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Image 4 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809), April 23, 1840

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809)

look w ould arise those dreams that make the bosom all poetrv those hopes that glow with a softness that passion only knows those spells that could take that GOING! GOING!! GONE!!! LIST OF LETTERS remuming in the Post Oflico at Lexington, Ky. on the 1st ot April, 1810, which, is not taken out within three months, will bo sent to the General Post Office as dead letters. Mays D Mrs McChesney John Merrick W Rev McChesney Jane Maxwell James D McConnell Margaret VI ears Augustus A HYMN TO THE CREATOR Miss "The imprisoned soul, Merchant Thomas M McCoy e.Henderson ENTIRELY VEGETABLE. "And lap it in Elysium " BY LORD BROUGUOI A Miller Sarah McCutchen James Behind her stood an old lady, whose withered Alvis John Miller John "There is a God," all nature cries, HPIIESE PILLS have long been known Atchison Alexander McDowell J N Dr 4 faco, twisted into a most determined fault find Ansel Rebecca Millener Harris A thousand tongues proclaim and appreciated for their extraordinary and ABC McDonald Elijah ing look, when joired to the prim, old maidish Adams James F Adrews F A Dr Miller Ehsha His arm almighty, mind all wise, immediate powers of restoring perfect McIIesney William J air of the whole body, plainly introduced Mrs. NEW SPRING GOODS The undersigned, to persons suffering under nearly every health. Adams Matilda Miss Applegate Benjamin And bid each oice in chorus rise Miller & Young McNeal Charles kind of Adams call the attention of all those, who , I don't know who. Bendetta II C Asbury Henry Morcan John To magnify Ins name McNitt William which the human irame "And his beautiful dark waving locks!" mur- wish to purchase cheap goods, to call at our disease totaken according to the is liable. Astrow V C Moore William When directions ac Allison H T McNitt Gabriel Auction rooms on the corner of Main street, and mured the beauty. Alison Wilham Thy name, great nature's Siro divine, Atcherson Rebecca Miss MoorcW &. JLMissers BIcMillen Saml m "Is I saw correctly, signora," said the duenna, Jordans Row; where may be had almost any company ing them, they are highly beneficialFe- Allen James Assiduous we adore, More James McRoberts Mr Wo have jus re- the prevention and cure of Bilious Fevers, thing in every body's line "they were like mine, of a golden color." Rejecting godheads at whose shnnc Moore Thomas B ver and Ague, Dyspepsia, Liver complaints, McRoberts John cried the lady, "thine are red! ceived direct from N. York a superior lot of "For shame," Benighted nations, blood and wine, Moore T L Sick Head ache, Jaundice, Asthma, Dropsy, Baker Morgant Miss 2 Bill Eliza V McTyre Larkin C and his were as dark as the very plumage of tho English and American prints, painted lawns, In vain libations pour 2 Berry Joseph A Mornss Wesley Rheumatism, Enlargement of the Spleen, Piles, Baker John McNeal Allen raen, and soft and silken, for they drooped up- table diapers, black and white hose, and half Cholic, Female Obstructions, Heart-burn- , uiiiumui itioses Beach William N Furred on my neck when the scignor" and the maiden hose, brown and blenched cottons, flannels, susYon countless worlds, in boundless spaco, Best Rachel 2 Noble Nash Nancey Tongue, Nausea, Distension of the Stomach and Baldwin Walker W Evans penders, buttons, tapes &.c. &c. Taney goods hesitated and blushed. Myriads of miles each hour CatcsR W 2 Bennett Alfred Rev Neal Wilham II Norman William "Pressed his lips to thine," finished Bendetta. of all kinds, china and glassware, all of which, Bowels, Incipient Diarrhoea, Flatulence, Habit- Ball Harvey Rev Their mighty orbs as curious trace 2 Beasly Edward Nelson Letitia ual Costivencs", Loss of Appetite, Blotched or Nutter James "a bold undertaking, truly! to dare to kiss la with all other goods furniture &.c. will be sold, Sallow Complexion, and As the blue circlet Btuds the face Barnett Mr Beard Martha Mrs O in all cases of Torpor Of that enamell'd slower. signora Virginia Contra alio. Blessed St. Cath to the highest bidder, at our regular Auction of the Bowels, Bell John T. Obnen Micheal Offutt Eliza C where a cathartic or aperient is Bassett James M anne! had he attempted to do the like with me.' sales, or at private sale lower than anyhouse in Bazlcs Wilham W Bell William H Offutt Sanfoid Orr AV B But thou too mad'st that flow'ret gay added she, drawing up her prim form still more the City. Having the best stand in City for our needed. They arc exceedingly mild in their op- Barr Martha Ann Bellis John T Offutt Edward O'Sulhvan J D To glitter in the dawn; primly, and pursing up her mouth as is she were business, we respectfully solicit consignments eration, producing neither nausea, griping nor Baum Peter Bivings A W Dr Offutt A debility The hand that sired the lamp of day of goods, from those who want cask. eating a crab apple, Bann Cansha Bishop Robert Perhaps no article of tho kind has ever been P And blazing comets launch'd away, J. B BRADFORD &. Co , AucVrs. "What Would'st thou havo done?" asked her Bridges Mary J Miss Patton James Dr 2 PettitH offered to the public, supported by testimonials Bracker Samuel Painted the velvet lawn. Lexington, March 18, 1840. 