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Image 2 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809), April 23, 1840

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809)

V X Departments CONGRFSS. He was followed by Mr ie vated nil the present evils, avU been amono-thMonday, April 6 In tho Senate, tho bill au- in relation to the increase in the civil and diplo fust to suspend, and will be the last (is President of tho United btates to matic expenses of the government, contrasting thorizing the ever) to lesume specie payments. raise fifteen hundred men to servo against the the expenditures in this bill with those reported Florida Indians, was discussed by Messrs Pierce, in similar bills during the administration of Mr LEXINGTON, THURSDAY, AP'L 23. From the Baltimore Republican Mr. Jones, the Chairman of the ComLinn and Preston; and, aster undergoing some Adams PRIOE OF LABOR. trivial amendments, it was ordered to be en- mittee of Ways and Means, replied in vindicaIs we had not long known that the Whirr tion of the administration, maintaining that tho grossed. FOR PRESIDENT, In tho House of Representatives, the Speaker increase in this bill was not in proportion to tho cditois and the leadeis of that party gener BUREN. VAN laid beforo tho House a communication from the increased want', resources, and population of ally, would descend to any act of meanness Navy Department, in relation to the lighthouse the country. Aster the Committee had risen and FOR VICE PRESIDENT, and dishonesty to effect their sinister purpo. which was referred to the reported progress, tho House adiourned. on I lynn's Knoll, M. Monday, April 13 The principal business of ses, by deceiving the public, the course Committee on Commerce. Sundry depositions relative to the New Jersey election were next tne uay, in the benate, consisted ol the presen- they havo pursued, and are TOR GOVERNOR, continuing (o laid before the House, and referrod to the Com- tation of pctilion, memorials and resolutions, Aster deciding in the neg- mostly of a private or local nature, aster which puisuc, in relation to the remarks made by mittee of Elections ative, an appeal against the decision of the the Senate went into executive session, and, in Mr. Buchanan, in his speech upon the sub. ect of tho Independent Treasury, and the Chair on a former day, in relation to a certain a short time, adjourned Miscellanj ous Until our advertising In the House of Representatives, dunns the perversion of MrDavis, motion for leave to introduce a bill for continu would prove friends furnish us with enough of their saing tho Cumberland road through certain Stales, Unorning hour, tho States were called i.pon in the fact. Is they have read Mr. Buchan. tho Speaker proceeded to the business set apart meir regular order, loi the presentation of poti vors to sill our fourth page, we shall supply for the day, namely, the calling of the States tions, memorials and resolutions. At the expi an's speech, in which he is alleged to havo for resolutions, commencing vvhero the call was ration of tho hour, tho House resolved itself into advocated the adoption of the Independent the deficiency with miscellaneous reading suspended on the last resolution day at the Committee of the whole, and took up the bill Treasury system, because it would have the The lovers of sentiment or sun will not be State of Indiana Numerous motions were made making appropriations for tho civil and diplo- effect to reduce the puce of labor, they to suspend tho rules, for tho purpose of taking matic expenses of the government disappointed is they glance over it. We Mr. iso, know that the chaigc is palpably andflagi-tiousl- y up and considering particular resolutions, but of Virginia, took the floor, and expatiated at present them, this week, with a beautiful false. So far from advocating all such motions were rejected by counts or di length upon the items ot tho bill. Mr. Jones whole day was then devoted to replied, and the debate was continued until six measuie on any such ground, the r.hmf the visions, The 'Hymn to the Creator,' by Lord Brougham, nh. the consideration ot resolutions coming up in o'clock, by Messrs. Samuels, Stanley, Wise and ject of Mi. Buchanan in that speech was to and a pretty little novellette from the pen of their regular order. Among those agreed to Hopkins. The Committee then rose, reported snow me Deninciai lesults which would slow were the following. On motion of Mr Filmore progress, and obtained leave to sit again. The Donald M'Leod. from the adoption of the measure, to Resolved, That the President of