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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, August 15, 1856

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

ty1 tfX'J'S" I'il1 'i''Vi''g;viiiiva i 5 1 VOLUME XIII LOUISVILLE, TUB DAILY 1EMQCIUT, FlilNTE D ISO rLBLUaKD HARNSY, HUGHES ALU CRT O. RICHARDSON O&ot on TMrrl lUMt, betwa Marlrsjt find Je?r9oru EiateiiLt, .72 I' F I C t Von BUILD- - tt ttn.x. Arm IVra. Cole's Voyage iiOOKaS Farmers' and Mechanics' Or Philndeliihia. .: tcr Uin, Lonisyille rmllE sr t!ii. ta BUSINESS NOTICES. L AW, PLACE, LOUIS- O. 6 COURT rt!W. Ky. BETHKL COLLEGE, to ATTOKJfEV AT fiat, to arc: J injury from roil-irSTATIDli:T t)F UlTSINLS. t the cost of one dol'ar, .'uiiitrvory or tr, le test to cue Froa the first day of August to th thirty Crt day :ra chart- - r b .liig and cirt-jfipaithoui Deooir.htr.1366: 1 luniitkeu at the lowtt rnct, aiid bvXrd fur A us cuut received la Marie epremiuun uu. i?j4t li ror cf Er.frriTir.ji or Circn'T if ths In Da 39,?.'S rro'ictui da lire A k-sli.utiffi, lor h. (H,Kf!, adv-- u lut'.nu e( New Vora. .$10-Miafitai. 7"!.e - are Or iiv.-- l idtivea aQ.JrfU fc'il J:f t txpy of rsMin L- UUSSELLYJLLE, KY'. NEXT SESSION OF THIS Institution witleommonee en Thursday, SeptemPecu'isr adys'--tge- i ar here efered to young men h'j ocsire th'riu.h eoure of i'.8truc ijo. ihe J Fsculty olfr ererv facility thit their scbe FOUNDER. AND and eitrgy m.i'y lloW. Ureal care wi.l be U tken to m.ike thorough schrlirs. altemi .n w;,l I e ciren tothe departaneat of Morter.i Lvtui?es and Civil Krg t ter ng. Ve-IIAZLETON & I5ROTII l or mv.l . X'CBttirtT instrumen's have bren pureh.fed $40;,151 13 IHCVaJ WXEK. tt,5s'S-ttJ- fI' riano Forts Ma!rraCTCRHifi, tor the Deparmect of l'r ,C'icl Matheosuies, inv.a Jinf A3 FOLLOWS Jk. Ilniman, feiiter XcCit-kb- r Lar-JJ SorvcyiuKi Knineerin, kc. J 'jNo.. fiund Aitret, NewVi:k,wBer of Ilo:.d of Alitsbecy coutty, Pittsarg, and may t nptrr;ir as'jrtme'' The d scipiine,. Ja Aw".stitu.ion a .11 be prompt, yi t AM) i ntnn rvrVH. ir. vlun A'i i cases, troin t- to ENCRAL COLLECTING Piiadelp!iia6'i $78,721 parentnl. aud a !!1 iacotreol .f ;.rf nia.Vriat, and pronounced ty 'c ff". Real Klat A?-r- ;t. y 8300 00 be ret lined. U hhTiTir. ghly W ill sold Rtiiroad Bjnd,coi.t itii.fuiKt.i nr itn t) ic i dtffcwi iy.'llic o. at oart f'.c. 'ihe Tilltge mor:!.free from on the tH')t roaaoi'.a'-i,9jC tS ior;r6, nd warr anted to (.land Loans ou rt muriate of real estate jsnce, and rH'reii from, p!c- - (fTnin; induce-niet.any cililjsle. Ordrrt Jrom I hi emmtry frempllv ';tnre s- era io1eea, to baredeigued to y!ci'. Co gtocts, CoLaitral 3a,33i 00 fVOIt MABl'l'K i. Jl.fVITH in a: rarf; Cauo Knar-jcto pve tt:far-t;'in- . . as a pUo fo liler&r.y 11,072 23 it 7 II no; to, the fiino ir ay be rLurted to us, we Cash in l$uk and cn hsod h. course oi ir.Et.ucM. n is hiirouzii. more s"tktn A: 32 - y ond ii tefurH ts liie taf nfrribt. Cpita! utacritd, payuitct not yetda-i',700 0v most c; I ees of the SoulJi smi Wt. '1 He r u Mu-gare tne Crystal Palace, New Fr. aiu-- nct-- b, situat63,3;7 31 couiui'i'liou. neily tumifch '(f, aud Tery flatlytchoiar-sh'p- , EXE HAL COMMISSION AND At l' mst Kxhi'iitic-- wsat as'Jrd t. HazLfcTOM not rsatnred.. a i'rze Jcdal ed. Ihe Faculty are .eiiiitni.'n of thorough lgo da'"rs la livio HER, fjr tRe 5Lf frrard;nit .Merc' arr, quality if U,&3 CI Fiano Dut. from aftuU (secured by bonds) oi ripe exi er.ence, atd of treat energy ef char-ac- u , . i.T ,t for:i.. tilc(i were t te:ic. ad Irat tU.r. Liqaom. S7 i rurd tirrt, r. 11,.2 33 jy3 h.y. t uro'Olu f lure, snd plHced :a t!;s liir l t siaie by Exrensts Sul comcUsiuna 6a Fi'rfur'hfr particu!rs, address the Prefidnt, tj. T. i ? .r oi.rtirat.A--- i en.t'is : Wi li) Norr., K. 11. CALDtVfcLL, $A.151 13 BLKWi.T . , or usir:.l 1 'rt.u:PLts; Jrll f n, Vn i l:iiiii-ni- u .Secret try of the Board of trustees. A. HAMIALL, .i t.uMuouiil of loer W . 11. Fry, U.S. Hillia, 1.,fcMt,2. Meisnen. p.ul dlSiwlm Krsan.LViLLC. Kr.,july 3J. iot et adjusted, Kiul t( (irc. lisr;t, J niy on Musi.-n- l lrFtraiii n.t; 1". I;ri .iCT fcti.retij'y on ilusicnl Jnstru-LiiU- . Fire $l,t0 5S jtlJdi.iy Male Seminary. The JulJNSTON'S rAIMfii'8 HFOT). Juknte I, Mi fw u. 5 Ttt id Slit t, B. DOWNES, A.M., EYE AND , EAR. DURINO SACULTY.-'-- F. f KT. I iry te tour In turor-- I oHi:nr. evt;ial ce and Professor of Mathematics t2This CoEpany effect IchiritiCo oa hocses t I'.etrnra.'LU t"d Henieaies of iricnicu! if!e Moral iScierce. in roy KICM'0 KOBaKTFOH. JOU (IMVFU. or for a limited time; also, on rnerchaodisc, aidh H.W.P.ALI.AD, Profenorrf Latin and Greek. rpecihiy . Tl.err is no ; otMiic kn"n to tiie facurty furniture, cills, manufactories, and Tesecli in port, C. M. KUVVLEi, Insiructur i tue AingH'h Depart-Bien- t. in eiltir hfm:S'htTe wi'h wf.ioh I am c t & a rt,ni'Tjed arvn kit tii'i.ut ttCe fur a against LOil 1T f IKK. ill li s r :y of Nt Tori , enabln urn to Location. This Irirtitnt-oi- i Is finely located at NewAiAnLtofthe above Solvent Cnuipaay, I aia pre- castle. Ky.,a heiutiful place nitiiH'eJ oniy tour miles f aic It J.AKU ;ii iiiai.y crjm o Niiairturciiicd h Wi.h a hich Calarcl poainvtly curr ly a ne lueihoJ, pared to Ubue policies upon most favcrable term on from the i.tuivill-a- n I traokfort ' tmrjirus r onnecta twice d.nily. m.wui (ail.; kMii ruicUi-- or Cro;s i.)cin t u in courso cf transtni.s:cn to or from acy point an The BfiLDiso. A fvo story brick, has b?en put In Arasiiriuli rure.1 iu tt.e EQjotit of dlrs. , 1 nun or .iiHtion, l n. h. J Wat ry tye, ol America, hulls of tteamboats navlgatiuK Eot"i rera;r, th aood-acrnta'y painted, and FO'TAUDIMI AND ('01' MISSION' ; Vo, a fine, cheeriul, ana teauti-ft- l SiMkii. iu fie Kir. anj t!.e VTc'.frn w afis. and all di'scriptipo of property paj ertd, My otir-i- y e: cr, n I !iiJiM',tv an i ro.-e- . arrer.t'cc. ' jOu and t'U.lduigs tfulnst lost cr d&rcage by fire, in town 3VCC 3U ? 231 certs), alsl Ai'.i lMiAl. Tne t'h.iosiiphlral apparatus has teea enhst lctially tl ft .ye (piii-!K fitted up and teaJetel very completr. a Chem cnl i Ir, U.rh ra ve a'.i 1 loos eXsCiiy li e the nntural ami couEtry. Fomlli U willivu: an and til e. aiid r. ii..-r'.c- J 21 L'jnhv llc, !wy. .ins wdl win be a;l;&stfd and promi'Uy e'.tled apparCabinet of S.iutra!-1-liately ,added. Thi foundation ; tirs:i. &.c liu teen laid. mml. Cai.ion i'u U'Xer lor a at.dNerthruTr5pf-r;iticKa.K-by i.:e. The cuurs-- ; of ir.s.ruetion w',11 have, for i' s arain cle. tirtft:t'On'fun first it eilucaiion. tiect-nJkS. W. lyrti,LL,M.r10.