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Governor James B. McCreary Records, 1911-1915, 1911

Part of Governor James B. McCreary Records, 1911-1915

kyar1196Inventory of the Governor James B. McCreary Records, 1911-1915Tim TingleKentucky Department for Libraries and ArchivesPublic Records DivisionKentucky Department for Libraries and Archives300 Coffee Tree RoadFrankfort, Kentucky 40601-0537 USAPhone: (502) 564-8300Email: kdlaarchives@kdla.netKentucky Department of Libraries and Archives1991-06-28Text converted and initial EAD tagging provided by Apex Data Services, May 2000.ENGInventory of the Governor James B. McCreary Records, 1911-1915Contact InformationPublic Records DivisionKentucky Department for Libraries and Archives300 Coffee Tree RoadFrankfort, Kentucky40601-0537 USAPhone: (502) 564-8300Email: kdlaarchives@kdla.netURL: by: Tim TingleDate Completed: 1991-06-28Encoded by: Thomas Enneking Copyright 2000 Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives. All Rights Reserved.Governor James B. McCreary Records, 1911-1915Ky-Ar1196McCreary, James B.4 cubic ft.No online items. Must visit contributing institution.Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives Frankfort, KY 40601-0537 USACollection is open for research.Copyright has not been assigned to the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.Governor James B. McCreary Records, 1911-1915, Ky-Ar1196, Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, Frankfort.Governor James B. McCreary served in office from 1911-1915 as a Democratic Party affiliate. Originally from Madison County, McCreary continued to reside in that county. His occupation was a Lawyer. James B. McCreary ran on a progressive platform. As Governor, McCreary successfully advocated the passage of primary election law and compulsory education legislation.Container ListExecutive Journal2Executive Journal 11911-19134Executive Journal 21913-19156Executive Journal 31915AppointmentsMiscellaneous Appointments1AppointmentsJan 19122AppointmentsFeb-Mar 19123AppointmentsMar-Apr 19124AppointmentsMay-July 19125AppointmentsAug-Oct 19126AppointmentsNov-Dec 19127Appointments (Justice of Peace)Jan-Dec 19128AppointmentsJan-Feb 19139AppointmentsMar-May 191310AppointmentsJune-Aug 191311AppointmentsSept-Oct 191312AppointmentsNov-Dec 191313Appointments (Justice of Peace)Jan-Nov 191314Appointments (Justice of Peace)Nov-Dec 191315AppointmentsJan-Feb 191416AppointmentsMar-May 191417AppointmentsJune-Aug 191418AppointmentsSept-Oct 191419AppointmentsNov-Dec 191420Appointments (Justice of Peace)Jan-Dec 191421AppointmentsJan-Mar 191522AppointmentsApr-July 191523AppointmentsAug-Dec 191524Appointments (Justice of Peace)Jan-Dec 1915Police Judges Appointments1Appointments (Police Judges)Jan. - Dec. 1915Enrolled Bills / Resolutions7Enrolled Bills Book 17Chapters 1-4019128Enrolled Bills Book 28Chapters 41-11019129Enrolled Bills Book 39Chapters 111-1471912(six vetoed Senate and House bills are at the back)10Enrolled Bills Book 410Chapters 1-701914(Volumes 7-10 were formerly on Secretary of State transmittal 1980-8)Governor's ItineraryAbsence From/Return to State1Absence From/Return to State1912-19141Box #1 also contains:1Correspondence1Death Warrants1Executive Orders1Governor's Speech FileGovernor's Official Correspondence FileGovernor's Correspondence1Correspondence1912, 19141Transmitted Reports to House & Senate1Letter to President Woodrow WilsonMiscellaneous CorrespondenceThese records include reports of the condition of state and national banks, the incorporation of the town of Pine Knot in McCreary county