the United House then adjourned. the States be requested, is not incompatible with community generally, and to the laborino-portionoccasionally receive notices from From the Globe. the public interest, to communicate to this in paiticular. Is they have not read our city subscribers to discontinue their pa House any information in the. possession ol the CONDITION OF THE BANKS. the speech, and have drawn their conclu-sion- s Executive Department, showing the warlike been persseveral such intimations have The repoit made last week bv the Secre respecting its contents fiom reading Democratic State Convention. A preparations of Great Britain, by introducing received within the past week. We enCanada and New Brunswick, or erec- tary of the Treasury on tho condition of the pervesions and misrepresentations of Mr very large Democratic Convention was held troops into ting or repairing fortifications on the northern the banks thioughout the Union, contains Davis, they must have seen from deavored to be so explicit in our first numthe subsein the City of Albany, New York, on the or northeastern boundary, or b v prepai ing naval much valuable information. From it we quent lemarks of Mr. Buchanan, that ber, that every one might be able to decide any of the great northern lakes, 9th inst. composed of Delegates from all armaments on connected therewith; and, also, extract the following comparative view of statements of Mr. Davis were basely the or the waters and at once whether they would, or w ould not, parts of the State, except the remote coun- what preparations, is any, have been made by their condition, acccoiding to returns near- wickedly false. In making this remark, we continue to patronise us. In this it seems to put the United States, and est to January 1st, 1839, and Januaiy 1st, lake it for granted that they have this government ties of Franklin, Allegany and Livingston. especially the northern and northeastern fronread tho we have sailed. We have now published 1840: subsequent remaiks of Mr. Buchanan- - for Delegates to tho National Convention, at tier, in a state of defence. 1839. sour numbers, and should suppose that any is they really supposed there was any truth 1840. of Mr Briggs, Baltimore, were appointed; an Address to On motionThat the Committee on Manufac- No. of banks from in what Mr. Davis had asserted, they would Resolved, one could decide, by this timo, whether the which returns have the people of the State prepared, and a tures be instructed to inquire into the expedinatuially bo anxious to see what reply GG2 been received GG1 wish to Gazette is such a paper as they on imported wines, foreign ency No number of spirited and patriotic speeches silks, of laying duties 178 Is, however, 139 would be made to the charge. silk worsted goods, and such foreign arti- No. of branches do. to withdraw, an early take. Is any intend of banks the afthey have not lead those subsequent re delivered by different members. The Al- cles of luxury that are duty freo, as come in comfairs of which havo marks, it proves conclusively that they are notice to that effect is requested, as we do or the the growth of our own been estimated for bany Argus says it "never witnessed more petition with our labor, and yield no soil, not disposed to arrive at a knowledge of the revenue to products of our paper away, and an not wish to give Gl want of returns enthusiasm than the evening proceedings the government. No of branches do. 40 truth themselves, and aie not desirous to for three or sour numbers is lather account 7 of 1 Aster communicate a knowledge of the truth to manifested," the sitting of the Convention someuesday, April business the transaction Mr. Whole No. of banks unimportant in the Senate, too small a business to be troubled with ourand branches in others. In any event, herefore, the public having been prolonged until 12 o'clock at Smith announced the death of his colleague, the operation 1)01 840 THE WAY IT WORKS, selves, or with which to trouble others. may perceive that they are knowingly and Hon Thaddeus Betfs, a Senator in Congress Capital paid $358,442,G92 in night. from the State of Connecticut. Mr Belts had Loans and ducounts $327,132,512 4G2,89G,523 wilfully asserting what is false to mislead General Harrison's friends, that is, the 492,278,015 NEW YORK CITY ELECTION. expired that morning about sit o'clock, aster a Stocks 36,128,401 42,411,750 the public mind, to promote;their party purbetter informed poition of them, aro greatRobert Wickliffe, Jr. is announced in ehort but severe illness Mr. Davis, of Massa Real estate Wo are indebted to the