-u'it,Aurit,tc- .,Tie of the public ts rtspectfully solicited. je t, eirbr a'- t,.latnxs. Modern I N . V. co the J liroaaway, Uttiee. jeUcStu iy OHce,lin street, south side.front ronmoverCI. will Mathematics, tftudents caa Languae,ted and hiKher Ltroe n. for 1 j BOTICHOMANIE. N E W i. A. . Dupont's.bttween Fourth and Fifth, entrance the jrictic--any dutiei oflit'j, tr ftr the umt advxnced C.ilWe. ciasie in 1 tie buMuess course embrace Arithmetic. BookkeepM. and l.eitu'ifui art of crctmei 'inr iht timplst la'i'C as to Harris ii Co.'i Dafueman Rallery. II. H. Till RKitLAK K, Agent. ing, Algebra, Geometry, l'ritical jiaihrm-t.c- i to rcretul'le tlie risaT I'usi id Chiki, rjy i 23" l? j vjia'i XX Civii Knsineermg, thysinlcfry, lli.tory, Nata a' a f.fU iV cTit'iuf a- -. itu:3enn?fi0it.'ne!it. I 1;1: are aiiKC fii.d (TT.Jit-uiera1 IM.ilouophy, Analytic and Agricultural Chejiit y, w.tli tl.if 5 s u is (Jiolo. j . Mechanic) and Astronxr y. Literary Exerr kan'awiu alum ' l tla! i i cii pa inn. A chnsiu a. i.S:it aau.e-- j 8f.i for -Mid scho iuciudm: composition i.iiti.: lor i h.l lrt-r.i"oury.r!? ta' for FICE ON TIIE NORTH SIDY cises,certificate will fe given toand declamation. tbe s kAt.Ttaua draier lb A hj tninh i(u ''d in fie mi in :' at nt of ij iil Main those iu i of atteot, between Third and Foarth.oY coarse. oii 're. I't.- - w ti.V arl can he wrifo;;y at gu-r- t iu i.if store cf Benedict. Ian lour, lif-l-i of tr.MruclioD. epar.;e y, l. 3:x:; .re5 Cri?aj TCITI0X,L ADVANCE. j t . Hi two ai.s, i';ook, aua e.veiy ai icl re- l'a!d iu 8DJ ei'arert, 1'.',(W0 Primary DepsrtmeEt i (0 to i2 Tu'.Coai;xny beinK n 0 arf at,! r.f d ,wl ! I make Intel Senior do GProapt attfntioa itiiJ ti C'Jiai Sau.'Ti or- li Cn to 11 ii) noiesve fftor;, c:e an Iir.ilkcf Swucaboats, on Cargoes by sme,bj Boiirding pr tesrlon 40 0 to c ' WJj Hroa.lway, N. ;ei ' i.itwly i. 1 DO rntli a. sca.nndLy thensual modes of island Jrar s Inciientdis r.Ui',: 'iuu.!ir.e,-to.- . naiDit loss j (JLOVE CLEANER ! AN 151- - f hSi :y ii also on D. 8. UiNhDICl.l restasnl. Of the erernl pupils will be accommodated with board ly Cre. it'. Principal. FTKa,Secrtt&ry. KY. j ta. jKr:j.r.t 1'ikrcverv to the Ec.'Dom'.t pT'tthlr.f The disciphi.eof the scho'd wiil'"e strictand thorough, U. 123 Till ED hTREET, LOUISVII-LE- , PE5C7CrS. but kind anl parental. Everything wut be Colic t Ki.t'rtlv Nr ! Just liciT.rcd, "Jot; V EN S IXoi'U-it.'l"for iiig anliv clkiv. iilD HiLPAKAiloN, J.Adfcra e, m ike attendance b ;lh pieasant and probubie. A.A.aorJn. :u T',r.rr. 8.", :!'.a. i.? , it. .out ;te i(!iiitr: iit.L. Kubasiiill Thecorp of teachers anl b enUred as tue school H'tPitn r.Ksrty, pen: on cti the '.iovr, and tue rt rt ir,taoi;y disivTarf ; D. B.BBdit. may dei"4'id. lylTdff liiL.e ia'.eiy a'tfraar.ia. Oiie cjit e ib acientifl: lecture aiil be given from time to time tr worji clean t.fy w rrur.U'! to Gljvfs. Price bJ cnts. through tie year. tu u.i. Ail the agents are presented w-'iry il ure,t induoeuiPT.fs are offrrrd to all who need an coin-:- r re to c m h- - re, and oin to the IoohUou of a aiopeu Uti'e iu troTe it! iiperM'.ion. OF LOUISVILLE, KY. fine F.-- male Seminary in Newcas le, a spleadi I oppor-tuirtydeirsna. Wore cicssry ly tiie ufrri-t'd'-iitr- d ( ULEEDlNti, ut'lMUMiNKihY & CO., cpe.i top.rcrt who wmli CLTPINCS, LeerliiRg. K'S. IifcEr W CORNER OF MAIN AND toiis and iliiiLter" a. the sm educate their rher wii: ;ed'J&iy UliolfSVe tt're,i-- ; un aiwy, N. T. ' Ballift streets, story, wootaii's Buildings b at all t'B i.'"h!iE th-- i Inet n w:i on la . fiddly sixty atd seventy ThisCompanycontinuesto icake Insurarice aramst siudeuts iu aiteiUn'.r ai. the lieury Male rec.i-niy- , NEW YORK DAILY SUN IS ILt penlbcf nnviKM.i.n cu ships, steauboat, and and in toe course of the year upnarJa if o.e .V to clut-- Vy, at t2 a yenr. Ret a JfTl- - r:iroei; aio, acainst ies by rireon vesei and tel hundred. A and in Informition see CatM-ixue- , address M Aaaaiiaai iina.Scc porl), Jnd S hourtsnd I'res't. F.For farther lei.t.or F. B. ImWMJ?,orPrincipal.L. AND UENEHAL i K WOR WARDIN . TliABL'E, y. OWKNS, to JL. Comcisaioc Mchants. l.oaifTilJe. Ey. We, the j r New Vork. un Ofi-jeDIRECTORS. The BiM sttMcnof the Acdcmicyear opens f Willifci? Gay, William Oarr'n, 1st. j9dA.W(5 b JerfvjtLcd, kre ilii diy formed a C';ran;errh:r for i Jiuues K. Hreed, John V". Andrea, a forward: he torpokefitt'-anaactiriard tueral y Jan,i b. . Hiliiatn llopJies, Cf S'tttm.i'ii tc;i eM, rd tae ttVtL t.e bou- LAW SCHOOL jMit Wirier, ocn-ir- d Lawreocelirc'uarJsoB. J. taat tiit- ef ILIrd, mrP d.v wtiju Urn: lie the I'.'ret. Of fRAK CA!!TIE, t .c! Oct. 1. 1VS4 K. R. Jol'KTT. rSMIE ANNUAL SESSION IN THIS tJCo; '..DD'f i .or m. iJ'RKf, CoUos Virns.ari C VK Department commences on the first Monday of rC't ury V r nf i. :t,t- October, and coi,'inu- - Ore moctht. lion. HF.NKY P1KTLE, LL. l , Professor of DLSIX.MI,. 'iriMMirK A CO., Copaitnerthlp. Lhw, Kijnity, and Commercial Law. St'.W TO UK : dm lion. JA.VKd PHlOit, Proftss. r of the Uiitorr and r&MlK UNDERSIGNED Science of l.uw, iucl'iding the Common Law andla s SL this Ay associated WJI. L. 71 AT.,r POXR tern at io rial Law. ne'-jCHRISTADOIlO'S KAIR-DY- E ihe'u iu tte tuauufveture of i'lour. in hi city. Hon. WILLIAM F. BULLf)CK, ProfeWTof the Law in futu e wni te con lucied ia the name of KcaI Property aad uf the Praotice of Law, Including STILL TKICMl'IIANTl of SK.ii, M tTUEHiliE k CO Pleadicg and Kv.denno. Tba Mudenis are arranged in two classes, senior and UBAI ii DEATHERAOE. August 6th. ADVANCES MADE U.N C1 O N TRAHT T II F. Lf junior, according to their proHciency. liach class in a!: required every day to study a lesson tn a text book, to t.t cot nre fcrn?t r hroufhtlitir-l-y- 'r, the ! tr It Clirist.t.loroVi matchless . C. HCUEILL.. . W . W . WELLS. t.T'jJ r'N L. Hhi.l, K t i . eis Main t. and instruction it riven cn the ieson by revita: ru r r.d tl ose proiiucra hr apr.iica recitation, and a commentary from the professor urLin tiuidsor iir.r.r.iy S'.'i'l as llnr-liye- , iou tf NOTICE. , for the dy. Xach Professor attends tbe n t'U cT, :.t once Hint tbe cei,rarid natural in one ca--Is, DUaLSVIL, HELL V CO., I ; tuple rson two days in each week, in the lecture-room- , the natural in tbe other i-HMIE UNDERSIGNED HAS THIS clairesfour hours. j and 3 Slit.f PTFKET, ; that t )!iiii'iro'iii theosLY about i rpriration ah'ch.byiti Jay f Aueust ?J. 4. Vmne f aisoeiateJ s i The tttuients in the Law Department of the UniverCf'int iua". or, eaact i.n r.a'.iiral scd AGENTS FOR SLVT Y O li K r.tle.i to atten , without charge, the lectures li:in utb:c t riuoplrs. Made. sol I. and sri lied (in ten W. W. VLLL, and will ontmue the TAll.'tRIN 4 sity ar;-ktyie of UK l.E c.LL A Wkl.i.S. in t&e Medical i'epaitaienton Chemistry and Anatotry. unjtr 6 ilfiuf, Sugar-Ucfini- ng th Comp'y. j it vste rocra) at Chnstforlore's. byAstur principal lrovl-ia,Nt- l atasiutssnew store,t.'