19-- tf. lady, Bradley Lucy Mrs Blinn D G Payne Malinda Mrs 2 Penny & Chambhn of a character so decisive, from sources as re"Served him as I did my lord's servant on the Blinn Lemuel C MUSIC TOR WEDDINGS, BALLS, Payne William II spectable, or that has giv en more universal satis Bradford T homas Peirson W P As falls the sparrow to the ground, night of the eruption, when the peasantry were Blackesly Henry Blue Rolla AND PARTIES. Payne A M Pcarman John Obedient to thy will," laction all running to the villa, and I had gone down for Blue George two to si good Musicians, (as a Band) Payne Thomas Hundreds and thousands bless the day they Blair Orpha J Pamsh Martha By the same law those globes wheel round FROM be furnished by applicanon to Mr. a moment to speak to them, when tins Lui-- i" Berry John (Hatter) Bonfils S F Payne Edward Parish John G Each drawing each, but all still sound "Hush!" interrupted the lady, as the chords RICHARESON, No 49, Limestone, (or North became acquainted with Pelei s' Vegetable Pills, Bosworth B Brown William Prather Thomas which, in consequence of their extraordinary system bound, Pickett Margarett In one eternal of a guitar were struck under tho window. Brooks Charles A 2 Brown Bichard Mulberry) Street, for Lexington, or elsewhere, goodness, have attained a popularity unprecePrather John M Price James One order to fulfil. bcarcely was the song finished when, assisted at a price to suit the times. Booker Louisa J Bryan William Parks C W dented in the history of medicine. Priest James by the trellis work plared near the house, a form, 46-- tf Boycr S S Brand Richard A Nov. 14, 1839 Park Elizabeth Polk Jane Iho very circumstance alone, that Physicians Boyce Alary in all probability that of the singer, sprang upon MASK AT VENICE. THE Bryant E Pickwick Pebworth Stephen Pope Godfrey in every part of the Union, (but more especially Brooks 300 DOLLARS REWARDS. the balcony, and soon, with his plumed bonnet Margaret Mrs Bryant Elgin BY DONALD m'lEOD. Petty Ransdalo Porter L C Dr AN AW AY from the subscriber, living in the Southern States, where they have long Bronston Jacob knelt Burnes James Pctticore Mrs been in use) aro making free use of them in It was a carnival in Venice, and gaiety was at dotted, figure at the leet ot the lady. Polk J J near Georgetown, Scott county, Ky., seemed perfectly symmetrical His Brockway R II Bucknet Mrs its height. The Doge was giving his last hall their practices, speaks volumes in their praise. R BILL, JIM AND ISAAC. Burbndge Sidney Randolph Paulina Miss Robinson J T A dd to this, the fact, that all who use, invariably Brown Mary flliss at the close of the merry season, and the beauty long tresses, "black as night," hung clustering on his shoulder, and warm and very dark eyes BILL lest 2Gth September last. Said negro recommed them to their friends, and the testi Brown David W Burrell Jesse Ramsey William W and nobility of the "island throned city" were looked Rollins James into those of the maiden; and, as her is about 45 years of age, about 5 feet 9 inches BucknerMary Ann Keeso Elauor Mrs gathered in his princely halls. The masked mony in their savor is almost irresistitblo. As Brown Edward N Rowlings J & Co aphis intense Reives Nelly Miss crowd thronging the splendid apartments, pre cheek sunused beneath kneeling to gaze, he the high, of a dark complexion, walks very lame, an anti bilious remedy, and to prevent costive-ncs- Buzzard Lucinda Rhines Lancing worship from his lest hip having been dislocated, and is Read Wilham S Dr sented a. singular appearance to the casual spec peared like the Persian, they have no rival Ono twenty-fiv- e Rogers James cent sun. Reecc John B tator. Look beneath the gorgeous curtain of last rosy blush of the settinghand she arose and so projected outward that it is easily discovered box will establish their character, and prove that Callaway Delila Mrs 3 Clarke Alfred M Ross Julia Agnes He attempted to take her Caldwell John Had on when he lest, a blue cloth coat, blue there is truth even in an advertisement Clark E P yon golden stained windows, beems not yon Reynolds Isaac Roy Cabel tho room for Clark Miller Rice J tall and powerful looking Turk ery much as is looked aboutvanished, andher attendant; but the jeans pants and white fur hat, with broad rim More than threo millions of boxes of these ce- Cullahan Joseph Ryan Harnett Mrs when the handsome JIM is about 27 years of age, about 5 feet G lebrated Pills have been sold in the United States, Caleb C F Clark Jsaac he were endeavoring to wean from heacn the duenna had Robinson James Runyon Richard lookCandle Eleanora Miss Clapp Nelson C inches high, heavy built and very black, and since January, 1637. 