New York Eve1G,G07,832 29,181,919 poses by means of the vilest misiepresen-tationmoved tho customary resolutions of Other bely clngrined at the conespondence 28,352,248 24,592,580 investments the Reporter as a candidate to represent chusetts, condolence, and lor attending the luneral next Due from ning Post of the 15th, for the following le- banks tween the "confidential committee" and the county of Fayette in the next Legisla- day, and for going into mourning Asa further Notes of other banks 52,898,357 41,140,184 But that our readers may see for themthe Charter Election in that city on turnsof other manifestation of respect for the deceased, the the Oswego Union Association. Some of ture. on hand 20,797,892 selves, what Mr. Buchanan has said in 27,372,960 14th instant. The democrats have car immediately adjurned. the Senate Specie funds 3,623,674 reply to the misrepiesentations of Mr. Davis 3,612,567 the leading whig presses of the east proIn tho House of Representatives, aster some 33,105,155 on which the whigs have sounded the' 45,132,673 ried twelve of the seventeen Wards, and We are authorised to announce Mr. John routine business, the Secretary of the Senate Specie Circulation nounce it a forgery, others pass it by in 135,170,995 100,968,572 charge against the have a majority of five in each branch of the appeared at tho bar, and delivered a messago inadministration and its 75,696,857 90,240,146 utter silence, and not one, as far as we have Curd as a candidate to represent the coun- forming the House of the death of Mr. Setts, Deposit banks Due other 53,135,508 44,159,615 friends, we copy the following extract from City Council. It will be observed that Mr. ty of Fayette in the House of Representa- and of the resolutions adopted by the Senato on Other liabilities has ventured to publish it. 43 275,183 the speech of the former, delivered in the 02,946,218 Vanan's majority is seventeen hundred and observed, the occasion Mr. Osborn, of Connecticut, then The secret of the fall of prices is now Senate on the 3rd of March: In 1822 General Harrison enteitained tives. rose and addressed to the House an impressive font, and that his present poll, compared and "And all this the Senator .ays in a professed and appropriate eulogy on the deceased. The out. Within one year the banks contracted published the following opinion: reply to me. He thus charges me with having with that of last year, exhibits a gain of 637 A Counterfeit Detected. We have heard House immediately adopted similar resolutions their circulanon upwards of twenty-eigh- t Extract of a published letter of Gen Harrison's ascribed to the Independent Treasury bill to those of the Senate, and shortly afterwards the Is a whig editor had such news to votes. millions ot dollars, or about twenty per cent. power of reducing tho that General Combs attempted to palm adjourned. dated income of every man in No war, or rumor of war pioduced this 16, 1822. the country "one half, ,n the value of wages Wednesday, April 8 Both the Senato and Cincinnati, Sept himself off at the great whig gathering in lay before his leaders he would raise a loud the House of Representatives met, but without no failure of the ciops no "removal of the and property." Had I contended in savor of huzza ; and so should w c, perhaps, is victo- the Sm In your last paper you recommended to Mason, as one of the "log cabin" boys, a entering upon business, adjourned for the purany such power, well might the Senator havo candidates at the ensuing election, to publish deposits" no "specie circular" no was ries were as scarce with us as they are with their political creeds, that the electors may have real "hard cider" nag. He is said to have pose of attending the funeral of Mr. Belts. system." Within the period in said italmost a "flagitious preposition." Ho would the hour appointed, the funeral of the have At those that party. But, "the case being altered, a fair opportunity of choosing own whose senti mounted the rostrum disguised in a pair of Hon Thaddeus Betts proceeded from the Capi- which this contraction took place, war was term so harsh and been justified in the use of a ments best accord with their I have ever unparliamentary "Self respect, as well as the respect I owe to therefore, we shall only believed that every elector his a right to make tow linen trowsersand an old greasy hnsey tol, under the direction of a Committe of Ar regarded as so remote a contingency as to alters the case" rangements, consisting of Senators Davis, Crit- enter into the calculation of sew individuals the Senate, restrains me from giving such a concall upon those who offer their scivices to this say that the democracy of New York have the people, and that the candidates are bound to hunting shirt; but he unfortunately forgot tenden, Henderson, Linn and Pierce. 