as well as Parole lists, Paroles, Requisitions, and Resignations.1Miscellaneous Papers & Correspondence1912-1915Index to the Executive Journals1Index to Executive Journal1911-19133Index to Executive Journal 21913-19155Index to Executive Journal 31915PetitionsPetitions1Petitions1911 - 1914Rejected Petitions1Rejected PetitionsJan-Aug 19122Rejected PetitionsSept-Dec 19123Rejected PetitionsJan-Aug, Nov 19134Rejected PetitionsAug-Sept 1914 Feb,Nov-Dec 1915RewardsRewards 11RewardsJan-Dec 19122RewardsJan-Dec 19133RewardsJan-Dec 1914 Apr 1915Rewards 21RewardsJan. - Nov. 1915Warrants and RequisitionsWarrants & Requisitions1Warrants & RequisitionsDec. 1911 - Feb. 19122Warrants & RequisitionsFeb. 1912 - April 19123Warrants & RequisitionsMay 1912 - June 19124Warrants & RequisitionsJuly 1912 - Aug. 19125Warrants & RequisitionsSept. 1912 - Dec. 19126Warrants & RequisitionsJan. 1913 - Feb. 19137Warrants & RequisitionsMarch 1913 - Apr. 19138Warrants & RequisitionsMay 1913 - July 19139Warrants & RequisitionsAug. 1913 - Oct. 191310Warrants & RequisitionsNov. 1913 - Dec. 191311Warrants & RequisitionsJan. 1914 - Feb. 191412Warrants & RequisitionsMarch 1914 - Apr. 191413Warrants & RequisitionsMay 1914 - July 191414Warrants & RequisitionsAug. 1914 - Sept. 191415Warrants & RequisitionsOct. 1914 - Dec. 191416Warrants & RequisitionsJan. 1915 - Feb. 191517Warrants & RequisitionsMarch 191518Warrants & RequisitionsApr. 1915 - May 191519Warrants & RequisitionsJune 1915 - July 191520Warrants & RequisitionsAug. 1915 - Oct. 191521Warrants & RequisitionsNov. 1915 - Dec. 1915Warrants of Arrest1914-19151Box #1 also contains:1Land Patents1ProclamationsRestorations1RestorationsFeb. - Sept. 19122RestorationsOct. - Dec. 19123RestorationsJan. - June 19134RestorationsJuly - Oct. 19135RestorationsNov. - Dec. 19136RestorationsJan. - Nov. 19147RestorationsJan. - July 19158RestorationsAug. - Nov. 1915Pardons1PardonsJan. - April 19122PardonsApril - May 19123PardonsJune - July 19124PardonsAug. - Sept. 19125PardonsOct. 19126PardonsNov. - Dec. 19127PardonsJan. - April 19138PardonsMay 19139PardonsJune 191310PardonsJune - July 191311PardonsAug. - Sept. 191312PardonsSept. - Oct. 191313PardonsNov. 191314PardonsDec. 191315PardonsJan. 191416PardonsFeb. - March 191417PardonsApril - May 191418PardonsMay - June 191419PardonsJuly - Aug. 191420PardonsAug. 191421PardonsSept. 191422PardonsSept. - Oct. 191423PardonsNov. - Dec. 191424PardonsJan. - Feb. 191525PardonsMarch 191526PardonsApril - May 191527PardonsJune - Aug. 191528PardonsSept. - Nov. 191529PardonsNov. 191530PardonsDec. 1915Box 30 contains 1 folder of various names and dates not found in the index.1Box #1 also contains:1Absence From/Return to State1Death Warrants1Executive Orders1Governor's Speech FileDeath Warrants1Death Warrants1912-19141Box #1 also contains:1Absence From/Return to State1Correspondence1Executive Orders1Governor's Speech FileExecutive Orders1Executive Orders1912-19141Military Orders1Bonds Approved1Contract of Employment1Warrant Revoked1Defending Act of Creating McCreary Co.1Box #1 also contains:1Absence From/Return to State1Correspondence1Death Warrants1Governor's Speech FileGovernor's Speech FileGovernor's Speech File1912-19141Box #1 also contains:1Absence From/Return to State1Correspondence1Death Warrants1Executive OrdersLand Patents1Land Patents1912-19141Box #1 also contains:1Proclamations1Warrants of ArrestProclamations1Proclamations1912-19141Box#1 also contains:1Land Patents1Warrants of ArrestLegislative Papers1Legislative PapersJan-Mar,Dec 1912 Jan-Mar 1914

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