2 Robertson Sarah S affections of the sylph like nun at his side' Or seignor murmured, "Lady! dear lady!" and Runnebawm Henry Clay Green Robert Robson markyort holy holy father, whispering spiritual ed so imploringly on her, and when she called has a down look when spoken to. Had on when Prepared by JOS. PRIESTLY PETERS, M. Cannon Silas an unusual frown to her fair brow, and then he lest, a brown jeans coat, blue jeans pants Cannon Harriet Miss 2 Craig Joseph comfort into the ear of the stately duenna bendD , at his institution for the cure of obstinate S looked down into his dark eyes, and felt that Craig John W Sayres James ing to his words And that harlequin dressed frown fading most rapidly away what could and black hair cap. diseases, by means of vegetable remedies, No. Carroll Margaret L Smith Isaac Carter Catharine ISAAC is about 24 years of age, very black, 129, Literary-street- , Cleanans John Savcry William fortune teller, prophesying the destiny of the Smith B F New York. she do' Why, she did what any sensiblo maid- about G feet high, and very stout; had on when Carter Goodloo Clemons Rachel Sanders Dr full, voluptuous figure whose hand he holds. Smith Joseph R Tho Pills are neatly put up in tin boxes, en would do in such a case, sho smiled and sat he lest, blue clothing and white hat Jim and Carley E D Crawford Alexander Sanderson William Why, he must be near sighted; or, perhaps he Smith Martha containing 20 and 45 Pills Price, 25 and 50 Isaac lest on the morning of the 5th instant. Carson James Cresson Elliott see well through his imsk, for look' ho down again. Sharp Ebanezar cannot Smith Milton cents But scarcely had he again murmured "Lady!" The above reward will be given for the appreChristian George Stafford George bends lower and lower, and now his mask is Smith Isaac Y That the public may rest assured of the sa- Casey J B Christian James Stafford D F Capt pushed to one side for a moment, and his lip when, with such a "hem!" as waiting maids hension of the above boys, is taken out of the lutary effect of these Pills, and the truth of the Cassell Samuel F Smith Beverly ! Climes Susan Shelby Ned presses the snowy little hand that trembles and duennas alone can give, Bendetta opened State, or $100 for either of them out of the above statements, the following LETTERS Cavins Thomas Smith Rubin Climes Thomas within his own. Ah, ha! call you that palmistry, the door, and, pushing aside tho hangings, ush State, or $50 for either, is taken in the State FROM MEDICAL GENTLEMEN, of the first Chaney James Shields E J Hon Smith Elizabeth ered in an old gentleman, with a diamond top- and not in this county, or 25 is taken Crittenden, Engineer seignor? Sherry Mr in this respectability are most respectfully submitted. Chamberlane Smith M Thomas diamond-hiltecounty, so that I get them. Clarkson B B & L C Cnlly Robert Apart from the motley crowd, in the embra- ed snuff box in his lest hand, and a Sherby Eliza Smith John CLAHi.sviLLE, Mecklenburg county, Va. unsheathed sword, in his right. Church Jarred O 3 Cordry John II. C. GRAVES. Spencer Georgo sure of one of the windows, stood two maskers, Smith Cabinet Maker Feb 7, 1837 The maiden and her lover started to their feet; Scott county, Feb. G, 1840 -tf Crockett John both apparently females, the taller was evidentSpeers Lee W Smith S R Dear Sir I embrace this opportunity of ex- Conquest Lunsford the old gentleman placed himself in a fencing ly on the shady side of "sweet sixteen," is one Smee James Smithers Wilnam pressing to you, my pleasure at the unrivalled Cocks Harriet A Miss Crovvfords S C FOR SALE. attitude, and requested the youth to draw, he Clugston George might judge from a rather large and wrinkled Smedley Samuel Shultz Valentine subscriber will sell, nt private sale, success of your Pills in this section of the coun- Colbough Mr laid his hand upon his sword, but demanded a Cummings A J hand, which was exposed with an elegant careSers James Singleton Milton R NEGRO WOMEN, both good wash- try. It is a general fault of those who vend pa- Conner M J Miss moment's parley, which request his adversary Cooke William lessness that would have gono far to win the Ounningham Isaac jr St Clair Gecrge P Shoemack Randall ers and ironers, and Share in the Kentucky tent medicines, to say too much in their savor, Colbert Nancy heart of any antiquary. The perfectly erect politely answered by shouting "one " The Association. THOS. aVAN SWEARINGEN. Stevenson S II Shore & G W Pratt but in regard to your Pills, I am firmly peryouth drew his sword in time to receie "two.'' e DacK, ana tnc curoed-iikD Stedman Melicent position ol the head, Sminner F G suaded that they deserve far moro praise than March 26, 1840 13-- tf "Three," shouted he of the diamonds, and made plainly marked the duenna. Derey