.e oppotita the G lit Umme ore door Diu-anBy Ktitute, a diploma of this School Is a licen'e to the r.rk. Also, ssle V. C. HhlStiKLL. abore tecond. practice Law in ail the Courts of this Mace. tt tne inert ihro U- - Cory country. Prt Library A New Vcik AeLta W. U Co.i Ward.CIcte , tion iuue annually htt been procured, to which addi& Co. are made. ATT a iiiiot'ii ii 1 il 17 lj I 1 I', it tIH'O'llVU Vi AVin. Fourth street.!.citle Aent Mri.Q. XicUlaa, communications to tbe Department should t a ill pIcass call and ertle their ae- - be addressed to Proiessor Pibtlk, Louisviiie, Ky . I. C. 5wth eldt Jefferj. x Third and Fourth eU, :ul'.s uith.jut ctUy.aud all having cirrus will e jelT ulw4w& U LOUISVILLE, KY., D. C. UklsKEbL. reseclthtw. 77ILLIAiI KAYE, 1HLL ber 4.h. II sriil INVID "'.' w';ft add r Stiiilli, i i d'irir tftPa Sign Painter and Brand Cutter, tit '., Robertson, and TKA.roi:rATio steamboat Agents, xr XI. O lrfi..', Si . '! ryifiuf.ii Kcarsley Carter, M 23 H C tsra THE , Ftis viHlt tis r a ii' Co., f: Groccriri. Pro iintaii( all nii)s of rnoDUcr. tlcnry Weber, ... it gID ra .: Franklin Insuranco Company TFFICF Joucat, Carter nHE raVnld) m;'jim '.c University of Louisville. OP A RTi parmi:i.i SHIPS. J. HAVE hrotiii:r, orleans; Cominiwioia ITIereharits. TINTS CASH Steam lr. nunit-ef- ACKERE L1N -' ti lnant. 111 PiHuo-To- i U 1 !a good crder, for saie cheap Vv jy$ pric $1 23 Pe"er Brill, the Kl !narpi and RsosimedThe States and Ttrrifries "f the Oreat West, with 2i. mps andilios'rations; I'od. Th-Wonderful Adventures r,f Captain Priest. TSj. Tbe Kn.rnest Man. Life and Lat-orcf Dr. Judsut.; by Mrs. $1. J'.evi e l Ki?ii?h Scriptures, with nctes. j"o. New f npplies Jreat Ami-i-a- n Batt e: Life of Fremont; 1. lie of Buchanan; Modern Agitators, sic. and for sa'e by C1IA3 D. KIP.K.Miarf Bni! mg. srlt Louisville Mann fnrtuT 20ii BliLS NOS. ITJfOSIN. PERRY'S CCOMMODORE thsChni Seas. KXPEDIEsautifu'iy tlon to Japan and AND 3, UaLLAGHIR JAILS. 3 Nails and avA CO. 3k 1,500 KEGS ASSORTED Prls in sa'ey stor and for Oi.Kb CO. JUGAR AND MOLASSES. and Brown Sogar; do : x 'J u1 Is Carndelet Ueinery du; hbl- - Goldeo hirup; rl , P4 this do Forca'elow t.y GALLAG71ZH li CO., u7 Smith At R ) ;nn i's UU Mio St. 200 hh !s Clarified iihiis common Sirup M 9 4. las-s- c. RESPECTFULLY IN- - VinilTECORN. In fine shipping cr.tenVv w shei'ed aa ! pa.-ktpersons srishief a rf'latild laleby (tartj Kt.N UY UOsq1N 3. . second t. , st my J J jl "ami exaioine to call maonrariurela Icr th-)2-BOXES 3IANU- me by Mr. O. F. Jackson in this city. I have In store fpiOBACCO. ia. factudd T.'.haeoo for sa'4 lo to cli a ccinWete stock f the-n- . tirfelhtr with a lare aSF.i.rt- eorvgr. from the most ceif rated easttrn mar.u actu.-tiby ment men. GALL VtiHiR i. Cv. rVtfat unusually low prices. ETjf Second-nad F'nos taken in exchange. 5 RES H TABLE BUTTER. D. P. FAl LI S. iisMam aul3 bei. and Third. is ehol'a Ta'jle Cutter Jast received, in store, and fur said lr ABVJ. FOND s,9 Fourth st. jj Sheet Music Musical Instrument. s&zrz. tiS.-y;jiTi- 12,iHH)BUSHEI.S I tt 1 U c'lano-Fone- fi'J fr gS?!1 Vj2-y AM NOW RECEIVING llOOKci! new Booxa:; I gRESH PEACHES. GO DOZEN and havaln strre the la'ye-- t an l raor'.eom-ple- tj S. fresh peache", la qnart and gaUon ems. in store tack of theet Slusic and Xuaical Ics'runen.s and for saie by to be fnuiid In the west or south, and reaped' u'.ly injyH A. FORI E. No. te Th'ri vt. vite purchasers to call and tee iht same. 1 tn to sell a. the lowest New Y'rk prices, whoUss MUSTARD. Io CASES D. P. FaL'LDS or all. French Mustard, in small Jars; for sU lw Importer cf Musical Goo Is and PuM.jher ef Mu-la- . by SoHMaiii street, bet. Seconl and third. auli J.vIT A. BoR IE. N 9. 0 Third st. NEW At Iflrgso'd's. ITIIWAITE'S RETROSPECT BRA Ju y.lSW. Aspen Court: by Shirley Brooks. i Wealth; by Freen-aHunt. a Story of Kentucky Lii. Aspenwold llerry De La Tour; by J. F.Smni. Chxries Havas.-curdo. do do Ired lirnham; do. I.e Boo Tou Journal de Merles, and Monthly Report of Paris, Lnndnti, and New York k'ashiors-FranLe'lit'i Fashion Look fur Auzuu. Forsaleby t. HING'JOLD, Fourth s ret, ner Main. kali Worth an j MUSIC BOXES, COXCERTI- ns. Strings, New Muic. anl a ermp'fte bj !HE Mcdowell The Greatest ; Wilderness; by J. tl. Jones, author of ' VYiH VFesttrn Jy-' cCfc& ft co ,5:txk. Scenes." tc. Price iu cei.ts. The Oray.lsy Mare, and ottjer burner)! ffHEMlCAL ERASIVE SOAP. 10 p. Lelaurt. Price M ents. Sketches; by Hetry boxes Chemioal Crasive Bono, wariarted to wasa Fred, or Masks and Ftc.; by J. F. Smith. in ?isrd, soft, or sa t water. u snd I. r ui c Ptice I'J cents. ABM. fiinDt. Utattr, n. Her ri De I. a Tour, or the Comrales-ln-Arms- ; JJ by J. F."m!tl. Price F cents. Charles Vsieu', or !he Ou'cast Heir; ty J. f. BARRELS, lr ee W cetts. Novel; by Mrs. Tlulihary, halves, rd q irters, received diret froai lics-t-?- i Th-0a Ba. and fur sa'e 1 to oi- s t uient by thoresstf "May and Decembsr, etc. Pr:ei :5 DUME4.NIL, fciCLL jy3 CO. Fur sale by F. A. IRriiP, St fourth street, near Market. euli New Books. .y, assortment cf Muiic u Mercnandise van founJ at the V uic M re af CH Aft. J. KENT, Thnl s. FINE VIOLINS, VIOLON- "r-"- . cellos, Cuitars, Flutes, sVc. io great vsriety, uiVC5 iu,t received fruiu ihi Kast and lor aala at iow 3- -f prices by am CU AS- J. KENT, $7 Thirl st. 'giHE KINGD03I WHICH SHALL ne.t be Destroyed, etc Oswald. $1. The Mystery, or t vil and U.od: by Jno.Ton'j. $1. Life; by Mary H. Si. QUN DRIES. s White Susar; 10 Wis Phils, and t. W bMs N'w Or'eans. Moid e. i5 htds N.'. Sugar; 74 pockets Java CoTee: r0 d'jxn C tawoa Braa.Jy; to tor aud forsa'-- bJylS W. .S; II. 3UaSHAKDT. 17 M ri . t st. C1 L E jA R SIDES. Bides ust received .Di.O aad f ir sa'e hr JyU I'm. CLeTr pTIN ft KLT. Et IN ED rtUGAU. 15 HIIDS ST. Clnlrextra received perMagara an.l for sale by a. u '?.; m at.I' c. H APPLES. 