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Image 1 of The Kentucky Kernel, March 27, 1963

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

e OCetvtuckif Kditor Discusst s Si:A'. Integration See Page I.IV, N,,. WE L 1 J ji B5 I i I r si t y o f K t EXINGTON KY ' ockn eather: "s Sunn Vnd Mild: High 59 ntnc U y IVEDNESDAY, MARt II 27, 96 . K f onstmction Postponed ? Greek House Bids 20 Over Estimate i: BILE GR W l Kernel Stefl Writer t the Zeta Beta Tan nstruction fraternit) house an I tin IVlta Cam ma sorority ho use ma) be postponed. Bids have been submitte rot the two houses and are 2( pen i nt ovei the c d estimat ( i George H. Kavanaugfc ocJate hwlnrmi nuagi L'K id the aajor consider at lo will be whether funds are available tor the construction. "Tli' Housing and Home Finance Agency has allocated $630. SC Officer ;iixs Antic I wcti,i ( 7f education junior I nun Portsmouth. Ohio, receives the first Metropolitan Women's luh of Lexington scholarship from Airs. Tom Begem Smith, president of the group. ;is Dr. B. W. Ockerman. chairman of I K Committee on Scholarships and Loans, looks on. The SI. 000 a year award is to he presented every other vear to Manner, lK junior majoring in speech therapy or an allied field, and will he repeated for the senior year if the student's progress is acceptable. Kunds for the scholarship come from the proceeds of the Miss Lexington Pageant, sponsored by the .Metropolitan Club. Miss Hatcher is a lHlitl graduate of Portsmouth High School. Disarmament Talk Scheduled At SUB Peace Corps dward Morin will ml i English instructor world disarmament at 7 p.m tomorrow in the II Hill. the Student Union Building. possibilities of nuclear war. its Entitled Disarmament with-oestimated effect upon the social Deleat: A Dream Come ol structure, and some of the reasAre," the talk is the bat ol the ons aad methods usually gixen YMCA Forum Series of the spring for disarmament. semester In a prpvicw of his talk, Mr. eventual di&arma- "Although Morin said he will the ment has recently been stated as an offJdal policy goal of the U.S.." Morin says he will argue (ram I theoretical and practical standpoint rational governments themselves wdl continue to obstruct disarmament progress." Y-- L ut inti Debaters Travel To Tennessee T ic Ui lersity bate t am will trav to tiu University ol ennesse for a regular de- bate and Eastern State CoBege to participate in a cross touma- examination incut tins weekend. I Four students trom UK bate at UT. Debating the "Technology has made the natiobsolete,'" he continued. with its Either the nation-sta- te idea o; national sovereignty will ci:e by Its own hand in nuclear war. taking along with it most of the world'.- - people, or else people must nonviolently hasten the natton-statt- s' process of bloodless decay and Use n ImullltJ to build a good society." on-state Nominations Schoiarskip a Members To Visit UK United States Pe ( oi ps representatives, Mr. am Mrs. in the McDaniel, will University campus today to talk through Friday to students and faculty members who ma) be interested in the corps. ! Mr. and Mrs. McDanie were formerly associated With Camp Bradley, a Peace Corps training center in Puerto Rico. They will meet With all interested students in Raggm Hall from i:30 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday; Thursday, :i to 5 p.m. in of the Student Unthe ion Building, and from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the recreation room of Holmes Hall. All those interested in talking to the McDanirln should call the Office of Institutional Studies. Scheduled Student Congress for 1963-6- 4 officers will be nomin- Student Congress meeting on Tuesday, April 2. Officer nominations will be made from the members of Student Congress (ram the floor. Officers will be eiecied in an ated at tlu- election on April 18. Jackie Kobinson. chairman of the tudent ( onress elections committee, said that it was hoped the oft iters could he listetl on an Hi.M sheet so that the rates could he counted elet tri all. The question BID be. -- Resolved in both debates that-noc- -C nations should an economic comm.:::. - y Aran Sponsor's Meet There will he an important Arsnj ROTC sponsor's meeting at t p.m. today in the mil-itKbran in Knell Armorv. Include Parents parents weekend is being planned this year lor the In addition to Little Kentucky Derby. Saturday afternoon bicycle rat e ami tin concert, acth ities ill be added interest tin pan nts. whien w The idea to include par nts one- at offer now are limited to and alum.