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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MnlMUS OF MEE BOARD OF TRUSTEES - June 1, 1910 Board met pursuant to adjournment at 9-30 A.M., June 1st, 1910, at the same place. The roll call showed the following members present: Present: Diessrs. Atkinson, Carpenter, Clay, Edelen, Nichols, Patterson, Stoll, White, Wfalker, Cox, Wathen and Regenstein, 12 Absent: Messrs. Willson, Davies, Smith, Terrell, Turner and Barker, 6 A quorum being present business was proceeded with. Mr. Walker presented the report of the Committee on Experiment Station, which is as follows: The Committee appointed on the Experiment Station submit the following report: Wdle have examined the Experiment Station as well as the limited time afforded and we concur in all the recommendations of the Director and we ask their adoption, namely: That the appropriations from the Hatch and Adams Acts, the incomes from the Fertilizer, Food and FeedControl Work, and Farm and any interest accruing from these accounts, be appropriated by the Board for the use of the Station. In accordance with the general rule, the salaries of the heads of departments and assistants of the Station be fixed, beginning July 1, 1910, as per the follow- ing schedule and we ask its adoption. M. A. Scovell 4800.00 A. M. Peter 2400.00 H. E. Curtis 2400.00 H. Garman 2400.00 R. M. Allen 2200,00 J. 0. LeBach 2200.00 J. D. Turner 2100.00 Mrs. M. L. Didlake 1600.00 S. D. Averitt 1700.00

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