37 RES Pine PINE in ijiutauJ & 20 DOZ fresh Apples, gitlln Jars. by jut jy!7 and eU(iAR. Crushed an jvli -r saie Powdered in 151NEAPPLE sale by jyM : fjr UP stre an 1 for!OK(tA. sa'e by SO'lllA S 40 sa:e ky T0ND BOXES bXS o-- tr:al-;-r- M' V : jfui-v tk t Kir e i.J .ui ...s 1 it n jv-- r e ova njust.t l .a too. ie s i: 1.1 3 - !e.-iioj of J; vsjji, xci.f cf Two bttits a.e wa.rantd to tu; a narxg 't One to three holies Si careths worstiii 1 .f ii,f;3i on t .e face. Two or three bvi'Jeswii; clear the system ef oi.'- -. Tw are wrraijua ts cars tz-Jthe i;ort i' a. Tt,-- e to live re warranted; toreths wir-- t cas of ery sijl j. One tj noLiesari warrantee''.o are aUajra.r j the ey.s. Tw.. hot ties are wa'-anto cc r an Lit: 4 of ;'ce f ard l .rfhen amoorf t.'.e s our tf s a buttles a a rrinfcdto car? corrupt . d ran mzj doer. ae tjt:;s .'! cneesjiTy erari'icts of the skia. Two vr l.'ir; botties u-- i . cu.-- tne. wor A ca-- e vf ru gwnrru. 1'w j "t are 't.-railtocu.-eth-. moet de;.-era:c f rhu iiiree or fwiui oi..U tm tecoetbes:-rh- 'lira. Five to eijM bottles wiil euro hs rj worstcsr.e 1 Merr icU. ? e a,rtb..i'.., aid a perfect eaeia when t,i. abv iuan-li'v is .axen. SotV: 1 gl pe.bbV. to 'w':',ha rr li, vain triel ail ttia wn in.;.: nei! c .s. of ti.e j.v. t'. at t .. t i.' t cunmiiii vfe l, grnn,r. io vaiti-r-:tisr.- - wa.:. shoui't ere evrv a :u r in v: --. s -- ti; yet .t .s nvw Bse.i f.i.t. If jV-i-. a l.u...-- r t his e to start. Iots it ii rr lo us nor a':0s SH3, but no- y nur. lie some c. ra or if a t e vicin.ty k.ui th-,t l ;..e eilrls cf ar ia;t every c.mi. It has cores j7ir d ir. soite ef the j'-itM.: -. ; II 3 i,&ve it tir cn.lni-ea vearoM ; i :.J po; .c cf and seen t",.--, r.g ..o was son an r re.1 to a peri'-.c- t it.te sf te.i.u i 6v o.e. To thoe who ars S lh.ert to a s!ck ea'artie. cn.bnt tie will alw.ys c Jr.-- it. U .ves ire a: .n ctrra l t.,.. a it brL . diStirrss. !". ; n 1 hats tive firy eeii reuL.ted by r. tLe body is m.uii., it ...ri.j.;o vit 1 er. trr t. ia any derat-ra-t t f the luaci: i of nature, li. au , causa very iogj.r r.,,,,-1-,b,.i you u.a-- t Lit e a'arrued iv.r a ts d;-- u nr ir. i"r...n fuur vlaj t 4 wee it. rn.e is r. e v. r " reaii.. from . vn i.o cv guue. that felir a a ill fe. i yo-ai lite anew persc-nwasoii''. mi.i of il tt;.t ev r mn t. di.-Noenaige ot er neceasary. Eat tee resty an, an-- enough . : . It u.verf. oer t w.f 'n ce.tu. haad-e- tety ta i'ir(Jir'.o :a arrst4 r, lien A li a. Tres'-- H ; P.aj-ioat the tiraucn 'h e ia Kei.iu. v, oa i oui tween Main and M, Loi.s. i:. JaPa-tc- tj be- i, Thisls to certify tit it T?; l Jc Patton ar- - 1 j authorize J aerits r ny ;ste f K . lit. f:4 eicy, a at ti..- - , rc 4 J; J, ..: irt- .- i:r i ry. f rj? dios.awwiwly DONALD KSNN'il'i . Fiji i;Tll ANN I'AJ, KX II I IT 11 o ?; 1 Tt;2 O.- KENTUCKY Mechanics' Institute. ix i.onsvir !.c, Cirainfirinj cuuk thrj ur.5; m :JO. h ?i.vr:?., a.v; -- iSitl. i.vZ!: l AM) D:PL)!- - wiii f:.-s:i- i jsi.-j.-lea as t:,.-- Ja "ha'! cV-i-- S to Li r ( i'i.L!Ai. 1 i.L I f c:.ri'., iCil toe tnrt mv.r:.'.'rij"s a::.---- j ti...iii in FOX'S OIL. tilCKLFD lit, f":a pi. VowRI. BTll OORXWaLL st 3RO. ha L'g'nd; by ecnoo'craft. $1 J a Tale by W asbing oii A:!st(-n"So. ARL 50 BBLS NO. 1 Bernard Idle, a BonauCd bf the Texa4 Revolution, 4r $1. I.ard Cil for sale by The v Wild Western Scenes, 2 series; Jones. A BRil. rati" Clcth, ti; psper, .i'. The Ore y Kay Mare, and other Ilumorous Sketches; OLIVFS, C A P E R S , illustrated. 5'c. CV.rdial. Wine, Brandy, Ham, G.2, Aiibie Nn'U, an I other Knots: by Relink, tl lu. an l Old llijuooa at I ewis's American 0 portsman, iilus;ratr.i. Si 'A3. Htod-BjoJ HN M . Avpin 3 )N "? mi of rat';i Liieratnre- - $1. Manual cf Coal and itsTp"graphv;by LeeVy. tl. i M'jKl'O.s X GiilivVOLD. BUCKETS. IrOZEN liUCiaT- aui Till: AGE! T.TR. KENNEDY, OF ROXr.UP.Y has dicoref-ia ere Eof ear e'.rri3 Tss3-? r, M Is, a rercti (i A.BOnit.No. WThlrist- - CtlEL.SE. J!iaa Medical Discovery 200 BBLS AS.VPD NOS. 1 25. MISCELLANEOUS. 1 for ' GROCERIES, &C. IMliSIC. Kew Eocka. TSf ACKFREL. Grammar School for Boys rnMiE byMARTINS OF CRO. MAR- - 11 JS. 4io bbts No. 9 Mackeri; v,t,is No. 1 do; M tin; Charles Lever liofa pS7ILL BE OPENED IN TH 13 The War Fa'.h, a Narrative of Adventure In the Id store and fcrsale lydo, sJiorted ifal V. NUMBER A SELECT CLA23ICAL AND XNQLIIU ur Lire. aUUll A. aJ Sty , ics-- earner of MainaadUaliltUtrcat Kitr¬ V V city, on the 1st ef E. W. CONE, 'rora uuijut nr-- . $360,081', .LaruredOapitM, A.M., front Virginia. The Insututi'.u it d'sTgnei to be a partaaasat oiiC, of which tuo,iiijOi paMio andtecared. Aid of u hightkt orcer. Oontiiu.t ininre Merchandise. TERMS. CHILf HCKB YytTH MANUOOD OLD AOB. !ty whtacarriodon tHCjloi,or otter food vutl RirERtMCKi roa iTORManoji. Cy XwaKJAtrar rear,piyhh'e latterly r: cnt-'i- f Denclson, Key. c tit of t;.u 3!ANIFIUEXT LINK ES- - a(biiiilotix on IJtillkof Sleauiboatiao .i.ijer good alio' Prof. B. E. WilUawe, Her. H. M.vt. D. l. Xnouip- wa:rk of the cr.ain.ercial irorld; Cruse: ay, the Jer v teT.j Casi1 per we. k. pay.i.ig 10 p.r crrur. . S'v.r.f,frua the ori?Iii!i, at tbe SPIKOTKR kr.i: lo,agict iuss tv Arc on Buuc'.Cf ,cd .Ma: W . W. J ertt, Mr. ria.vert, e?nt'j e.i .ion, Jeax N. B. A irertlseorta and circular!., ofcLUlntcg r, TIEkS OF APTE RTialXJ. ample further rifriences, raotiUis, .1 UUJJAT RATIOS A L WORK, 1 00 c jure of 10 !:n, on insertion in i. L. Daafurtu, 8eoretry. k. BUKSit.FresiaeBt. wi;l be 1 Jit. ted and circnWtel andfutur.;. test 13 cevl jy P-Of five yewi' e..cb aodi'iousl icserr.un InTo.riiif an ezpss cf 0j ji2ih, wliton iii ition one Wni. X.lscldr. Ofci. Q. ArmstroB. 7 by School Girls. !o two sncLihs. do TLie frde ure pabl tieu: I. AriUtt proof.", HO H. A. OJtu.-Q.l- , Jrur1 tri?K:f .rJ, 10 0 lee i. Ltrlicrcd pro.,u on India pptr, o three xoeiitLs, do 4. Frucfs lo David U.Veantf, John A. Duiup. 1 Das 5uwrt- f.x hii'.Lp, a Uiit al a'Uraticn THE FIRST DAY" OF SEP- e Do twelve oi'jn Ls, do t ii 61 ; It m I. n a tetnber next, I expect to open a School for Qirls, J h tlJ.t:oniiJ Kiiuc fji fix cionM t baa!tfcl, ai d ii.f c on Firt street, between V alrjot and Chestnut. I'l ft) To IntfkM u--i ssainAaikS, a a ui.ral Xihms AvV per session of twenty weeks, payable o k ' 2) Cb tair i t Bi- Di!i.nDfT.t,ie upc vL,uduirnj, i'jduuig, elcvauLS, ia'iir- quarterly ia advance. - H wo I in?. I'o li uioi. l.s, r 'ltwb t ice & Wc-e CV Application way be made at Morion li 1k it i 7 a LJrru of t.e LiirnFCL, ksike mrtliXii.'