1 he pall Our crops of corn and cotton, and every tradiction to this allegation as it deserves It would surely not be deemed answer it. nobly done their duty. to pull off his white kid gloves, and the old bearers were benators Way, ot Kentucky, Way thing else, were most abundant. The notes in me, is I were to turn to theimproper, however, ton, Dixon, Lumpkin, Preston and Roane. The WM. H. HARRISON. returns are not all official, and it is farmers instantly detected him as a disguis Senator and Representatives from Connecticut of "specie paying banks" were freely re- the epithet which he himself Senator, and apply The has applied to the How does this comport with the avowal ed dandy, and publicly proclaimed the im- attended as mourners, followed by the two ceived for public dues; and Congress hav- proposition he imputes to me, and were to possible that Vanan's maj'ority may reach Houses, attended by their officers, and by the ing neglected o pass a law to punish defaulthat such an imputation was a "flagitious" of the "confidential committee," that the to two thousand. posture. President of the United States, Heads of Departmisrepresentation of my remarks." present "policy is, that the General make ters, or to provide, in any manner, for the 1840. 1839. Fiom th s extiact it will be seen that Mr. When a small b&y we were much deligh- ments, &c the Chaplains of Congress oflicia. safe keeping of the public money, the Gov- Buchanan has ling on the occasion. no further declaration of his principles, for denied in the most positive ted with a little "picture book," in which '1 iiursday, April 9. In the Senate, the Chair ernment was compelled to deposite much Vanan. Phoenix. Varian. Wards. Clark the public eye, whilst and explicit terms the imputation of having occupying his present V. B. V. B. AV. W. various animals were delineated as perform submitted reports from the Second Auditor of of it in banks. The banks have had every advocated the 470 the Treasury, and from tho Secretary of War, 1 1146 position." 531 measuie in question, upon ing the labors of men, and acting as over- aster which, several memorials and petitions thing then own way dunng tho past jear, the grounds alleged by the whigs, and 491 335 2 795 has Here we soe that the General is perfectly 117G 505 801 3 One wero presented, and some resolutions offered, and yet, from defects inherent in the pres-e- characterized the allegatio i agnnst him, as seers upon their former masters. 4 1182 150 banking system, this immense curtail it deserved to 1160 willing to answer all questions but not acted upon. Mr. Merrick reported a bill that he has be, as a flagitious misreprecut represented a horse driving a cart he to incorporate the Bank of Columbia, which was ment of circulation and consequent fall of 5 135G 1433 160 sentation. And yet, notwithstanding this 1233 6 425 1062 "ever believed that every elector has was dressed in a wide skirted coat, cocked read and ordered to a second reading. Several prices have ensued. 7 plain, palpable and positive denial of tho 143 1825 1774 right to mike a call upon those who offer private bills were then considered, and the SenAs stated above, the whole effect which flagitious hat, &.C, and might have passed muster ate went into executive business and afterwards 231 8 2237 2130 misrepiesentation, the whigs are their services to the people, an J that the can- 9 banking operations have had on prices, is not still actively 563 1929 1353 easily, is his tail had not stuck out between adjourned. employed in circulating tho 10 1699 In the House of Representatives, the resolu- manifested in as strong a light as it would 319 1175 ididales arc bound to answer it." By what charge, and endeavoring to impicss the pubthe shirts of his coat. So it is with the tion submitted by Mr Hand, calling upon the 873 11 1629 633 be is the accounts of the banks of each authority does the "confidential committee" 436 12 535 285 General whenever he attempts to act the Secretary of War for a statement of the works State could be here given separately, as lic with the belies that the friends of the 13 421 1391 he considers necessary to be constructed in order 983 undertake to "restrain the whig candidate administration desire to reduce the ptice of democrat. He can never succeed com- to place the northern and northeastern frontiers they are in the Secretary's report. Though labor. 