Patnc Stephenson Thomas B Spode Didnck you seem inclined to give them. Six months Davis John 2 Dunlop George Davis James DR. DAVID WALKER The other, a shorter and slighter figure, a desperate lunge at his opponent, who caught oicvcnson Andrew atrodeman J G ago, they were scarcely known here, and ESPECTFULLY informs the citizens of at present there is no other medicine that yet, Darnaby B W Dr wrapped in a plain domino, which served to con- tho thrust in his guard. Whip! went the sword Dunlap George N Stedman W W Stubbs William can Lexington and its vicinity, that he has compare with them ceal fas a dew drop conceals the blush of a rosc.1 to the ceiling, and the victor springing to the Davidson Thomas Dunlap Mary Jane Stevenson B F Stone Betsey Ann in popularity. In Dyspepsia, a full and rounded form, the general outlino of balcony, was soon like the gay young knight of located himself permanently in Lexington, and Sick Head ache, derangement of the Biliary Darnaby Edward jr Dunlap Wm J Stephens Sherul G Scott Benjamine will attend with promptness and fidelity to all organs and obstinate constipation of the bowels, Derby Ornn Darnaby Brig Gen wnicn was most exquisite, and beneath the robe the song ay, aw ay away." Steel Thomas J Scott Harvey "Aw calls in his profession. He may be sound at I know of no aperient more prompt and effica- Devore Elizabeth Mrs Duvall G H peeped forth, 0, such a soot! Steel Enos Stout J B, M D II Conte Contrevallo, for it was no less a per- Dr. B W. Dudley's Shop. Dunn Samuel It could have trod upon a vio'et. Steel Andrew Shryock Hellen Miss cious, and I have had considerable experience Desais David sonage than the father of our heroine, with a Nor bruised the beauty of its perfumed petals. April 17, 1839. lG-- tf Dedwit Desso Dunlapp Jessee Steel Ann Miss Spires G W in all these complaints. And what lips must those have been which rather heightened color helped himself first to a Dunlap John Steel Saml Rev Stiles William K I would add that their mildness and certain y Dickerson Miss gave birth to those mellow tones that murmur- pinch of snuff, then to his sw ord that lay on the Dwyre Andrew Sesseons Charles Snider Benj D of action render them a safe and efficient purga- Dille Joanna G Miss floor before him, and then, placing it under his ed from behind the mask! Starks Franklin E Scruggs SO tive for weaker individuals, and that they may arm with a most significant "humph!" he turnBendetta' dost thou know yon gallant in the KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERY. Smith Battle be given at all times without apprehension of Elliott Margaret Miss Ellis Wyley R ed to gaze upon his daughter. black doublet, leaning against the porphyry Emanuel Philip be determined by the Alexandria Lottery any of those injurious consequences which so Elliott Mary Mrs T The lady stood with erect form, gazing with pillar' See how the dark plume of his hat is Embree Worlpy Tanner Peny Internal Improvements in the District of frequently attend the application of calomel or Elliott Sarah Todd Benj F blended with those long jetty ringlets that clus- curling lip and slashing eye on the duenna for Columbia. Class A for 1840. To be drawn at blue pill. On the whole, I consider your Vege- Elgin II Evans James Tanner Jane J Tod Mrs ter over his shoulder. Is he not of a noble pre- tho soul of the woman was roused at the betray- Alexandria, D C. Saturday, 18th April, 1840. Ellis Martha Miss Patsey Ewell Tarker Charles Tolar Joseph table Pills an invaluable discovery. al, and the beautiful Italian, with all the pride sence? D. S. GREGORY &. CO., Managers 3 Torrence John R F Talmage Peter V Very respectfully, Holy mother, signora!'' replied Bendetta, of her noble line, stood in tho proud halls of her Fcatherston William R Finlay John L Dr 1 Prize of Taylor William S70.000 dollars is 3 Todd William $75,000 S. H. HARRIS, M. D Faulconer William 2 Figg John "my eyes would need to be as young, and even lather, the very impersonation of beautiful scorn 1 Taylor Mary E Miss 25,000 Thorn James P 25,000 The attendant cowered beneath the eye of the sharper than thine, to pierce von mask, nor do I 1 Fithian I emuelS Nathaniel 15,000 2 Thompson Susan Taylor's Society 15,000 Charlotte, N. C. Jan. 1, 1837. Farrar John see ought in the plain looking dress that might insulted lady, and obeyed her haughty motion. Farrcr 1 Fitch N G 10,000 Taylor Benj 2 Thompson Henry 10,000 3 Dear Sir I have made frequent use of vour as she waved her hand toward tho door. Scarce mark a great nobility. Look to yon proud 3 Frisby Isaac i, 1 9,000 Taylor Susan G 9,000 Thomson J J 2 rills mine incipient stage ol the liilious .rover. Farrish EC with all the diamonds of his house glitter- ly had she departed, when the maiden, the full 1 Taylor J ord J ohn 8,000 f ranklin Margaret 8,000 Thomson Sarah J Q, and obstinate constipation of the bowels, also in ing on his velvet trappings, looks he not bravel v? idea coming at once upon her, that she, of the 1 Forsyth John A 7,090 Taylor Charles F 7,000 Thompon James the enlargement oi the bpleen, Chronic Diseases Fcchermcr Aub See, too Bletsed St Catharine!" cried she, line that hadlgiven monarchs to Italy, tho rep . 