peterfburgh in Georgia to the Indian towns on TcnneSSe dots not exceed 120 miles, and from thence to Dan ville not more than 200. The Resolution & letter are as follows. Head-quarte- -- IflEW-YORKJu- ly New-Providen- Nev-ProvMcn- difaf-fedte- s IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTA-- . T1VES, Thursday, $tb December, 1799. Resolved That commiffioners be appointed on the part of this state, to confer with Such as may be appointed on the part of the state of Tenneffee, on the Subjedl oS open- ing a communication, and lading out a road along the nearcft and most convenient route between the two states and that the honorable George Walton, Thomas P. Carnes, and James Fielder, be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners for that purpose ; and that they be requested to report specially thereon, to the next legislature. The above is a true extracl from the Journal. Signed, Griffin L. Lamkin, for Hines Holt, Clk. h. r. e , in-- ln-dia- a n 111 IN SENATE, 5th December, 1799. Read and concurred in. Signed, Will; Robertson, Sec.' 1 (duplicate.) Sylvan Hill, Franklin County, February ' I 5 hor-fe- fam-iiit- V - C- -- jt-- promif-ingcio- y gov-ernm- d r 1 pro-blet- Fo-t- fegi-msn- ts 1 pro-pabl- ef-.'1- - V i'4, 1800. SIR, jl I do myself the pleasure of enclosing a copyoSa joint resolution paffed by thele. giSlature of this Slate at their last Se'ffion, on'' the Subjedl of opening a communication, and la) ing out a road the nearest and most convenient route between the two Slates. You will percieve by the last clause in the resolution, that wc are requested to report tfecially on this subject, to the on filing legislature This will afford Sufficient time for the commiffioners in each ftdte, to meet at any given time and place in tho course of the'fummer? and dilcharge this trust, So truly inportpnt to the Commercial and Politial inferefts of each. Not being informed who are the cha. raster's appointed by the state of Tenneffee, your Excellency will be pleased to communicate the contents of this letter to one or all of them, in order that ihe time and place of meeting, may be adjusted as Soon as would comport with the mutual convenience of each board. The Spring Circuit of our Superior Courts will commence the last week in nex.t month, so that Jude Walton and myself will be in the discharge of tint duty, and returning to our home's until the last week in June ; aster which until the last of August, we shall be ready and willing to meet the gentlemen appointed on the part of your state. I Shall write to Capt. Fielder on the Subject, and have no doubt but any time between the two periods last mentioned will be agreeable to liiin. I have the honor to be, Your excellency's most obedient, humble Servant. THOMAS P. CARNES. His Excellency jdHN ; Sevier; Aba Is sheet of the laws of the United States accompanies this paper. y " d a-- BY YESTERDAY'S MAIL. FRANKFORT, May 24. Yesterday Several German deputies paffed through Nantz with pafports frohi geri. Moreau, On "their Way to Paris, lo into negotiations' of peace. en-qui- r6 LONDON, May 31. We are affured, that the negotiations with the ministers oLthe Unite I Etitcs of America was advancing rapidly to aft amicable conclusion,

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