14 343 1509 1321 for the Presidency from the performance of 841 15 state of defence, came up for consid there has been a great contraction, taking 584 1348 pletely some incautious avowal, some un- in a properOn In another speech,dehvered by Mr. Buch16 514 1235 motion of Mr. Wise, tho resolution eration. 1121 a duty which he believes himself "bound" precedented remark, betiays him, and all was so amended as to authorize the Secretary to the country throughout, yet in some dis- anan on the 6th of Mai ch, he notices the 110 17 1481 1184 to perform giving tho people full informa report a full and connected system of national tricts theie has been an immense expansion. charge against him as follows, and shows his labor is lost. 2821 21,072 4528 defence, embracing steam and other vessels of In Mississippi, for example, thocuculation, that his object 20,005 lion as to his political opinions, "that the in supporting the Indepen2824 war, and floating batteries for coast and harbor according to the returns nearest to Januaiy, 20,005 electors may have a fair oppoitunity of A Banter. Is Mr. Letcher is really as defence, and, aster a discussion n which Messrs 1839, was 12 millions, and according to the dent Treasury system, was to advance the Vanan's maj 1704 Do in 1839 1067 choosing those whose sentiments best accord anxious to encounter Judge French upon Hand, Wise, Adams, Smith, of Alame, and leturns nearest to January, 1810, was 15 best interests of the labonng men. it Thompson, of South Carolina, participated, the 637 Gain, "Now as to the wages of labor. I really with their own ?" Do they derive this pow the stump as he pretends to be, he can resolution, as thus amended, w as passed An million?, showing an increase of about 25 thought it was impossible that could have been JAMES GUTHRIE, ESQ. er from the Harrisburg Convention? We readily gratify his wish by attending to the other portion of the day was occupied in person percent. In Ohio, on the contrary, in June, misunderstood, until I read the soccch of thn al explanations between between Messrs. Bond, What would the whig party do is it were have examined the published proceedings suggestion contained in the paragraph be- Medill, and Wellcr, of Ohio, aster which the 1839, the circulation was $0,885,203, and Senator. In combating the remarks of the Sen1840, it was only 4,407,127, ator from Kentucky, (Mr Clay) 1 proved that not for the gentleman whose name heads of that body, but can find no trace of the low, which we copy from the Louisville House passed into Committee of the Whole on in Januaiy, wnai mo laDoring man ought, above all things, showing a decrease of nearly 33 per cent, to the state of the Union, and took up the civil and desire, was, such a n lorm in our bankinff this article ? He is made the general scape appointment of the 'confidential committee.' Adveitiserof the 16th instant: bill, which was deba- in the short period of six months. diplomatic appropriation system as would afford him "constant employ ted until the adjournment, by Messrs. Wise, J. goat for all their delinquencies, and when- A like result has attended our researches As near as can be ascertained, the bank ment and regular wages, paid in a kound cur Fair Chance. Wc understand Mr. Letcher W. Jones, Cushing, Bell, Biddle, Hubbard It is ruinous to him for his wages to ever you corner them fairly, and prove that into the doings of the Whig Convention at insinuated in Washington county, that Judge Vanderpoel. Dr. Duncan being entitled to and circulation in those parts of the countiy in rency the be rising with the kite of speculation one year, To show that floor, meet gave way for a motion to rise and report wnicn specie payments have been maintain and tho very next year to have them reduced to they are either ignorant of the true inteiests Columbus, Ohio, and of all the other Con French was afraid tobelieve him. himself, we propose Mr. Letcher did not New England, New York and almost nothing, and even to be ed, that is progress, without employof the State, or premeditatedly pursuing a ventiona and public meetings, held by the to aid in bringing the gentlemen together, and adjourned.which was done, and then tho House Ohio, was, in the 1st on of January last, only ment altogether. benefits by extravaHardin. Is Mr. Letcher will in a w hig county ruinous line of policy, they at once at- whigs since the General's nomination. The state to us that he will be Elizabethtown on a Friday, April 10. In the Senato there was 834,552,972, against $46,924,121 on the gant speculation. It brings to him nothing but in number of