- - is part of the LKD committeei plans to make the $500." He added that LKI is still too derby weekend a larger event,' sssaM oiisidering this its said Jack Davis, chairman of year. "At Indiana I'nher-sitLKD steering committee. a here the idea at a toflbge "As the derby gets stronger ii z pionceretl. tin s draw and attracts more people, we can ahout ;".IMM) people ttiaipared to offer bigger scholarships. Hie ataboai the S.Mi which ! i sev-ea- : l asmdtj tend ours." e will be Kevin Hennessey and Dave McCracken. Richard Ford and Donald Clapp will present the negative. The BMSS examination tournament lo be held it Eastern State College, utilizes the courtroom v.,jd ir. Gifford Blv-loprocedure. spaSMH oi the debate team. "A studii'.t will talk for :boul 10 mamaes and then a member oi the opposite team l ill troMTUM- ine the speaker,' he added Those debating lor the Sffirm-ativ- e on the varsity team will tx Paul Chellegren and John Pat-to- n. ami or the negative Michele Cleveland and Jin Crockarell. On the novice team will be Li nel Bawse and Stanley Craig or the affirmative, and Bteve Beshear and David Emerson or the ni native. timates. LKD Festivities will deaffirm-ativ- ooo for these two bouses and the Sigma No and Sigma Alpha Ep-sttfraternity house-.- " he said. "We have several alternatives." Mr. Kavanaugb said. "We can aids and usdmli'ii1 reject tic eaa reject ssm ami advertise it with the ether twin the 5g iii. t "so .did i VI boasts), or we eaa attempt to negotiate. We hae sou- - lime yet lo make our decision." The bids were submitted on March 15 and have to be accepted or rejected in 30 days. Bids have not yet been asked for the Sigma N'u or the Sigma Alpha Epsilon houses. Sites for all tour of the houses have been obtained. Mr. Kavanaugb said that the Delta Gamma house would be tha largest and therefore the bid for its construction was the lea.-- ? out of line with the previous es- i. In the housing units, there wili be lists posted for students to sign their parent's name and address. Letters will be sent to these the parents explaining derby and listing a variety of activities for the derby weekend, April 26 and J7 Davis said after paten check the events they would be inter in attending and then return the letters, more definite plans can be formulated. fSSsMfl activities mil title- a golt toU'nament I. attiring pro-ffu- si SI, a luni hum. a meet-i- n with Dr. I ran'-- , (,. Ii k.-- . a "! low easapw sad Biue-eras- a in i, and a Bhw aad White hstersguad loctaal game, ' i n .derc-"We have a blocit ..f rooms in vari- - ': - - .;. teh fi r parents, of we ban t I gewi re poo e from 'he parents bet n .ire sctuaSy de e . SI Hoard Candidates The eleition lor Mudent t nion Board effleers will tomorrow a.m. to "i p.m. in the Stadeat L'sdoa Buildins. the line Arts Building. and Paaevaa Hall From the 10 candidates will 1m- - elected sflkers. Candidates tor the the be held positions are. row one. from left. Pegg Parsons, Ann Ore:;:; Taiadstd. Linda rerkins. md ( iro-Bi- ll Iva Cramer. Raa to. from the hit. Neel Bill Drest her. Ko-e- r May, Rasty Carpenter, Ja Peters, and lack Kei. cided." Davis commented. Students who have not signed The:;name- - a. BSU in their dormi'-jri'-may do so in the LKD office ... the Stude:.- - U:.:. Building. Kamei have to in by April 6. -:

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