1 ord barah Mrs 6,000 G.000 iaylorJohnM Trotter Saml ol the .Liver, bids Headache, General Debility, Fergison William resentative of the pure, unalloyed blood of the interrupting her own eloquence, "one might as 1 Foreman Cloe Mrs 5,000 Taylor Bird 5,000 Turnbull James and in all cases have sound them to be very ef-- Fcalding Buford well be talking to the ugly old statue of San noDlest lamily ot her clime, was betrayed in Fergerson 1 Flue J 4,000 Taylor James 4,000 Trueman Mariah ecuve. j. u. JUUYD, HI, U. Felix T W James mere, it would give me as much atten suited by her slave than, giving way to the 1 niarco Floore A 2,866 2.8GG Taylor John W Tuttle John Dr French Juliet C Miss Flornney Margaret G Th waits Masy lion, at least. Come, signora, it is time we softer feelings of a w oman, she sought a woman's 5 2,500 12,000 Typographical Society. Mecklenburg county, Va. Feb. 7, 1837. reiuge tears. were departing, the ball will soon break up " Frederick 10 Mrs 2,000 Tisdale Thomas 20,000 Trimble David Having used Dr. Peters' Pills in my practice Froy The father waited patiently until she had be- 20 They lest the window; as tho younger figure Christopher Flynn Denas N 1,750 35,000 U for the last twelve months, I take pleasure in Finney gnueu aiong, ere sne vanished entirely, she cast come calm, and then demanded an explanation 20 G 1,500 Underwood Mr 30.000 Uttincer giving my testmony of their good effects in Gantcr The lady then described to her father (who 50 one look at the pillar, but it was unoccupied, 2 Gibson Jeremiah John 1,000 Vaughn G W 50,000 Vancamp A Dr cases of Dyspepsia, Sick Head ache, Bilhous had already received it fiom the duenna, who 50 and with a half sigh she followed the duenna. Grady John S Gibbons J C 750 Vanmeter Joseph H 2 Vcnable George C 37,000 Fever, and other diseases produced by inactivity The mask over, the palace of the Doge was was not the best authority imaginable for any 120 Grant James W Gill Henry C 150 v 60,000 of the liver. They are a safe and mild aperideserted, and the lagoon thronged with gondo- uiiiig,; ino scene upon me lagoon, the crushing 65lst&2ddrNos) 400 Gnce Daniel Wallace W R 26,000 Wilson George Ann ent, being tho best article of tho kind I have George George of the gondola, the sinking down into the deep 65 (2rd & 3th dr las. Glenn John W Goodwin Shepherd Wallace Charles nos)300 19,500 Wcsby James evor used. GEO. C. SCOTT, M. D. Italy showed as dark a sky as ever Greenland quiet waters; the sensation she experienced as 65 (3d & 4th dr Nos) 200 Green David Gordon George W Walker Elizabeth 13,000 Williams Hcnson boasted; Cynthia had taken this night to play they closed over her head, tho dreadful agony; 65(4th&5thdmos)l00 Green M H Guthrie W Dr Walker Sarah 6,500 Williams Horace DBe careful and enquire for Peters' Vegeta- Gregg Joseph Hecate, and probably the stars were attending tho whole pain of death which can be known 95 (5th & 6th dr nos.) 80 Guenn Henry Wash &, Munson 5,200 Williams Wilham ble Pills. They are for sale at all the Drug her, for not one of "the angel lit lamps of even" short of actual dissolution, the call on heaven, Gresham Andrew 65 (6th & 7th dr nos ) 70 Guess Susan Miss Waters John 4,550 Wiliams Mary Magdi- Stores in Lexington, Ky , and also, by B. shed its trembling radiance on the earth 3 Gilbert John The and the feeling that all was over and then her 65 (7th & 8th dr nos.) GO Watson William 3,900 hnc in Nicholasville, by J. D. Smith, in dark waves of the Adriatic rolled on with a deep language became milder and less impassioned. 139 (8 iz 9th,9 & 10th) 50 II Wattz Thornton 6,500 Williams Wilham G Richmond, by Jno Aberdeen, in Versailles, by gushing Bound, their course just shown by the as she spoke of her rescue from tho wave of 4485 Prizes of 40 Headly Jamesjr 2 Wattz Wilham 179,400 Williams George L Alexander M. Preston, in Winchester, in Mt. Harbourd Edward saint phosphorescent light of their foam crowned ino gondola ot the form bending over her, Headly Lucinda 7,040 20 Walkins John R 540,800 Williams William M Sterling, by an authorised Agent; and on en- Hall James C to bring her back to life and light tops, and night wore a veil of intense darkness Hall Robert Heffher James II Waifield William Williams David quiry, can be had in almost every town and vil- Hall Susannah that was oppressive to the heart. Tho Lagoon and of her happy dreams, when restored to con- 22396 Prizes, amounting to Henry Mary Ann Miss Warren Charles A $1,217,216 White Arnett lage in the State. was disturbed by tho ceaseless dash of oars, and sciousness and com eyed to her home, and then Hamilton M P 2 Henry Emily Quarters Warren J S Halves S1U Tickets SU White Joseph