memorials, petitions and tempt to shelter themselves behind Mr. power assumed by this committee is plainly given day, (allowing Judge French time to ar an unusual 1st ot January, IS39, showing a diminu unmitigated evil, because tho increased prices reports presented. Mr. Walker presented which he is obliged to pay for the necessaries rive,) we will give notice of the appointment, memorial from the citizens of Mississippi, a tion of upwaidsof 12 millions, or nearly 27 and comforts of life, Guthrie. Such was the case last winter, an usurped one derived neither from the and thus afford the modest whig candidate an in savor of a uniform bankrupt law, applicable to per cent, on tho whole amount. In the ic- - than counterbalance, counterbalance, and more this advantage. What he when it was demonstrated that their inter- consent of the General, nor of tho whig opportunity to find and feel his competitor. banks and corporations as well us to private in mainmg Slates and Territories the bank desires is stability and regularity in the business dividuals. It was rcierred to the (Jommittee on cuculation was, as nal improvement system worked badly, and party. of tho country. He ought to be able to raise his reaily as can be ascer family " Tho whig papers contain an advertisement the Judiciary. Mr. JNorv ell offered a joint re in peace and comfort, and to look forward was running the Stale into debt, without We pause here, for a moment, to point offering Harrison's "Log Cabin at North Bend," solution ot the legislature ot Michigan, in savor tamed, on the 1st of January last, 872,- - to the next year for the same reward for his any prospect of suture reimbursement. The out to General Combs the broad path to im to let or lease. We are sorry that old "Tip" of putting Detroit in a better state of defence. 415,400, against 888,235,884, on the 1st of honest toil that he received the last. On this already preparing for a voyage up "Salt Mr. Smith, of Indiana, offered resolutions of the January, 1839, showing a diminution of subject no anxious doubts is ought to harrass his Louisvile Journal, the other whig prints and mortality. We presume that he sometimes River." Baltimore Republican. legislature of that State, on tho subject of the neaily 10 millions, or about 18 percent, mind as He ought to feel himself independent so boundary difficulties. Mr. Ruggles, of Maine, politicians, jumped behind Mr. Guthrie, indulges himself in reading of the days of long it shall please the Almit;hty to give him Sorry, Mr. Republican ! You should be presented joint resolutions recently adopted by on the whole amount. health and to earn his loudly bawling that it was all his fault-t- hat chivalry how the hardy knight of old, glad to learn that the old fellow has so the legislature of Maine, declaring that the time Estimating the currency of Mississippi as sweat of hisstrengthwithout being bread by tho face, involved in had arrived when the final settlement of tho worth fifty cents in tho dollar, and that of those periodical crashes of the banking system, he was the father of the sys'em, and when he hcaid of imprisoned beauties, dis- much foresight. About this place the boundary question should be no longer delayed the othei States wherein the banks have responsible for all the evil consequences tressed dambels, and other case3 of oppres whigs are still betting that he will elected. The remainder of the day was devoted to busi. si s which arc produced by extravagant expansions pended specie payments, at an average de of the currency. Under the present system tho ness of a private or local nature. that might slow from it. laboring man cannot calculate what a day may sion, mounted his trustv steed. Girded on Did you ever hear of such infatuation? In the House of Representatives, the first bu- preciation of six per cent, the whole value of bring forth He receives high wages to day and This was also the pase on a late occasion, his good sword, took his stout lance in hand, siness in order was a resolution, before reported the bank circulation of the Union was on is tarvmg for want of cmplojment to morrow. We copy the following announcement ofj from the Committee on Public Expenditures, to the 1st of January last, when we commented upon the gross negli- and sallied forth to the rescue. You 95,93S,527, against In illustrating these views, I most cheerfully to a dischargo the Committee, which gave 135,170,995, on tho 1st of January, 18j9. admitted in my speech that "that country is, gence of the Legislature, in adj'ournmg have a head to plan, a heart to dare, and a the death of Judge