- - Fire and Marine Insarancc Co. li nj LtL, rDewKiiie cure , NoHLK Bi Tt.KK. f JylJ - (.'KM H A&i Lliii COUD V but tVcT I,r .lijcrll ldt'i iji fqukr r l rlTe Ada l uc kl k W 'P' r .. iikte rcr InTiied Ihe t'Ltion c the TUAlK i :iK. AND MRS. NOLD'3 j u n is vifw ;f ttt ur)r.jua4 popularity a..d A.lTt-rti- e V!?-- i a. l rp'i)hh'.i if.i fcl. CAl'ITAL $300,00u , c .i.t Dir. a full de- Female Seniinarj, lly, or mon'tlv, iro fifrrJ ' A 1'Kos.kci L. uf .v i". 8 D1UECTK3. ,U of u u vt ilie bit,tuJi Miciruiiii le. tin- - ia I intr:;. a. ' cliirwtw, from onr ut.l oistii,gui,( d AR-- i Hod. The. B i lorenca, Edar-- a.IIfciiaboU, (Oa Oathria ttTtvl, sjoinir.g Sehoa Cbipol.) tjA tT, e. J I'lMiEx of iTk kii'i el ccre i llessrt. XUisaaMaud, tiT" Tlit i V.g of jmry fci!vil .r It uri.'.ly Isaac Leech, jr , Br., tu'i li raid. I.ur,t.rit u. . I.ur.-'i-, i dpk) , I'm-i-ioil Dtd u ttt-i- r vP itLirif ii.u'. ; a) SCHOLASTIC YEAR COM- George H. Arais'JOGi, .i.r-- , V "tir, r.n:i i vcni.'riK C ndil.t i'cuuf d to u ii Jlviuiim i. u l roit.d-v- Cuaui t : J Hy ir- rr'l Xiuder, tiavks. I'.etf.uac, George H!mbciJ, xl, rt'e, K. l'eun Aliddl i rreneot on te fint Mor.dAy in fievtmber, and La - Al t m iii ( tha: F. Carrol Brca.Ur, mnlrt. divided iuto two sesjions of fe.ity weakseach. 'iyr-fsmith, and f. now, e.bury, AJu, Kver-f- , i.. 11. Gt-cTerm j per tej.iin of J weeks, pajable o,uar- Chark-sDinfie-. JwaesK. Heall, tT" 'u (Viaiuitou Adf fit e Bid Hon. lii iiiip io; K .u KJsrl terly in vivance tiC it . WrrNnck; logf.'wr wilh orcfi ili.u. THOMAS B. iLORENCK.I'reMidant. VtICi N" deduction for af f ence. KS3 ol iu. c:ty, aud, ano. cf ibe hihett 'f T:it ru tcvraao A. IUlmiolb, Seoretary. tjjA iiraited nunil:erof pupils wLUbe reseived Fnt lruv-iatiioiiiy, the family at boarders- aal dia EE1 KKKNCES IX l'lIILAPKLrni A. 772 LOXDOX All T JuUXSAL, Hoa. fh II. Chamiier, Ilea. Jolfn RobMClti(. ! post-g- e stamps, or of br fer.t on tv,e rre-ip- t Lcauder 1. linker, j non. WilUaja II. Witte. farimhei to tLe linde or ta AjeLt al fuur uullarf xr txu .w, rsiw ,Va "STfr. 4 IM SCHOOLS. Fails City Insurance Company, M & CO., a KENTUCKY, FRIDAY. AUGUST 15, 1856 INSURANCE. York Advertisements, fr o i BY W 1 1i II r MECHA.M evry part ; t AN UFA CT A1 A'tTI'Ts frvm CS, i.f th l ai" u so h s- - ar? j v aa tb-- - Li li fute the pe. and i. pfivvi'ij wiitiSt'xn p. y. achire.-.- ' co t eai.;- 1 e i io fi"i o."' csiiiy w.l'be .Tried r t:ie 3t 1!. irJ.' ti JbLM ets for sale by Th-Exhibii.oa il ii! w: Ve re 1 ?7 .f..' n , S:1tr MURRAT, 1!LAC AONRiL MOORS a avl-gut 03 v. a WUIIK. KENTO3 Jyl rs i'i ' j' V. a. Main nr.i Vier. T' lrd st lui'.ioo o' j, ',. ,S-e- r : N T O N'S T II I It T Y Y EARS i ' -r1 -a ! No arttc!. ti. e ier: f r - c. pe -:. a .nr vre:.i n.r , hi of the United ?tate Senate is now complete. JUS "JJ7 RES II TABLE BUTTER. y 1 cexhia. H the Persons wishing to have the 2d or volumns, wjii be a reeeivel.a fre.h tupply of svn:!ul T.ble But' ! tr- it te sat it tied ei 'lis-t supplied by the agert, ty leaving their names ai ter, from tbe Cold i ii :y :'e y 1 tl. !i "I a'. I t.iue to h ?i reav F. MALOKN, UI rL:ros:reet. . AK.M. F'.iMA, 'i Fou- -h aud I ut fa led to f r iv tcr.- u.. avoid .' iitoorsfroQp-istoa.eeI Tor t a.:.vt;.l-x'.i.t..n ouij I'O BBLS CITY 31 ILLS JT7LOUR. NEW MUSIC, jm. supettne I".'our in store and fir sale by Ct ooriun ty wi'l he ire 1 to prBLISHKD r u.-- g tl a.-o a, j II. WY KUl SON At tl.ui i; ir.ei n The National DemccTatio Convection v at aiie':- - e' oir.-- Corner Fi.'lh aa J al arget s rneia. are f al'y National i'enocrit e Conven Ar.i : sei t Ir.u a j 'at:-- i mi tion March. ;a. xe l ,1 re - i - i '.a.-i. MF-ex- t.a R7XTRA FLOUR. Si BBLS ; Ac J P.osy irreiiui Poik. Union Folk a. K i C tr.-l ouis.i bsrf-y! L-i ex ra and duutie Faja.iy Ficur ia ca'-- rsou i ;t ; :y ri Moral bluus v'aUtes. s,- ice, or i I store ana fwr . Si.e by lut-.oirKar Spangled B inner Soug and Qoartef.e, am'r'- l. l. !'Er. at" ' ajll FKRiiUSON & SN. ?- - :".7 Jyll.ttt-ll.t-- . I'm Thine aad Thine over the leit. .t-ei-- t f . il Bright ttar of the Aloro beautiful Song, ipICE. 25 BAGS bkviark Cavstina; ry li.atton. Matrimony Polka. C' ceive t p .'irap bi-j- ar.-- for t:e by i.aiiibow i'oloiiiat; hr K. W. O. NOi.ii, vlvK8 CO. RUNAWAY F RO..I T II E sm- CO., CP.OO ? yy Piano Manufacturers. (ii- a 'Eiv3 tss tWar-TOoiil'- S fl ICOKICI3. 15 CASES MASSA. iC. Fourth st. jet: ecl-.r- : . -- a years ci ; . .:i-eL .1 ek- -. 4 is L1 'e'e, best i)sVi', jus: ?ie-lJ so t!xsrh feet. i4t:j:i' s i".. s fe era .'i i 'en ' c. s: f .1 V. h. n vti--for siid i.y mf r j .iu..:: il: f a. ib ut e. s ,.i . .1.oat 1 lTOTTON CORDAGE. .5 COILS ':' t -- ft .te r,.l.ase-i-i:'-ur- - l j I'M n) ve. as AjDAK J i , Pre A 31MONIA-FERR1- C ALUM 3IAN- - ihot as.ortedsaie s byCcvi'-- C"r :? laud.ig frnm trsi s sod NOOK, WI."K3 roL ti factored and for sale by C'. aS T. E. JKMKIM1 4t CO., Maaufarturirs Chemists, Ca!;e TVotice! Jy;ri dtawxwsiii inud and ainut si. "VKW KN(LAND RUM. A R E NOW PR . ; V M'KIM i ixi 2o puictictiuN. da S.R-m-.:.; 9 par- - I f . AG U EUR EOT V PE CH E3IICA LS bb's sii J. prove-uK.lIN F t'., ee Just receiveU snd for sale P manufactured and Tr sale by NOCK, WICKS & CO. T. E. JK.VKIN? Jk CO , Xtl. 1m7. Jy2S dtawfcwlta Third an-- t Wlnot ts. Ih". jr.. aear on or. e of lATAWBA BRANDY. 100 DOZEN Mie that he cle iue-1- Bstr.n. J7 " sircar.ty, aSr., p:'s i PHOTOGRAPHIC CHEMIC ALS, Lyon's eeleiratwd Catawba Braudy jast received r f wheat wh c" he sits. .e i i I . he s, . nd for sale by and li-- l saie by-purity, Biannfactur.'d i. of tueasure-it, .e f r.ui be had ti.J jkski.n a. co., .v n.ih.'ij i ( are . ntit. T. n.BURHIlARr.T.117Marxstst. Jy29 dtawfcwlin ivi. a. Uust- n;eucerc Third and Wa.nut sts. i .'y. Kr I i .i.j tai.e .!ir.ed,on ot? do- SALT. st ao.l ten MEDICAL CHEMICALS raiABLK extra fine TaVf ?a't; IVib'gs at Ik", j.. e, St.. r .r: J O. By .irs, of ia. manufactured and f r sale W do; do ur.;.c i.'.ti L j oa li c la S'vrt a i a X. K- JKNKIN9 & CO., Just received . and for sal" ty re .ly for ui irset. Wmnjt sts. - iin:s-.opvJy3" dtawfcwla Thirl and CO. NOCK. WIC K as ac past. .ken ti?"Tit BE ei t 'I'.r JUST PIEIt, xn 3f, alspd:eret i $300 'rrt Jla, 0i MEDICAL. li tn t Paruier;, (. Bi' ra ii Manufacturing Chemists. j I E. J EN 1.1NS & CO , 1JRL G- S EGA t riVjegsr, w - pr ss'y f piyjO t R. 75 B B LS F ITTS B U RG Ballou's tirand, put us ex r family use, and for sale br JOdN B. MclLTAIN it SON. ce'ebrate-- S's Sev"l s.lver a !.