December 26, 1839 52-- ly the cutting sound of the bows as they moved she told of the music and the song, and the Eighths $2.20. Tickets and Shares for Sale S5 Hamilton Martha Herndon Elisha T Warrick John R by White W E Dr seignor springing on the bajcony ; "and then you through the curling wave Hamilton W C Dr Henry John W A Dr A. S. STKEETER, Lexington. TO HEMP MANUFACTURERS. Wharton White George Hark, the crash' a gondola has been crushed know, my dear father," she added, putting her Hensoy John subscriber has invented a Hemp Heckle, Hart Nathaniel Weagley Amanda Miss AVhitesides Edward G A CARD. by another. A shriek rang through the stillness arms upon his shoulders, "and then, you know, Henderson David be put in operation by any Hart Miner Webb Catharine Mrs Whitticoe Marearett may WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS. of tho night, the clouds, as is pierced by its you sought and were disarmed, and'' "Got Hichman E R Webb John V Wilkerson Sarah Ihe Hemp and Tow are put in good Harris John sound, suddenly severed above, and the moon out!" interrupted her father, and departed mut rfnilE subscriber respectfully informs the pub- - power.with Hillix James II Wells Wilham order very little labour. Any peron wish Harrison A C Mrs Worley Mariah C jx. nc, mat ne has taken lor a term ot years, looked dimly down upon the deep dark waters tering, "Diavola! the young nuppv ! how Hill II Willis Martha Miss Wardlovv James ing miormation on the subject are referred to Hawkins William A gondola was swimming amid a confused mass ne save my daughter, and proticr loo to her, THE WHITE SULPHER SPINGS, in Scott William Hix Wilham S Westover Johnathan Warnack John H Alexander near Pans, who has one of Hawkins J II county, Kentucky, upon the plantation of Col of wreck. Upon its sido stood a tall manly form, and disarm mo which is worst of all '' Elizabeth W PHiscan Matilda Wenston D M Rev Wood Elizabeth rhe road leading to the villa of the Conte R. M. Johnson, V. P. U. S., within one mile of my Heckles in operation though not yet complet- Hawkins Ann Miss "'" ""6"'- pianii. quivered as ne sprang from its Haydon Hill M G Winter J L Wood Eh side, and sunk into the dark flood, he rose again, Lontravallo passed, about a mile from the dwell the celebrated Choctaw Indian Academy, and ed. The machinerj is simple and durable. Any Hathaway Catharine Hightower Winter Elisha Woodsworth William 2 and, bearing something, snam towards the bark, ing, through a thick sorest much infested by tho Vice President's residence, and within one person endeavoring to make a machine of the Hars William J Hopkins Richard Wilson James S Wright George T the saint light of heaven served to show, as his banditti Tho hot headed old Count had sum muo oi the I urnpiko road, leading from Lexing- above description, without permission, will b Heady William J Howard John Wilson Ebenezer Wymore Richard uurucu, a young iair girl, pale, rigid, but exquis moned all his retainers, to endeavor to route ton, through Georgetown to Frankfort, tho seat treated as they deserve. Communications ad Hood James M 2 Hudson Amand J Wilson Ellen Wilson James them from the fastnesses of the wood, they had of Government, and within from one to three dressed to the subscriber inShelbyville, will be IJolladay James ltely lovely; when nlaced nnnn tlm n,mn, . Hudson John Persons calline for any of the above letter promptly attended to. hours ride to either of those places. side the gondola, the lamp showed the form and not proceeaea very deep into the lorest when Hobbs G F Hundley Zachana will please say they are advertised '1 he subscriber notifies features of the lady, and a long and slowing volley of three or sour muskets was heard, and thoe who visited this October 4, 1838 FOSTER DEMASTERS. Howell James D Hunt David 40-- tf JOSEPH FICKLIN, P. M. aeiigiiuul watering placo last season, that he i u"-- " oaiuiaiou wiin water, displayed the sym- tne uounis troop, with the characteristic Hodge Alexander Hubbard L R April 2, 1840-3- 1 now engaged m improving it, and furnishing of Italian peasantry sled. metrical proportions of her form, while the small, 100 DOLLARS REWARD. Hutchison James W Hostetter James T The old noble would have scorned to sly from ...w...i3.u lamiHcj im accommodation, comlort Bnowy hand, and the face shadowed by long ANA WAY from tho subscri- Humiston Alva SELLING OFF. Hulitt Richard wild tresses of a dark hue, although, apparent- a thousand banditti, and therefore drew his and enjoyment, and that he intends to spare neiber, living sour miles from LexrniHE subscriber having sold his machinery I ly insensate, possessed that beautiful life with sword, and waited for the approach of five men, ther pains or expense to render it on of the most JL with a. view of closing his business in Lexington, Kj . on the Tate's Creek road, Irvis Leverett J Irwin James who advanced towards him; they evidently ex- desirable places of