White, from the Knov-vill- e discussion that had not concluded when rise hour the most prosporous where labor commands the arrived for calling the special ordcis of the daj , The decrease is upwards of 39 millions, oi greatest reward, where one day's labor will proArgus of the 14th mst. without renewing the law to provide for taking hand to achieve this higli emprise. Sally which were accordingly called (or, but by con- at the late of about 30 percent. duce, not the greatest nominal amount of a dethe votes of this State in the ensuing Presi-denti- forth, then, from your goodly castle on DEATH OF JUDGE WHITE. sent, Mr. Bell submitted a motion, which was We have ainved at the condition in which preciated currency, but most of the necessaries agreed to, that the Committee on Indian Affairs we were election. "Mr. Guthrie," bawled Main street speed on your trusty charger Judge White died at his residence near in 1819, 1820 and 1821; that is lo and comforts of life " And I said that by corhave leave to send for persons and papers in ex out the Reporter and the Journal, "was the to the North Bend rush upon the catifTs this place on Friday last. lie wab nearly amining the subject rcierred to that Commute, say, when, as Mr. Crawfoid remarked, the recting your bjoated credit sjstem in such a manner as to rcdurc "the amount of your bank 113 aisease was con relative to tho treaty with the Winnebago In cuirency was. in many parts of the coun- issues within reasonable and safe limits, and esChairman of the Senate's Judiciary Com who hold him in thrall, and deliver your seventy years oiu. sumption, by which dreadful scourge he had dians The House then resolved into Commit try, not only unsound in quality, but defi tablishing a metalic basis for your paper circulamittee, and it was his duty to attend to the favorite hero and candidate from his bon been called to mourn the loss of nearly all tee of tho Whole, and reumed the consideration cient in quantity. Such, from timr tn tunc, tion, 'you would greatly benefit the laborer dage. Do this, and your name shall be his children. Since his leturn from Wash- of the bill making provision for the civil and must necesanly be the matter." case, is the picsent lie could then purchase more of the necesancs diplomatic expenses of the government for the On examination, we find that the Senate known in the lays of minstiels, and succeed ington the Judge had lapidly declined, and 3 ear 184U. Dr. Duncan, who was entitled to banking system is to continue without a- - and comforts ot life for one dollar "than ho could have done in the days of extravagant expansion appointed Messrs. Guthrie, Dixon, Payne, ing chroniclers shall not forget to speak of his friends, we are informed, had for the last the floor, addressed tho Committee at considera- mendment. The formei great revulsion for one dollar and a quarter." Besides, he would sew weeks anticipated his speedy dissolu- ble lfnirth. took p ice under a National Bail. The then enjoy the advantages which ho never can James, and luce, a Committee on the Judi- your deeds. Saturday, April 11. The Senate stood tion. present has occurred without one. A recui-renc- e do under tho present system, "of constant emMondaj. to But we have wandered from the subject. ciary, We presume that it was equally ployment and regular wages," Peace to his ashes! As conductor of a of such evils can be pievented in no involved in ruin by a recurrence without being In tno House of Representatives the resolution of those perithe duty of all these gentlemen to see Our purpose in writing this article was the public journal politically opposed to lum,in of Mr. Briggs, from the Committee on the Pub other way than by a. complete rtform of oin odical expansions and contractions of tho curlie Expenditures, proposing to abolish that Com present banking svstem; and that what laws, about to expire, needed renewal introduction to our readeis. of the following, his immediate neighborhood, our duty to reform rency, which have hitherto convulsed the coun-timitteo, was discussed during the morning hour ' The I ever dreamed, Messrs. Dixon, Payne and Rice, are, we which we copy from the Hoosierof the 11th the cause we advocate has frequently called by Mr. Wise, in opposition to the resolution. riot by a National Bank, which expeiience was to bringlast ihing of which the pure his wages down to metalic us to publish stiictures on his political life. 