-- ap- . ya wtf !:.! "i. P J iie'K :'-- t ". Al i". Svr-itnerj'- , u GjS Third and Walnut streets, Lonivili. Ky., are Valuatiif Mi'.:- -. on bnn-wi'l keen constar-tlvarion. ifMORN. and 2, 't o SACKS IN STORE and PH ARMACEUTICAL P.0D'wC9 i I 9 1 1 1 .1 I s and for sa'e by used in Medicine and tr.e Arts. K.r.i'1 Druggists, i'hvsi ians. Dssuerreotyp tts. and others, BTLL St CO. j aji - a a,vr.V BIT we o::.r sVe:': f can b faraishei with Medical and PhotograpMc Chemicals and pure Keaceats made by this uai:iish-men- t, AND CRUSHED SUGARS. ii ,e t. rut l;li, with - nier.' rot bi or if made by others, tested and guaranteed as 10 C r r LEAN'S hea- i a.' 'lie n a t t' 7j pVgs Surd;, frni the Manlacd tiMr purity. ;, tog- - - r it.i AND DYES run f Ourrs for ; rreposala for Decreeing the Outlets of A LL PERSONS L DF.BTFIl Til The attention of the trade in the West and Sonth ts UKCti.aery nirv fur u. a Sog boia and ! cahel to this new enterprise, ss every 3urt will be Forsa li by Cruched jy&. jPowdered t i ir: PP. c'carndrye.Lagtr.wBor.ret,: MiMlppl Elver tatO tHe Gulf Of W. W. AVells will c'eise call and settle their ar. tl' e o- ro-- iu..i g i MIDDLETOWN, KY. t.cie cf UJ't Rl vii to cotiduet it in the moat sstiltul manner. It .ed a. fi ' per day, w' , h cn le unts aith-ou- t dday, arm ail haviLf claims wi.l please Makes ( i:.c:e ac.1 Crown fur Hocpe't; i XeiLiCO. of sach i i;rrn f V I N G PURCHASED M. G. oilers to iV.alers an i ciJtittherg. aj7dUJ I ut in moto n. Ai' - run l f r;-:' r . W. W t L L. Atd keeps a rhoicf ae'wtion .f I t lis S raw and Kun- liNOllfKR Bk.PKTMKVr, a;- I products, in the valley of the .U.ssiSRippi, at least j CiOFFEE. c m, now Jn.g a r. i ca I 'iu i..i y hoiiTit. Krtif), pl UiUxirs. Itc. Interest tn this School, the sixth rauai lu a WSuls(.T0., August 4, lvi 01 view, to auy ttmr es- Fastera Cnff-jat received hy I Copartnership. session will open on the first MONDAY in lab ishmentcoiU'terctu noint -g1 'wf N at. Lioiuies, and for sa'e by of tbe kind. t boaru saw.Steamer c.p..b e tro 8eptemtier text. Application for board in the family of WILL BE RLCE1V- 1 hit bouse ha. just cor.eln-'e'I ( nr ; t.a arranrments to h jyJ3; r vi iil3TIV Si ELT. per T7ood'a wit's Depot, PROPOSALSunt.l the f t day t f drtimtt. . ED at tl Is office dealers tie PARtHjUkT MINERAL WAIEtt n.'t rtJTEca HATE ASSOCIATED WITH the Principal shouia be tarty and UULj-- Principal. ard consumers, in q jsntities t j suit ad. Fortoparticu-lar.-- i, !Jny . luerv. Alaraoar.-- i;r-(.- i myKdl&wtd O. W. vw f. r "u cnir t atd ktet uif puD ship cliannels 1 eulii-ii-in bnaines Mr. Donald McNang Han, our PLAYING CARDS. 50 water,16 suicier.t to pop-- ! a ia'ge a- i."i. :. Third street, kkar Uai-- , ih- - wt:ti f c mui- -r The business will be continued benca- Iro .'.e e, tv i" diawai special adve'tisment. l fee' playing Card. to trre and f-- sale with vrry heteat id f...i, ae a a t:e to aa e bu-- .! ifuw sty.e ut Bit ATHKK, jOUTlI ACO. h -i'O.itr. , iradinx u'west fsi mi d of the i.mlef. i groi A- - BO R 1 K.Na. a ii.ak.t. OPPOSITE COURIER OFFICE. tl.rou,fie the Siiivpri rivr i.T.o ttePass of Mexico," for Urward undr-nnthird St. f j y IT) Grove School, M fri'tu tiu'f fKAlMJiK ic SMITH, rAKOQUET 3IINEKAL. WATl'K. by ard a.l the facii.ues I r sh'Tpi'g. s I ic'a rurf'fe? there was appropri ted, by net of li. McNAUOUT AM. ? WOULD REMIND OUR i su' OR LE. 3 CASKS EDINBURGH ailOne lar atix'.af-- s atl m' T..: i n p. eetnmrry. w:tai l.aisTi':le, June K, lfEo. of CO., DRUGg. E. JENKINS uece-'r- y is I .rlo'n r. taror.s st-- the tu(,l tetera'lv that.liT com- - iLous ol MhiiUrs.July, li! 6, three iiuuilnd aud tbir y tnd d b ive ,ui councy .'. he i.irmcrs of Lea H elsts and .leof Wail frer w.ih t.ur wore important b'ninsTtbe SHLL COMMENCE ITS ANNU- - madeS arrangements Msnafactnricg Chenriirts. Paro-ou- Jr3. Ale, in pint bottles.foi saie br WALL a B HO- - in ae 400 l..,itc-'"-rCOttS ioyl7 the amount for which Bid ! rs fcrt regues'ed to t rai-Dissolution. buai- - rsof PAf'KR li AN r, Rt-- , we areeca' 'cd to ccm-pln- e with the proprietor f the thebe:tf' i d y t.-- : ,'.n. w al Session on MONDAY, the first day of Sep. cunt, hi to ore esch of tbe clianrel ope' lfjed One P. ra-ll.t'ir.','i cp;-- of g.slu.'er-in- ag Springs for the sole pruril work in our hue at luatt thin others, they ill M. the charge water; a 0.1 ,j 160 "ogs f-- 'hyiiij' NOMINAL PARTNERSHIP temher, under general tatisf fat.Vr.n Bxn.the patrons cf Srnngs this celebrated .sfirru se of taking from the trrineui ut a ae'l deliiied i i'h of three hundred feet, IRON. 75 TONS SOFT Water. ana also th runre uiirfrtu.n . tic to Having given t'j a ' p'.li of not l'i thn ij;hteen left'.v tvie level : dryin-Lused'-irg for h.Ll: gio-- t ;er s: ry, glass imnieiiiateiy alter it Is taken from w w by totock of exiotir.e between ihe under the It is rutin Pig Iron for saje l fresh, mndneclarct for of r ary lo wae., hicn I vi I ill r determined thj past year, he hopet, by con- the Fpririg. whereby its freklmes of fliror is preserve-!- , wii h a 1 oi Kt oi e.. nrlLi.rJiii, Co Wei . : 4 .. CORNWALL At BRO. lyle cf FELIX WOOD A: UOS, Piiper Harier, was the School during reta-- the r confidence N tcwra atccoM t tkelnrt fyit. WM. hatten'i 'n. to lie would enabling .c to be kept for any leng'h of time without cylJ tinued to be Ckiah'.ikhed hr an d.5solTed on by a r.'i mrk ou tiie l.iol a'laT'.e-- to be sause as u.ay hutsJ wifa as mu-.F. WOOI, the 1st of JaDuary . hither party will nse refer all wishlnr t tend to the Bchool to M. Win. H. c ;iier or r tucers r.ppoinu J by th - e :retarv of War: br wacteil for ti.e i.rMtr 114 ai i p - s pi bi: ir ef s. Late Felix Wood t Hon. ti.ij name of the lute tiris in ke.tleaents. meiiicai properties. J?7 Clifton, Col. vvni. 11. Davidson. Isaac tverett, and lomg ials o All l.Ke a.ove pruf-'i- v a'id tti'-- me a'No r.o jtttelto ttte the longest p. ri 'd. is e ue.l .1 Lch a.. I TJKANS AND LINSEY. wrated and bottle !, giving It a spark'in? It is FELIX WOOD, wi cluu-ve'the patrons generally during tbe Dust yer. a hi- h to ketp each of time ii r r Louisville, March 30, 1666. fine WM. A. WOOD. 9 A bales white, gray, art:cle; an-- l otfter colors (of No. i. l.reei r.ver, at1 ;oia i'i g the new anil -fl..iir iih eg road. three chvacUtr and improved flavor, without altering in any Tn Bchool is situated on the C. village of Wo' iburv.u" ojen su.h t. id' h srnl dep:h fur 'he 'etidae of the uoi bun.