resort, in the United States, which a which a statue glows. ington, now offers AT VERY REDUCED about the 20th of August, a Negro J "Blessed St. Catharine," sputtered somebody pected an easy victory, and were, therefore, for those who seek, in its rural shades, retire- CITUWJ his stock of Hals, Caps, and Halter's Furs Man named SPENCER, about 23 Jacobs Nathan Johnson Peter in the water, at the side of the boat, "will he somewhat surprised, when the foremost received ment, during the summer months, from the busy J ears of age, about 5 feet 10 inches high, straight Jackson Sarah and Trimmings, either at Wholesale or Retail, Johnson Eliza Miss a thrust from the dehcato rapier of the Count scenes of life, or for the invalid, who seeks a and well not help me'" and our old acquaintance, for Cash or City Acceptances made, of dark color, although ALSO That a jet Ja kson Robert Iohnson W II was assisted on board, still firmly grasp which laid him quietly on the grass dead, tho restoration of health in the efficacy of its mine black, talks quick when spoken to, had not large and commodious STONE HOUSE, on on a blue James John Johnson David ing the top of Iho cabin that forms the interior remaining sour immediately set upon the old ral wuiers cloth frock coat, white pantaloons, and fur hat, Jennings W D Water street, near the Rail Road depot. Posses. Jourdon Charles The waters of this spring have been pronoun- the man, who defended himself stoutly, but it was of the Venetian boat Aster sully comprehendremainder of his clothes were lest at my Jcwitt Samuel Gt ion given on the 17th of April next. ALSO Jones Benjamin ing that she was safe, she began to look about, going hard with him, when a voice behind ex- ced by some of our most eminent Physicians, house. He was lately purchased from Mr. Ho. Benjamin AE A new Eastern built Buggy, icith two seats He Jones John H and aster another invocation to St Catharine claimed, "Corpo di Baecho' sour upon one, and (among them Professor Dudley, of Lexington, race Iluckner of Bowling green, Ky wishes to RENT the premises he now occupies, and will Johns n Elizabeth she turned towards tho interior of the bark, saw he an old man1 cowards!" A pistol shot which and, Professor Yandell, of Louisville,) as of the probably attempt to make his with or without the store room, for the unexpired K. the lifeless forni of her lady, and sprung to accompanied this, sent the second bandit to ac- most superior quality, for all those chronic dis- or Louisville to Mr Samuel way to that place, term of his lease. Possesion given 1st of Mav Dickinson's, where Kay Nancy Mrs 2 Kenning James company his friend, and ayoung man, springing eases which requires the stimulate- - mg effects ne lormerly lived. relieve her next. Kinney Robert Kellace Louisa She was quickly restored, and soon, m her1 to the Count's side, cut down another, the re- of mineral water. Testimony such as this canIs the above slave is taken out of Kentucky, Keene F All persons havine accounts with the subscri 2 Kcrby Alexander father's palazzo, dreamed of the face of him who maining two sled, and the old man turned to not surely sail to have its due weight. Its loca- the above reward, or is in the State $50, will be Kennedy JDaniel ber, are earnestly desired to call and settle withKing H W tion is contiguous to the celebrated streams which had saved her, for he had knelt beside her while thank his deliverer out delay on his delivery at my house Kent Washington WM. F. TOD. Kinman Charles W constitute the "Forks of Elkhorn." which nfrnrds paid, 'Seignor, you have given me timely aid resisting tho duenna, and as the life current Lex. feb G, 1840 -tf B A. ATCHISON. Kirk Edward D nciiy fatnek began to tinge the lip of the maiden, he stooped vurpo ui uio"- enco he, as he stared at the ample amusement to tho angler, and the sur L jnd did something I would not tell what, for handsome j oulh by his side, "why, I think we rounding Hills and dales, abounding with game, Lexington, Ky. September 9, 1839 37-- tf A CARD. Law son David Lewis Malinda the world, but it restored the bloom of that pale have met before, but it is not at all to my credit present unsurpassed attractions to the Hunter. HOUSE & SIGN PAINTING & GLAZING. CABINET AVAREROOM. ! Lewis Chancy Lancaster Robt to remember the rencounter; you have shown The improvement in contemnltion. iq tr ho rgfer,.-ae3aa.Jf- c cheek to a miracle. undersigned returns his thanks to tho Law son Catharine Lewis Charles B About three or sour w eeks aster tho commence- JL citizens of Lexington, Fayette countyand H sully inform' hiscusto ?'" 