'I he remainder of the day wa occupied has shown to be either unable or unwilling in dis 1 standard wished to adopt that safe mixed believe, whigs. Why did not one of them mst., published at Rushville, Indiana: That life has closed; and charity will cussing, in Committe of the Whole on the state to pi event such revulsions. currency which I so fullj described in the course Politic vl Debate at GRECNSBtntnii. On Mnn. cover with a mantle of forgetfulness the of tho Union, the civil and diplomatic appropri attend to the matter? The present Pcnn)lvania substitute for of my remarks, and which would boa blessing day last, aster Judge Bigger had But this is not all. The Committee on appointment to deliver an address to fulfilled his political errors he may have committed, ation bill Mr. Giddmgs moved to strike out the a National Bank, under the old influence to manufacturers, merchants, mechanics, labor the citizens enacting clause of the bill, and complained at crs, and all the people of the country, Courts of Justice, in the House of Repre of Grecnsburgh, both the candidates for Presi- leaving only the good deeds of a long and some length of the amount which had been paid and policy which governed its predecessor it would produce certainty and stability because Vn in all dential elector in this district being present, Mr eventful career for our remembrance. for soap and for washing towels in the several tor near a quarter of a century, has aggra-- l the transactions of Inc." MARTIN RICHARD JOHNSON. RICHARD FRENCH. O-- We sentatives, was composed of Messrs. Butler, l F. Marshall, Turner, English, Huston, Coke, and Pindell. At least sour of this committee, and the Chairman, were whigs. Mr. Pierce Butler, the Chairman, and Mr. Thomas F. Marshal, are lawyers. Why did they not attend to the subject? Was it not as much Mr. Butler's duty as it was Mr. Guthrie's? Is it the province alone of the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee to examine what laws have expued, and what further legislation is lequired? Has the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Chairman of the Committee on Couits of Justice, the whig majority in each branch of the Legislature, and the other public functionaries, nothing to do with the government of the State? Is the whole labor and responsibility to be thrown upon Mr. Guthrie? Are our whig rulers to take the credit of all the good that may spring from his labors, and is the blame of all mistakes and omissions to be saddled upon Mr. Guthrie? Is this is to be the policy in suture, as it notoriously has been during the past, we have a proposition , to make to the whigs. Let them dismiss their present rulers, dis pense with the existing machinery of their government, and employ Mr. Guthrie to manage their affairs. This would be a gieat saving of time and money, and the business would be much better attended to. Let them either do this, or let them make their rulers bear the propel responsibility which attaches to their stations, and quit dodging under Mr. Guthrie's coat tails whenever the propriety of their policy is questioned. Robinson was respectfully solicited by his an tagonist, Mr. Cravens, to make a speech Mr R., wc are informed, immediately intimated his willingness to comply with this request, by ns ing, amid the most alarming bursts of dicord and disapprobation, and commenced an address lie proceeded, sometimes heard and sometimes unheard, the clamor of his ill bred audience rendering his voice at times completely inaudible Having occasion in the course of his remarks to introduce the correspondence between the confidential committee of the hard cider candidate and the Union Association, published in our paper to day, we are not a little surprised to learn, that he was interrupted by a Reverend minister of tLe gospel, a resident of this county, w ho was present and who not only pronounced the correspondence counterfeit and false, but actually gave the lie to tho speaker. The Reverend gentleman went even further, and stated upon the authority of his own personal knowledge, that O. M. Spencer, a member of the committee, "had died, six years ago, in Hamilton county, Ohio" while the people well know that ho is now a citizen of Cincinnati and a candidate for Congress. Is such conduct, wc would ask, becoming in the character of a divine is it becoming in tho character of any man who has not cast beyond him every honorable feeling? Wc think he will find the propogation of notorious falsehoods difficult to reconcile with tho precepts of the bible. But enough Every honest man will acquire more and more dislike to this party, as its principles of action become moro and more developed. e &-- c s. "Sub-Treasur- y nt I jHe-ncvc- v

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