- n oi ia denree its medicinal virtue. mixsrf, do extra r and a half m les from Loaitvibe, in a plcasaot an j c uti'y. VV i riitioo aft- r the smoum of Ih- i' bid for opening, 3'ir who bave nse.1 it. ;k This Water is considered, by Louroviiie wanu' MA.RKCT STREET. NO. healthy neighborhood. ii'A 1 9- - tiiaitments oa e .ii c.t al t r terms. t .ie av ve rri:ve accepted, is p:ii; nl to S'ate alt, in ernra:e pro-New Taper Hangings Store. tai'! par it Second to no lulphur salts Minrral h'altr i tkt nyS HHAt'i .t TILL FIND LOST CHILDREN .ls. t' e same l ar icuUr fi r oit i:; and ke?ii-TERMS. ticuoirs aj p y to :hu ui.i:rvcr.l on trie prew kotU! h chanrei to a ur.i.'i rin deolh oi not los thn IllNEs At C V oij.f . F. WOOD, PAPER HANGER Primary Department, Including Reading, Or especially nserui in Dyspepsia, ana sycpatnetic all the duties of Town Crier. It is and ierfrm UO,ot0 EXTRA UUAL- aidih of tliret: derangements aris ng from weakness of tore of the C HOARS. and deaier in French and American Vatr 'f rrders at Sit Urket Rtre'. between Second ar.d twert J fttt tlirouib .ut a thography, Amnmeuc, .c., tquar;ny in adf id. ity Herman Cigars just received from the euatcm 4UM)RU S. Ttdrd, or at C C.Oreec's Hn(r!ass, Third street, near Main, opposite Conner $15 60 stomach. It is a enre aperient, and may b snbsti- Aucion (Tr odi peon's liurdr-Flit.-I- I vance) PE ACIIF.H, bv wv,i': It mif be proposed tiaccom-ph-e''J'he and Livery PtsMe ) I can always k VucJ at alt Market OLice. tu'el with great aavantage ftr Saratoga and other such hoase.tiou, w.n be sold al less than ean be purchased Mathematics apidtf Higher Branches, including and G.-t- . .id rrrIlre-- n Aw"o!j, fre-- h : he wcrs, un t ihe by nei.esary at au. Sit neral waters. !el timetue proposal fur ropen-in- t at the Auction licu.'e of (ireer. k A) xaniter. Languages, ancient and modern, (qua; teny in ? it h- -. n' s- - rve.1 O serTed Pinei o .ir,a-re--i ft each in D. .atcia.. ' the clii.neis. must be nytiu juit.i The presence cf Mint Compnnit renders it emiO. C tiltKhN. advance) It fklillm Copartnership Notice. depth.' tiioter, Lhcol ates. I'eeuas. Br 1 t.i a. Srer.c nently useful in 8crofolous aints, ia which p r quarter, for boys only, (inTariably in BoArd 1 he i ifcht to accept the offer aLich, In tie rpinion of 'in jars), fiavormg Kair.t:. i Pas s. f. OA P. it diOers front most Mineral Waters, and thus 1NDOW GLASS. zi Wa-i- ' rniHE UNDERSIGNED HAS THIS advance) ry of U r, prop 'ie ih- ing Soaps,ic,lor .u ty tlu tf it'etf as a natural mtiy lor many varie-ti- e vzy so boxes No. 1 and Family Soap: f Woxesiloand 1?1J; ,7jb day associated with bin ia bu sines JOHN T. J. T. L A N 17 A M k co t3T" Persons at a distance des:ring to enter pupils recommerds .ted, d to accept t. 'f aiiy cibt-in- ilherofa thepsjes, to of obstinate and disure.aing diasea. seio boxes German forsalebT d; Md KK and O. J MURRAY, nnd.r tba 'r riHsr.d cf will adurett Ben. M. Harney, Box 11, Louisvnle ei'.her tr m- sii Udtrfr The principal constituents of the water ar seta, CORNWALL At BRO. my!7 & HURRaT. whe aiil con J AM kS CKOM KY, 3? Wrll rt. Je Ky. jyu nstwiow the ex lusicn of th proposals of the same bi Juer ifor LLANCAHSILL.MOOKE Magnesia, and Lime Salts, with limine Compounds. tinue the Whol sale Oroctry and Oomrnttsion P.usiness Ih" tli-- r pf ,is ret red. A minute analysis of it a ill be published in a few iaMIS T. LAKHA. B. raOTHIKWHaH. STEAM-POWER Thquntitv of titt.-- nerMarTtob rfinoTeJ from at the old stand, 0. iniro street, between Vain and McTORU, liV E. t bannels st ti.e p X. BLAJiCAGAIEL. to b dee eoe.1, rr Water streets. T. LAMIA. II & CO. JLi C air V5ufartory. "WarToon.i and Easiness the Testimonials or us virtues win be rnrnianea oyi.L. LoruviLLE, MarchlO.lM. PULASKI, TENNESSEE, aionf ither cr annl to whiihthe work At CO., Third and Walnut us. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. t'e xiend, iu order to JEN KIN 8 ille, Ky. A I'lTMTr'l-'- . TP'ASt ti.tS Wall VIVF ivut otm e th r of the specified .BLajicaesixu V gold wholesale and retail, in alxss, limine or J A11E6 CKuMET, Afet;t. jtto JUST BEEN REFITTED IN riei li,- -, cni:i:, tor KuLt of accurate intoroii.ti. n ut to A Lrerl discount C"& sss'.rtmeot cf s ;prior B'ack sr.d Oreea Teas jornt. moors. o.j.strRaaT. rHMIE SIXTH ANNUAL COURSE sera ted, by Druggists generally.wno sea department, and is now opcia for the d PersiiiS resent in, bet-lEl ef Lectures in this thir tdert cuHliti rk are tx pected, therefore,whodtire Miner' wa will commence on made to Druggists ana i tiers fn baud and for sale the.iy for . u vw. eapl-oBLANCA05IEL, MOORK b. MURRAY, . nt vlee. f tMr-tethe w. to u: to icf jrio THE HIGHEST PRICE t rf. a. iia.iua ie.f iu exltct, aud of lbs b:tt KaLt if A full preliminary ters. MONDAY, the II of N'ea-r- . jya !vei paid in caah for Wool by course, free to all student, wilt be given by tbe Pro lhinr it. has been etitertd into, the place and Monday of Octol er. JAMK9 I Wnrl et. fessors, commencing on tt e first TARTKO-CITRI- C COMMISSION AND FOSWABCIKO DUMU3NIL, LXURDOCK & CO., LEMONADE, Alicr a contract ree, Si; frictl-ca- l Profersors' Fees, 0o; alatriculntioa $dciznst-tof the channels MLRCIIAXTS, COMMISIOX o. 23ThIrtl Ft., hct. Mais and Water, Anatomy, $10; Graduation Fee, -. For Cata- EFFERVESCING P U R G ROVN SHEETINGS. JAMES direitn coiilranUr by an to be openeo w:ll beapp.ii.t-- U to the rfbeeror olhctjrs A Boouneeeot, sppty to l'jgue and agreeable to tbe las' and efficient as a w A'ork. CROMET, Aent for Wheelitf Cotton iliiln. Ko. l.r Iha' turp 'e by the Ptifitifry f VVr, ar.d the FA Ll JT. aUi i. ii., I a oi uie saeauy. ani-i- r cathartic, is introduced to the Medical Profession as a B 18ERAL CASH ae WaUtreet. t i. h iay be asrreed u pon for ote in esch They will always hare on hand a larcastoaV of dm. Woiti of faima arid Biililug Lota, remedy superior in many respects to anything of the win ie paid a te taen has n.-- ti mrl tea, and found .mLA made en shipments t the above hoose by rorJe , by an other arprinted cenes. kind nltnerto enapioyct. N TIIE GOLD REGION OF VIi DLAt.?.11b,SKt,ti a uu. 1TAPER. LARGE ASSORTMENT upon rxaiuinbtion foi niaMe.iu all or jyj As a substitute for "Citrate of Magnesia, "it possesses as ahore t be cor tne atiru re' Copartnership Notice. WA kinds Prlr.tlr r, tk,ok, an M. tbe advantage of being a lule more active in the same tis, Cuiper coutl'r, io o-- uTi.i-- r arrr.w Wrappiof I'aie U.iotis of the cottrac;; bu: bo py ui-- t a i'l b; ni.;e (WESTERN MILITARY INSTITUTE.) ept eonatatuy cb band and for W,s 'de o" serteirubtr, dese, ana by the stability ot its cemunauon is not "W" ICORICE. on accoutt f k'iv work done towams opeoins; either 25 C ASES LICORICE th-- benefit of Port Roal Feratie Acvieny. :u t bw AV1NG ASSOCIATED WITH l jAV.t.n CttOV.K). Wallat. liable to decompose when kept for a tuns; moreover, it SLA until mrti channel tha;i have been tout CURD k CO rjy3Cl for sale by f down. tv, rrt NEXT SESSION OF THIS is much leas expensive. M. Lichten.In the bnsine;t hitherto enndnrted scrptions fra Jol. t rJt; one-hpKtiC, txamincd, aud ai iirured, as above specified. hy my self, under the atyle of A. Steinau.the firm will, wan earrcnic tne delivery ol l.le Deed, at.ery sunwrilwr w ! get MON'DAT. Bertemb r Hb. or will r oea en Like Citrs'.e Magnesia, it is charged RANDY. of the lime dnrlnj from this day forward, be altered to At Ihe expiration tf v froj a B j.Ming Lot The Clnsaical Course is full, and every faeiiity is af acid gat. and to the palate is as aaaeeaMe as leoionade. 