'o aay, come to my villa, whero I will finished by the middle of June next, are of an Lawrence Lindsay James you a glass of good old Montepulcidano that extensive character, and with convenience and mem 01 our story, in the w indow of an old castlo give the public generally, for the liberal patronage mers and the puhlic generalLafon Logan Eliza J sat a beautiful girl; clustering tresses of the dye might warm tho heart of an anchorite and. comefort, will accommodate six Hundred perwhich he has received since he arrived in this, ly, that he continues the Lammc Samuel Logan Hetty F of a rich, ripe chesnut, p irting simply over her hark ye! I like you, and you shall, is it so please sons. A Post Office is established at the Springs, Ess g country from Philadelphia, and wishes te inform Cabinet Making Business at Lainhart Susannah Loury R B Capt ' Vii. nlrl cfntiH you, have my daughter, were you the poorest by which visitors have an opportunity of daily M them that he still continues the House Painting-Businesnn nn.l. i Letcher William ' ' ln wavy Sllken curls over her Sir Z ifi j 1' Loflond Isaac in Christendom That you are a noble, your communications with correspondents in all parts I immediately opposite the lot Leumcr ommjucr, snauowing one ol those faces which we in its various branches, and PAPER fj Augustus Loud Thomas of the country the mail passing every day. iuU,u see oui oi sunny Italy, rather oval HANGING done in the neatest style. From on which the Masonic Ilnll in Lowman Thomas Every exertion will be used and everv fumhtv formerly stood, and a sew doors below Locan' Letcher R P "But will the lady be quite willing?" asked shape, with features cast in a beautiful, although his own experience in the business, and having Lull Harvey not a perfectly regular mould, glomng with the cavalier. "There is no doubt of it,'' an. icuucrtu umaKoinesiay oi tne visitors pleasant corner, where all articles in (he way of FUR- Leek Josiah nono but competent workmen in his employ, ho Lvle Margaret such an expression as Raphael must have dream-e- swered the father, "who could resist one who and agreeable. A variety of lutsllectual and phy NITURE can be had on as good terms as they Leeds Theresa J promises to render general satisfaction to those M of in imagining his Madonna. Fler cheek sings such songs, is he has, moreover, saved the sical amusements, will bo provided whowillcall on him, or examine his work in Having can be elsewhere procured in the city. Ho in Mathews John T Morrison Mrs had that delicate blush which the setting sun life of the listener. For that, too, I have to made extensive arrangements for a plentiful sup- vites all those wishing to purchase niticles m hi Matherly James B Lexington Any communication from Favettc- Morns James ply of marketing, his table will be furnished line, (o call .it his Ware-Roou uujr ui me uujoining counties, can be ad gives to a snowy cloud, on her soft and perfumed thank you, hut come along " and examine for Mathion John Monroe George E They reached the villa, and ere long the beau with all tho delicacies of tho season In short, themselves, as hei derernnned toell bargains lip, love might have pillowed his brow, and dressed to him through the LexingMarshall Lewis Dr 4 Morton Armstcd ton, as he is doing work at present upwards of thought it his own birth rose. Bwt the brightest tiful valley was gladdened by the nuptials of tho tho subesenber would merely stats, that is a Ac. provided hun'elf with n TURNI Moody Sarah S to pleaao, strict attention to tho comfort (is TUUE VAGON,all articles houcht of him will vladdox Matilda B 0 miles from Lexington charm of that glorious face was the eye dark, signora Virginia Contravallo and the young sire ICTResidence, Mr. Mays Herman Murry Dudley inoso who lavor him with a visit, will ensure to be delivered any where in the city, free James Rieley's Boarding House, Water street soft, and intensely bewitching, for her soui PamphiU Borghese. cf Alason Mary Mrs Murphy J jr him the patronage of a liberal and enlightened beamod from it. The purest spirit might have CHARLES DONNELLY. Maupin William Henry the Fourth of Franoo being told by his public, he has Murccr John Lexington, March 4, 1840 nothing to sear. B"gu ul"" uioso oros, as they melted into soft f JOSEPH MILWARD. Martin Hezikiah Moss Mary J His prices shall be regulated to suit tho mi B. I am prepared with n HEARSE, and May Alfred rless or sparkled with joyous light, and worship-pe- jjaiueuur uiai mere were several spots at N. MtCarter Daniel where nothing would grow, requested gence of the times. E AYOUNG LIKELY NEGRO them without sin The heart on which one him to plant bed will at tend to Funeral calls, either in the citv Major B P McCarty Jeremiah a of attornies, for they would sell Call on T. fi. glance sell, bocame that moment her's, and with flourish JOHN W FORBS. or country. Mark Philip McClano Elizabeth any where. March 19, 1849 12-- tf. JOHN P. BOWAIAN. hlr 36-- tf Lexington, bept. 5, 1838 Mays John Mrs 2 I LoVingtan, Feb. -2ra MISCELLANEOUS. sM ! '. ! s, '. G- THE ! $75,000 lOof $20,000! TO Bru-nell- Aai Neth-erlan- THE im - bra-vor- y M PRI-CE- Ben-dett- ! i ! ; G- - riIIE 6u stt o d Post-offic- ns; 10-t- d tHA P,--..- 27-9- .."

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