8II5AU CHEESE. A FEW S S.uoO. i bee er a arm. t rring in va.n chay "l. into tie if i ptr, eixty cent ; -' wtia tiiecnunnrisare to'e m ui t of the c ct for Lii;iiit.n. Cnrnxr in I..ia are sol I s Manufactured and sold wholesale and retail by PINEAPPLE tatudents in scientinc nrancceg. a ol the w Ceeai in .tore and for duce settiuent,farmsuicient uu oio- - r beiog 14 1, do lmitition do; Thetradinacomraanlty it most retMetfullvlnvfteiA fordedSchool is attached, embrecme a course of two T. K. J KN KIN S At CO., Druggists and Manufacturing a keetine oi- -n aid b phi i; tit ths expiration of two to inreitif atethe present stock, and to bestow on the years. The Mil.tary system is adopted as an effectual rbemints. Tk ri and Walnut streets, aad by Draaaiss sale by au?J A. FUN DA. S Fourth st. 10 S' P'Pes Co do. forsa'e hy toe value ef hi h wJl coinejsate f r the lncres--otlir.lscf tLieliniean addti.nai raviueptof c- -r :y GALLAGHER it CO. new urra tne patronage to noerally extended tc the means ri preserving guou orjrr, rc'iucmj, n tu7 Aiai! the pp.rfit low price ow throughout the country. A liberal discount mvie to of the sho e t mount con'rac ed for w I! be; and at wiilbe g.vera fr tho iutUiii peifi. rjaue of C0aji.l iy ti dtawAa. Isa habits, and active b d'iy exerolse. t;hrges tor Tui- dealer. tirmerone. tbe txriralion cf the whole tune. urine a bich the CD an ardp'.iis-s- . AND SOAP. tion and Biardicg, $100 per term of SV weeks; Surent lk r cer.t. retained LC I are t l be keiitcpeu, tiie Xo. 80 Third Strsst, J,y tre sitsl are wanted t t bwa'.n sut ?cr,ve-- s. to . K.LICBTE Kngineering, French, Bpanish, German, geon's Fee. 130 bh'.s Nos. 1 and I Rri : st tbe fi't. t4Viui.l, at d the rcmnnine third cf thj a.STtmar. t! ii Drawing. anl Fencing, each $W per E7IRE WORKS. ax. boars K. 1 toap, f ir iffT whele ainoaut cf the contract fir keeping the channels GROCER AND DEALER whom fiss tht at trey are.iuceiurn' Sjl-- J l: per kiv. i an,e STOCK IS MOST COM- - term ot HO Weeks. ui oi th. uulti'. g aae'ts write Ate., a fuil assortment in store aad for J7AMILY Omeeries . OAl.L4Qf XK k CO. u7 an? cp'n. wni be paid; but no pin.ent a ill be mtda until " wletelT assorted by late imnortatinns Ib Watches The Itst session sirg will be lote f 'r ev-.- y ige.t w;-i- . e p - ;' F uoueue cioeea who atur fie chmine s nsrebeen eXHinined, at eacfi t u t and all kinds of Jewelry. We ean offer superior ad svo v rrirulan ts andoihitne meaieai from thirteen Kates. sale hy Vi- , Uradu ate., r lali particulars, subsoript.ons, a.en.-'eIF. II. BURKII ARDT. 417 Marketst. payment, l y an otbeer t r itui eis ai printed by tb vantage io ouyera, oom jsas EFINED SUGAR. L'V)BBLSST. ofecrcUryoI w ar, and st. tan. to in regard oi cheapness and Tbe Milit try Uollege cloeed its first year in Nashville 7 ORto arrive for sale2,500 BUSHELS Jvat w;-- a round to be inaurttpecTa coa choice ofselcction. C. Crushed and Powdered Pctr. tecei red fort Royal. r?eoi:. coimtv. V a- states, jror cat Aa. oats aith 1m Matriculants, irom tourteen br anl lir Our Watches haveaeauireda reantation th er ittameM Jacob TraWand anl for aalc foriuoble ti cniuM act.accsmpatiied by evi lence of ah'l ODA ASH. 75 CASKS alogue and Regulations- app y to' THUSTIN k ELY. anli l'rOfoJiJl ie ANDREW BI CilANAN fc Cu. fjr71 B. R. JOUA SUJI, Bnperfnten.lent- -the Western country, aud we arc determined to meet ll.S.?Iorria& B. F.A. J. BJackburn, Ash, M per cent-- , for goaproaVera' use, fog sale by i roios'd, ar d t,ouki v adiiresed to tbe 'Kcnineer I'e every competition. Tfashyille.JU'y, W. jywaw. HiylJ tbe work 7EW YORK CREAM CHEESE. ATTORNEYS AND COCNFLLOM AT L.W We request a eallandanin vestigaUon ofoorstock to H A S K ETS, A S- - ny li eieti-t- V'ahinKtau. li the way, am wrhin tbe time CHAMPAGNE. W partment, and iouorf e 1 "Propoialt for oonvtnce pnrcnasertottbetrntb ofonrassrtinn. Cheese; Just received, a fine lot ef this exeelleat A Prepiuratory College sorted brands, la atort and for sale y operinc channels at ut.ets of tbe Mis-ir- s Did rttt And Oenwral Collecting Agents. AND CANDLES. In s"M and lor sale by ocdl BTKlfi At; Jc LIGHT KM. w hen the time aithin ahich pioo?als are to be re FONDA ti MORRIS. jyll A. FONDA, M Fonrth st. uo BOYS WILL BE I5JTARCH Starch, superior article; 400 boxes CORNER OF CLVRKF. eocs Nirec has exoirel they will be opened and(he dered Sua) packsges titar CandiM; M. opened in Scott county. Ky., in the first week of bidder or nd acomract ai l teen'ttcl tuto with p stalre. WIQ MANTJFACTORT. itrr.s, COFFEE. ty 200 BAGS RIO MATCHES. 2fO CROSSMATCH. September next. This institution W on the Frankfort T .ln,..iiil for.ala bv w rlwbidders who plan of operations and ev.riencctof anil ILL. BRADT k D ATI KB J.TJL K 3, im store aad fox sale br wiisi Lonisity to rxtcute tbawor are zoost latikfactory to the and Georgetown tarn pike, only four boars from wnder-S'gueWALLACE T0TZ k CO. JySi TtltTM n. A. ttontl K. S. yille. It will be under tbe direction of the Jyl7 hecretaryct war. 150 BUSHELS PEA by competent teachers, for terms TTEA NUTS. day! In th National In'elll Tobacco 'WarchoiLse, assisted io be iusevtrd lociVrtw 40 CASKS LONDON rencerand thetvinicr btar, Wabinton: the Coti rt eiw, uiu at nei Ol"er miormauuu, and anfiil Ji. Nata, In stow and for sale br w Or'etns; the and anart bottle. foe aaie kw .ri... M.ln atraet. south sxle A. LoKlE.No. 60 Third st. utrcial Bulletin and to True Ielta. Corrcf MA: a and Xiati itmts, assorted aises and qaalities, received aad for CABRILL. snylJ CUltN WALL at BRO. Mobile; tbe Argaa and the fennsyl-- y Mobile Jiegisur. sale by !--' L0CIST1LLK. KY. . r. Bishop of Covington. 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